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Found 17 results

  1. More and more Brits who go to live down under end up coming back to live here (uk). Why? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/nov/02/australia-too-boring-emigrate I also find it too boring:dull::SLEEP:
  2. Rubbidydub

    Some Boring Facts

    Some boring facts, quite frankly these seem to be more interesting? The entire World population could be squeezed onto the Isle of Wight. Bill Oddie's religion forbids him from eating glass. Some people think there really is a place called, "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwerndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch" You need a 13 mm spanner to undo an M8 bolt. The circumference of the rim of a standard pint glass is just less than twice its height. There are more water molecules in a glass of water than there are glasses of water on earth An elephant's penis weighs half a hundredweight. Pacific Standard Time began last Sunday 50 kilograms = 110.2311 pounds <LI value=10>8 stone = 1 hundredweight 1 hundredweight = 112 pounds 20 hundredweight = 1 ton The genus Dryandra should really be classified under Banksia according to some recent genetic research. I have two shoulders. This is about average. Diesel engines have not yet been tried in toothbrushes. Fat neighbours are known as `weighbours'. Water is actually very slightly blue. Insurance companies cover damage to pipes from freezing and any subsequent water damage under two seperate insured perils. Frozen Pipes and Escape of Water. But they don't cover frost damage because it's a gradually operating cause. If snow gats blown inside the roof cavity of your house then melts and causes the ceilings to collapse , your insurance company won't cough up unless you are covered for flood damage. There is no VAT on cakes. Banana plants bears only one stem of fruit. To produce a new stem, only two shoots - known as the daughter and the granddaughter - are allowed to grow and be cultivated from the main plant. 3% of all mammals are monogamous. Technically speaking, the whale is not actually a fish. If a sardine is more than four inches long then technically it's a pilchard. Women lose more calories faking an orgasm than actually having an orgasm. In the US there is a bit of legislation officially listing lobsters as insects, to allow restaurants to cook them alive. This despite lobsters being genetically closer to humans then they are to insects. Although 95% of the human genome is also shared with chimpanzees, we have 50% in common with a banana. Except, according to recent research, for Manchester United supporters where the figure is near 65% In the 6th century, the Three Chapters were an an attempt to reconcile the Monophysites with the Dyphysites following the failure of the Henotikon. The Three Chapters anathematised Theodore of Mopsuestia and Theodoret of Cyrus, as well as condemning the letter of Ibas to Maris. The Great Wall of China is not visible from space. Lemmings do not hurl themselves to their deaths in their thousands - nor even singly. Velcro, Teflon, Carbon Fibre, and whole long list of things were not space spin-offs. Every 4 years, monthly-paid staff have to work an extra day - for NOTHING! A guyed tubular steel mast, which at 1,265 feet (385 m) is the tallest structure in the UK (and in the European Union) is in Lincolnshire. Tallest freestanding structure in the EU, at 368.5 m (1209 ft) is in Riga. The municipal borough of Richmond, Surrey, was the first local authority in England and Wales to commence a programme of municipal housing provision under the 1890 Housing Act. Astronaut William Pogue thought he had seen the Great Wall of China from Skylab but discovered he was actually looking at the Grand Canal of China near Beijing. He spotted the Great Wall with binoculars, but said that "it wasn't visible to the unaided eye." US Senator Jake Garn claimed to be able to see the Great Wall with the naked eye from a space shuttle orbit in the early 1980s, but his claim has been disputed by several US astronauts. Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei said he could not see it at all. Extremely low frequency (ELF) is the band of radio frequencies from 3 to 3000 Hz. ELF was used by the U.S. Navy and Soviet/Russian Navy to communicate with submerged submarines. This is because water over 20 metres deep is opaque to radio waves with higher frequencies. If you didn't have knees, you wouldn't be able to sit down. The barcode number for this bottle of vodka is 4 603400 000203 An aerial outdoors is known as an outdoor aerial. The smallest penis ever recorded actually belonged to a guy called Aldo, it measured 3/8ths of an inch, which was mainly made up from foreskin. More people in the UK own two cars than own two novels. Bananas are very difficult to grow in Canada, which has nothing to do with nibbling beavers. The hairs that grow on your bum are 50% wider than the ones that grow on your arm. There is a part of your body that only exists if you are doing something. Sir Francis Drake was NOT the admiral of the fleet that chased off the Spanish. That was in fact Charles Howard of Effingham. Banana trees are not trees. Peanuts are not nuts. Tomatoes are not vegetables. A cucumber is also a fruit. I own my own pen. Using hexadecimal(base 16) numbers you can represent the top and bottom 4 bits of an 8 bit number using 2 hexadecimal digits Porridge exists. The serial number of my left hand flange bracket is 345211-B There are many colours in the world and I am just some of them. There is not a Man in the Moon. Gently cradling a strangers testicles is not an acceptable greeting anywhere in the European Union. Female praying mantises can't fly. Fly paper is hard write on. The spadefoot toad is the only amphibian that has a penis. Homo sapiens is the only primate that does not have a bone in its penis. A guy called Earlswood won a vote on PIO so that he could stay as a member and annoy people Cats abhor vacuums. Field Marshal Montgomery's grandfather wrote Eric, Or Little By Little Michael Heseltine has become doddery. The oldest known fossil penguin species is Waimanu manneringi which lived in New Zealand during the early Paleocene, about 62 million years ago. Mrs Waimanu Manneringi says that rumours of her fossilization, are greatly exaggerated. Despite all the westerns in which he appeared, Henry Fonda hated horses. The Lybian flag is green. That's it. Just green. The state flag of Ohio is a swallow-tailed pennant.
  3. TYPE "Why is Perth so ..." into Google, and the search engine guesses the remainder of the question. The algorithm is based on most popular search requests. In Perth's case, the most common question is: "Why is Perth so boring?" The next most popular is: "Why is Perth so expensive?" "Why is Perth so cold?" and "Why is Perth called the City of Lights?" are also common. For the state of WA, the most popular questions are about our heat and the size of the state. But Tourism WA chief executive Stephanie Buckland said Google users were simply typing in the wrong words. "We recommend people just do a search on Perth instead and they will find the City of Perth, Tourism WA and Experience Perth websites, to name just a few, that list hundreds and hundreds of fantastic things to do and places to see," she said. "The real question today should be: 'What is wrong with people who still think Perth is boring?' Because it may have been, but it most definitely isn't anymore." The results for other Australian capital cities were generally more positive than Perth. Among the most popular questions for Sydney is: "Why is Sydney so popular?" But "Why is Sydney traffic so bad?" is also common. For Melbourne, the most popular question asked by Google users is: "Why is Melbourne better than Sydney?" Adelaide's top question, similar to Perth, is: "Why is it so boring?" Brisbane's is: "Why is it called Brisvegas?" Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said she tired of hearing complaints that the state's capital city was boring. "Some Aussies, sadly, seem a little too happy to always criticise," she said. "If they feel this, well then why don't they make or be the change they want to be and get up off their lazy behinds instead of just being carping individuals who look for confirmation and justification of their poorly considered views via cyberspace. "I accept that right now living costs are high and this can make it hard for many to enjoy and engage as much as they may like to, but even back in the Depression ... people would make their own fun and get on with things in a more pro-active way than just giving in to current circumstances." http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/why-is-perth-so-boring-expensive/story-e6frg12c-1226453319285
  4. First off, sorry if this should be in the jobs section, but it is more of a dilemma to me. What would you do if you were offered a job you could do standing on your head but already know it will be boring, however the money is good and you would therefore feel less guilty about sitting at home all day and not contributing to the family income? I know money isn't everything.... but it does help solve a lot of problems and helps you sleep at night. At the same time boredom in the workplace can be very detrimental. Would be really glad to receive some truthful opinions, many thanks :wubclub:
  5. Rubbidydub


