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Found 105 results

  1. Guest

    winter ..bring it on.

    Believe it or not my aussie husband is looking forward to another winter if it is like the last one..is he mad:eek: he said to me tonight that he enjoyed his first real winter last year so much that he cannot wait for this years Xmas, i did take him to some old pubs with log fires going and xmas eve was magical for him as we had a "lock in" at our favorite pub, he has said "bring on the winter" and he is an aussie, shame that blokes are like kids with a bit of snow.:jiggy:
  2. Please note - January 2013 CREP update changes and ratings. Please read the CREP info further down the page. I posted about this over on the sister site PIA. However I thought this would a useful thread to have as there are difference in car seat regulations between the UK/EU and Australia. This is all taken from my online research. Thought I'd share my findings. Many people making the move to Australia are not aware that their UK car seats are not legal in Australia. Even if they have the latest, newest and highest rated UK/EU car seat, it won't matter a jot. It will be illegal to use in a car in Australia. Australian car seats are top tethered and have to be approved to Australian standards. Imported car seats are not tested or legal. So what do you need to know Child restraint laws What seat does my child need? Up to 6 months: Your baby must be restrained in an approved rearward facing child restraint like an infant capsule or a convertible car seat specifically designed for newborn babies. (NB - Just because you can turn your child forward facing at 6 months in Australia doesn't mean you should. Rear facing for as long as possible is advised for safety reasons). 6 months to 4-years-old: Your child must be in either a rearward facing or forward facing child restraint, such as a child safety seat. 4-years-old to 7-years-old: Your child must be in either a forward facing child restraints or a booster seat restrained by a correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelt or child safety harness. You can read this information on RAC Australia, BabyCenter.com.au and also here at bubhub.com.au and kidssafewa.com.au. Just a number of websites online, national and different states, basically all saying the same thing with regard to the car seat laws. They are a national thing, regardless of state now. **UPDATED CREP RESULTS JAN 2013** CREP have released their new test results. Please be aware they used additional criteria so some car seats star safety ratings have changed. Car seat safety test findings from CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program) This is the body that tests car seats on the Australian market. It has safety ratings for all types of seats. Click on the appropriate age group to view the results. Be aware some of these car seats are no longer available and newer models have been brought out. Also they are not the be all and end all in terms of testing and you should always take into account other information, test results and so on also. New CREP ratings Jan 2013 - http://www.crep.com.au/crep-results.php What type of car seat do I need to be looking at? Capsule/Infant carrier - From birth to 9 months/1 year 9 or 12kg (depending on car seat limits) These are rear facing car seats. Convertible car seat - Suitable from birth, rear facing from birth to weight/size limit then forward facing till 4 years Forward facing car seats - 6 months - 4 years Booster seats - 4-7 years of age. Both harnessed and seatbelt fitted. Highbacked fitted with top tether is becoming the norm. A few other things - * Britax is called Safe n Sound in Australia. They sell their car seats nationally. There website is here - http://www.britax.com.au/ * Maxi Cosi is Maxi Cosi - They currently don't appear to have an Australian website but you can find their car seats for sale online or in stores in Australia. * There is also Facebook group for car seat safety in Adelaide. Adelaide Kids In Cars. Very helpful car seat experts who are more than happy to help answer your questions and more. * Extended rear facing (from 1-4 years of age) is not yet available in Australia. Britax is planning to design and test an extended rear facing car seat in the not too distant future. You can find various groups on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about this. They are Australian Parents for Rear Facing Car Restraints to 18 kg Rear-Facing Down Under Bring Extended Rearfacing To Australia * There is also a thread on this forum for extended rear facing (ERF). It can be found HERE * The Australia system uses the top tether. If you import a UK car you'll need to install tether points for fitting your Aussie car seats properly. * Isofix is not yet legal in Australia. It has however passed a few hurdles and is currently waiting for final approval to enable car seat manufacturers to begin making and testing car seats fitted using Isofix (or the Aussie equivalent if they use the top tether also still). UPDATE July 29 2011 - Isofix is coming to Australia in 2013 - Read more HERE * Please view this webpage to get an idea of a child safety harness for older children no longer needing a car seat - Scroll down the page to the last couple of photos - http://www.childrestraints.co.nz/australia.php You can also find more info over on Carseatsafety.com.au and Roadwise. The original thread for this is over on PIA AUGUST 15 2012 - NEWS UPDATE ON AUS STANDARDS You can download the draft HERE . You need to register and then download the PDF. From a Britax press release - On the 13th August 2012, Standards Australia released a draft of the revised Child Restraints Standard AS/NZS1754. The draft introduces a number of significant changes to the way Australian and New Zealand children will be restrained in cars in the future. The key changes in the draft include: Child restraints will be made available in Australia that include lower attachment connectors allowing them to be engaged with ISOFIX low anchorages available in many cars. This new category is similar to systems offered overseas. As with all Australian child restraints, the upper tether strap is required for use; A new category of child restraints will be introduced to the Australian market, allowing most children to stay rear facing up to approximately two to three years of age; A new category of child restraint with an in-built harness for children from approximately six months up to eight to ten years of age will be introduced. Previously restraints with an in-built harness have only been available for children up to approximately four years of age; Introduction of testing and defining child restraints that are suitable for babies that are of low birth weight or premature, and Introduction of marking of child restraints suitable for aircraft travel. The draft will be open for industry, government and consumers to review and comment until the 16th October 2012. Once the standard is approved for publication, expected to be early next year, Britax will endeavor to certify and release restraints that are compatible with ISOFIX low anchorages and within the new requirements of the standard. (Source Britax/Safe n Sound).
  3. Hi all, We were not going to bring the fridge freezer but looking at prices to buy a new one has made our eyes water!! Don't know whether we should bring it with us? Has anyone got any advice Thanks
  4. I am in australia on Bridging visa A; i was on student visa prior to that; i will be getting married to my partner in India in November; we are in relationship from past 5 years; which is the best way i can bring her to australia?
  5. Hello All, First of all I'd like to express my gratefulness for this forum for helping throught my visa processing. Now, as I am in Australia as a PR, I wonder if I can bring my parents to live here in Australia, and I have an unmarried 22 years old sister, are they gonna let her come with my parents ? ... I've checked the immi website, and found three types of visas and couldn't really get the difference between them. Obviousely one of them has an extreemly expensive 2nd installment (what is the 2nd installment anyway :mad: ? I didnt' have to pay any for my GSM visa). I also noticed that there was a Queue calculator ?? it seems complicated to me ... I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light or give a brief about this matter. Regards Roky
  6. i am currently on bridging visa.I have applied for GSM 485. can i bring her on bridging visa.Can i put her name for GSM 485?
  7. Hi all My OH and I were discussing what we would need to take in our baggage to cover those first few weeks when we are without our possessions and in rented accommodation. We have discussed everything from toothbrushes to sleeping bags and corkscrews and pots and pans :v_SPIN:- and have decided to ask those amongst you who have taken the plunge to let us know what is useful or not? What do you wish you had packed? and equally what do you wish you hadn't? Look forward to hearing!!
  8. Gregoz

