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Found 24 results

  1. Guest

    Sydney harbour bridge

    Has anyone done the harbour bridge walk/climb experience - is it worth the $200 or so? Thinking of getting it for my OH as a Christmas present.:wink:
  2. Amazing Frisbee Throw Off Australian Bridge http://www.thepostgame.com/features/201111/amazing-frisbee-throw-australian-bridge
  3. I did stop for drinks and a meal in Crows Nest & an ice cream in North Sydney. Bill got the last train north bound at 1.17 from Milson's Pt but there were no trains to the City. If I was working I'd have got a cab either from Milson's Pt or from Circular Quay but there was a last train to Central from O Quay. Looking out at Sydney Harbour from the Bridge you'd think it was a lake as there seems to be a ring of lights. Too old for this - in The Rocks passed a couple of pubs still going strong - The Orient for one. Time was, I'd have been in there.
  4. Hi all, I am a structrual engineer specializing in bridge design, and will go to australia next year. I wanna know the main bridge and general reinforcement concrete structure design softwares in australia. Please help me. Thanks
  5. Mizzmp

    Medicals, the Bridge Clinic?

    Hey guys n gals, We have our meds on 7th July at the Bridge Clinic in Berks. Has anybody else had theirs done there? Just wondered what they are like and how long it took for the case officer to be sent the results etc. Do we need to take our files from our doctors? Don't want to bugger it up as this is our last hurdle to get over before getting our visa. Thanks.:biggrin:
  6. Pozzy

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, unwanted gift. Would make an ideal gift for Birthday, etc in Presentation wallet. Cost $209, will accept $150.
  7. Hi, We are arranging to have our medicals done and I was wondering if anyone has used The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead, Berkshire. We have 3 choices, The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead, Spire Hartswood Hospital in Brentwood or Knightsbridge Doctors in London. The Bridge Clinic is the cheapest out of the 3 options. Has anyone used any of these clinics for your medicals? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Dan is distress!

    Hi guys, I could do with some help. So I was placed on a bridge visa whilst immi processed my application for a second year work visa but I was sadly denied and given 28days to depart. I e-mailed them back, their 'preferred means' but haven't heard a peep from them. I also called them for some advice but got the least helpful operator of all time! The operator said my only option was to apply for a tourist visa for $255 but I only need any extra week to get my affairs in order. I was hoping to extend my first bridge or even apply for a second bridge. Can someone please shed some friendlier light on this. Times running out Thanks guys, Dan
  9. Guest

    Bridge visa B

    Hi Im currently awaiting the outcome of my rsms visa application and am on a bridge visa a. The whole process is taking longer than i thought it would and i have flights booked to return to england for christmas. I believe to do this i will need to get a bridge visa b. I really need to know how long it takes to get a bvb and what i need to do to get one Thanks
  10. pau1evs

    east link !!! West gate bridge

    monash freeway !!!! (there was a huge pile up !!!! what an horrific accident x and i hope no pio members are affected by this x east link !!! (TOLL ROAD) West gate bridge THE ONLY ACCESS FROM THE SW :biggrin: why is melbourne cbd got no infrastructure to support the commuters by car !!!!
  11. Guest

    Bridge Relocation

    Good Morning I would love to hear from anyone who has used Bridge Relocations, I know they read threads on here but it would just be great to hear from anyone who has used them... just to put my wandering mind at rest. We have SS for Perth, my OH is a carpenter and has been told that they have a job in Adelaide ideal for him, however it would mean we'd have to pay MORE money and we're a bit sceptical. We'd be happy to change to Adelaide as we have friends there, but I'd love to know first what other people think. I do know that no one can tell us what we should or shouldn't do, what is right or what is wrong but it would be soooooo helpful to hear from anyone who has gone through Bridges. Thanks , speak soon. Gemma
  12. Hi We are applying for a SS visa to SA and have been looking at the Murray Bridge area or maybe Gawler. We have two boys aged 9 and 11 and so will need good schools for them, OH is a heavy diesel mechanic and I am a book keeper. Boys are really into footie, biking and rock music ( one plays drums and one plays electric guitar ) so we would really like to be in an area no more than an hours drive from Adelaide. We have now looked at so many suburbs that we are confused!!! Any help or advise would be very gratefully received!! Stef :cute:
  13. shaxncarl

