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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm new here and not sure where's the right place to post this kind of request for information, but I figured that I am specifically looking for information on how to get a visa of some kind so this seemed like the best place to start...Ok, so basically I have been with my partner for 3 years, we came over to Australia together to travel and in march of this year he secured 457 sponsorship visa with his employer, I am de facto on this visa...now the hard part for me...ok, so he's abusive with me, not all the time and not usually physically, usually verbally and very aggressive...he also uses the visa as a way to control me, saying that if don't do this or that I can forget being with him and forget staying in Australia, he know I absolutely do not want to live in the uk again. I know reading it like that it doesn't look like much, but it's horrible & he cuts me off from friends he doesn't want me to spend time with and only wants me to spend time with people he knows. He's not always been like this either, it's pretty much got worse since he has the visa and can hold it over me...Anyway, I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me, its just I've spoken to a friend about my situation and they suggested that there might possibily be some alternative to spending the next two years like this u til I get my PR, I have considered student visa but I can not afford the tuition...Please, any advice is welcomed and ask me questions if you need more information of situation.Thanks IOAB xx
  2. Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old, have been married to my Australian spouse since February 2010 and we've been together for nearly 5 years. I have been living in Australia for 4 years with a gap back in England for 1 year in the middle. (2 years here, 1 in UK, then 2 more here so far). I originally came here to study, then moved back here to marry my partner. I'm here now on a spouse temporary visa, and I think a decision on my permanent visa will be made around February/ March. Things are not going very well in the relationship. We are arguing a lot, and my husband has developed depression. I'm also showing some symptoms of being depressed. We love each other but we have been talking a lot recently about where things are going and sadly the future is not looking bright for us at the moment. If I'm honest, I am not happy in the relationship and if it weren't for the visa, I probably would have ended it a few months ago. I am SO settled in Australia, I've been in my full time job for 18 months, I have a great network of friends, and I'm so happy here. I also brought my cat with me from England, and if I had to leave Australia there is no way I could afford to take him back with me, which breaks my heart. So basically, if we break up and I had to go home, I would lose literally everything I have worked so hard to build up over the last 5 years. The fear is consuming me and I don't know where to turn. I have been saying for a few months now that we just need to stick it out and stay together and see how things go. I'm scared however that when it comes to the decision on my permanent visa, do we have to attend an interview? If the relationship were to end, does anyone know what my options might be? If I tell the department that we have separated, Is there ANY chance that I would not be sent home, if I can prove I have strong ties and I'm settled here? I have been thinking about seeing a migration help office, but I thought it couldn't help to try and see if there is anyone out there that can tell me where to start with this. Thank you so much for your time.
  3. Guest

    DeFacto break-up!!!!