    Guns! Can I bring em?

    Hello all! I am due to start a new job in central/North QLD in January. I like to do a bit of hunting and shooting and was wondering if anyone could guide me on how I would go about bringing my guns (a centrefire rifle and 12G shotgun) over with me and obtaining the proper licences? Can I do this before I get to Oz? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Gregoroz.
  9. Our soon to be 17 year old boy is extremely gifted education wise with 11 GCSE passed and 9 of those straight A or A*. Our visa should be in place to permanently emigrate next January on an investor visa and we will be buying a business. Our quandary is should we move over in January ready for the new school year in Oz where our son will spend one year in Higher education (we believe) before entering University in Perth. Or should we wait until he completes this school year in the UK or even the year after next when he should leave 6th form with a bunch of top grade A levels? For his part he is happy to do what ever we want, he knows his future should lead to better opportunities in Oz in later life. Will his GCSE grades carry any weight in Australian education? Will just one year in Australian education give him grades he would otherwise get to choose a good University and course? If we wait another 2 years for him to complete his A level education here and he gets the grades we expect would that be better for him in Australia? (then what if he changes his mind or meets a girl? aaagghhh we could not leave him and that would change the plans for the family including our younger son who cant wait to get over there) We have friends in Perth with kids of a similar age but they have been there 5 years. Everything seemed so simple until these thoughts filled my head, you always want the best for your kids and I fear one wrong decision could affect the rest of his life
  10. Hiya Everone, On the countdown till the move, and after reading a post yesterday saying bring kids PJ's, anything you would recommend buying/ and or packing. Quite happy with our decision on household, taking daughters bedroom furniture, leaving ours as quite old, taking mattress, taking sofa, dining table and chairs, tumble dryer, all kitchen stuff, a car, daughters bike. More wondering about the clothes, ornament, and everything else side of it! Should I have a big trip to Next home buying up new nic naks? Any tips and advice welcome! Thanks, Donna
  11. Hi all, We are hoping to move to Sydney in about 4 weeks time and wondered if anyone could recommend what paperwork we should bring with us that would help us get ourselves set up? We have opened bank accounts but that's it so far! Thanks!!!
  12. Guest

    How much money I can bring?

    Hi, How much money and/or TC I can bring when I am flying to australia? :unsure: thanks, horizone
  13. This would be ideal for BobJ, Working to Fish and Lemmings I suppose it's not that expensive at $20,000 but I don't think I would be seen dead in it, the next thing they will be towing one of them En Suite toilet thingies behind
  14. Clarkes

    What paperwork to bring?

    House being packed up next week but what paperwork is useful to bring? Do utility bills / credit card statements help at all? We are going to be in temporary accommodation for 4 months in a holiday let so will get them to give us a reference which might help when we sort out a rental when we arrive. That also means any utility bills will be a bit old? The paperwork I will keep hold of when travelling are passports and driving licences (obviously) and photocopies of, copy of visa letter, birth and marriage certificates. Anything else I should think about? Sorry know it's a bit longwinded but just trying to get myself sorted and you guys know EVERYTHING!
  15. I know, silly question really, but with five kids halloween is a big deal in our house.:jimlad: We have a ton of halloween decorations and costumes etc and are debating whether to bring it with us or not. DH reckons we'll be able to buy all that stuff over there in Oz but I don't know how big halloween is in Oz. Any advice?
  16. Good day everyone, We are in the process of clearing out and selling the house in prep for moving. I am a Motor vehicle technician / engineer by trade and tinker at home with cars and motorbikes, so I have quite a selection of valuable oils, greases, cleaning products and chemnicals. The removal guys came around to quote a while ago and basicaly said to my wife ( I was at work) that none of it could be transported! I have yet to find any documentation to back this up or any genuine reason for it. Can anyone help...please?? :arghh:
  17. Guest

    pets from uk

    anyone know how long pet cats are kept in quarantine from uk to oz with pet passport?
  18. Hi sorry my question is not very exiting but we are visiting our family who have just moved to Tas. What does anyone think would be the best things to bring.There are 4 of us coming. Our family over there are daughter son-in-law & 3 boys 16,7,& 5 years old. Really enjoy reading " chewing the fat " & you have some very funny comments from people. It makes me laugh & is a good fun start to the day.:smile:
  19. mia7

    What will August bring????

