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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    brain dead!!!

    hi all i'm yet another newbie invader :wub: been reading loads of posts and think you are all doing a great job helping others out with info. well, me and my OH have been talking about oz for a while now, its still a while off for us as we need to save but there are some things i need to clarify, if anyone could help that would be brill. im 31, occupational therapist with 6 years experience, my OH 23 (cradle-snacther i know:yes:) an electrician with 2 years experience. i have looked into the visa and i qualify for 175 skilled, this is where i get confused....:arghh: does OH have to have a separate visa or do we apply for me and he goes on mine? i also have a 12 yr old dtr, does she need separate visa too??? we are looking to go in around 18 months, this gives me time to save enough pennies to ride the storm when we get there.....anyone tell me how much they set off with? with the 18 month mark in mind when would you suggest we apply for visa? will it run out/expire, do i have a certain amount of time to get out of uk?? i know this has all prob been answered but i cant find all my answers?:goofy: any new starting from scratch advise will be a great helpxxxxx ty guys xxxxx
  2. Hi, I am Steve ( 28 ) and my girlfriend is Jenna (24), were are both in scotland currently and due to some luck we have after years of dreaming got the chance to visit and stay in OZ on a 12 month working visa. we are set up quite nicely in scotland and basically we are giving up our jobs the lot. I am an account manager for a joinery firm and my girlfriend is in 5 star spa management. However if we don't do it now then we really never will. we are leaving in aril next year and we really really need some info or advice, we plan to find work for the first 6-7 months and then travel and basically have a long holiday for the next 3-4 months. we will be based in melbourne for the first 2 weeks but then. at the moment a massive void. is there work ie bar work sales work etc and is it possible? many thanks Steve & Jenna
  3. Guest

    Brain Freeze, Please Help!

    Hi Everyone, wondering if someone might be able to help? We have all our paperwork in order to lodge our Spouse Visa (tomorrow!), but are having a complete brain freeze as to what to write on the covering letter! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :err: Shane, Kerry & little Jessica
  4. I've looked at sooooo many posts today and my brain is frazzled, can anyone give me the link that I'm sure I saw somewhere today about us oldies being leap frogged or having to re-apply. I'm sure I saw a link and it wasn't just a post from Alan Collett. Apologies if I'm going mad and there isn't a link. Thanks Gemma
  5. Guest

    can i pick your brain's

    Can i pick someone's brain, my head is buzzing right now, our application has been sent off about a month and a half ago now, how long does it take now i know we gotta have medicals and police checks?. When do i start getting quotes for shipping? When do i get quotes on taking my dog?Whats the problem with taking wooden furniture(nearly all mine is wooden)?Will the shipping company advise me on what i can & carnt take. The other thing is we are going to live with our friends for a while when we eventually get there they live in perth, he is welsh she is ozzy, They are thinking to move to coffs harbour (nsw) by time we get there because it is apparently cheeper to live there. Anyone been to both? what do you think?:twitcy: thanks.
  6. :cry::cry::cry: Although moving out to oz is a dream come true - everything else seems to be a nightmare. I am to the point where I feel that my head is seriously going to implode if I have to think anymore!!! My husband, myself and my son have been granted a 457 visa and my husband has a job in place. We decided to go for this as it seemed like the 'quick' option of moving - we have been so sick of our jobs and lives here we were desperate. Since the happy moment of finding out we had the visa things seem to be going downhill. Our house has been on the market for 7 weeks and has been reduced 1k for every week its been on - 7k out of pocket already! We have reached a point where we are going to have to leave it on the market and get a loan to pay for the mortgage (otherwise we will not be able to afford the rent in oz). I am unsure where this leaves us financially - I am not very good with the likes of tax etc - dont know if we will have to pay additional tax once we sell the house. Money is going to be very tight for us once we are in oz - money is tight for us here and the little extra we get from child benefit and child tax credit helps us along the way. I have been looking into similar things in oz and it appears that on our 457 visa we get none of this. We do plan to apply for PR however we are going to struggle to pay for this if money is so tight. We have no idea what we need to do with our pensions here - whether we should cash them in or transfer them what with us only being temps. Can anyone out there help me? The pressure is getting to me a little at the moment and we should be flying out at the beginning of June. Please help to restore my faith - what with the pressure, I am starting to wonder if we are doing the right thing!!! :cry:
  7. Guest

