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Found 66 results

  1. Hello to allI am very very worried and maybe I'm in problems, because I worked more than 40 hours fortnight and my visa is tu 573... but, it was in the middle semester break in the university (2 weeks break 23 September to 4 October).I'm not sure if I will have problems with my visa or if I will have to show somehow that I was working more than 40 hours in the mid semester break.Please, can someone help me with this enquiry or how to solve it... thanks a lot for your help.Laura
  2. Hi There, If anyone is coming to the end of their lease or having to break their lease on a 4x2 with a pool north of Joondalup please let me know! We are looking for a place starting beginning of October. Suburbs including Ocean Reef, Currambine, Kinross, Burns Beach, Mindarie, Quinns Rocks and surrounds. We are a professional working couple with 2 school aged children, no pets. Great references including real estate agent. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all We are moving to Melbourne very soon - my husband in October and myself and our daughter (who is 2) in December. We have told our friends who are supportive but upset - and now I have to tell my mum and dad that we are taking their beloved granddaughter away. It's unlikely mum will get on a plane to visit us - she thinks she's too old. How did you all do it?! Have you had family traumas back in Blighty that you've had to deal with from afar? Thank you! Michelle 'maybe I won't tell them at all' Edmondson
  4. We are looking to move from our house probably around mid January and our lease is until mid march. The property will be available on an initial 6 month lease after this time and after that yearly. Three Bedrooms main with balcony overlooking garden. All bedrooms have fitted wardrobes.Two way bathroom( recent refurbish) and seperate loo. Lovely kitchen newly refurbished with D washer, seperate dining and good sized lounge,laundry and downstairs loo. Polished wood floors throughout and reverse cycle air con. Outdoor wooden deck for bbq's etc. House is down from the road level so fairly private and back garden is a natural setting with loads of trees, very pretty environment. The current rent is $370 per week which is great for the area If anyone is interested please pm me and will arrange for you to have a look or send pics if you are still o/s thanks kath
  5. mr luvpants

    Break lease in Buderim

    Hi Guys We are having to break our lease in our lovely house in Buderim as we are buying. Here's the details if anyone is interested? http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-buderim-405245225 JOHN
  6. We are looking to move from our house probably around mid January and our lease is until mid march. The property will be available on an initial 6 month lease after this time and after that yearly. Three Bedrooms main with balcony overlooking garden. All bedrooms have fitted wardrobes.Two way bathroom( recent refurbish) and seperate loo. Lovely kitchen newly refurbished with D washer, seperate dining and good sized lounge,laundry and downstairs loo. Polished wood floors throughout and reverse cycle air con. Outdoor wooden deck for bbq's etc. House is down from the road level so fairly private and back garden is a natural setting with loads of trees, very pretty environment. The current rent is $370 per week which is great for the area If anyone is interested please pm me and will arrange for you to have a look or send pics if you are still o/s thanks kath The house is now leased :biggrin:
  7. Hi Everyone, we are off to Queensland ( new job) so we have to brake the lease on our 3 bed/ 1 bathroom, fully furnished house in St James ( Upton Street) Perth $420/wk all whiteware plus beds , sofas, dining table.. the lot small easy care section.. covered area for drying the laundry.. 20 min from Perth CBD by bus (just round the corner 3min).. quicker by car.. anyone interested? its a Ray White property.. so still have to go through their system (the ususal.. prooving ones lineage back to King Charlemagne as a minimum) ask away if you need any more info Six it
  8. PIO as you all know is very addictive and i have spent, days, weeks and probably months on here and ............... i feel i need a break from it. I started writing a book at the beginning of the year and i am 55,000 words in and i would like to finish it HOFF. So i am going to concentrate on that, plus spend the last 12 days of my summer holidays, doing as much as possible with my family, thats what life is mostly about, living the best life possible, experiencing great things with family and friends, so ............... Best of luck everyone who's dreams are wanting to get to Australia and remember this is what it is all about.:wink: Where to find nirvana ... The top 25 countries to live in for quality of life, according to International Living magazine. Source: The Daily Telegraph Also the very best of luck to all those who are coming back to the uk, there is still alot on offer here and we are all lucky that we have the choice of living in two such great countries.
  9. Lavalamplulie