    Ive read on most state websites that SMP's are reviewed & any changes are updated on/around the 1st of the month. With the 1st of August looming, i know what changes/occupations im hoping will appear!!!! :biggrin: Whats your money on?? What changes you hoping to see??:idea:
  20. Hi there, just wondering if anyone can give any advice . Visa got, heading over summer 2012.. reason my son (20 year old) finishes his 4 year apprenticeship and our 17 year old will finish his A levels. My question is if we were to leave sooner where would my son (who cant wait to get to Oz) be regarding his education... He will have done his first year and needing to do his second to achieve his A levels, so say we were to come and he could start in January where would he start ....... ?? or is this a really silly idea and would we be putting him in a disadvantage seat with his A Levels ??? Any advice is welcome we are just desperate to get over to Oz and sick of waiting .... thanks
  21. Coming out to Sydney in a couple of weeks for 3 weeks, what sort of clothes should I bring for the kids and us, BBC weather, God Bless, suggests it's like a British summer, warm then cold.........help!
  22. Seems like a strange quesion I know, but do you really get anything these days by sitting and waiting your turn as instructed? I have 2 kids, 3&4, and I'm trying to bring them up to be respectful, thoughtful and fair, but does that have a place in todays society, I'm beginning to wonder. We took them to a farm today where they could hold guiney pigs and rabbits. They were really looking forward to this, the session started at 3:30 so we got to the barn slightly early to make sure they got a go and were actually first in there. As the crowds gathered I was getting the feeling my kids wouldn't get in the pen so I encourage them to get ready to go in when the gate opened as people were pushing their kids to the front. The lady came over to open up the pen and said that she could only let a few kids in and she would give a few minutes to each kid to hold the animals and that everyone had to sit on the benches and wait to be given one. Fortunately, my kids got through the gate and sat down and waited quietly. Meanwhile all hell was breaking loose, with parents trying lifting kids in and out over the fence, gate being opened and left open, kids in the pen running around screaming, demanding an animal, rabbits being trodden on, passed outside the pen. It was total chaos. But my kids sat where they'd been told and waited patiently. Most of the other running around like nutters now had an animal to hold/drop/squash/torment, but my kids were sat there bewildered as to why they hadn't been given one. They waited some time and eventually the lady came over to pass a rabbit to them, but a young girl saw it comming and dived onto the bench next to my youngest and got the rabbit. Meanwhile the shouting, screaming and madness continued with a mix of kids and terrified animals all over the place. I could feel myself getting annoyed and felt so sorry for my kids, who were there first and were doing exactly as they were told by the lady and waiting patiently without running around. It wasn't until my wife stepped in and told the lady that they had been sitting and waiting as she'd asked for ages that they finally got to hold one of the animals. I'm not saying my kids are perfect, they are complete nutters at home sometimes, but I felt that by following the instructions they were missing out. Maybe I should be getting them to shout and scream like the other kids there, to get what they want otherwise they are going to lose out to them. This is just one example, but similar things happen all the time. Should I really be teaching them it's a dog-eat-dog world? Am I getting annoyed over nothing?
  23. Hi there, we're flying out mid-August and we're trying to put together a solid list of important docs that we copies made of and certified. I'm getting the awful feeling that we are missing out on a few things that we will need once we arrive over there. Maybe anybody who has any input can suggest other items we are missing so it can help others in the same situation.... Here what we have so far: Certified & originals. Birth Certs Marraige Cert Child vaccination history Driver Licenses Letter from bank (showing past repayments for mortgage, for when trying to rent in OZ) Cetifications for employment. Also, a list of things to do before going: Set up bank accounts & ability to transfer funds Internationally. Get International drivers permit. Best of Luck everyone, Harry
  24. We had removal companies come today to give us a quote for relocating our stuff to Perth. They advised against taking the fridge freezer and washing machine. They gave mixed reasons, one said it was because they dont travel well and maybe wont survive the trip (they're 2 years old), one said the the customs in oz dont like the gases in the fridges here and another said that you cant clean washing machines to the standards that customs require. My ex colleague took both with him and had no problems with customs. He did however have to replace his washing machine within months of being there, reason unknown. It would be great to hear of your experiences. Thanks :smile:
  25. My husband is keen to buy a 2006/7 VW Caravelle 7 Seater for around £8-10,000 (or a later model if we can afford it) . We have just started our paperwork so will have had it the 12 months by the time we (hopefully) get accepted/arrive. Is if worth bringing it with? We don't know the cost of good quality 7 seaters:rolleyes: in Oz......