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Found 64 results

  1. Hi Everyone. I'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me, hopefully I am not being cheeky. I am currently researching providing a bespoke shopping service for expats. I have lived abroad myself, and spent a year in Australia. I know that some items can be expensive for you to buy there (random items like books, greeting cards, perfume etc). My younger sister has been in Brisbane for over 3 years and has given me her list of 10 things she would like delivered tomorrow morning (it's a dream box :wink:) but she had to think back to her first six months when she missed everything so much more. My intention is to provide a personal service that will cut out high shipping costs. I feel for anyone who is homesick & sometimes a few things from home could help you get through the worst of it..or maybe you just can't do without your No 7 Protect & Perfect serum & your M&S undies or NEXT childrens clothes!! I understand also that you may not always want to have to ask family/friends to send items out. I really really appreciate anyone who has time to think about it & send me a reply. Because of my geographical postition I will be able to provide both UK & Irish goods. Thanks so much in advance if you can help me out, really looking forward to reading what's in your box...enjoy the sunshine & your new lives. xx
  2. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get an Australian PO Box before we move down under. We have been doing lists for all the people/companies we need to let know we are moving and there are 100's. I thought it may be better to set up a PO Box so we are not giving a temporary accommodation address and then having to send letters from Aus to change it again to our rental, to do the same again when we buy. May save us a bit of time and stop me forgetting to tell people! Thanks Ang:biggrin:
  3. scotsaway

    standard box size?

    Hi guys! So we are roughly 3 weeks away from moving (no flights, accomodation or shipping sorted yet - eek!) and I was hoping that someone could tell me if there is a standard box size used by the shipping companies? I can't work out how I am to get a good estimate for the online quotes otherwise!:wacko: Thanks in advance!
  4. motherof2

    What lunch box?

    My kids start school next week. We've sorted out my 11 yr old and she's chosen her lunch box. What do the the teens take/carry their lunch in - don't want to get the 'wrong thing' for my 14 yr old son!
  5. Hi guys, I'm making a 30 kg box to send with me with clothes and video games to bring to Aus when I migrate from Manchester to Brisbane. Could you suggest the cheapest and safest company to send with please? I'm considering the Post Office but any suggestions gratefully received. Travelling from Manchester to Brisbane.
  6. LouiseS

    Shipping box volume

    Had a quote come through from Anglo pacific to ship over some tea cartons (3) and 2 book cartons. Now as I am only sending clothes that i can't get in my suitcase, some bedding uni course books etc, is 19 cubic feet sufficent? Unfortunately this kind of working out is not my strong point :laugh: and would appreciate it is anyone can help me out :rolleyes: I plan on vac packing the king size quilt and single to try and conserve some space but kinda worried that i won't have enough room Thanks in advance
  7. We are hoping to move to Canberra in August this year - we have already used our extra allowance as we have validated and now we will be stuck with 20kg as hoping to fly with Singapore (will try and get the extra 5kg some have got ...) Our things will be shipped 2-3 weeks before we fly, we are then stopping off at Singapore and expect to be in Canberra for 6 weeks before our shipping arrives. We think we are going to need more clothes and shoes (including interview outfits) and possibly a printer for job/house applications etc so are considering sending a box over early with these items in. Sevenseas will charge £120 for one tea-chest box. Has anyone else done this or do you make do with what you can put in your case?? Maybe I'm overly worrying!! Any tips appreciated!!
  8. Guest

    Virgin V+ Set-top Box

    Sorry this may be a daft question but will our Virgin V+ Set top Box work in Oz even if it's only too pause live TV etc .... I'm guessing this is a long shot!!
  9. Anything is possible

    Box Tv's

    Is it worth taking a box 32" TV, its a great TV only a few years old (just before they did the flat screens typical)..LOL... It is digital one but not with freeview built in.... Was going to sell it but to be honest coz its not a flat screen no-one wants it and its def not worth throwing away...
  10. We are cancelling our sky subscription. Our house contents are being shipped tomorrow - should I take my sky plus box with me or will it be useless? I know we will not be able to get the sky channels, I'm wandering if it'll work as a freeview box? Cheers, Mike.
  11. Hi all As well as our few bits of furniture and books, CDs etc I'd like to send over some of my huge stash of perfumes, sprays, body lotion, shampoos etc - there's no way it'll all be used by the time we go, though I'm trying!! I may also ship a few bottles of my favourite fabric conditioner, yes I know you can get Cuddly or whatever there but I'll miss my Lenor! Are these items acceptable to ship? Many are part-used so obviously not new, and I'm not gonna be setting up a Lenor stall in Brissie :biggrin:just a couple of big bottles for 'special'!
  12. paigedean

    shipping a tool box

    my boyfriend has an expensive tool box which he uses at work(mechanic) does anyone know a good or cheap shipping company ? or know roughly how much itll cost from experience?
  13. Guest

    Selfbuilt ply box?

