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Found 11 results

  1. SophieTheSoph

    Do car boot sales exist in Australia?

    Moving into our first apartment in Sydney and need to get some cheap and cheerful secondhand stuff. In the UK we used to do this at a car boot sale, but I can't seem to find the equivalent here, only individual 'garage sales' which are too small really. Does anyone know if car boots exist here? And if so, has anyone been to one anywhere in Sydney? Thanks! StS
  2. ck10_9

    Car Boot Sales?

    Hi All I am in need of a second hand rummage and don't really want to get involved in garage sales Does anyone know of anywhere in Brisbane that they hold car boot sales like back in the UK?
  3. Hurray!!!! - We have lived to see another day - The DREADED Car Boot sale to prepare to empty our house ready to move Down under in November, has happened! First, we survived the Stampede as we pulled into the field - Managed to set up a few tables whilst, what felt like 50 people, dived head first into the boxes, and climbed into the Car - Determined to get the first pick of the bargains!!** !:biglaugh::biglaugh::wacko: Can see the funny side of it now - but at the time I felt like crying and running home! Some people stropped off when we wanted 10p more for an item, than they wanted to pay - talk about cutting your nose off to spite you face!!! Anyway - we now have a nice empty playroom, £300 profit and a huge glass of wine :yes: - so all in all, not a bad outcome for a horrendous afternoon!! Good luck to all of you yet to embark on the Car Boot Bonaza ! !
  4. rockola57

    Car boot sale.oz style.

    Ah well,off the make some ZZZZZZZZ.s..Booty in the morning.6ish till 12.Love the scene here,get there early and there are a few real good bargains to have.To be fair,most of the stuff is pure she..ite there,and leaves me flabbergasted that the sellers actually don't pay me to take their crap off their hands !The real reason i go there is for the craic,it's great to soak up the athomosphere,listening to the friendly Aussies chatting to each other(even though strangers to each other) like they have known each other all their lives,about anything and everything.All this in the warm sunshine is a nice vibe.Luv it.:SLEEP:
  5. Guest

    Car boot sale finds

    Seeing K P Nuts post about her car boot sale fiasco got me thinking about my best find many years ago. A Shelly bowl i bought for £1 and had it valued at £55. My lady friend found a Mecano aircraft hanger she bought for a £3 and 2 weeks ago sold it on Ebay for £780. So what has been your best buy.
  6. Rubbidydub

    Boot fairs wots the point

    Just got back from doin a boot fair.......wot a load of old s*#t........ Thought we would clear the loft so one less thing to do before we eventually go. Took £68 Pitch cost £7 Daughter spent £8 on crap Bacon sarnies and coffe £6 Petrol £5 Labels and bags £4 Arguing with people over 10p Time and effort loading and unloading getting up at five in the morning Trip into town to dump unsold stuff outside charity shop, Questioned by police for leaving 2 suitcases outside scope. Total profit £38 Priceless Wots the point..... could of spent the only hot day of the year drinking cider and getting on it instead of this crap. Never again......what im gonna do now is throw away something i have i dont want everyweek and then by the time i come to move all of my crap will be gone......minimum effort maximum result. Boot fair my A*#e
  7. nikci

    Need car boot help!

    Hi everyone, This is an S.O.S from someone who is absolutely useless at car boot sales !!! I need to know from all your veteran car booters where the good ones are in Essex? Thanks for your help!!! Nikci:nah:
  8. Guest

    Car Boot Sales!!!

    Just HAD to write this and have a likkle rant :arghh: do people go to bootys to find a bargain or to insult the sellers? We did our second on sunday at Barleylands, having spent days getting things together and cleaning it all. I felt that presentation was important so sorted things into relevant piles of "treasure" I even wore my best smile :yes: not that THAT was appreciated!!! We made £150 though "made" seems the wrong word really, and I feel I sold my treasured possessions short! Does anyone watch Benidorm on a friday night? a "lady" on a motorised scooter asked me how much I wanted for my set of six matching bone china BRAND NEW beakers, thinking she was probably short of money 50p each I said, I will even wrap them in newspaper for you and put them in a carrier bag ...... "I will give you a quid for the lot" she said ....No thankyou said I to her face though I said much more under my breath!! .. I could give you MANY more examples ..... but you get the idea! Only about another 3 or 4 car boots to do...then we have to sell Cilla .... my .......:cry: car.
  9. Well that is the last thing to go and got what we wanted for it, and the guy has agreed to wait until the day we leave saves on hire car cost. Furniture on Wed, Thurs, Fri, live in empty shell for 3 days before handing the house back to the army on Mon 2 Apr, stay with inlaws until 15th, down to Australia House 16th enlist with the aussie army and fly out that night, we are all getting extremely nervous and excited at the same time. BRING IT ON.....
  10. minlady

    Car Boot Hear I Come

    Well... i have just spent the whole day sorting through a tip of a garage... (mostly hubbies electrical boxes... 10 last count of electrical leads, cabbles, cut off plugs etc...what is it with electronically minded people!!!... not to mention the tools) and now have a tranny van size of old clutter... other peoples treasure...fingers crossed xxxxx to sell next weekend... pitty i haven't got a tranny van only a share in a mates Ford focus hatch back!! But it needs to be sold or else we shall be taking 2 large containers full of rubbish instead of 1... and you think i am joking?... oh no... believe me we have SO much stuff i don't know where to start!! What a way to spend a sunny Sunday!! xxxxx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A reader more than a writer of this site.... but had to let you know as i have had a busy day!!!
  11. Guest

    Car boot any tips

    Well we’ve decided to do a car boot in the next few weeks (depending on the weather). Never done one before I was wondering if anyone could help with any tips or advice. Not sure what to price stuff at, like videos, books , kids clothes. Haven't been to a car boot for years and to be honest I’m not looking forward to doing one. But the husband wants to do it so going to give it a try. Stacey xx