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Found 61 results

  1. wetnwindy

    bringing toiletries

    can I load my container with boxes of toiletries, deoderants, shampoos that we like or will we be charged duty?
  2. Hello Everybody, I read through the various threads here, and these are so informative! I am very keen on bringing my Mum and Dad over to Australia on a permanent basis. I am a permanent resident here in Adelaide, and am working full time as a Mechanical Engineer. I went through DIAC's website quite thoroughly ( My eyes were actually hurting after all that time staring at the computer screen!) , and I know that there are basically two visas that allow parents to come here on a permanent basis. The first one is the less expensive option (The parent visa), but this takes a ridiculously long time for processing (I think it is 15 years). So I am looking at the Contributory Parent Visa. I understand that this is very expensive, but I am prepared to do whatever it takes. That is the least I could do. I am just wondering if there is anyone who has been through this process for their parents? Just curious about how long it took, anything to look out for, some handy tips to keep in mind etc? Also, I spent a lot of time on the Centrelink website reading about the Assurance of Support. Does anyone know what the "threshold income" for the previous financial year is? I rang Centreink a couple of times, but they gave me different information both times, and said that they could only give me proper information when the visa application has been lodged. I would rather know all the information before I start the process. I have seen so many posts here, and it is my wish that one day very soon, I will be able post right here in this forum that my parents permanent visas have been granted! Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to read this and for providing your input. Thanks, Josh.
  3. Wed 02 November, 2011 Responsible cat ownership laws passed Portfolio: Local Government Provide control and management of cats in WA Promote and encourage responsible ownership Cats to be sterilised, microchipped and registered Local Government Minister John Castrilli welcomed the passing of legislation which will help reduce the thousands of unwanted cats euthanised each year in Western Australia. “This legislation effectively defines ‘responsible ownership’ of cats,” Mr Castrilli said. The legislation means all cats: must be sterilised unless being used for breeding microchipped so they can be returned if lost, stolen or stray from properties registered so local government can readily deal with cats without owners “The new Cat Act then gives local governments the power to deal with owners that are not responsible, including cat hoarders, and with cats that are not owned,” the Minister said. “In essence, the legislation will make way for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the natural environment, causing nuisance and damage to property. It also provides for the reunion of cats with their owners.” Mr Castrilli said the State now had a consistent and comprehensive approach to cat control. “Ninety-three per cent of WA cat owners sterilise their cats and for these people the legislation will make little difference as they are already doing the right thing,” he said. To ensure this Bill does not cause hardship, cat owners and local governments have two years - until November 1, 2013 - to prepare themselves and their cats. This is the first time there has been legislation in WA to deal with domestic cats. Dogs have been regulated since 1976. Fact File There will be a phase-in period from November 1, 2012 Registration, microchipping and sterilisation will only be required by November 1, 2013 Minister's office - 9213 6800
  4. With it being the first proper decent weekend of the summer down here in Melbourne thoughts immediately turned to the Sunday night barbie. Having sat outside under wraps for nearly 6 months, it was with some trepidation that I took a look to see what was hiding underneath. There, in the middle of the hot plate, was a decent sized stick insect (deceased) as show in the attached photo. I have heard some tales of other creatures taking up residence inside barbecues. What have you found in yours?
  5. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on whether or not to import my Porsche Boxster with me when I move to Australia next year. I have all the import costs calculated, but am struggling to find out what modifications would be needed to the car to bring it up to the Australian standards and also what impact it would have on the future value of the car if it was an import when I come to sell it. I've seen similar cars advertised at Porsche dealers in Sydney at about $100K which means it makes sense to import it, but if then the car is only worth for example 70% as it's an import, then it's not worthwhile. Any help would be much appreciated. Richard
  6. The Pom Queen