    Paying To Feed The Brain

    PAYING TO FEED THE BRAIN A rather concerned Professor Harry Messel,73, sadly remembers hurrying about the streets and lanes of St. Andrews, Scotland, studying at a small university with a low ratio of teachers to students, ‘and we all knew each other. We could question and we could learn.' The Professor had recently gone back to warn academics that British education was following the Australian experience; heading for educational ordinariness. The UK Government's decision to transform polytechnics into universities was "repeating the same mistake Australia made" when it turned colleges of advanced education ("most of them glorified teaching establishments lacking a traditional research base") into universities. 'With nationalisation comes bureaucratisation and inefficiency and waste,' says Messel. 'At the end of 1992 in Great Britain, they went and turned 42 polytechnics into universities, almost overnight. 'And at the same time, by a very strange coincidence, A-level passes went up to 80 per cent. Students suddenly became brilliant! 'Now they're saying over there that there's no reason they shouldn't have 100 per cent pass levels. 'Now come on! What does this mean? It means that no matter how many times you fail you can go on sitting exams until eventually - after 35 times possibly - you pass and you're in. What does this say about the standard of student? The standard of education itself? They are equalising at the bottom. 'It's been watered down to a level that they should now give you a Ph.D. with your birth certificate. And let you go and learn if you want to.. because the whole system has become meaningless. The standards are coming down to meet the mediocre. They have moved the goal posts ever wider to take in everybody. And nobody in the real world will attach any importance to a university degree any more.' Harry Messel remembered standing at a lecturn addressing graduates of London's Schiller University, warning his academic peers of the pitfalls Britain was facing. Did the distinguished academics he harangued take any notice? 'Hell!', he said, trying to relight a Davidoff, 'they didn't give a s---.' He was even more disturbed about a sinister aspect of the socialisation of education both in Australia and Britain: the advent of the thought police. 'It is a deep and disturbing question. What they have done is one more way for governments to control the people. Regulate the intelligentsia. 'And the cost of doing it has been enormous. Millions upon millions have been wasted. The paperwork that has been generated by the number of pro vice-chancellors, deputy vice-chancellors, heads of units is mind-boggling. And you and I are paying for all this.' He had stayed over 35 years at Sydney University and when he arrived there in 1952, 7,200 students could get personalised attention and be looked after. 'Right now there are 30,000 students. How on earth can all of them get personalised attention now?' There was, he says, only one way out: educational elitism. This year 553 students from overseas have enrolled at Australia’s private Bond University - two of them, ironically, from Oxford and Cambridge, studying, at their own expense, for their Master of Business Administration degrees. Timothy White, 26, will pay $40,000 for his 12 months at Bond University, $23,000 in fees and the rest living expenses on the sprawling campus-in-the-sun. His fellow post-graduate student from Cambridge will dig into his own pockets for the same amount. Bond's buildings and grounds are now owned by a Japanese long-term credit bank. But Harry Messel and his board, as tenants, have turned the business of the university around so that last year it was $2.3m. "cash positive". 'We trim our sails to the wind,' the Executive Chancellor explains. 'Fewer students - fewer staff. More students - more staff. And we don't go asking governments for money; not even five miserable cents.' Timothy White said he had worked for five years for an American software company in the UK, saving to come out to Bond. He will attend lectures and study for between 60 hours and 100 hours a week, cramming his MBA into one year, one of the few universities in the world he could find where this was possible. 'Having paid all this money,' he said, 'I am unlikely to get slack and waste it.' (He had been at lectures that morning at 8AM, having gone to bed after studying until 2AM.) Professor Messel waved his dying Davidoff at me and said:'I will try hard to make this university the jewel in the crown of Australian tertiary education. This year we have enrolled a record number of 1,827 students. Harry Messel finally points (the now clinically-dead) Davidoff: 'We came No.1 in Australia last year in the graduate survey for law. No.1 in accountancy. Bond cannot and will not, play the university "numbers game". Big is not beautiful at Bond. 'We are committed to being small, safe, exclusive, dignified, prestigious and very high quality. Our student-lecturer ratio is 10:1. 'We will occupy the educational high ground vacated by the public universities, providing the standard to which they can aspire...
  8. Guest

    Brain ave

    Hi guys.....whilst reading some of the threads on here about missing english food, does anyone know what the import rules are if i were to set up a PIO service to get your favurite english food out there....any info greatly recieved....whatch this space
  9. I wonder why this is then ? Brain drain from UK is 'worst in the world'