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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Ive been living in Rockhampton for a while now. Finding it really hard to meet people as the locals seem to do NOTHING. If anyone wants to go to the pub as im bored of not only going on my own but the only person in there or even a cup of tea? Is anyone else here finding it hard to have a social life here?
  2. I was just wondering if thewir is any 18 year olds near the Rockingham/Mandurah area that wanted to chat on Facebook or meet up sometime I'm so bored here need to get to know some people
  3. Guest

    Miserable and bored

    I am only going to be quick. I posted on here about 6 months or so ago, about how I was considering moving back to the UK. Well I think that in the next month or so I shall be flying on the big bird. I have been in Oz over three years now and have been living for the last year in Sydney after moving from Victoria. The only easy way that I can describe how I feel is BORED, MISERABLE and SOULLESS, to the extent of utter depression. I have tried to get to grips with the Aussie way, but I really feel that it is not for me anymore. I am not saying that I am the most intelligent person on the planet, but I know that I am good company, I can hold a conversation, have a great sense of humour, and I am interested to learn all the time, especially when engaged in a great meaningful and enjoyable conversation....but when I say conversation, I mean a two way conversation. Has anybody ever tried to hold an interesting conversation while they are here? Of course they have..........When you talk to someone and ask questions about them, do you expect the same in return to keep the conversation going? Of course you do.........Because that is how conversation works.........You say something, and then in return the other person adds something else, then the discussion/conversation builds up. Hopefully on occasions you may even get a really interesting conversation taking place, have a few bevvies and the night flows along nicely. So why can't Australians do this then? It is probably one of the easiest things a person can do and doesn't even cost any money. So apart from the AFL, NRL and other sports, there are a lot of other topics that can be part of a general discussion. I am at a total loss of the total inability of most people here who struggle to even know what the hell is going on in the world, either politically, historically, culturally, or indeed any other word ending with ally. I am 46 and are quite capable of conversing with people from a wide age range, which comes in very handy, especially as I also perform stand up comedy and have done so in numerous countries in the world. But in all my years I have never felt so frustrated and disengaged. I have had better conversations with folks who cannot even speak English in other parts of the globe, and great laughs to go with it. I am not meaning to be disrespectful, I think Oz is a beautiful country, the people are so friendly, but there is a lack of UMPH. I just wanted to say how I was feeling and to let other people know that they are not alone if they feel the same way as what I do. Yours, Peed off........................
  4. natashahall21


    Boyfriend just started working nights , miss my friends from U.K, Need a social life , and feel weird I have resorted to this ...anyone else feel the same ?
  5. Hayley723

    Bored of waiting!!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, I have been using Perth poms but decided to spread my wings!! Just wondering whether anyone is in the same boat? My husband is a plasterer, we failed twice last year with tra (we were using an agent aswell!) as my husband didn’t have the 5 years formal experience, he is city & guilds qualified but his college course was only 2 years long & although he has been a plasterer for 8 years they kept saying that it wasn’t ‘formal’ experience! Our agent at the time appealed the decision but to be honest I don’t think he knew what he was on about so we decided that the only way to pass with tra was if my husband did the aqf qualification, we also got rid of our agent as we had only paid 1 installment as I decided that I would do a better job myself! My husband passed the aqf (as painful as it was!!) then after waiting from January 2010 we finally got a tra pass on 15th November!! At the time we were on holiday in Perth so we celebrated with a few stubbies!! We then had to wait a few months whilst waiting for WA state sponsorship to re open hoping that solid plasterer would be on the list. We couldn’t bear the thought of waiting the 18-24 months for a normal 175 visa so had to go down the state sponsorship route. Unwise I know but July last year we sold our house as the housing market took a nosedive & wanted to sell it while we had someone interested. We are now living with my in laws!! Say no more!! WA state sponsorship did finally re open & thank god solid plasterer was accually on the list, we applied for ss on 21/12/10 & got it approved on 30/01/11. Our 176 visa was lodged with diac on 04/03/11. To cut a long story short (sorry to waffle) we didn’t really expect to hear anything from diac for a good 6 months as it says 12 months from date of lodgement & I would have been suicidal by 12 months living with the in laws but thought that was how it had to be but after seeing how fast diac seem to be going I’m hoping that this wont be the case & we will be granted our visa a lot quicker. Also we have 2 children aged 8 & 4 so I would rather go sooner rather than later so they don’t feel the strain as much. I’m really jealous of everyone with co’s & have become very impatient, I keep checking the emails 10 times a day! If our lodgement date was 04/03/11 do you reckon we will get assigned a co soon? I would love to have the go ahead to book medicals etc. :wacko:
  6. Guest

    Bored. Bored. Bored.