    UK bringing out immigration test

    They'll be grilled on topics including the Civil War and Battle of Britain — and only those who pass will be allowed to stay here. The Prime Minister is calling for tougher immigration rules and better testing in a drive to cut the number of migrants to 1980s levels. He said: "Britain will always be open to those who are seeking asylum from persecution. "But excessive immigration brings pressures, real pressures, on communities up and down the country, and compounds the failure of our welfare system." We got Oxford historian MARK ALMOND to set ten questions for a test. But how many could YOU answer correctly? The solutions are below. 1. When did Magna Carta establish trial by jury? a) 1066; b) 1215; c) 1973. 2. Henry VIII had a) Six mistresses; b) Six religions; c) Six wives. 3. Oliver Cromwell told an artist: a) I don't want to be painted; b) Paint me warts and all; c) Make me look beautiful. 4. The Battle Of Hastings took place in: a) 1066; b) 1966; c) 2006. 5. Which of these things DIDN'T English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh discover: a) The potato; b) Tobacco; c) Fish and chips. 6. Winston Churchill said "Never has so much been owed by so many to so few" about: a) The Battle of Waterloo in 1815; b) The National Debt in 1945; c) The RAF in 1940. 7. The Peasants revolted against the poll tax in: a) 1381; b) 1848; c) 1990. 8. The English general who smashed Napoleon's armies at the Battle Of Waterloo was the: a) Duke of Wellington; b) Duke of Mackintosh; c) Duke of Hazzard. 9. British scientist Charles Darwin was the first to say humans are related to: a) Monkeys; b) Beatles; c) Dinosaurs. 10. Tony Blair apologised for Britain's role in the: a) Crusades; b) Iraq War; c) Irish Potato Famine. I'm sorry but we had to do the one for our Aussie citizenship, I don't really understand the need for it.
  7. Guest

    Bringing in a child

    Hi here is a question for our group? I am planning to come in on a employer sponsership 457 visa. My partner and her child will follow on as the dependants from our relationship. My question is this: The boy who will be 9 this December has never known his father and his mother, my partner has his name in her passport. She has had no contact with the father since the child was 6mths old, what does she need in terms of a document to bring him into Australia bearing in mind she has no idea where he is and wants nothing to do with him anyway. Being Russian citizens he hardly can come into the country demanding his rights even if he had the inclination to. I have had more to do with his upbringing in the last two years and moving to Australia will open further doors for his young life. Can you suggest what she needs to have done to make this process easier to deal with upon entry to Australia. Thanks for all the advice you guys can give or point me to the relevant websites.
  8. hiya myself and hubby are here on 176 visa but never brought over our savings due to the currency rate but now are biting the bullet and going to bring it all over. Thing is do we have to pay tax now on our savings or do we just declare the interest on our tax return next year We did state on our 176 application what our savings were and only brought over enough to get us started here but now we need to get it over but dont want to pay tax on it if we had to. Has this happened to anyone and what did you do???
  9. Hi, this is my first time on a site like this, so please make allowances... I am hoping that someone may be able to recommend a company which will bring my golden retriever safely to Sydney from the UK, preferably Manchester. The web sites read well but if anyone has first hand experience it would be much appreciated. Thank you x
  10. andy228