    The Bridge Clinic

    We have our medicals booked for the 19th of this month and sending off our Police Checks this week. Has anyone had them done at the Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead if so, how was the experience. We have lodged our 457 today, and then once in Aussie we have a willing employer to transfer this to an ENS, so we are very fortunate and extremely lucky. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Happy faces. Sharon and Carl:hug:
  14. theonetruechris

    sydney harbour bridge

    Hi, got the father in law staying. He's hiring a camperan to go from melbourne through sydney up to brissie then back again, whilst he's in sydney he's going to do the bridge. anyone done it, whats the best experience as theres about different ones to choose from on the website & we can't really see which would be best. Also any other tips he'll be doing the coast road up more direct on the way back.
  15. Guest

    dawn Harbour bridge climb

    2 Adult spaces on the Dawn Harbour Bridge Climb on Saturday 7th November for sale ... The climb commences 03:45am and you need to check in at 03:30am. Places are reserved for two adults, name changes are not required, the reservation ID will be passed ...on the the purchasors. For full details of the climb, please go to Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - For The Climb Of Your Life!™ Dawn climbs sell out fast and are hard to get hold of.Read More Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - For The Climb Of Your Life!™ Source: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - For The Climb Of Your Life!™ Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb -
  16. What a relief, the medicals are now all done, x-rays etc. OK and fingers crossed the bloods will come back clear. Hopefully this is the end of the paper trail and we will hopefully get our visa soon. Big recommendation for The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead. About £630 for 2 adults and 2 young children (with the extra 'working in health care' bloods for me) so not tooo pricey compared to other places locally. Also the x-rays are done at the same place, so very convenient. The nurse and doctor were lovely, very friendly and great with the kids. Hope that helps someone. So now we wait.....
  17. Hello, I change my mind like the wind with my ideas of how to get over to Aus if Plan A does not work -Plan A, Off - list WA SS - 176.....There is a way I know it, just gotta find it. Plan B - Could I go over to Aus on a short -term tourist visa and while there apply for the 475, (Vic,Melbourne) when tourist visa runs out, apply for a bridging Visa ? Does anyone know much about bridging Visas ? if you have applied for an on-shore 475 would a bridging visa allow me to work whilst waiting for a decision on a 475 ? Would this be a very difficult route ? could it be a realistic option or am I dreaming yet again Any ideas on the time-line for 475 and has anyone been granted one lately and how long it took to get it ? (I have seen no threads or posts on this of late at all) I have been on lots of website for bridging visas but can't seem to find the info I need....can any help. Much appreciated. Thanks
  18. The Yuills

    Rockingham ?bridge?

    Can anyone help with a query. Was down at Rockingham beach today and in the distance (to the left) noticed a bridge going out to an island (or so it seemed from there). Can anyone help with what is the island and where does the bridge go from, and is it worth a trip. Many thanks Sue
  19. Guest

    Sydney Bridge Climb

    Just wanted to share with everyone that despite having a real fear of heights I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge today :v_SPIN: It was great... few bits were scary but Im so proud of myself for doing it. If anyone gets the chance... do it.. it's great :smile:
  20. Guest

    sidney bridge climb

    my son wants to do the bridge climb next month.:arghh:whens the best time, day night or twighlight? {you'd never get me up there!]
  21. Rollerblading Sydney Skate School- ROLLERBLADINGSYDNEY.COM Lessons from certified instructors, full equipment hire, rollerblade across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and around Sydney! Australia has a great rollerblading / inline skating scene. Find out about free cityskates around Australia, lessons, skate hire, places to rollerblade, etc at Australian Rollerblading / Inline Skating Online Magazine
  22. Guest

    Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Seeing the bridge - fine by me! CLIMBING IT??? Whole new expereince! Best thing we ever did - legs ached the next day tho!:cool:
  23. Well its taken 4 days to come to terms with the fact,,but ,australia have pulled me on my medical and i now have to undergo further investigation with a specialist.We have known from day one we may have problems at this point due to a liver condition i have ,i guess you learn to blank things out and just focus on everything being ok ,but it still hits ya like a ton of bricks when you get that dreaded 'e-mail'.As Sparky said to me the other day ''at least they havnt said no''.i hope she knows them few words meant so much to me and gave me a kick up the bum to get motivated again ,so thanks mate,,, Will HOPEFULLY get everything sorted as soon as and get the specialist report out to them so they can put me out of my misery either way ,,still cant quite bring myself to think ''what if they do say no'' as i live ,eat ,sleep, and breathe Oz at the moment ,,so come on guys ,,spur me on ,any tips welcome,,,!!!!! Cal x SO NEAR AND YET SO FAR !!!
  24. I am a Chartered Bridge Engineer who is planning on moving to Oz by the end of the year, v early 2008 at the latest and whilst i am aware of the lack of resources generally in Australia in Engineering i am not entirely sure about the demand for bridges guys. Anyone know what demand is like and in particular in Brisbane. Not looking elsewhere but Brissy! Also timing wise when would be the best time to start applying for work? Cheers Mattybhoy