    Hi guys Not been on for ages, but got here recently after having to return to UK (from Adelaide) in 2010. Now living in Melbourne, but this time my wife is the (457) visa holder. We forgot how difficult it can be but the memories about priorities and how to go about getting things done, and generally familiarising yourself with a totally new environment soon come back to you and you are so busy that you forget that you're getting on with it. We Know we made the right decision to return, so up until a few weeks ago, everything seemed to be fitting into place. NOW......this is where I need your advice. Our lad applied for a DeFacto visa and went through the process of getting medicals, Police checks, references, proving they had a joint bank account and that he and his girlfriend generally intended to make a go of it as a couple where he is living in QLD. On this basis, and after our loaning him the money to apply (approx 2,500 GBP) he got a three month extension on his WHV whilst he awaits their decision. Imagine our shock (and his no less) when the poor bugger finds out that she has been cheating on him throughout the process of his applying. She came over at Christmas to meet us in the UK, and when we finally get out here, she has a fling with an ex. Now, we are faced with his having to go back to the UK for at least 12 months until he can apply again for a WHV or we can apply to sponsor him. Thing is, we don't have PR yet and we aren't likely to get it until six months has passed. Does anyone have any ideas about if he will have to go straight back to the UK, or whether we can do something for him now even though we don't have PR yet. He is going to Immigration tomorrow to tell them what he has only just found out himself. Obviously his DeFacto application will be nullified when he tells them. Any ideas guys would be (as you can all imagine) most welcome. Many Thanks Jasp
  4. Hi everyone My partner (now ex) and I have a 176 state sponsored visa and we have validated it earlier this year, our relationship has now broken up but we still both want to move to Aus. If we inform DIAC will they let both of us stay as it is already permanent and been validted or would they kick one of us out?? please if anyone knows anything let us know Thanks ericlay21
  5. Hi all, I find myself in a complicated scenario and would be extremely grateful for any advice or second opinions - details as follows: Arrived in australia just shy of a year ago, came with my australian partner at the time, entering on a working holiday visa. A few months ago we submitted a defacto visa application together - many long hours spent pulling it all together, and a pretty strong application when completed - we had been together almost 5 years in the uk and had plenty of paperwork supporting the application. This application is currently pending a decision, and its seems this is several months away. A couple of months ago we began to have some difficulties in our relationship, culminating in our separation in August. This was initially to just have some time and space apart to think, - we left defacto app running on the basis that there was still a chance for us, but obviously as time has gone by the chances seem to get slimmer and slimmer. She is however willing to 'pretend' within reason that we are still together for visa purposes. So, fundamentally i'm deeply uncomfortable with that, and in order to try and get around the issue I have separately pulled together paperwork for a 457 application, 'sponsored' by my current office. They have done there side, and i am pretty much ready to press the button from this side. I have a VERY short time frame now before my working holiday visa expires. Obviously there is no guarantee that my 457 app is approved. My predicament is whether to formally withdraw my defacto application before submitting the 457 or just leave it as pending - not sure what the tight timeframe even allows me to do... - i have no desire to lie to anybody but at the same time it would be nice to have the defacto app running as a backup, and of course there is still a chance my ex and i get back together. As further background i have left the country for 2 weeks vacation on my Working Holiday Visa since submitting the defacto application - i will now need a new bridging visa and assume that as soon as i submit the 457 this should come into play. - But if anyone can confirm this i would be grateful!! Wish i'd found this site early, but any advice, comments or reassurance as soon as humanly possible would be much much appreciated!!! Thanks
  6. Guest

    De-facto partner Visa Break-up

    Hi! In a bit of a crisis! I currently hold a De-facto 820 subclass visa. I have been o nthis for a while and the permanent visa application should be due to start in July this year. However, it looks as if my relationship is not going to last that long. So i want to do that right thing and inform IMMI but in doing that dos this mean my visa is cancelled and i have to go home? I have my fantastic dream job here so will be gutted if that is the case... but need to seek some advice etc So if anyone has some info etc or can suggest a place where i can get some info i will be very very grateful
  7. Hi everyone, My and my girlfriend broke up in April shortly after getting our defacto visa (yes its sad I know). I still have a year left on this visa (until October next year) but my question is this: I was hoping to get permanent residency but now that we are not together I'm not sure how that is going to happen. I'm not sure I want to get sponsored with work. Is there any other way I can get permanent residency, without being sponsored by work? I've heard people have done it and I'd be interested to hear any thoughts about it all. Many thanks, Simon
  8. Guest

    Relationship Breakup

    Hi.. Only been here 7 months, moved over in Sept 2008 with the Australian fiance on a Spouse/Defacto visa. Looks like our relationship will be ending shortly.. Bit of a shame but hey looking to the future already.. If course this brings up issues with my visa.. What happens next ? As my partner is my sponsor, does this mean I am no longer entitled to stay in the country ? I am keen to stay as I like Brisbane and the lifestyle.. I am keen to give it one more go to make new friends and see if I can make a new life for myself here. She did say she wouldnt tell immigration of the change in relationship, but we will see. One other option I have thought is maybe getting sponsored from my current workplace, would this help my status ? If anyone else has any advice that would be great. Thanks in advance.. :-)