    Bringing our puppy to Australia

    Hi all! I'm at a bit of a dilemma. Got a job through a sponsored visa, decent relocation package and all that jazz. But, I have a 5 month old siberian husky puppy and I'm finding it hard what to do with the little one. I really don't know what to do, it's looking at roughly £3.5k to take her to oz, and I just don't have that much spare cash lying around. I don't want to leave her as she has her own personality already and I see her as one of the family. I'm also worried that by the time we head over (hopefully october) that she would struggle to cope with the warm weather. Don't know what to do :confused:
  11. Hi every one. We are planning to move to Cairns in Jan 2012. Having looked at realestate.com.au web site , it looks like there are plenty of good quality furnished accommodation ( apartment complexes with pools , etc) in Cairns. They seem to be reasonable at 350 $ per week. Similar housing unfurnished seems the same price almost. This makes me wonder if it is worth bringing in furniture from the UK due to costs involved . Any one who lives in Cairns and knows the area well?? Any one recently been house hunting in Cairns - your experiences would be much appreciated. My employer is providing me with 3 month furnished accommodation with option of extending it at current market rates but I have not yet received any info on what they will provide . It is likely to be a an apartment complex though which will be of good quality. thanks guys
  12. HiI've applied for my PR application (onshore) in June 2010 and still waiting for it to be finalized. At the time of lodggment of my PR in June 2010, I was engaged to a girl, back in overseas, and I'd put my fiancée's name and my marital status as 'engaged' in the application (only these details).In the last month i.e. April 2011, I had my wedding ceremony and I got married, back in overseas.I've come back here now and my wife is in overseas.Since, I'm on bridging visa, what options do I have now to bring my wife here in australia. I know of the below options but I'm considering them as my last if I don't find any better one.1. Tourist visa (showing evidence of our marriage)2. Student visa (her independent case)3. Apply her spouse visa, once I get my PR (it will take another 1 year to process her case after I get my PR case finalized, too long, not sure when will I get my PR)As I've put my fiancée's name in the application, is it going to help me some way in bringing her here, either at the same time when my case gets decided?I will really appreciate if someone can advise me.Thank youRegards,Vj Kodwani
  13. Hi guys, I have had a search through a fair number of threads of which some are similar but not quite the same to this question. OK so here is the situation. I have been in Oz for just over 3 years now on a 457 (different employers so I cannot apply for PR yet). I am looking to get married next year to my girlfriend who is back in the UK and want to know if I can add her to my current 457 (not a new application). Specific info: We were together several years ago, but have been back together seriously for the last 3 months (so by the time she is looking to relocate out here next year we will have evidence of having been together for over 6 months which seems to be what is required on a 457 in the first place) She is over 31 so she cant come out on a working holiday visa for 12 months by which time I should have my PR application in, she can only come out on a standard 3 month tourist visa. Can my current visa be adjusted to include her? Does it make any difference if we get married here or back in the UK where both of our families are? If I can get my PR application in sooner would I just include her on that application? Or once I have my PR granted can I marry her and she can then live here (I guess this would require a change to my PR visa as well) Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. We would be looking to stay here and at some point in the future raise a family here. Just after my best course of action if it would be: If I can get her added to my current 457 If I would be better to do my PR application and add her onto that application as my spose If my PR is granted before she comes out can I then add her to my PR visa? Thanks
  14. Hi, our packers are arriving end of August and we are starting to de-clutter our stuff and decide what to bring. I know about the prohibited items but just wanting to know what are the things that there is no point in bringing that don't work or don't meet regulations in Aus. I know of two below, there are probably more if anyone can enlighten us. * skybox / sky + box * baby / child car seats (different regulations) Thanks Claire
  15. gazsmith

    Bringing the car to WA

    Hi All, Just a quick one if anyone has any knowledge of this! When we migrate to WA we are thinking of bringing our Smart car (2003 Passion) with us. Is this a costly excersice or would it be best to just sell up and buy a new vehicle when we arrive in WA? Any advice would be great!
  16. Guest

    Bringing our wiemaraner to geraldton

    Hi all. We are starting our process of moving to geraldton as I have been offered a job with arg Firstly, what are the biggest issues we will have with him? As he is a hunt point retrieve dog he like sniffing around in grass and loves a swim where is the best place to exercise him? Also can anyone tell me how much royal canin dog food is out there? Thanks for any help Ian
  17. piglet1

    Bringing medications to Aus

    I bought 5 months supply of Mercilon (Birth Control Pills) as they are cheaper here I think, and I don't want to miss any pills in case anything happens. We don't need a prescription to get BCP here in Malaysia, but wondering if I would get into trouble while entering Aus? Since they are quite strict with medications and whatnots And also a couple of antihistamines (dust allergy) and panadols!
  18. Hi guys, I recently got accepted in to a full time course in University of Notre Dame, Perth and want to take my boyfriend with me. Im from the UK and he is from Estonia. We met in June 2009 while working on a tomato farm in Queensland and stating going out August 2009. We have lived together since Sept 2009 but don't have much in the way of evidence apart from declarations from the landlord. We went to Perth together in Nov 2009 (I have flight itinery for this) and lived together both in a hostel and in a shared flat until end July 2010. Again, not much eveidence to prove this except statements from landlord, employer (we also worked together) and flatmates. We then moved back to the UK together but on the way we stopped in Thailand for a holiday, went to Estonia so I could meet his parents, and then to Ireland so he could meet my parents. I have itinery for all these flights together. We have now been living in Scotland together for 7 months and have a joint electricity account and lots of letters showing we live at the same address. We are going to Ireland for my cousin's wedding next week and will have photos and flight itinery for this. Our parents (his and mine) are all coming to Scotland in a couple of weeks to meet each other because they know how serious we are about eachother. I'm worried we don't have enough "official" evidence to prove we've been living together for a year like bills for the time we were in Perth. Will it make a difference if immigration take into consideration the fact that Kristo only came to the UK to be with me and the fact our families have met? Surely they have to take this into account? I'd love to hear from anyone who has any advice or has been through the same thing. Can Kristo come out on a tourist visa until the defacto visa is granted if we don't have it by the time my course begins? We will need help processing the visa, does anyone know of a good migration agent who can help? Any advice is much appreciated
  19. Guest

    Bringing your cars to Oz.....