    Just having a look see at PIO this morning and I can't find a thread I can join. Most are about visa requirements, etc, of which I am not qualified to speak. There is always the option of the Handsome Mans Club, but I am black and blue now trying to enter that one, (they keep pushing me away with barge poles. Apparently, because I won't admit to cross dressing I'm not allowed to enter the order, :eek::biglaugh:). So I need a thread to get my teeth into, come on folks, ANYTHING, anything at all, please. I am whiling away the hours until my parents come to visit, so can't really settle into any work that I need to do,:embarrassed:. You know the sort of things I'm interested in, so come on, I would be very grateful. And besides, if I look really busy the other half won't drag me down the town Christmas shopping.:mad::mad: Any help would be appreciated. :wubclub: Cheers Tony.
  7. Guest

    Bored Daughters?

    If anyone has daughters hanging around the house, send them off to Guides (www.guidesqld.org). I am a Guide Leader in St Lucia/Indooroopilly district and I'm looking for some new recruits. We do lots of fun things, crafts, games and we go on camp twice a year! I am English and have been in Australia since the new year, so if your girls are perhaps having problems settling into Brisbane life and/or making friends then this would be the ideal opportunity. Please PM for any details, Amy
  8. Well, I thought I had it all planned out when we started this visa process! BUT no, the DIAC have changed the rules more times than I have had hot dinners! Its been a game of snakes and ladders... up we go and then down we go, right to the bottom... up a little way again and oh look... back down to the bottom again! :wub: Our plan was to be in Australia by now and have a third and final child over there, but as it turns out, 25 months later (or 19 months from application), we could have just got on with it and had a 10 month + child by now, but instead we put our lives on hold, like soooo many others, and decided to wait so we did not jeopardise our visa application! Well, I got fed up of waiting for the DIAC and decided we could not put life on hold any longer. I am not getting any younger and decided to put our plans in the hands of fate! :biggrin: So, we decided to get our meds done in March just in case I fell pregnant and just in case we finally got a CO so as to not hold up our application. I am very happy to say now, that I am 4 months pregnant! - But, now I have a dilemma! Typical! :wideeyed: We are lucky enough to now fall into Cat 3, and by the looks of it we MIGHT (as long as things don't change again!) get a CO by December... Now, this would be fantastic but I am only allowed to fly up until the end of December. So, it wont be possible (I don't think) to validate until after the baby is born... which is March AND March is when our meds run out!!! Hence our dilemma!!! :goofy: Does anyone know if we would fall into the "exceptional circumstances" category and they would extend our meds by a few months, so that we could validate after the baby is born? From what I understand from my agent, we don't have to inform DIAC of the pregnancy until the baby is born or until we know we have a CO... Do you reckon they might by sympathetic to our needs? Or, will this hold up our application once again? Anyone, been in a similar situation??? Would love to hear about anyone else who has got bored of waiting, and how its worked out for you! Cheers Tasha :hug:
  9. possie in brissy

    Anyone "Bored" With the Aussie lifestyle

    Just wanted some opinions on whether people get bored with the "Aussie" Lifestyle, whether you can have too much of a good thing, Sunshine,sea ect. Then realising that what is more important is what you left behind????? And that living and working the "Aussie" way is just nothing like being on holiday!!! How long does it take before Reality sets in??????? This is not a "I HATE AUSTRALIA" thread more a peoples opinion on how it really is !!!!!!:confused:
  10. Guest

    Im bored

    Hey there my name is laura, i am 22 and i recently moved to the gold coast alone to stay with some family friends for a while. i love being here, however i have so found it very hard to meet new people, i really would like to develop a nice group of friends (male or female) around my age group to help me see the gold coast. so if you are in a similar situation or even if u are not, or if u know of anyone that is please contact me. thanks for reading my post and hopefully hear from u soon. Laura
  11. Guest

    I'm sssoooo bored and .....

    I'm soooo bored and niffed off. Just wish we were in oz and planning our new future instead of staying here and putting up with the typical english ******* weather!!!!:mad: I need cheering up, so anybody with a good old fashioned belly of a laugh joke, please post on here, so anyone feeling as niffed off as me can come here and feel solice in a good laugh. Helenx:laugh:
  12. Hey there. Just to brief we are in the process of gatering documents ect to emigrate to Perth, its a long (and boring) process and after a morning of paperwork ect I now need a drink. Anyone care to join??
  13. Guest

    I am so Bored !!!!!

    Where are good places to drive for a few days from Sydney, thought of Melbourne but considering going to Canberra.
  14. My mummy & daddy brought me here from Scotland a month ago, the only people they know don't have children and I am bored. It'd be okay if I could play wii all day but I am supposed to run about outside and enjoy the weather & it just isn't fun on my own! The house we are renting is in Hamilton Hill, about 5 mins from South Beach so I'd really like to make some friends near by although my mummy said she will drive me anywhere. (I think she might be missing my the mummies of my friends in Scotland too!) If you are going somewhere during the summer holidays maybe you'd like to invite me & my mummy too? Ethan PS My mummy wants to add for those that aren't in Perth that there are loads of things for children to do and I had a great day yesterday at 'The Maze' where we got lost in mazes(!), played mini-golf, met Koala's, played frisbee golf etc. etc. I am just missing having friends to play with.
  15. shazney64

    Bored, Frustrated and Fed Up!!!

