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Found 36 results

  1. Guest

    Boys and their toys

    OK boys, it's toys time!!!! http://screen.yahoo.com/a-floating-island-for-millionaires-29754341.html Watch and enjoy!!
  2. Hello everyone! :rolleyes: My name is Blake and I am 8. I am Totsy(aka.Tiana)'s brother! My family have the visa already, we are hopefully moving there later this year.I will be going to Queensland when I go there. I would like a boy my age to talk to! :jiggy: Beepster :jiggy:
  3. ali

    The Things Boys Do

    Prompted by a friend telling me her 5 year old got his head stuck in the railings at school and our response being .."that's boys for you", I wondered what other things boys have got up to. My son when in year 2 in the UK and at after school club, was playing on a space hopper and wondered (apparently) what would happen if he cut it with a pair of scissors - "would it pop like a balloon" (he said afterwards). The lady in charge thought it hilarious and apologiesed that she had to ask us to pay for it. The family who owned the house we bought here in Aus moved to Canada, not being used to the cold - one of her boys licked the frosty lamp post and promptly got 'stuck'. Have you any tales of what young boys get up to?
  4. rockola57

    Boys Toys!

    Everywhere iv'e lived here in OZ theres been an Aussie neighbour who has got it all in terms of boys toys!:wideeyed:The one who lived across the back of our last house had 1 big boat,1 tinny,a jet ski,a 4x4,a vintage motor, a modern car a trailer and a boss motorcycle!:shocked:All this on display in his mondo house frontage!:yes:Well blow me,our latest neighbour next door is just like him,all the toys except boats,his cars all have top class big alloys,low profiles and are top quality motors ,extravagance is an understatement BUT i say good luck to these types,they work hard and love their toys,never get any 'Considerably richer than yow'attitude here,like one tends to encounter in Good Ole Blighty!
  5. Hi all, We are planning a move from Melbourne to Perth but need to be sure that there is enough to keep the kids entertained and that there are lots of children of a similar age around. Wheres the best suburbs to live with 14 and 16 year olds who play soccer and love being able to walk round to see their friends and close to schools. Thanks Elaine
  6. This is probably my favourite LP, recorded in 1972? I'll have to play 'Surfs Up' & 'Pet Sounds' though to check if I prefer them.
  7. bensdad

    Just said goodbye to my 2 boys

    Oh well we knew the time would come and after very carefully consideration we have last night rehomed my 2 dogs lost is an understatement. However my french bulldog would of struggled with the quarantine and the heat without a doubt branston my poodle the same and we could also not run the risk of anything happening to them on the flight as well. Luckily they have gone to a friend who has agreed to take both so they remain together was also pleased when I said I would sort out their papers to hear him say he was not interested in the papers as he wanted the dogs as pets and that they are little people not machines. That was reassurance in itself. We may not go for another few months but decided to rehome them as soon as possible so we get used to it. Nevertheless they will be greatly missed. Hope ive done the right thing!
  8. hey im 13, im moving to australia around next year and im proberly moving to Perth and really want som1 to talk to xx :unsure:
  9. Hi all. We are moving from Melbourne to Perth soon and need advice as we have only lived in Melbourne for a year and our boys really dont want to do the move again as they are just making friends and settling here. Work is the reason for the move, as well as the weather, the scenery etc etc etc and we know that we wont move again.... BUT advice is needed please on the following: 1. Schools - we are thinking of Lake Joondalup - any advice? 2. Football teams in the area that are of a decent standard. (u16 and U14) 3l Areas around Joondalup to live with access to green parks and where other families live with older children? we are looking at possibly Tapping and Carramar 4. Any other advice you can give us... Thanks Elaine.x
  10. Hi know this is not the place for asking advice other than immigration info, although we all chat about many life issues. I am really just after some stories and advice on what other PIO members little boys were like at 5. I will be honest and I am really struggling with my little man at the moment and I am at my wits end and crying daily with worry/stress and concern and wondering if it will all get better. I am a stresser as it is, but I just want to hear stories to know if he is just a normal 5year old. Thank you Laney xxx
  11. DannyCoyles

    Boys night out in Berwick (Melbourne).

