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Found 12 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone can help me - what is the procedure for my boss becoming a sponsor to allow him to sponsor people on a 457? If anyone could give me any pointers/time lines/ advice I would be very grateful. I know there are a few steps involved and think the company has to apply first... Thanks and Good luck to all those in the process however far along you maybe - hang in there :-)))
  2. The Pom Queen

    Your Boss

    Just wondered if you have a lot of respect for your boss or if you think they are a complete waste of time. I hate these bosses who think they are above everyone else, I like the ones who aren't afraid to muck in and get their hands dirty.
  3. We (we, wife and 2 children) all leave England in 49 sleeps to start our new adventure in Perth. Over the last few weeks I have found it hard not to tell a few lads at work (civilc construction site) that we had booked the tickets and set the date. Have made no secret of it to the management about WA adventure. Even stood down as foreman a few months ago so that they could get another in without having any worries if he didn't work out. In fairness the management are fine about it all,(don't think they believe that i am really off). However a few of the boys and the foreman who was given my job are changing their attitude towards me. The foreman has even tried to get me transfered to another site last week that's about 75 miles further away. The management told him NO and so I now have the pleasure of working 'under' a foreman for my last 6 weeks in England who definitely has a problem with me. If only all my problems were so small! Question is, am I just unlucky or has anybody else had this experience?
  4. What do I do now? I have asked my boss to write me a reference so that I can register with the australian nursing board she is refusing saying that the trust policy is to give a reference when an employer asks for it. She is unhappy that I am leaving and has made things pretty difficult for me since I advised her I would be leaving. I am so fed up, if I can't complete my application what am I supposed to do. I hate the bloody NHS and all its policies. Has anyone else had the same problems and how did you get around it?:cry:
  5. Worth a read: Immigration boss begs for more staff - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  6. Guest

    Bully boss

    Hi everyone, not been on here for a while other than to read occasional posts, but there was something I was hoping for a bit of insight into, possibly help. My husband has been working in middle management at a place for two years now and has seen his boss (the factory manager) bullying and attempting to bully others out of the place. Basically the boss messes up and then when the director finds out he finds a scape goat to sack. This pattern goes on despite the best advice from his management team, he does something which breaks the machines and stops production then blames the management team. Those who have been sacked as a scape goat for his incompentance have tried pleading their case, they've even informed the director of what the boss has been up to and it is all to no avail. Workers have learnt not to complain to the directors about him or anyone else they have problems with because they will either lose their job, or the director will shut the entire factory down if he thinks things are bad enough; which leaves others jobless as well. As you've probably guessed, the boss's screw ups have once again been noticed by the directors and he's after another scape goat. Seems this time it's going to be my husband. He's had a verbal warning for he knows not what and now has been told he's getting a written one. I think its a warning for the boss messing up and my husband being the only manager to turn in after work and try to sort it out. The other managers got warnings for not turning up at all. In the UK he could turn to the employment tribunals, is there any such thing here? As you can probably imagine he is so unhappy at the moment that he wants to head back to England and believes this whole country is full of bullies and racists. He has never had a warning in his working life and takes great pride in his work, which makes this all the worse.
  7. Guest

    Letter from my Old Boss

    Hi, I've asked my old boss from the UK if he would write a letter to confirm that the reason I left the UK was because my partners whv was expiring and we were moving to Oz together, also that we've been to his house for dinner and he knows us as a couple.. blah blah blah.... I've just had an email from my boss asking for the email address of the person at the embassy as if he emails it to me they may think that I could have changed it. We're getting lots of letters from the UK from friends and relo's confirming that we are in a relationship, should I get these emailed direct to the embassy too? we don't have a case worker yet as we haven't sent off, if he emails it in I'm concerned it'll just get lost, but I'm also concerned that typed/emailed letters aren't going to suffice? Our family and friends have all put their contact details on the letters and are happy to reiterate what they have wrote if need be. Please help!
  8. Guest

    uurrrr pig headed boss's!!!!!

    just got off the phone to other half, and his previous boss is refusing to write a letter toconfirm that shane worked there, how long for and state that they made him redundant!!!!!!!!!! such a pig, so shane now has to write a cover letter saying that he refuses to write a lettter, and that he was made redundant. however he has alrewady got a letter, that this pig headed boss had written before they made him redundant, it does say when he started, and his annual salary, so the cover letter just needs to fill the gaps . So if immi want to speak to this horrible man they do have his contact details, so i hope this ok . God some people :arghh: ( i think it doesn't help that the company is being seriously investigated for being unprofessional, unfairdissmissal, and underpaying staff and not correct working condtions .... and deciding to go to court and fight or pay what is owed to staff and ex staff, thousands and thousands of dollers!!!!)
  9. pez2008

    When to tell the Boss.

    Hi all. I got made redundant after 13+ years last Nov, now all the people there new about us applying to migrate to Oz, boss man gave me glowing reference for TRA etc. I was lucky in that a fairly local company new about my lay off and needed a skilled glass cutter and offered me a job almost straight away, 10 days before xmas, at xmas he gave me £50 + bottles of wine and Champagne. Now i didnt tell my new boss about Visa application because he is looking for someone permanent and new uniform, crane license etc is expensive but also being a bit selfish i needed the job. Now we have got the Visa, house sale is going through we have to validate Visa by Dec 1st but hope to go about Sept. So when do i tell him last minute (look after no1 ) or tell him soon so he can start to look for a replacement and risk getting layed off again.
  10. so my once very understanding boss has basically given me to christmas until he wants me to leave! looks like it will be some time till the house sells so im now having to look for a new job! feel stupid for telling him about my plans to move to oz. tried to be as honest as possible about rough time when i would be leaving and now he is trying to hold me to it. he says if i dont leave then he will have to get rid of someone else from the department (there are 3 of us who perform the maintenance in the factory - im in charge of the other 2). basically its leave at christmas or i will make one of the others redundant! great!
  11. Hello again! My hubby needs to sort out and send skills assessment b4 we can apply for PR visa. The only problem is that he has had 'crossed words' with his former boss. Nothing to do with his work, basically accused OH of poaching a member of staff after he left (which he didnt). My question is, has anyone else had a similar problem and if so, what did they do? He wont reply to OH e-mails etc so that is not an option. Why is there always 'something' that stops it being straight forward:arghh:?!!!!! Thanks Rachael
  12. Guest

    Will my boss find out?

    Some help if anyone knows please. When we first started looking into this, my hubby was going to be main applicant, but he can't pass the skills test. . . so, I am currently an Office Manager, used to be a hairdresser. I am more likely to pass the skills assessment as a hairdresser as i have no formal quals in office management (just worked my up v quickly) so this is what we're going to do . . i hope! As I may now be the main visa applicant, i'm worried about my job. I will have to get a reference from my boss, which I can get, no problem, i've said it's for a College course i'm starting. I don't want him to know that i'm planning on leaving for good as he may just 'let me go' earlier. (and i need the good money and don't want to be hassled in trying to get another job!) My question is . . what is the likelyhood that he will be contacted for an 'over the phone reference'? If he gets a call out of the blue i'll be in trouble for not telling him. Help please!!! Cheryl