    After expressing my boring views on another thread I've decided to start a boring thread to find out what you all find boring? I get bored of things quite quickly and are constantly looking for new things to float my boat so my list would be quite long but to start it off Listening to cricket live on the radio
  6. Guest

    Avoiding boring chores.

    Morning all, I have finished my job in London thank god :yes: and now have a few day's off to spend with the kids before we go away for a week on Friday. However as i have been so busy of late i have amassed a huge amount of paperwork and pricing that i really have to get through this week and to be honest i am the world's worse person at paperwork and it is so bloody boring :arghh:, so i have been avoiding doing said paperwork by yesterday going fishing with the kids and then going swimming by which time i was to tired to even attempt it:biggrin:, this morning i have actually managed to look at the pile's of pape's and put them in some sort of order so i guess i will just have to do it in stages, still i have looked out into the garden and seen that the grass need's mowing so that may distract me for another hour or so :rolleyes:, what do you do to avoid those bloody horrible tedious jobs?
  7. Sorry to bore you further with the boring budget, but............. Is it just me when i say............. what is the point with these boring budgets? Can't they put fags up without all this guff and pomp and ceremony? I haven't seen what the Chancellor has done............ i started to fall a sleep when watching it. Whats the pain, we are going to suffer and will it get the country out of recession?
  8. Guest

    Is Adelaide Boring ?

