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Found 59 results

  1. My guvner is crying out for brickies. Work is in Tennison and is commercial. Good bunch of blokes (rare) and cruisy work ethic (even rarer) PM my if anyone interested
  2. Hi I have 2 Bricklayers positions available to start asap. It is mainly Brisbane Northside with the occassional trip southside. Good rates of Pay, So If you are a speedy neat trowel and have your own transport then please leave me a personal message and I will contact you straight away. Thanks Phil
  3. hwhattywhat

    Bricklayers in NSW

    Hi everyone, My partner and i are about to make the move to Sydney in a few weeks time. We are trying to work out what licenses bricklayers need to work in Sydney and how to go about getting them? If anyone could help we would greatly appreciate the insight. In line with this query if anyone could give us an idea of an average wage for brickies in NSW that would be most helpful too! Many thanks in advance!
  4. The Australian (one of the two Australian national newspapers) is reporting today that chefs, bricklayers and tilers are to be added to the SOL: Coalition opens way for foreign chefs, brickies "THOUSANDS of foreign chefs, bricklayers and tilers will no longer have to be sponsored by employers to obtain permanent visas, as the Abbott government eases skilled migration rules to address alleged labour shortages. Under changes backed by business groups, the three professions have been added to the Skilled Occupation List from July, meaning these workers will be able to apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor." More information is here: http://www.gmskilled.com/?p=1023 Best regards.
  5. Guest

    Granted WHV

    Hi Everyone, Just been granted my working holiday visa and plan on going to Western Australia on January 18th 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer from the UK. Can anybody give me any advice on the best places to find work in my trade? p.s. Any advice would be brill, even if it's not related to this topic cheers, Ian.
  6. Guest

    Bricklayers Attention.

    Hi all was just wondering what the state of the housing industry on the gold coast was like, as my wife, kids and i are looking at moving up in Jan2012. We currently live in SA and work for the major housing company,s as a self employed bricklayer.Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  7. hello, we are moving to victoria soon i am slightly confused.here in england i have a CSCS card which prooves my qualifications in brickwork and health & safety test together in one card.i assume this new white card in victoria [and national] is the same, all i gather is that it is just for your health & safty test so should i just carry my CSCS card around to show my qualifications or is there some other thing i should have?please help me
  8. We have a company in WA who are prepared to sponsor experienced and qualified Bricklayers for ongoing work. If you have experience in domestic and commercial, new brick, rennovations, exterior walls etc... please contact us for more information. You will be initially sponsored on a 457 visa which will later be converted to a permanent visa. If you have any questions please contact me. Cheers Tony NB: The Bricklaying company do require that each candidate use the companies migration agent and also use the relocation service. This requirement was put in place for the benefit of the company so that each successful candidate receives a fully managed relocation and settlement service. This was set up by the company because of previous experiences.
  9. will any construction Trades people be in a spot of bother here within the changes ????
  10. My OH is abricklayer and has been for over 13 years. We were hoping on getting the 15 points for 8 years in employment. But we are struggling to get the whole 8 years together.1st of all in the last 8 years he has worked for about 10 to 15 different companies,had a lot of days off due to weather and some companies don't even exist anymore. I don't know what to do. Any bricklayers out there that have submitted their visa app. already and can give us advice on what they supplied as evidence??? Please help. Tanja
  11. lucyholt


    Hi Are there many jobs for brickys in melbourne? :wacko:thanks!!!
  12. Guest

    Any Bricklayers in Perth?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if there are any bricklayers on here who are living in perth? I am a 32 year old bricklayer with 17 years experience from Glasgow and I'm just about to put in for my visa so i am hoping to receive it some time next year. I'm really just trying to find out as much as i can about bricklaying in Perth, like what is the average pay? is there a lot of work out there for brickies at the moment? what is a white card and how do i get one etc. Any info will be much appreciated.
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if there are any bricklayers on here who are living in perth? I am a 32 year old bricklayer with 17 years experience,I'm from Glasgow and I'm just about to put in for my visa so i am hoping to receive it some time next year. I'm really just trying to find out as much as i can about bricklaying in Perth, like what is the average pay? is there a lot of work out there for brickies at the moment? what is a white card and how do i get one etc. Any info will be much appreciated.
  14. Hi, Im a Brickie, but i have never put up scaffolding in all my 13 years bricklaying. I've read in the practical assessment fact sheet, one component of the assessment is erecting scaffolding, has anyone done the skills assessment who knows if thats really needed????? Lewis
  15. i'm a bit confused about what they mean by, prepare,mark and cut raking brickwork.can anyone help me out please?
  16. 2 Bricklayers required, must be neat and speedy trowel. Good rates of pay. To start asap Mainly Brisbane Northside with some southside travelling occassionally. Must have own transport Please feel free to pm me Thanks Phil
  17. i'm a bit confused about what they mean by," prepare,mark and cut raking brickwork".can anyone help me out please? Lewis
  18. Hi all I am moving to Perth in jule. If anyone know what the work situation for bricklayers and general builders in Perth at the moment? May be anyone know any building company or agency where i can send my CV or do I have to go to talk to someone on building sites? How it usually work in Australia? Thank's a lot Philip
  19. Guest

    Bricklayers in Gold Coast?

    Hi. I'm a bricklayer moving to Oz in August. I was wondering whether anyone knew if there is much demand for bricklayers in the Gold Coast? Ive checked the newspaper. Thanks
  20. Help I need data on why there is a demand for Bricklayers in Aus and why the prospects are better than in UK? What is the sustainability of Trade etc.... Does anyone know a Government website? I know a weird request Many thanks sharon:GEEK:
  21. :notworthy:hi im new to PiO, im 26 and desperate to move to Australia to live and work. Having travelled all over the country before i am not too worried where i go but would love a heads up on the work situation over there at the moment, i am a neat quick bricklayer with ten years on the trowels and an nvq level 2 with a proven modern apprenticeship of 4 years under my belt, have been foreman on previous jobs but i am getting increasingly tired of the work in England and the money has dropped by as much as 50% in most areas i would love a chance just to work hard and get a good days pay as i fell in love with OZ it seems a natural progression, and from what friends say who live there already, the brickies seem to be appreciated a lot more than in England. i would be moving over with my girlfriend who is an experienced hairdresser, so any info on that would be great too, any information at all would be great to be honest lol. thanks in advance. Rob
  22. Hi other half went to get his UK paperwork verified in Sydney filled out the forms etc so he could then apply for a license but was told it wasn't possible anymore he had to have Oz qualifications in order to get a license. Can't see how he got VISA as a skilled in demand for a bricklayer but then can't get a license unless he goes back to college and re do everything again just so it is Australian. If you research it online it doesn't say this anywhere. Can any bricklayers out there help that have done this recently in NSW. Thanks a lot.
  23. Guest

    Bricklayers wanted

    Bricklayers wanted immediate start good work call 0438408139
  24. Guest

    bricklayers in perth

    I have over 100 contacts with builders in perth mostly south that i will give anyone that wants to start there own business here i will also give hilux ute and all bricklaying tools to run a small bricklaying team i will show u how to write out invoices to buliders and give support. i will sell all this equipment and contacts for $8000 which u could earn in two weeks work. pm me for further details
  25. i am moving over to perth in may and i am a bricklayer i am just wondering what the work situation is