    Hi all I have some very fragile RC aircraftI need to protect and want to build my own plywood container for them. 2 of the 3 shippers say no problem just paint or varnish it inside and out. The other shippers say they would have to build it themselves (I just see the £ sighns a rising here!) Has any one else done this and had any problems at the destination port?
  14. Guest

    X box servers

    Hi we have finally started the ball rolling to get to oz got visa house on Market hoping our 17year old settles in he is a big fan of the x box does any one know if the servers are good in perth, hopefully he will soon find other things to do once we are there but if it helps to start with. Thanks sarahx
  15. Elliott-Family

    x box live, topping up points in oz?

    Hi We brought our UK x box to Australia with us late last year, we have bought games (COD) black ops since we have been here and that worked fine, when we updated x box live we used a UK credit card, that's now expired. I have just bought some microsoft points to upgrade the map but they won't work? In sure this has somethin to do with UK/oz but don't know how to resolve it If any one can shed some light would be most grateful as have a very unhappy 12 year old and I'm $25down :-( Thanks Claire x
  16. its full,and i cant empty it anymore:wideeyed:can a god from upstairs do it please,im thick at computer stuff--or tell me in pictures how to do it--thank you:wubclub:
  17. Come on admit it, ladies does you box get so full that you couldn't possibly get anything else in it. Calm down, calm down. Just asking if your PM boxes ever get too full, as ladies I would imagine they do, because we all know you talk too much. Just a question is all.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.:embarrassed::eek::wubclub:
  18. Hi all and happy new year, NOt sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but hoping someone can point me in the right direction if not. We are due to head out to oz in just under 8 weeks and we are now busy trying to sort out all our personal affairs in the UK, with regards to mail we would like to arrange a redirection of UK mail to Australia but we are not sure if we can obtain a PO box in australia from the UK as we don't have an address to redirect to as of yet. Has anyone done this, is it easy to do? Thanks any assistance would be appreciated Alison
  19. emmaroo

    Box Size?

    This is a really random question, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the average size of the boxes used by shippers is? Trying to work out how many boxes we might have! thanks in advance Emma :cute:
  20. Hi guys, we leave on the 23rd September for Sydney and looking to possibly add a box to the same flight as us and have it checked through as extra baggage or cargo, we are flying cathy pacific , any help or suggestions would be much appreciated,. Thanks Chris
  21. Guest

    Living in Box Hill North

    Hi! Moved from the UK to Box Hill North in November 2009, with hubby and 13 year old daughter and son 12years. Was wondering if there was any pommes living nearby who fancied meeting up for a coffee (or glass of wine!) Hope to hear from someone! Joanne x
  22. Guest

    Box Hill Melbourne

    We are soon to move to Melbourne with a new company and the office is located in Box Hill. Initially they will provide accomadation for around 6 weeks after that we need to look for a rental property for which they have allowed us A$500 per week. I have looked at the various online train maps as we want to live outside the city in a property with a large garden. Two area's which seem obvious are Belgrave and Lilydale due to being commutable. Does anyone have info on what we can get for A$500p.w. and what these areas are like. Or if there are surrounding area's just as suitable. We hope to be there mid february, plus i want to be at the Grand Prix Happy Australia day to you all Cheers Paul & Joo
  23. Guest

    £50 a box.

    I phoned around a few shipping agents ages ago but because the house hasn't sold didnt get too many quotes. One guy (Edinburgh) still phones every 3-4 months for an update (not pushy) and phoned today. As we aren't taking a lot of things, mainly boxes, he quoted a tea chest size box door to door (Fife to Perth) for £50 incl of taxes etc. This is our first "real" quote and we will get others but wondered if this was a good price to compare against. Mandy
  24. jo90

    The Love Box!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone around the Caloundra area know that my friend Angie has opened a fab gift shop just off Bulcock St (near Nando's). She has some lovely gifts, cards, balloons etc etc. It's well worth a look! She's a fellow expat trying to make a new life in Oz so why not pop in and support our fellow poms! :hug: Jo x
  25. Dancingsanta

    Sky box - will it work in Oz?

    Hi all, has anyone taken over their sky box? We were just wondering if it was worth taking or not, if it will work. Thanks