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Found 43 results

  1. Hi Does anyone have kids coming to Aus or already in Aus that may be starting at Quinns Baptist College or Mindarie Senior College in the next 5 weeks? I'm still in Aus but unexpectedly have to return to UK and have books and uniforms for sale. Have all year 8 Quinns Baptist school books kids will need and Age13/14 boy's winter and summer school uniform .Also have following subject course books for Mindarie- Maths, Maths Specialist,English Lit,Biology, chemistry and childcare and Uk size 12 girl's Mindarie senior college uniform. I wish before I came to Aus I knew the cost of buying this stuff new cost me thousands of dollars for school books and uniforms when I arrived and I wish I had known I could have bought second hand. I would have saved a fortune! The stuff will be available on 16th March when my kids finish at the schools. I live in Mindarie Western Australia. Feel free to contact me.
  2. After a very very slow start to our process - end of April and still gathering info 20+ years back for the TRA! - we are finally booking our IELTS tests for September (Hopefully the TRA will be ready to go around then too) Can anyone recommend any study books or any you have used for sale? There are so many online it's hard to know which is best to choose. Any help would be great, thank you
  3. I was watching Bridget Jones' Diary last night for the umpteenth time, still love it. :biggrin: This got me thinking about what films others watch over and over again, or books you read over and over again. What might you watch more than once?................................. or is this just a girl thing? :embarrassed: The books I read over and over again are the Lymond series by Dorothy Dunnett.
  4. Hi Guys, been reading the childcare debate and got me thinking. Nowadays new mums and dads have a lot of literature available to them about parenting--there are books for mums, for dads, for terrible two's , teething troubles, adolescence, disciplining and psycholgy etc etc etc. cant say I am a fan of them but occasionally skim a few pages when I come across them. SO just wondering if we are any better parents than our parents or our grand parents or even their parents were. Does molly coddling/ no caning/ positve reinforcement etc etc strategies really make our kids better people? This forum has a wide age range of subscribers so it would be interesting if you could share your expereinces --both as a kid and as a parent about parenting styles. To make it interesting also give your age range if you may--e.g (10-19, 20-29,30-39.40-49 etc etc)
  5. Hi there, My husband is due to start his ETLC (Electrical Trades Licensing Course) in a few weeks and been told he needs to get a book on wiring rules & jeffery hanson pack. Was just wondering if there was anyone in the joondalup area who had these for us to borrow or buy. Many Thanks Leanne.
  6. zara283

    Books about migrating to OZ

    Hi there Somewhere on here I posted a comment on someone's thread & someone replied with advice about a book I should get on migrating to OZ, for the life of me I can't find that thread!!! I just wondered if anyone knew what the book was called, that may help??!! Thank you!! :cute:
  7. zara283

    Books about migrating to OZ

    Hi there Somewhere on here I posted a comment on someone's thread & someone replied with advice about a book I should get on migrating to OZ, for the life of me I can't find that thread!!! I just wondered if anyone knew what the book was called, that may help??!! Thank you!!:cute:
  8. srg73

    IELTS books

    Hi, I am after the formal IELTS test papers and books please. I am a native english speaker however would like some reasurance by sitting the test papers and reading up on tips on how to pass with flying colours. Does seem to be alot of fakes on e-bay and not realy wanting to pay £30+ for new copies when somebody on the site may have copies available for purchase 2nd hand. Obviously the newer the better please although not too concerned about dog eared pages. Many thanks Simon
  9. tracy123

    Books that make you think!

    Just finished reading a book called April fools day by Bryce Courtney. It's a true story about his sons life (and death) His son is born with Hemophilia and contracts AIDS through his blood transfusion. I think it could be a good read for all of the medical people out there on what a family goes through. (Not saying that you don't already know as you deal with it day in day out) It's very well written but contains lots of raw emotion. Anyway what other books are out there that stop and make you think?
  10. Guest

    expensive books and music..

    the price of books and music Cd,s in australia is ridiculous..I was after a music cd and when I saw the price today it was nearly $ 30 and theats the normal price in oz smae for books, its no wonder everyone buys online now from amazon etc..,and the retailers are whingeing on to the govt to increase GST on online purchases..Why dont these greedy Australian retailers reduce their rip off prices so more people will buy from them as opposed to online..I think we will see alot more shops here in the near future closing down...and all I can say is good rythms to them..
  11. Guest

    IELTS Study Books

    Hi All, I wondered if anyone has purchased the study books advertised on the IELTS website? If so are they worth it? I am doing as much reading up beforehand as I do not want to fail at this hurdle but would appreciate some advice as to whether its worth spending the cash? And if anyone has got them can you PM me if you are interested in selling on? Many Thanks Tracy
  12. Guest

