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Found 95 results

  1. Hi all, I am currently trying to send my evidence and documents over to vetassess for the first part of my skill select. I currently have the evidence set up in a PowerPoint presentation... Is this the way any of you would recommend or is there another way someone could suggest??? is the uploading prices of the documents and evidence simple?? Thanks in advance.
  2. simmo

    On The Tools

    Because PIO has traditionally had a lot of tradies as members I thought it was about time we had our own thread. I'll start with some funny videos.
  3. Hello, Thank you very much for taking the time to read my thread. I have just joined this site and I am very happy to see all the support people are being given, so I signed up in the hope you can also help me. My name is Samuel-James Wilson. I am 25 from North Yorkshire U.K. On the 4th September I will land in Brisbane to being a 12 month working visa. I am a fully qualified Bricklayer, achieving NVQ Level 2&3 including a Distinction and Merit during my three years at college. I have also just finished a prestigious Scholarship with The Prince's Foundation here in the UK to which I got my Heritage Brickwork NVQ 3. This year I was shortlisted for 'Tradesman Of The Year' and also 'Young Builder Of The Year' I am very passionate about my work which you will soon find clear if you meet me. Heritage Brickwork is my passion and I would very much like to work within this sector but I realise how rare it is in OZ so I am more than happy to turn my hand to any Bricklaying work for the moment. I am moving to Windsor on my arrival and I don't have a vehicle straight away as I will need to earn the money to do this. Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time. Samuel-James Wilson
  4. Hi guys , I've been in Australia now for about 7 months and really enjoying it . I am looking for bricklaying work in Sydney or perth. Can you just give me and heads up on what I need to know before applying, starting a bricklaying job out here ? What is the best way to get work ? Adverts online and in the papers ? Or just simply ring company's and ask ? And just tell me a bit about the difference between bricklaying work on Aus to the uk ? many thanks Ben
  5. rossco1974

    bricklaying skills test

    hi im just asking if any one has done the bricklaying skills test, if so could you please shed some light on the practical test and also ive done the online skills assessement how do i attach any documents to the online application and roughly how long does the precedure take as i want to get there before winter 2011 with the state sponsorship and i have a job to start as soon as im there with a friend does that also go in my favour, sorry if ive gone on a bit but really need to know ins and outs so if anyone can help it will be very apprieciated :wacko:
  6. Hello all, Ive just completed a City and Guilds qualification in bricklaying. I will probably do voluntary and self employed work for a year and then work full time. Does my training mean anything? It was only 5 weeks but over 3 years or so what if I could build up the knowledge for a VETASSESS assessment and pass.
  7. Guest

    Moving to Oz

    Hi I'm a qualified bricklayer aged 33 have 15 years experience been over to oz on holiday and would like to move out. What Visa should I apply for and what states have the most building work on the go... Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.. Steven
  8. BricklayerBirmingham

    Bricklaying Jobs in Rockingham?

    Can anyone let me know the work situation for Bricklayers in Rockingham, if there is much work about and what I can expect as a day rate? Just deciding on areas so need to be where the work is Thanks
  9. Just arrived in melbourne last week and wondering is ther alot of bricklaying jobs in melbourne? Anyone got any contacts? Living in a hostel and want to get work sorted so i can get into a routine and get somewhere to stay close to work. Also do you need a union number or is this just on the big jobs and is it better to get it? And one last question lol wheres good for tools. Any help would be great cheers x
  10. :arghh: hi queensland, really want to come to gold coast, just waiting for visa's to come back, but getting really worried oh will not be able to find work when we get there because of recession, he is a bricklayer but can do other things too like plastering, tiling etc, hearing that there is no work is getting a little worrying and dont no what to do, any advise!!:skeptical:
  11. neily26

    Bricklaying Vetassess

    Hi there i have my technical interview next week in perth wa,has anyone does this and could advise me on what to expect?what sort of questions do they ask?
  12. Hi All, In the last 2 weeks 2 bricklayers have moved from brisbane to melbourne to chase work and have found it , thinking off doing the same myself with the crew we have and was wondering if anyone knows what the situation is for bricklayers down there . Things seem to be getting slower in brisbane and we are now down to 3 days a week with the odd week off (like next week ). Any feed back would be good to know . Kind Regards Phil Moss
  13. jgt