    Brighton East lease break

    Having been here 18 happy months we are ready to size up to a bigger house and being the impatient type I want to break our lease. Anyone fancy a neat and tidy 3 bed townhouse with air-conditioning in the fabulous Gardenvale Primary catchment? Walking distance to north Brighton and Gardenvale train stations into the city, tram, Landcox park and so much more! We are only moving around the corner cos it's a lovely area!
  10. I am in Australia on a defacto spouse 309 visa. I've been here since January and have until January 2011 until I get the permanant visa, at the moment it is provisional. Things with my partner aren't that great at the moment and I'm feeling like I need a bit of space away from him to decide whether we are meant to be together or not. I know that we have to prove evidence of our relationship in order to get the permanant visa in a year and a half so if I had say a month or two away from him in a shared house or hostel would that affect things? I don't want to go back to the UK right away because of the expense and because I want to see if we can work things out before taking such a big step of returning to England. It's so hard being in this position in another country because I feel that we can work things out we just need a step back from the situation for a while but we can't risk ruining getting the permanant visa because that would ruin things for us long term. Does anyone know anything that may be able to help? Thank you!
  11. Guest

    BT Expand Into Australia!

    Well it's a global company and very experienced at providing this sort of thing. I wonder if they would have won the contract if it was the WA government that was making the decisions? http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/business-old/british-telcommunications-wins-fiona-stanley-contract/story-e6frg2qu-1226116159580 http://www.btplc.com/News/Articles/Showarticle.cfm?ArticleID=089401CD-F787-455B-AF97-4C03B9F0BBDC
  12. Guest

    Short Break - Any Recomendations?

    Hello guys, We are in Berwick (Melbourne's S/E) been here a year now and want a break from the normallity of working life here, I am hoping to find somewhere within 200 kms where I can take the family (2 Adults, 3 Kids 4 year old, 2 year old and a newborn) dont need anything luxurious as want to be out and about exploring a lot, we would like somewhere near Nature reserves/large parks, fishing spots, walking routes etc. If you know of a place that might suite us let me know, even better if any of you guys own a holiday home somewhere and want to rent it out let me know. Terry.
  13. Hi all I moved here in March last year and am on a 572 student visa studying a Diploma that expires in March next year. I intended to apply for the 573 to continue my degree (COE already, great grades) at that time. Unfortunately my relationship just broke down (guess a year here can drive you crazy) and I'm not sure what to do. My ex-partner is on MY visa de-facto. We are definitely not getting back together but I wish them no harm. However - I don't fancy them running round town with another girl on the back of my visa, if you know what I mean. Also, my employer (same field as Diploma/degree) has offered to sponsor me . As I'm not yet highly skilled nor 2 yrs full time educated, I don't think I've a chance to get it through, but I'd like to know what anyone else's thoughts/experiences are with this? I've been there only a few months, love it, can see my future there and of course, being able to work more than 20hrs may ease the single life expenses. so.. few questions: 1-What happens if I tell immigration we've split? 2-How long does my ex have in the country if they cant find sponsorship/study? 3-What happens if I don't tell them? 4-Will it damage me if they called round tomorrow and we're not together?? 5-Is it wise to apply for sponsorship now, or wait til after 1July? 6-What can I do to make myself more sponsorship-ready? 7-Is it wisest to wait another year and a half until I've a degree and then pursue sponsorship? I would really appreciate people's feedback at this difficult time for me. Thanks
  14. Lurkio

    Time for a coffee break

    Oh evil insidious machine. I'm soooooo busy cleaning - but I've just stopped for a coffee and here I am ...... again Oh - and it's pouring with rain here - and I was lovin the sunshine :dull:
  15. Hi Everyone, well things are moving on now and Mark has started his new Job in the Gold Coast , which is difficault for me as im at home during the week with the children and no car to get arround with. Our Home is now officially on the REALESTATE WEBSITE AT WWW.REALESTATE.COM.AU This is the Link to our home which we are breaking lease onhttp://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-mountain+creek-404086042 47 Sailfish drive Mountain Creek , been real happy here but we need to be all together down on the Gold Coast .This home is in SUNSHINE COAST extreamily close to both the Primary and Secondary schools which our children attend .
  16. BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOM WITH POOL and Double Garage. We are moving to the Gold Coast in June.This house will be available arround 6-10th June.The lease ends on the 10th June. Situated on the Glenfields Boulavard Estate , it is in the catchment area for both Mountain creek state high and across the road Mountain creek state Primary., which our children are currently at. 4 bedroom Double storey house with double garage ,it has both a separate study and 2 separate living area's.The kitchen dining room is well equiped with plenty of cupboards and a dishwasher.Separate laundry room downstairs toilet.There is also an area in the kitchen that is currently used for seating or can be used for small games area. Up stairs there are 4 spacious bedrooms , main has en suite all with buil in wardrobes , bathroom with bath and shower and another separate toilet. Outside is a large undercover entertainment area and a large fenced off pool which backs onto the reserve at the back so your not over looked .also spa pool. To the side of this property is an area for the trampoline (mine is 8ft) .$480.00 a week . Please Private Message me if you are interested and i will send you my phone number .My husband is starting a new job in Southport on the Gold Coast in April and commuting untill we leave.
  17. Hi all I know this is a long shot - but we're moving out there in April and we have an aspiration to live in ocean reef - largely school related. Searches of reiwa and the like reveal suitable properties but normally with very little notice - i.e. its available next week. Does anyone have any knowledge of any houses coming up beginning April or that you want to break lease on around this time? We're looking in the area bounded by Hodges drive, Marmion & Shenton aves and the ocean. Appreciate you reading this Regards

