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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with BVBs being granted during the pandemic and how long was it granted? For family reasons I need to return to the UK and am prepared to stay there for the remainder of the year as international travel looks to be unlikely for 2021. I am currently on BVA while awaiting a decision on my 820. I wouldnt want the BVB to expire while im abroad and cause difficulties getting back into the country so I'm wondering how likely it would be that the immigration department would grant a 1 year BVB which would hopefully give enough time for the international travel to kick in again. Thank you in advanced for any information!
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times before but I'm a bit confused with the information out there: My tourist visa is multiple entry and lasts for a year and allows me to stay in Australia for 90 day increments. If I apply for a 420 de Facto, will the bridging Visa kick in after 90 days or a year? Also on that note, does that 90 day period "reset" when you leave and re-enter Australia? Context: I met my boyfriend while I was on a WHV, when that expired we took a holiday together and then I came back to OZ on a multiple entry tourist visa in order to visit some friends. We're now in Vanuatu together and returning to Oz tomorrow. Initially I'd hoped to go to Japan for a little while but Boyfriend has a mortgage with his sister and after a lot of discussion, it's not feasible for him to leave (as he's a first time buyer, he has to live at the address for 12 months after purchase), and as it turns out, I don't think I can go without him. It looks as though applying for a 820 is going to be the best option for us at this time. Fortunately I was kind of aware that this might be a possibility and started creating the paper trail back in Feb so I could feasibly submit the application in a couple of weeks. I have all my police checks for the UK and Australia sorted because I worked in finance and government, the only thing I might need to get updated is the health check (and wills? I'm 29 and I've never given getting a will a second thought before!). I want to get a migration agent but we can't afford it on just one income so I want to get working rights ASAP (like everyone else I imagine). are there any other pieces of info I can include in the application in the short term? In addition to personal docs, I'm listed on the insurance. All my Australian tax, bank, medicare details are registered to his address (as he's my contact in oz) and we registered the relationship as an insurance back in feb, but we're not married or engaged yet. Are there any other "quick wins" that you could recommend?
  3. Ben

