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Found 25 results

  1. crispysince70

    I've just bought my own business!!

    My previous employer offered for me to buy the barbers where I've been working about a month ago, so I jumped at the chance! It's in Moonah near Hobart, and was trading under the name The Celtic Barbers, but now has a brilliant new name called Jacko's Clip Joint! I've nearly completed my first week trading under my new name and all is going well! I can't believe how much has happened this year, what with getting our visa, selling my uk barbers shop, then doing the big move and now this. things seem to have just fallen into place. I'm hoping that next year's going to be even better, but I think It'll take some topping! Chris x
  2. What has happened to me? What has happened to my hair? Three young police officers came to my unit today and I thought 'they are SO young!' Careful, Dave, you are getting maudlin again and you no longer need alcohol to do it!
  3. Hi Am after a bit of advice. Have just bought my Travel Visa for Australia...and apparently we dont get anything through the post...they are now electronically tagged to the passport number. Can anyone confirm if this is the case.....am panicking slightly. dont want to get to Australia to be turned away. Thanks[/color][/font]
  4. The Pom Queen

    Who bought you your first ever car

    My family were always to tight to buy me a car, so the first one I had was bought by an ex boyfriend, but only after I bumped his XR3I:embarrassed:
  5. Mine would be the kids trampoline. I was dubious at first, as they had hardly used the play house it replaced, but after an exceptionally rainy summer in the UK (which one was that you ask?) I bought a trampoline out of frustration. They have loved it ever since, and have used it constantly for years. All the kids in the street use it, and we had to ban anyone over the age of ten because they were getting carried away. It's looking a bit ragged now, and will need replacing soon. But I'd be hard pressed to think of better value for money. Sometimes they don't even bounce, they just sit around it and talk. What's the best thing you have ever bought.
  6. theonetruechris

    flights to aus bought in aus

    The mother in laws coming up to her 60th, anyone know if we can book her a flight from Australia through uk sites travel supermarket, expedia opodo ... for her to come out here. It makes sense what with the exchange rate in our favour and saves buying a crappy gift.
  7. Hi We've just bought our teenager a new bike to ship with us, as his old one is way too small. It cost us £139, we've filled in the form for the shippers that state what are under 12 months old items. Just wanted to know what we might get charged for this bicycle, anyone been charged for items that are under 12 months old?? Thanks
  8. We have been here nearly 8 months and are all really settled, even the kids want to stay and have their own house. We are in our 2nd furnished rental but paying quite a lot per week. We have been looking a houses for sale, some which we could see ourselves living in, BUT we still own our house (family home) in Scotland (potential long term tennants) and are a bit scared to take the plunge. We don't have to buy but it seems crazy paying rent when we could get a mortgage for about the same. Prices are definately coming down and one we saw has been reduced $60k. Would it be cheeky to offer $20k less than that lol? Been on the market since we are arrived. Has anyone bought here and how has it worked out? I know there is negative gearing (????) but how would that work or not. Are there any other factors to consider? Many thanks
  9. Hi , Just wondering if anyone has bought an outdoor smoker to smoke fish and such like . we do this here at home and wondered if anyone can give us any info of a place to buy when we get to oz . Thanks
  10. The Pom Queen

    I've bought my first 4 x 4.....

    Magazine :laugh: Hubby is still thinking things through, I have given him till the end of the week then that's it enough talking about it, we will find our dream car:biggrin:
  11. We still haven't sold our UK house :arghh: After nearly 18 months I really, really want to live in a house that's my own again, but wondered if anyone had found a way to buy in Australia while keeping their UK house until the UK housing market picks up? Sue x
  12. val & Mike

    Business bought at last !!

