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Found 19 results

  1. Just arrived in melbourne last week and wondering is ther alot of bricklaying jobs in melbourne? Anyone got any contacts? Living in a hostel and want to get work sorted so i can get into a routine and get somewhere to stay close to work. Also do you need a union number or is this just on the big jobs and is it better to get it? And one last question lol wheres good for tools. Any help would be great cheers x
  2. hi there, been in brisbane 5 weeks and struggling for contacts for work,can any1 help?
  3. just been in brisbane a week.waiting for white card.living in redhill area. needing work if theres any brickys out there with jobs,contacts or just advice would be much appreciated. any 1 else in the same boat,wanto make a squad??
  4. Guest

    Bricky quals?

    Hello all, I'm obviously new to all this but have a couple of questions somebody may be able to answer. I am currently in the Navy doing a job, which with a couple of extra courses, will allow me to be a Ship's Officer. The problem is that I have no interest in making this my job - as I am leaving the Navy to spend more time with my family. I've been looking at differant career options I can take and I want to learn a trade which will support my emigration without needing to spend money on the shipping qualifications. If I were to take a bricklaying course which offered perhaps an NVQ Level 2 would that be to the required standard for it to support my visa? I obviously will be limited, limited not none, I can do the course now and gain experience prior to the shift (possibly Apr-Jun 2013), whilst serving out my notice to the Navy. What is the procedure for obtaining the go ahead from the Ozzies? If any can point me in the right direction I would really apreciate it. Thanks alot guys.
  5. Alrite, I'm a bricky from Liverpool and have got the nod for my visa last month, and am planning to move to Sydney (Bondi, North Bondi, Rose Bay Area) with my wife, and two little lads. I have a few contacts in Perth, but this isnt where we're landing, and cant really get any information, workwise and prices for any jobs in the Sydney area. I would be very gratefull for any information about jobs, contacts, or agencies for bricklaying jobs. Thanks
  6. Guest


    Anybody need a bricklayer 28 yrs exp already passed vetassess looking for employer sponsored visa 121 perm. Any leads would be appreciated
  7. Ant And Rach

    Re-training as a bricky in Oz?

    Hi all Fantastic site! Not had much of a life away from PC since finding it! I'm 26, Rach is 27, and we have 2 nips, age 8 (Dec) and 18mths (Maddison). I have worked as a fire sprinkler fitter for just over 12 months with no formal qualifications. Before that i have been a site labourer and also office based! Rach is currently in an office based/admin role for over 8 years (also no quals). Since I have no qualifications I feel like I should choose an occupation that really appeals to me and stick with it - Bricklaying in Australian sun (sounds great to me) So, we are looking to lodge an app for Student Visa (572) so i can study Bricklaying at TAFE Gipps in Melbourne, VIC. Our route is then to apply for graduate visa (485) to gain work experience, followed by an application for Perm. Residence. I have thoroughly researched into the proccesses and often been confused. Our house is going on the market in next week or 2 under price for quick(er) sale. We stand to make around £40K from this which will be our budget. We not big spenders so feel we can manage with this after working out school and course fees, rentals, car, etc. Just worried with these changes and the current climate. Don't want to end up back in England with all lost, after studying in Oz! I invite people to shoot holes in my plan! :hug: Seriously, any advice greatly appreciated. Many many thanks Ant and Rach :wacko:
  8. Guest

    template for bricky?

    Hiya all, Im wondering if anyone has a template for the "employer evidence letter" for a bricky? We are not using an agent,and we dont know exactly what the letter should state. Maybe somone who already done it could help,with a template or something thanx all
  9. Guest

    bricky moving to brisbane

    hey im 26 year old bricky moving to brisbane in 3 weeks alone! im very nervous worried and excited,i dont know what to expect,ive spent lota cash on this and i wana go for it, could someone please help me and tell me how and were to find work on biulding sites,im a good bricky but would consider barwork or anything to get started!! im on years visa but dont wana come home here for as long as possible, your advice,stories and help would be great help to me many thanks :confused:
  10. Hello Im a bricklayer heading for Perth. Would like to Know if there is much building work in Perth and what the rates of pay are. I have heard that ther is good money to be had in the mining industry if you are prepared to travel. would be very greatful to hear from people in the know.
  11. tony74

    bricky skills test

    can anyone tell me when the next skills test for bricklayers is? thankyou.......
  12. Guest

    Bricky in brizzy

    Hi Just moved to Goldcoast looking for a job im 27 bn bricklaying since was 18 served me time with irish fellers quick and very neat, just wandering is there anybody looking to team up or employ, i need to work soon as possible. Thanks Nick :jimlad:
  13. pablo

    bricky 46,what visa?

    hello folks, this is a question im posing for a friend of mine, we have had different and conflicting information on this subject from a number of sources, can anyone say with CERTAINTY if there is visa for him because of his age? and if there is then which one? ive looked on hire a migrant.com and to me it seems like its an 887 visa from what i can work out, but i wouldnt be suprised if im wrong. any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  14. Hello I am a fully qualified bricklayer and have a years working visa. I hope to work for a few months and hopefuly earn some good money to fund my trip around Oz. I have heard there is good money to be earned on the west coast although when searching the web i found hardley any results for this area. I would apreceate it if people in the know could point me in the dierction as to where I should go to do my hard graft. I can't wait to get there.:jiggy:
  15. Hello everyone. Wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat? I am just completing NVQ level 3 in Bricklaying. I have heard conflicting reports as to when I should apply. Do i need to wait until I have some more experience as I have only the 3 years? My wife is AAT trained and has NVQ level 4 but we have been told this is not enough:arghh: Any help is appreciated
  16. moving 2 perth in may and im just wondering how i go about finding work as a bricky wen i get there can any1 help?:mask:
  17. Jo&Rich

    Expos- Bricky Advice Please Read

    If any brickies out there thinking of emigrating can get to one of the expos being held in the UK, do! My husband attended one in Manchester in 2006, the Australia Needs Skills Expo, and registered his details with a representative from the ABBTF- Australian Brick and Blocklaying Federation. They offered to help brickies migrate under the skilled visa route, AND offered to re-imburse his visa cost of $2000 when he had been working as a brickie in Oz for three months. Well, after working on the Gold Coast for three months, Richard applied, and recieved a cheque for $2000 from them this week, after filling in a few details on a form, and getting his employer to sign it. This was only any good if you had registered with the ABBTF before getting your visa. We applied for our visa in June 2006, but didn't register with them until October 2006, and still got the payment. Another guy working here in a similar position, but who hadn't ever spoken to them, was not eligible, SO PLEASE GO AND REGISTER!!!! I know there's one coming up in London soon. I'm not sure if they are still doing it, but it was only a couple of weeks ago we got our application in. If you contact the ABBTF, find their details on Google, they can let you know. Jo
  18. Guest


    hey all, im 16 just finished high school in the UK and just started college a 1 year bricky course. wanted to know if it is a good trade to go in down under also im moving to geelong which is in victoria. thanks. go cats
  19. Guest

    bricky jobs

    hopefully moveing to brisbane can an ybody tell me what sort of money is there to be earnt and is workplenty