    Recommended Books Thread

    Hoping that this will be a useful thread to share book recommendations relating to migrating to/from Australia. My most recent read has been: Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert The book is a bit of a misnomer as it is not a self-help "how to find happiness" book. It is more about how your brain processes information to make decisions which will affect your future happiness. Veeery interesting reading. Already has helped me look differently at some big decisions. Belonging by Isabel Huggan Memoir of the process of settling into a new country and everything that goes with it. This book left a lasting impression on me. To learn about some of the recent history of Australia, if you like historical novels: The Lambing Flat by Nerida Newton The Secret River by Kate Grenville A really old book I read some time back is called Cobbers by Thomas Wood recording his journey from Essex to Australia in 1930 and then round Australia. I was surprised at how many things haven't changed especially in the remote towns. I think it is out of print but you see copies on ebay, oztion etc. Possibly available at libraries in Australia. It is very light reading and humorous. One thing I wish I'd known more about before I arrived here to live, is Australian history. I think it would have given me a greater understanding of the culture in Australia and some of the attitudes and traditions. Anyone else have any books they recommend? .
  13. Guest

    Old Books

    Hi I was just wondering whether there is any restriction on taking very old books into Australia (as in Antique)........wondered this because of the restrictions on untreated old wood etc. Thank you
  14. Guest

    Public Holiday On The Books.

    Just been announced on the radio by David Cameron that there may well be a Bank Holiday' for the forthcoming royal wedding. Several people will be involved in making the decision, not least of which will be the royals themselves. I am no anti royalist, far from it. But as a thought I can think of far worthier reasons to announce a bank holiday, Dunkirk, VE Day, or how about the 11th of the 11th every year, I can think of no worthier cause. All well and good that the royals should be noted in some circles, and I do indeed have some time for 'some' of them, but in truth the sacrifice made by many more millions is much more important. Not trying to rain on anyones parade, but I think we 'may' have our morality a little arse about face on this one. Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  15. hellsbells712

    IELTS books free to a good home

    I have some IELTS books available if any one wants them. I did promise to send them on to people before but time took over and I still have them. Also a lot of nurswes then didn't have to sit the test. So now they are on offer again as I have come to start clearing out. 10 years worth of paperwork. OMG......... If anyone is interested please do PM me and I promise to pass them on this time.
  16. Guest

    Insuburbia Perth

    Hi Anyone know of where I can get a copy of this book in the UK or of any online shops that sell it? Thanks Nic
  17. Parley

    Lonely Planet books

    Hi all, I off to Europe later in the year for a 1 month holiday. Was looking at Lonely Planet books in the bookshop in Melb. They are quite expensive around $45 eg Discover France (in colour). Would these bookd be a lot cheaper if I picked them up in London ? I think I have read that books are generally cheaper in the UK ?? Thanks.
  18. scmercer

    Ordering books from abroad

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew of UK book companies that ship to Oz. I have tried Amazon but most things they wont ship. I find the book selection here really limited and also extremely expensive especially for children's books. Thanks:biggrin:
  19. I am having a good tidy up, and its time to let the Terry Pratchett collection go. Its unfortunately not complete because of "friends" borrowing books and they never come back The collection comprises of: Discworld series Paperbacks Light Fantastic Mort Feet of clay Carpe Jugulum Men at arms Soul Music Lords & Ladies Reaper man The Last continent Maskerade Small gods Witches abroad Wyrd Sisters Guards! Guards! Pyramids Disckworld series hardbacks A hat full of sky The Truth Hogfather Going postal Night Watch Thief of time Monstrous regiment Making Money Interesting times Thud Various other discworld publications or Terry Pratchett books" The discworld companion (softback) The Wee Free Men (softback) The Bromeliad (Truckers/Diggers/Wings) Hardback The Science of discworld (Hardback) The carpet People (softback) They all vary as to which publication, but books are in good conditions and in many cases only read the once. I've got them on ebay, but thought somebody here might be interested with the high price of books here. Starting price is $245.00 eBay Seller: furkew2: Sport, Cars, Bikes, Boats items on eBay Australia
  20. Can anyone recommend good books or websites for research into areas in Western Australia? :unsure: I do already have a few books & many links to websites, which I will gladly share if anyone else wants to know them...? But im looking for more please! :cute:
  21. Hi I wonder if anyone can recommend any websites or books to research suburbs please? Just as a starter really
  22. Hi POI :hug:, I am looking for some books and maps to show to my kids they are 3 and 6 :arghh:. Does anyone know of any decent sites for buying or downloading these also if anyone knows of any good videos with general things about Australia i would be grateful for any info. Ta very much :biggrin:
  23. Are Cheque books used in that often in Oz? Sounds like a daft question, but I am have set up a bank account and requested a cheque book. I was told by the bank that most Aussies don't have cheque books, I know that cheques are becoming less popular but surely people still need them occasionally. So what I guess I am wanting to know is should I bother ordering a cheque book?
  24. Jackboots

    Amazon..... books etc

    Ok help i want to order books through amazon ... so do i use the uk site or the american ? 1st time from over here , any advice please...:err:
  25. Guest

    Free Books, Perth NOR

    We are moving back to the UK shortly and been having a major clear out! Thought I would ask on here first if anyone would like the following, free of charge 1 box ladies books (Cathy Kelly, chic-lit, etc) 1 box teenage girls books 1 large box of story cassettes, Lemony Snicket, Animal Arc etc 1 large box of odd plates, glasses, kitchen bits and bobs. Please pm for mobile no, we are in Kinross, would have to be collected this week. Thanks