    Hey ,wondered if anyone can help.Im due to go to perth and my friend tells me that the ausi way of bricking is much easier, no corners to set up ,you just set up profiles plumbed off the timber frame, is that true. look forward to hearing from ya all, cheers , jules , im Sure you v got summat to say pablo , lol :daydreaming:
  14. Hi can anyone tell me if flooring and bricklaying work has dried up a bit in Perth? A friend of mine in the flooring industry has said work is really slow and he's a bricky too but work is just as bad just seeing if anyone else is in same boat or if its just him!!!!! cheers!!
  15. Hi, i moved to Sydney last week with my partner on a 457 work visa from the uk, I have been on the building/ construction trade for 6 / 7 years, NVQ in bricklaying, General building for a small building firm in the uk, Have set up to get my Green/ White card this week. Im living in a Temp apartment on Kent street Oz number: 0416716631 E-mail: reef113@hotmail.com Andy.
  16. Guest

    Bricklaying Jobs

    Morning All, Need help please, do any of you know any builders that are looking a good clean bricklayer in Brisbane or Gold Coast areas. Thanks Paula
  17. BricklayerBirmingham

    Bricklaying Vetassess Practical 2011

    Hi Just seeing if anyone else has their bricklaying practical in London next week? If so have you received any plans yet? Thanks
  18. Hi guys, thinking of getting out to Perth around January time, are there any bricklayers or people in construction reading this that might be able to tell me what the works like there at that time of the year, as in England its generally a quiet period till spring-ish. Nice One!! :biggrin:
  19. thepallis

    Bricklaying Practical

    Hi all, OH just done his practical, after a very long sleepless night worrying over whether he was up to the job (only done it for 23 years). He has said if you are a competant bricklayer who knows their stuff you will be fine. If anyone needs any info send me a PM and I will help all I can. The paperwork itself was worse, practical should be a walk in the park for good brickies.:wink: Also met some guys who will hopefully become good friends both here and in OZ... Practical result successful. 4 Weeks to wait, not long but felt like a lifetime. Life's Good.:v_SPIN:
  20. thepallis

    Bricklaying Practical April 2011

    Hi Guys, Is anyone booked to do practical 11th April. Just wondered if anyone else is going to London from Yorkshire..
  21. Hi, i'm a brickie by trade with about 5 years experience. In the time i've been working for my company i have learnt to plaster, render, damp proofing and bits of roofing. I haven't been laying bricks on a regular basis, the odd extension and a couple of big new builds but i have yet to work on a big site. I have read a few previous posts and some say it's a lot harder being a brickie in oz than the UK. I'm fairly confident that once i get in somewhere i'll pick up the pace and i'll be alright, but will i get that opportunity. Any info/advise would be very helpful
  22. Hi, Have only joined PIO today. I've been looking for some info regarding the current situation for bricklayers in Perth. We have our visas in place and although we aren't moving til early next year it would be useful to know how much work is around and what the rates of pay are like. My Hubby would be greatful for any advice Thanks xxx:rolleyes:
  23. Hi, Just wondered if anybody who has already completed the bricklaying practical can tell me what questions to expect on the day?? Cheers
  24. Guest

    Bricklaying jobs

    What kind of money can brickies get an hour in oz as me and my family are thinking of the move over to oz Many Thanks
  25. Guest

    Tafe Bricklaying course

    With all the searching i've been doing on the net I can't believe I have just come across this website. It's class!! For years now I've been working the bum jobs here in England, so I've finally made the last steps in getting enrolled on a Bricklaying course in Nambour, Sunshine coast which I'm so looking forward to. I just have a couple of questions which I hope I can get some information on. I travelled for a year in Oz but somehow missed out on the Sunshine Coast. I'll hopefully be staying in Mooloolaba so was just needing some heads up on the place. Have I made a good choice?. I'm hoping it's a fairly lively place regarding things to do & social life The last query regarding the bricklaying course. I have only had labouring experience with none in bricklaying. I know the TAFE say; once you have completed the course you will be a fully qualified brickie. But how realistic would it be to get my 1st chance straight after the 2 year course? Thanks alot Gaz