    Bridging visa B

    Hi, I'm awaiting for my PR to come, and the visa I applied from was a 457 to a 187 (business sponsored visa). I would like to go on holiday, however I will be on my bridging visa A at this point and would like to know what the chances of getting granted a bridging visa B and can you get this until your PR arrives so you can leave the country on multiple occasions. Thanks in advance. Ben
  4. Hi all! I have recently submitted my application for partner visa (820) and have received acknowledgement of the application and a receipt etc I have also been told that my BVA is approved and ready to go when my current working holiday visa expires on October 28th. However, I need to fill out an application for a BVB in order to return home to the UK for personal reasons in November. So in order to apply for the BVB with enough notice I really need to fill out the application before October 28th and therefore before my BVA comes in effect. I will not be travelling before my BVA has come into effect but does anyone know if I am able to submit the BVB application before my BVA is active? Thanks for any insights! Much appreciated Bel
  5. Hey guys! I'm new here, so firstly, apologies if I'm repeating any other posts here, or even posting in the wrong place! I'd like some very general advice - I know nothing can be taken as gospel, but the department of immigration has just shut shop for the night so I'm unable to speak to them until the morning, but I just wanted to put my feelers out regarding the following issue, and maybe, hopefully have a good banter about the situation I'm in, and I'm sure many others have faced. As the title states, I currently hold a bridging visa A, while my partner and I await a decision on our temporary 820 de facto visa (submitted March 2014). We are told by the department that this can take around a year to process, and as yet we haven't been assigned a case officer, which from what I gather, would be the next step after submitting. We plan to travel in July for 3 weeks, initially to South America, and then back home to the UK for a week or so, and the thought has suddenly struck us that this may not be possible! I know I need to apply for a bridging visa B in order to leave and return to Australia, however, in the notes of the form 1006 Application for Bridging Visa B, there needs to be substantial reasons for it to be granted. If anyone has any experience in such an application (and for whatever reason!) I would greatly appreciate some guidance. I have very substantial reasons for visiting the UK, to see family. However I don't know if I can 'use' that as the excuse and then hop off to South America en route! As much as I'd like to! We're about 3 weeks from booking, and that's something I obviously won't do until I've sorted the visa situation! But currently the suspense is killing me! :eek: Friends of ours have recently had their de facto visa approved in a seemingly record-breaking 5 months, so I'm currently keeping everything crossed that we'll receive the same speed of progress, although that would still be August at the earliest! If anyone can shed a little light on this topic, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there, My name's Jess - I'm new to forums so hoping I've posted correctly...... I am 26 years old and have been living in Oz for over a year on a working holiday visa (subclass 417 - now on the 2nd year after jumping through the specified regional work hoops). I moved over from the UK after meeting my Australian fiance on a holiday here; we are getting married on 15th June this year so very happy indeed. Problem is - when I started the application for a partner visa the government website said the processing time was up to 6 months for the visa. I have recently discovered that this time-frame has jumped up to an official waiting time of 13-15 months! I understand that I will be granted a bridging visa from the time that my current visa expires (April 14') to whenever I get the partner visa results. Trouble is that my partner and I are planning to go travelling for a year starting next February (8 months away). I am launching my Visa application between 15-30th June so that gives me 7 ish' months before we set off. The visa application will be launched in Australia so I must be in Australia to receive the visa results - causing big problems for our travel plans (We are doing voluntary work in spinal rehab centres and hospitals in Nepal, India and other countries in Central Asia before travelling overland to Europe and then on to Africa). Our plans for travel and volunteering are so big, expensive and set in concrete that my visa issues have really put a spanner in the works. I have been told that if I have to leave Oz before my visa is granted I can get a Bridging Visa B - allowing me to leave the country and return within a set time frame. I have read extensively about Visa conditions, waiting times etc but there are two questions that I can't get an answer for: 1) If I submit a complete, accurate and full application in person is there a chance that my visa will take less than the estimated average time considering that I am from a low risk country? (This is a question more for people with recent experiences and I understand that I can't rely on answers as fact) 2) If worst comes to worst and my visa hasn't been granted before we start our travels - How exactly does a Bridging Visa B work? If they can't tell me when my visa will be decided upon - how do I know when I have to be back in the country by? Do they send me notification that I have to go back to Oz within x amount of days to receive the verdict? Question 2 is the one I really could do with some advice on. If anyone has any experiences or advice it would be so welcome. Apologies for the long post and thanks in advance ​Jess
  7. Hi everyone, Hope you can help as my CO hasn't responded to my e-mails regarding this: I'm on a 485 visa that allows multiple entry that expires in Oct 2013.I'm also on a bridging visa A for a 190 visa.I'm going O/S in a few weeks and was wondering whether I need to apply for a BVB despite having a valid 485?I'll only be away for 3 weeks. Thanks.
  8. Guest

    Bad situation - advice needed

    I met my partner 2 years ago in Cambodia while I was teaching in the slums over there. After my placement I went over to Australia on a working holiday visa to live with my partner. After applying for a partner visa I was put on bridging visa A. This was 10 months ago. I live in a rural area and was given special permission by the authorities to continue working as I am a teacher and gained a permant job at my local school. I have recently been promoted into a senior position too and loving it. After not seeing my family for 2 years I took my partner over to visit them this Xmas in England. After 4 weeks we are now back in Cambodia for 2 weeks in the slums, working with those HIV infected kids. I deliberately went during this period because it is the school holidays. I have just found out that because I am on a bridging visa A I cannot leave the country. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS. It was purely an accident. My only choice is to go back on a tourist visa (if it comes through in time) Therefore I CANNOT WORK and have to instead sit around in this rural community with nothing to do instead of contributing to it. I have also been running a successful gymnastics club. As the only gymnastics qualified coach in the area the other coaches are training under me. 130 kids will now have no gymnastics. I am SO annoyed especially as I went to visit my family who I havent seen in 2 years and spend some time doing good work to the poor in Cambodia. I havent told my bosses yet and I dont know what they are going to do. Anyone else found themselves in this situation, advice please...