    Break lease question?

    Hi I was hoping someone could help. We rent from a private landlord and have signed a 12 month lease. However we are wanting to break the lease because I have started a new job and I am struggling in the morning getting my son to the breakfast club at school. I dont drive and its a 30 min walk to school and then 2 buses to work. We are wanting to rent nearer to school. If we break our lease would this have an effect on renting another property. Do the agents know we have broke our lease. We would like our bond back but if we cant we would understand. Thanks Jill xxx
  19. Was successful with various interviews with my company and was yesetrday offered a 2-year secondment with them in Williamstown Melbourne on a 457 visa. The package details so far seem excellent, in general terms; 1-set of flights for the family each year, 4-weeks accommodation and car hire on arrival, $15,000 taxable lump sum in first wage, $1,500 non-taxable LAFHA, Medical cover, 20 cubic feet per adult shipping. I've got so many questions that the OH & I want to ask, and I appreciate that people prepare years for such a move, but this has been a bit of a whirlwind for us and has only happened in the past 2-months. Booked in for a telecon. with company's Australian HR on Tuesday night and then I will find out the complete package i.e. Salary, so the OH & I can do our sums. So if all goes well, I could be posting quite a few cries for help and would be grateful for anyones input. Thanks, The Hippo
  20. Hi just wondering if anyone would be looking for a lease break rental in about 5 weeks time , we are in a 4x2 ( dog allowed ) air con , near parks , nice garden .. on settlers hills in Baldivis , please pm if your wanting any info .:smile: we are moving as we are buying down the road .
  21. Guest

    De Facto Break Up.

    Hi folks; I've trawled through the other de facto threads and even called immigration. Can't get any straight answers. I split with my De Facto partner a few months back; Obviously my life is here now, friends, social circle. I have made a life in Australia. This is I work freelance, which is casually in film and TV, working for a different production company each time, therefore have no solid means to be sponsored in. I was thinking of re-entering on a tourist visa but don't know if that is a good idea (obviously wont be able to work), but can still stay for a while.... Secondly I entered on a working holiday visa Dec 31 2008 - April 4 2009, but never worked on it. Is it still valid?! Any help would be great:arghh:
  22. Whilst the move is very exciting, it seems that more and more people are finding that Australia isn't for them and returning back to the UK. One of the things that you can do to provide yourself with a bit of a safety net is to explore if your company offers career breaks - I know the NHS does and know of a couple of people who have taken advantage of this in case the move wasn't what they'd hoped for (none of the them have returned by the way - but it did provide some security for them knowing they'd have a job if they decided to return). Something to think about Ali
  23. please help, im on a partner visa, and have been ask to provide the second stage application after the 2 years period, unfortunately my relationship is not doing well and my partner refuse to signed the stat dec to complete the application, i have been in this relationship for 8 years and weve got a 6 yrs old son.. what happens if i let the immigration know about whats happening,, does anyone know if ill still be granted a pr to stay.. my only worry is my son, he is in kindy and an australian citizen, do i have right over him since i am not a citizen, would they send me back home? please help... any one??? thank you, im very worried.
  24. We are having to break our lease (husband has a new job) and wondered if anyone is interested. It is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom double storey property in central joondalup just up from lake joondalup. Very modern, beautiful home. Balconies to front and rear. Front balcony huge with uninterupted view over lake joondalup. Walking distance to shops, bars and restraunts, uni, hospital and train station. If you are interested PM me and I can send you pics and details. :laugh:
  25. Hello Everyone, My company recently went into liquidation, and I have to leave the country. I am breaking my lease for my aparment, so I want someone to take over the lease(ending July 2011). Photos and details can be found at the following link tinyurl.com/leaseBreak Please pass on this info to anyone you know Cheers Pritish