    I wish we never started this chasing Oz dream. Past two years have none stop been talking about OZ OZ OZ starting to get to me now!!! Hubby has passed his paper based assessment but we just missed out the Oct date for pratical now waiting until Feb. After nearly two years waiting for permission to apply for visas feel like we have missed the boat and as a result had no life. Repairs are needed in the house, major ones eg kitchen and bathroom but we just keep saying no point as we are moving!! No point having a holiday we need the money incase we move! No point replacing Tvs incase we move, washing machines beds etc... List goes on. I read PIO daily ( Fantastic site by the way have no quarrals here) But i want to feel part of it. Getting so down with the fact by the time we can actually apply the skill list may change, ( hopefully just scaremongoring happening at the mo)then wont be bale too and its not the watsed money but the wasted years on the dream.Then it is the house prices we would have lost a lot that is if we can sell. If only the judge pulled his socks up and granted us permission a year earlier we would of been fine! Grrrrrrr Whats more is so broody just want a family but guess what there is no point if we are moving!! Why are the assessments months in between?Grrrr Im sorry rant over i want my life back! So i will have to go and start dinner lol thanks for listening. Good luck to those who have their praticals same day as hubby Feb 16th. Will keep reading your intersting posts daily looking forward to being part of some process sharon x
  16. Hey guys, i'm 21, just moved back out here permanently from Bristol after coming back and forth here for 3 years now, finally left my mates behind for the lifestyle. Enjoying the weather, activities and everything windsurfing, fishing, etc. However, wanting to do some socialising now and looking for some good nights out/pub, etc. or maybe, some clubs, football or something? Should be starting work in a nightclub soon so should get a little better but is anyone in same situation as me here?If so give me a shout for a meetup and i'll message back. Thanks, Craig
  17. Lets have another thread about negative threads and whos bored with them.......why is it these threads get more replies than any other thread all repeating comments made on other negative threads???????? cant we talk about something else please???? Oh no i think ive started another thread about negative threads. oh well here we go again
  18. KazzE

    OK I am bored now

    Ive 'ad enuff, this is just getting so boring:daydreaming: fed up with all the waiting fed up with all the staying up to check e mails fed up with checking e mail first thing in the morning fed up not being able to know where I am in the queue fed up not being able to talk to anyone at LCU or DIMA fed up not knowing if my case officer is even working, has looked at my file, will grant my visa as soon as the meds have cleared etc etc I am also completely fed up with nobody looking at my house, loving my house, wanting to buy my house AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG :arghh::arghh: do you think we will get our visas now??????????????????????????:biglaugh: P.S I am really fed up though
  19. Guest

    Sat at Heathrow, bored.....

    Yes, that might not get much in the way of sympathy from some of you who are not heading out to Oz for some time yet (I'll be arriving Saturday morning, but just thought that I'd share that!):biglaugh: I hear it's pretty warm in Brisbane, so can't wait to get there again (second time this year). Hunting for houses and schools this time, in preparation for OH and two kids to come over next month. Sitting here reminds me why I hate Heathrow so much, but apparently my new employers couldn't get a flight direct from Manchaster or Brum this time round. Dave
  20. Whats the attraction of BB its a load of rubbish, I suppose its like the soaps you know a chick thing. Do you agree guys?
  21. Is it A: Revolting. B: Better than having manky smelling feet. C: Cheaper than feeding the animal. D: A form of fetish (not too sure about that one) Yours questioningly, and time-wastingly, LC
  22. Hi Me and my Fiancee (both 26) have moved from The North West Britain to Adelaide and I am going stir crazy for any female company. My partner Morgan is from Adelaide and we are currently living with his parents and 3 Brothers in Adelaide hills (hence the lack of Female company) Morgan has lived With me in Britain for 4 years and has lost touch socially with most of his friends since he moved. I feel we are both in need of a social life and so any young couples looking for Laughs a few boozey nights in or out, nice meals or just the odd game of pool send a reply. Kerry :lol:
  23. :roll: Hello I am one of those people sitting waiting by the phone everyday for the yes or no to a visa! We applied ages ago but all our paperwork (medicals police checks etc) hit oz on the 20th june 05. Now we wait. Hubby is an aircraft engineer and we are going in as skilled independent regional. We have to go to victoria so chose geelong. Can't go too near melbourne as the regional visa restricts that. Anyone else got experience of a regional visa app? Thanks Nikki