    We have been here 7 months and it has taken this long to find the right cafe - it has a fantastic location overlooking the Beach - I am a great believer in fate and we have had many disappointments with regards to businesses and was beginning to give up hope and then this came along - we have only owned it for 2 weeks and it is bloody hard work but we love it. From coming on PIO for the last 2 years or so there was always pessimistic comments from Aldo and a couple of other people about australia and the australian people- well I have to say that I find the australian people to be absolutely fantastic, down to earth, easy going and laid back - we had a really busy day on mothers day and had a queue at the tillpoint - back home most customers would be tutting and tapping their feet and looking at their watch - here they are "no worries" take your time I am in no rush they just seem to be of a happier disposition than people at home - I have had one regular buy me a Scratchie and just drop it in because he thought I was nice and another one brought loads of information on an area he lived in because I was thinking of living there! It may be different areas of australia but I can only speak as I find and I have found the australians to be one of the nicest people I have ever met (apart from when behind the wheel haha ) Anyway can't talk for too long have some requests for my home-made english scones so better get baking. Cheers Val & Mike
  13. Has anyone bought a business, or franchise?. is it a good idea, was it successful?
  14. Guest

    Bought a lovely house...

    ...4 beds, village location, new build, fab open-plan living...kids have places at a nice school... job prospects looking rosey... ...just a shame it is in the UK, not Australia. Humpf, I miss my dream though...
  15. my hubby is alone at Ashmore Palms on Gold Coast. He has just bought a car from a private dealer and now it not working. It wont start. Can anyone recomend a good cheap mechanic. He hasnt much money so needs cheap. Thanks Jill xxx
  16. Need a new laptop and been looking on ebay.com.au I noticed on there theres a few us seller who are selling a laptop im interested in. does anyone know if I will have to pay any additional costs, such as taxes to import it here? I will be paying approx $900 for it. Thanks
  17. We bought a house a couple of weeks ago at auction (well, hubby did - I just paced up and down with the kids in the pushchair!). We have settlement at the end of September and I was just wondering what happens next. We have got the paperwork etc in with the bank for the mortgage and with the conveyencer etc, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me from experience what actually happens on settlement day. Is it like in the UK where completion happens around lunchtime, or is it later or earlier usually. We (obviously) have no chain at our end, so ideally I would like to be moving in by lunchtime so that we can get the childrens beds etc settled in before bedtime. Also, is there anything different to organise here that I wouldn't have come across in the UK? Any advice would be most gratefully received because hubby is working 6 and 7 day weeks at the moment so I am organising it all on my own. Thank you!
  18. bought a car about a week ago n Perth, from one of the used car dealerships. They mentioned something about paying stamp duty, we have no idea however how we go about this? where do we go to pay it/what do we need to pay it etc?
  19. just wanted to let you all know that we have now bought are first home in Sydney, potts point..... Couldnt be happier!!! Love Sydney, Love my life, Love my new home!! Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
  20. Does anyone know if you can claim back the VAT on recently bought items when you permanently leave the UK? And do you get charged GST when you arrive in Oz for items you've owned for less than 12 months. I'm just thinking about buying a laptop and camera before departing the UK. I'll need to check out validity of warranties though.
  21. Hi everyone My OH and I were wondering if anyone has bought a house in Oz before leaving for there?! Hope this doesn't sound too crazy but would save on rent etc when first arrive as well as worry of the house prices continually rising whilst falling here and no sign of visa being granted!! Is a big risk but wondered if this happens. Thanks for any responses. :smile:
  22. Just bought a 4X4, a Suzuki Grand Vitara, XL-7, seven seater. It's really long, and has a "nudge" bar too. So now, I'm feeling proper Ozzie, and can drive like one too! I can now drive at whatever speed I like, up peoples backsides, not look when I pull out, and change lanes without indicating, (in the path of oncoming traffic of course). I have also forgotten how to use a roundabout correctly. Sweet! Jo x
  23. Hi i bought the guide of the internet last nite and once you pay for it your meant to be able to download it, im still wiating!! anyone know if its a sham??
  24. Hello Folks Recently bought a wee house up in Queensland and was going to be moving into it in June 2008 but now might rent it out for a few years. Can anyone help me with the Pros and Cons of this undecided decision????? We have our PR Visa validated and its now open until April 2011. What tax implications will we incur if we rent out now? I know we will lose our FHOG but will we have to repay some Stamp Duty as we only paid 1% of the property? Any other tips on renting out would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks Nom & Nat
  25. Guest

    UK bought TV

    Hi got my container delivered and I'm trying to tune the tv in. It's got an integrated digital receiver and I can receive 3 channels analogue but nothing on the digital side, It says there isn't a signal. has any one any experience of using your UK tv in Oz as I thought the digital bit would be fine. Would a set top box help, new aerial ? Cheers zoff