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Found 43 results

  1. :jiggy:Hey Gday Mates!!! Anyone thinking of moving to Newcastle NSW, just got our CO yesterday so it starting to feel real now, oh my goodness Im excited and nervous at the same time!!! Would be fantastic to hear from some people who are moving to Newcastle or nearby!! Maybe could chat and compare notes etc.... Hope to hear from some likeminded people Kirstie and Marc xx:wubclub:
  2. Hi All, Jus trying to establish are there many Irish people here heading for Perth. Thought is would be a good idea to get a thread going for us all. We are a family of 3 hoping to hit Perth late 2011 or Jan 2012. (Age 30/Age 29/Daughter Age 4) Was wondering if there are many others from Ireland in the same boat and was wondering if there is enough of us to arrange a big group meet up somewhere over the next while. Anyway include your details and chat soon. Cheers:biggrin:
  3. Hi everybody, Just looking for accommodation for when we get to Brisbane in January and have come across Brisbane Bound website with a home in Hendra and 2 in Carina. They look like lovely homes and sound like nice people. Has anyone got any info about either area and has anyone used the company? Thanks for your help. Kim :smile:
  4. hi guys just wondering what the building work is like in perth area, iv heard theres not much bricklayer work is this true?? hopefully coming out june 2012 on a working visa. any feedback is much appreiciated. thankyou lee
  5. hi, We are a family Of 4 moving to Perth as soon as our house is sold. We have looked on the internet at loads of places but can't make the call on which suburb to live. Does ayone know the perfect place with good primary and high schools and where there are none of the following :- drug adicts, beggars, chavs, people walking pitbull terriers, drunks, 16 year old girls pushing prams,broken down scrap cars on driveways and people with mullets. Or is there no such place ! regards, Barry.. ps: no offence to anyone who fits into the above category..
  6. Guest

    Canberra bound...

    Hi all, We're new to this site and wanted to say hello to everyone, especially anyone heading to Canberra in the next few months. We have our 176 visa, I have a job and we have an offer on our house here in Swindon :cool:. We can't decide at the moment whether I should go over first to get things set up and then my wife & kids come over later or should we just all pile over together. Which ever way we do it we're hoping to be over in January. It would be good to hear from anyone else making a similar move. Also if anyone knows of any cheapish short term accommodation we could book before leaving.
  7. BearRules

    Outward bound ...

    Flight now boarding from T3 Heathrow ... Sydney, then Tassie ... here we come! Colin n Sam
  8. Guest

    Perth Bound Jan 2012

    Hello there folks, Well we have booked the cats, found a house in Baldivis, think we have sorted the flights. Just the shipping company and the job to sort now. We're a pair of Cricket mad Geordies in our mid-30's heading to Perth mid Jan 2012. Anyone fancy getting in touch who's heading out or already there in a similar area please give us a shout. cheers James & Bev :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Irish Meet Up. Brisbane Bound

    Hi All, This is a thread to see how many people living in Ireland are heading to Brisbane or the surrounding area in the next 12 months or so. Please leave your details and we can try and arrange a meet up day in the coming months to chat about the common concerns and do,s and dont,s etc regarding the move. Name................................................ Family Size........................................ Kids and ages..................................... Expected move date............................ Area interested in moving to................
  10. Guest

    Adelaide bound!

    Hello all, I've just joined! I'm at the beginning of my emigration journey after getting a brilliant job offer in Flagstaff, Adelaide. I'm planning to move out to Adelaide with my daughter (aged 5) and my mum. Would love to hear from anyone who's made the move to Adelaide, particularly advice on schools and househunting. Looking forward to being there next year!
  11. Hi all First post as we have just taken the plunge and decided to make the move to Perth! Have looked at loads of sites and postings regarding areas in Perth, but would love to hear any views on our specific requirements for places to live. We would need a 4 ideally 5 bed house (too many children and visitors!) and could stretch to a max of $1500 per week rent (ideally less though!) Our ideal location, in order of priority, would have: 1. Excellent primary state schools 2. Be close to city (ideally no more than 30 mins commute unless it is somewhere that really ticks all the other boxes!) 3. good friendly neighbourhood. We are a professional couple with kids but not stuck up! 4. Quite close to beach ( say within 20/30 mins max) 5. Other good amenities like shops/playgrounds etc. Are we asking too much? Love to hear your views!
  12. Hi there, Just jumping on the same topic of an earlier post. Is anyone going to Perth this November? I would love to hear from anyone heading out there, my other half is a Bricklayer and I'm a Beauty Therapist and mum to 3 girls: 8,6 & 3. We're looking at going on the 11th and am finding it difficult to find accommodation in the Kallaroo/Duncraig area. What is everyone else doing with regards to accommodation? We're looking to stay somewhere temporarily (holiday let) until we can find our rental accommodation. Also has anyone ever rented out their house out to the MOD? If so what are your experiences? am thinking this may be a possibility as we have various bases here in Wiltshire and Somerset. I'm flicker between angst and fear that everything will go to plan - so much to do. How are your move plans going? :cute:
  13. Guest

    wa plumber bound for nz

    hello everyone, ive been working as a plumber on a whv for 2 years in western australia and i have my wa plumbers licence. im thinkin of going to nz next and was wondering if my wa licence will work there. if so what will i have to do to get it changed over. any help would be great. cheers.
  14. Lynne S

    Homeward Bound in 4 weeks!