    Comparing to Sydney, is Adelaide really boring ? Adelaide is claimed as boring by people. Not sure if it is correct. I live in a metropol which has 12 million population, I hate living such a crowded city. However, I get used to it, I am not sure if I can adapt to a relaxed life like 1.4 million population Adelaide. Sydney is not 12 million, it is 4.5, however I am not sure how crowded is it.
  9. Cazz

    Why is Perth BORING???

    To all you folks out there who have been to, or have lived in Perth & say it is boring my question to you is WHY???? What have other states got that Perth hasn't, that you call it BORING? What would you like to have in Perth to make it LESS BORING??? We as yet have only been there for our validation trip but will be moving there as soon as we sell our house, but as far as we were concerned there's everything there you could want. So what is it YOU want??? Just curious to know. X :wideeyed:
  10. jodznsez

    Is WA "boring" !??!??!

    I'm NOT saying it's boring... I'm just asking the question. haha I'm from london and the last 4 years i've lived in Auckland ,NZ , and it's such a BORING city and surounding area... I'm wondering , coz of it's isolated status, if the area of WA (and Perth in particular) is "boring".. My wife (auckland born Japanese Kiwi) is worried we'd be moving from one boring place to another. i know theres no real answer as it's a personal preference thing..but opinions are more than welcome!!!
  11. Hello, I know this is going to be THE most boring new thread ever so apologies firsthand............................ What do people do about sorting out tax type things before leaving the UK??? Do I need to do anything/tell anyone? I've heard you can claim your tax back etc but not interested in that at the minute, just wondering about transferring pensions and what to do if you are leaving some savings in the UK? Do I need to seek some tax advice? :arghh: help!
  12. Ok - have received a letter today from a fronzen occupational pension offering me an enhanced transfer offer. Its all gobblygook to me, but my options are transferring it to my current local government pension, a personal pension plan or a section 32. Bearing in mind that at some point we will be moving to the other side of the world am confused as what to do. Can UK pensions be frozen and claimed upon retirment age in Oz? Personally I think my choices are section 32 (shows best projected return) or transferring it to my local government scheme - but this seems pointless if I am then going to freeze that one in a year or so's time. My other choice is to leave it where it is where it won't perform as well. THanks Michelle
  13. Guest

    PIO is boring!

    Without Earlswood that is lol Where is he anyway?Quite frankly I'm getting worried.Its not like Earlswood to go this quiet?I miss his wittty posts.Earlswood:Where the *****hell are yah?Please ......we need a giggle!
  14. Single guy 27 and finding Perth boring, I have an oz girlfriend and a good job but find the place soooo boring...Lived in London for 8 years and really miss the buzz and life of the place, going to give it another 12 months maybe in Brisbane or Sydney before deciding if I go back or stay, anyone else feel the same about Perth?
  15. Guest

    Boring when it rains in oz

    Today it has absolutely bucketed down and it is forecast for the next 2-3 days non-stop. The one thing i've noticed, as oz is geared up for the outside life it ain't half boring when it rains. Haven't found much to do with our days off when it is raining. eddie:no:
  16. Hi We are Stuart and Annabelle with two monsters (boy Robert 12 and girl Alice 11) We are about 8 to 10 months from getting our visa's its been a pain getting this far but are hoping that now its going to be a bit more of an easy down hill slide to D day.... well you have to hope don’t you We are very conscious of boring our friends about the move so is there anyone out there who are local ish to us (West Wickham in Kent BR4 post code) who is in the same boat as us who would like to get together so we can bore each other :0) We have just in the last few days decided on North Perth in and around the Ocean Reef area, Ocean Reef high school catchment area, but could be up as far as Tapping We have some friends who are just waiting for there visa’s but are going to the East Coast, Sunshine coast area so its good to chat to them but it would be nice to speak to anyone heading to the same area as us Our direct mail addresses are stupilch@yahoo.com or annabelle.pilcher@yahoo.com as I set up an account for mail off the site and have forgotten it :0/ Look forward to hearing from anyone who we can practice our drinking, BBQ-ing and chatting skill with pre Auz Thanks for reading this Stu and Annie
  17. Guest

    Is Adelaide boring?

    When we decided we were moving to Oz , initially we were having dificulty in deciding between Brisbane , Adelaide or Perth. Our Aussie contacts, who live in Brisbane, told us that Perth is great, brisbane is the best (But then they would say that) and Adelaide is boring. Boring how? From my research on the internet it looks totally fab with the vinyards and markets and festivals. What do people living there think?