    Hi all Just wondering if you can help...we are looking to bring our 2 cars with us to Perth and we are a bit confused with the documents that we have to put with it....to obtain the 100 points, we need to show that my oh has resigned from his job which isn't a problem because he is self employed and we just want to check that if we got a letter from his accountant to certify that he will be ceasing trading on certain date due to emigrating to Austrlia, will this suffice??? Also, in relation to cancelling our rental agreement, how do we show that we have done this? Would a letter from our landlord suffice?? Also, because we are now just waiting to hear about our visa, can we still send off the form? Our Agent advised that it should be any day now that we hear as we submitted the last piece of document to our Case officer just over 2 weeks ago. So am I right in saying that because we are still in our home country (which is Ireland)that the documents we provide are as follows: Completed application form Application fee Registration documents Proof of purchase Receipts of any work done? Copy of passorts Copy of drivers licence Letter from accountant re. ceasing trading Rental Cancellation Agreement I also have emails from schools that I emailed off regarding schools for my children, could I put these in also? And also, we have emails from Australian banks about opening up australian accounts, do we need to put these in? I am a bit confused because if you are still in your home country, how are you supposed to prove that you have a tax file number, medicare etc. Can anybody confirm, that we need to provide any other documents in our application please and also since we are a family can we bring our 2 cars even though both of them are in my oh name???? We did ring Canberra on this and they advised that yes you can but still, I am a bit worried that 1 person says one thing and then you get someone else and they say another!! Many thanks Confused Sue :eek: x
  20. Hi! I have 1 dog that I would love to bring with me to Oz. Is there any legal issues with english bull-terriers? and does anyone know agents in ireland who organize paperwork, flights and quarantine? Cheers
  21. My partner coming to Aus from UK, has being paying into a pension/retirement fund, can he roll it over to an aussie superfund? What is the best way to go about this? Id like to hear from ohters, ie can you draw it out on the grounds of immigration? cheers Sam
  22. The Pom Queen

    What is santa bringing?

    Just wondered what we are all hoping santa brings on Christmas day. I'm hoping for that 4 x 4 but just don't think it's going to happen unless I remortgage the house:cry:
  23. I want to send some things to Australia and I am not sure about the procedure. I send AQIS an email and they gave me this link: AQIS I want to take yarn, mostly wool, a lot of it handspun, some from raw fleece (washed of course, but still, hard to get the oils out and dirt is never coming out of alpaca). Can I take this? I think I'll have about 5 kilo's of it (and that is after parting with my least precious wool, I am not parting with this yarn, yes I am an addict :wub:) And how about the spinningwheels? Are they ok when cleaned? no bugs in it, just wool and dust on them. They should not be treated any different than furniture, should they??
  24. Hi All, I am currently starting to research the move back to the UK. Any advice or information would be great, because I do not know where to start!! My Partner is Aussie, so i was wondering what we will have to do in terms of a visa for him- ( we will have lived together for 2.5 years by the time we return) Also with international moving, is it worth moving furniture or cost wise is it better off to get rid and start again in the UK? How do we go about Job Applications? we are not looking to move back until early 2012 as he is finishing his CA, but im sure it will come around quickly. I do love sydney but with his family being here we will always be coming back for visits! ...I hope! thanks for any advice
  25. I am moving to UK and want to bring my dog. He has all her rabies test up to date but apparently she still has to go into quarantine for 6 months anyway because she is coming from a country that is not on the pet passport list. I really don’t want to do this as he could not cope with that. Also the price is ridiculously expensive. Is there anyone with experience of going through this that can suggest an alternative to quarantine? Thanks for the help