    Hi All, I've posted a few threads in the last few months with dilemmas about moving back. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has given us constructive advice - its certainly helped us look at it from different directions. After lots of decision making we did decide in the end to make the move and in 4 weeks time we'll be on the plane. We'll be going back with out citizenship, which has been a really difficult one for me, but we are going to get the 5 year return residence visa before we go (for that just in case) - not that I want to go back with this thought. Anyway we are busy packing up, we've sold nearly everything we needed to sell, so we're now on the countdown....will let you know how it all goes when we get back. Thanks again, this site has been a real soul saver at times, I'm so glad I stumbled across it.
  15. BearRules

    Tassie bound

    A quick update on our move to Tas! We started planning this journey almost 2.5 years ago, seems like such a long time has passed since then. Got our 176 visa in January, and after months of decorating/gardening/de-cluttering we finally got the house on the market in Apr. Accepted an offer 3 weeks later!! Now we are rushing like crazy to get so much done, if the sale goes without a hitch we'll officially be homeless on 1st July (hoorah) and we are planning to head to Hobart a few weeks later. So much to do ... lol ... cant wait!! Colin & Sam
  16. Hi All, Due to the success of the last meet up arranged by Andy in the CityWest Hotel Dublin we are looking at another meet up for Sat 7th of May. Not sure of location as of yet as will wait and see who is planning on coming. We may change location this time to a more child friendly place. Andy suggested a Park and maybe we do a BBQ which sounds great (Weather Permitting) and we can meet earlier in the day to give more time for a catch up. Anyway leave your details and everyone is welcome. Look forward to catching up with everyone.
  17. Just a quick Hi to all - we have just sent off our state sponsorship and visa dox and fingers crossed Canberra bound within the year. We have 2 soon to be 3 boys under 3 and welcome some chit chat with similar folks. We have been looking at areas to live, schools etc but its very on the surface at the moment until we know some dates. So, Hi to everyone and what a good site this seems to be.
  18. 4 pm at the City West hotel. All welcome.
  19. Hiya We are Adelaide bound this year (end Nov), we already have our Visas (as of 2007!) OH is a Bricklayer / general builder and is self employed and has casual labour when needed. I dont really hear much about SA on these forums and although we dont want to live slap bang in the middle of Adelaide, I assume most of the building work to be in that area, and travelling to work isn't a problem. If anyone could shed some light on the situation that would be great. Im currently a stay at home mam to our 4 boys and 1 daughter so i'm not going to work initally , so we have to hope that he will find enough work to support us all ! He has been a builder for 23 yrs and is a grafter so I think he would find work wherever we lived. It would just be nice to have some info beforehand.:yes: Thanks Zo x
  20. Guest

    Sydney bound...

    Hi there everyone!! This is our first posting on PIO. We had a great Christmas present this year..our visa was granted in December 2010. Dru is 37 years old and I'm 31 years old. We currently live in Derbyshire, England and we are hoping to move to Sydney in October 2011. Dru is a bricklayer and I will be looking for office work. Any advice on housing, work and general life in Oz would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from people soon!
  21. I heard this short you tube song a while ago, and now my kids sing it end to end, non stop, with loads of encouragement from me, it's driving my wife mad:arghh:. I must try and get it as my phones' ring tone. Great advertisment for Australia, and you might not even get killed !
  22. Hi Everyone, Is anyone heading to Sydney in Oct/November I'd be interested to hear of your experiences. Hoping to finish sale of business this week and exchange on house in the next 2 weeks. Holding my breath having to start organising like crazy and getting lists and priorities going. My emotions are already all over the place- I can start the day thinking great and feeling excited to then feeling sad worried about loved ones, feeling guilty and selfish for pursueing our dreams. Trying to prepare how we are going to break the news to our children this week and other friends we haven't told yet bracing myself for the reactions. I have mixed emotions about going- looking forward to the adventure and opportunity and can appreciate the lifestyle benefits but also value my own culture and especially value very close friendships so feeling very torn but know I couldn't settle if we didn't give it a try. To anyone at a similar stage- good luck at this crazytime!!!:unsure:
  23. Anything is possible

    Hi .... Newbie bound for Sydney

    Hi guys, been reading for a while and have learnt alot. What a great website.:notworthy: Anyway a bit about us, we are hopefully set for sydney in the next few months, hubby has secured a job in Sydney and he is there at the moment finalsing everything so hopefully fingers crossed we will agree to go.. We live in Northern Ireland, however I am orignally from Manchester... All this is scary and dont know where to start so any info would be greatly appreciated... :idea: The weathers gotta be better down under than it is here.... Best of luck to everyone x:hug:
  24. Guest

    New member - Bound for Perth

    Hi Everyone Just thought I would pop on here and introduce ourselves - Newlyweds Yvette (31) & Keith (29). Keith's company are transferring him to Perth on a 457 visa which was approved last week (took 3 days from submission to approval). Just waiting for him to complete the company medical and we should then get a date for travelling out. We will have two weeks hotel accommodation paid for by the company when we get to Perth and during that time will have the help of a relocation agent to find somewhere to rent for the time being. Not looking forward to saying our goodbyes to eveyone, but really excited about starting married life in Perth. Will probably have more to post later on, so just thought I would introduce for now and say that this is a really useful site and hope to meet up with some of you when we arrive in Perth at one of your get togethers. Take care for now Yvette & Keith
  25. Conniebygaslight

    Homeward Bound

    Hi everyone, well we leave tomorrow. Been a very busy few days and we are absolutely cream crackered! We've had a few emotional goodbyes but the biggy will be in the morning when we say good bye to the elderly inlaws who are the most fabulous grandparents, (thank goodness there are lots of family here to support them) Our kids are excited to be going home and see their friends, get back into their old school etc. We have just exchanged contracts on a house too so will be very busy as it needs loads of work. Good luck to all, going home, living in Oz or just arriving. Will post from the other side. Deep Breath.............