    Hi Boys night out in Berwick (Melbourne). Date: 28th Jan Time: 8 pm, ish Place: Berwick Inn, to start with. Plans: Drink beer and fix all the worlds problems! So far we have an Englishman, Scotsman and an Irishman confirmed so everyone should feel welcome. No jokes please!!! Taxi heading back to Lyndhurst, Cranbourne area if anyone wants to share. Cheers Danny.
  12. Hi I am going to be moving to Perth this autumn (depending on visas) and my 2 sons will be coming with me. Obviously family here are worried about their education as my 15yr old is currently doing his GCSE's.. Are there good sporting schools around the area. I haven't got a definate area yet.. But between scarborough/Hillary/ greenwood triangle would be ideal. Could someone recommend any schools that fit within that area.. Or a nearby location (schooling is my main priority) Private schools aren't an option Many thanks.. It's hard enough chosing schools in England.. but a country I don't know.. It's just overwhelming!
  13. Hi Boys night out in Berwick (Melbourne). Date: 28th Jan Time: 8 pm, ish Place: Berwick Inn, to start with. Plans: Drink beer and fix all the worlds problems! So far we have an Englishman, Scotsman and an Irishman confirmed so everyone should feel welcome. No jokes please!!! Taxi heading back to Lyndhurst, Cranbourne area if anyone wants to share. Cheers Danny.
  14. hello fellow mummy`s, im going to be moving to Sydney around May June time of 2010, my hubby flew today to Sydney and at the moment i feel like i have been hit by a train. It hurts so much. Im just asking if there are any mums out there who need any adult conversation, a friendly smile or just company. Im normally such an outgoing chatty person, but moving away from my friends scares the hell out of me, i need to be around people. Anyone know any good playgroups??? or does any one want to offer some company when i am over, or is there anyone who is moving out around the same time as me... Im sorry if i come across as a desperate wierdo!!!! just scared about being a lonely stay at home mum xxx:wacko:
  15. Hi, I am looking to move ot Oz but looking at the documentation I will need my ex husband to sign a form to let the children go. I dont have any contact with him and my children have not seen him for 5 years. I dont know where he lives or what he is doing although I do recieve maintainance via CSA. What should I do? Is there anything I can do in order to move? Thanks
  16. Hi anyone wanna come and see Backstreet boys at Rod Laver on Friday 5th March? My boyfriend isnt too enthusitic about coming with me and dont have many friends over here yet so finding someone would mean we wouldnt need a babysitter as well! Be nice to make a new friend too :biggrin: Thanks Hannah xxx

    Two 17 year olds boys

    Coming out for 2 weeks hols at christmas 14- 28th dec & moving to Perth 2010. I was just wondering if there was any partys or things going on so we can get to know people ?. Thanks Jamie.
  18. Just so you know Two charged after burglars stone officer in Fremantle | PerthNow Tut Tut ...... :policeman:
  19. Hi evryone I have two younger boys one of 14 and the other who is 11 years old...they are both quite anxious about our move to Australia and I would like to help them as much as possible...my eldest is especially worried and I think it might be easier if they had some advice from anyone who is of similar age who is either making the move to Australia or have already moved....is very difficult to try to explain what it will be like and even if I try am not sure that they believe that it will be ok...would be just great if they could hear what it is like from someone who has experienced Australia for themselves...can anyone help.....
  20. nurse sue

    Boys and there toys

    Hi need expert advice or technical support my boys are flying from uk arrive saturday am so excited not seen them since jan :jiggy:and as ive been told im a good mum need to know if xbox 360 uk games are compatible with xbox console australia I am no good with computers even need help to switch on wii :confused: thanks i advance xxxxxx
  21. Elliott-Family

    10/11/12 yr old boys

    Hi Does any one have a son/sons who are 10/11/12 that may want to swap msn address with my son Jack? Jack is 11 and lives at the moment in Derby, Uk. He loves football and plays cricket, He is looking forward to going to oz and learning to surf He is worried about missing his friends here and i thought it may help if he makes some friends that are also in the process or have just moved, we are headed to Melbourne when the little golden ticket comes through Claire x
  22. Hi We are hoping to move to Qld in 2010 and it would be great to hear what clubs are on offer in Queensland. Not sure yet whether we will be going to Gold or Sunshine Coast, but would love to hear what clubs children enjoy out there. My boys will be 10 & 12. They both enjoy cycling and riding their wave/ripboards (skateboards), both also have golf clubs. They also have kites and we were particularly wondering about power kiting/kite buggying and the possibility of learning to scuba dive. Look forward to hearing from you all. Mandy x
  23. Headstart Homestay

    A Bit of Blue for the boys

    Jim Davidson on his way to Oz, Qpac in Brisbane, July 3rd. Good British funny:laugh: comedian. A refreshing change from the American garbage we have to put up with on Australian Tv. The tickets have been purchased $60 for boys night out. A good night awaits.
  24. Guest

    Aussie boys

    I have been in oz for about 3 weeks now and i have noticed that most of the aussie boys are lookers but i was in outside this morning and although they are nice to look at they are the most stupid creatures alive,they were laughing there heads off because there friend FELL OFF HIS BIKE !!!! come on!! from courtney...x ps:sorry for moaning:arghh:
  25. rach28

    c4 boys and girls alone

    Omg did anyone whatch the new series that started last night called boys and girls alone? Its an experimental type documentary where they have two villages a mile away from each other. One village has 10 girls aged between 8 and 11 and the other has 10 boys aged 8 to 11. They have been put into the villages without any adults to see how they all cope. Its for 2 weeks. There are adult shaparones but they can only step in if there is danger. They have to cook etc basicaly do everything them selves including shopping for food. Im sorry but there was no way i would allow my daughter to do that. The parents where sitting down the road watching what they did on monitors. But you wanted to see the behaviour of these kids. It really makes you question how your own kids behave when theres no adults around. Next weeks trailor looks like there is fighting and knives. Just wanted to see if anyone else caught it and what there views was on it. Rachael