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Found 36 results

  1. melthemelon


    How long would people reccomend booking a first (well researched, popular, GOOD) hostel for? Coming out in December (high season, hard to extend booking?) and unsure how long to book for... On the one hand, moving hostels is such a hassle, but if you hate your hostel and youre stuck there, it can be miserable So.... - 1 week and hope you get a house share sorted? - 2 weeks and just enjoy just aclimatising and sorting out a job first?
  2. Guest

    Booking medical 457 visa

    Just wondering am I right in saying that once my employer lodges the nomination part of the visa and a TRN is allocated i am able to book my medical at this stage or do I have to wait until I lodge my part of the visa application?
  3. Hi fellow PIO members, My husband and I have just been discussing what we'll do with regards to flights. Have you found flights to be a lot cheaper if booked in advance (months) or not that much difference/same if booked with only a matter of weeks before? Look forward to your replies. AC
  4. AndyW

    When booking the flight

    you may want to ask when you're pet will be released from quarantine. We have just found out ours will be on a Sunday and flights onwards are substantially more expensive on a Sunday. Just a little tip. :wink: Andy
  5. Guest

    booking flights

    hi, heading to sydney on a whv in november. which is the best travel company to use? Im wanting to stop in singapore for a few days on the way. Someone was telling me about a flights package theyd heard of whre you get like 7 flights to use when you like in a year, that would be ideal for travelling around oz. Anyone know anything about these? thanks :wink:
  6. paulswin

    Byford booking????????????

    Hi guys looking to ship my dog next April 1-2 months after we're there! How much notice do you need to give Byford to book quarentine? Do I book the flight first or does the pet carrier arrange everything to tie in??
  7. Guest

    Finally booking my flight!

    Oh my god is it so bad that i feel extremely nervous but excited but emotional but glad about booking my flight?? Its being booked tomorrow and im scared!! Its only a bloody one way too! :smile:
  8. does anyone know if i can get my parents to buy myself and my child tickets to fly back to the UK? They have the pounds but i certainly don't have the dollars to get home for an important trip. Is this legal- or possible?
  9. Guest

    Booking Flights

    Thread might be in the wrong place....but want to book our one way flight to Brisbane at the end of August, for 2 adults and one child........can anyone recommend a good travel/internet site?? Had a look on the net earlier and found a fare for £1722.00 for 30th August, is this a good deal? Cheers Garry
  10. Hi all, Just a quick one but if someone could answer this i'd be extremely grateful. Do i need to wait for instruction from DIAC before applying for meds or is this something i should be organising now? Many thanks in advance Gary & Sue :notworthy:
  11. My googling on this has led me here so hoping someone can help... I'm flying to Perth on 21st July (studying at UWA for a year on a student exchange). Booked return flights on BA.com - outbound flights are Qantas all the way and the return for popping home for xmas is Qantas to Singapore then BA back to London. Question is about the baggage - incapable of packing lightly so wanted to take an extra bag (+ want to take my backpack for obligatory travelling during the holidays) rather naively just looked at the BA costs for an extra bag ( which seemed lovely) - but since found the Qantas rates and want to cry - which ones would I have to pay? Any advice what I can how I can send the extra bag if it would be the Qantas (no WAY! I can afford them). Don't really trust phoning up because the possibility of turning up at the airport and finding out whatever info I've got is wrong is not one I want - so want other peoples experiences... + here they're chatting about dimensions http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/checked-baggage/global/en?int_cam=au:info:promo:baggage-changes-1june:lang:en#jump3 having to be 158cm but can't work out whether thats just for the flights booked before December 2010 - anyone know - otherwise my main suitcase is going to be something like 3cm over Thanks everyone
  12. Someone told me last night that when you book a flight on-line, the more times you look (without booking), the dearer the cost becomes. This is because 'cookies' are stored on your PC. Anyone experienced this or is it a myth? I'll clean my 'cookies' before I book just in case! If you google 'booking flights cookies price rise' there's plenty of information... Cheers, Mike.
  13. I am booking rental car for our holiday to Cairns. The cheapest way of doing this seems to be to go via a UK website and book it in pounds. It works out around $150 cheap for 9 days!!!! Is there any reason why I, as an Australian resident, cannot book through a UK website using an Australian credit card? Thanks Love Rudi x
  14. Eclipse

    Booking Flights

    Hi I am hoping to move over to Sydney next month. As this will be my first trip and will be validating my visa (175), can I book return flights, if I were to book a return flight but did not turn up for the flight back to UK once in Oz, what would happen?..also would I still get extra baggage allowance because I have not had my visa stamped yet? The reason I am asking is because there is a sale on tomorrow for return flights UK to Oz I hope my question makes sense !! xx:v_SPIN:
  15. Reported today on news.com.au http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/qantas-passengers-hit-with-seat-booking-fee/story-e6frfq80-1226038530742 Qantas passengers hit with seat booking fee THE next time you want to book a seat next to your partner or children on an international Qantas flight be prepared to pay up for the privilege. The airline has begun charging economy passengers $20 per person per leg of the journey to select a seat via its website. Those who want to avoid the fee will have to request a seat upon arriving at the airport, taking the risk that there may not be enough free seats left to be able sit beside loved ones. The airline's Advance Seat Selection option can be used for exit row seats but will attract a fee of up to $160 for long haul international flights. Those travelling on domestic flight or in first, business and premium economy cabins will avoid the seat selection fee. Frequent flyers and members of their loyalty scheme will not be charged. A Qantas spokesperson said that the new initiative will benefit passengers. “Advance Seat Selection complements Qantas’ pre-boarding services designed to make the pre-boarding experience quick and onboard experience comfortable,” the spokesperson said. “It is another initiative enabling Qantas customers to have greater choice with their travel experience. “Should customers not select their seat directly after they have booked their flight, they can continue to select their seat during online check-in free of charge.” The Advance Seat Selection was previously available to frequent flyers with Platinum, Gold or Silver status. Qantas is not the first airline to introduce such a charge. British Airways launched a fee for advance seat selection in 2009, charging passengers around $25 for the privilege. Qantas has carried out a series of domestic and international fuel surcharge hikes this year, with further increases flagged. Last month the airline announced that domestic fares will rise up to $10 a flight from the end of the month, on top of the five per cent hike in February. The airline also announced a range of cost-cutting moves last month in a bid to combat rising fuel costs and the economic impact of recent natural disasters. This included cutting jobs and flights on routes such as Japan, Melbourne and New Zealand, as well as downsizing some aircraft.
  16. NickiB

    Booking Flights- Dilemma!

    Hi Guys, I submitted by partner visa application at the end of March and have been asked to go ahead and do medicals and police checks by my CO. I have been told that my visa will be granted at some point between 29th August and 29th September 2011. My partner and I are hoping to fly out the beginning of October which could be less that a week after my visa is granted if takes the full 6 months. We wanted to book the flights in June as we are both aware that booking 4 months in advance is far cheaper than booking 1 week in advance! Is it wise to do this? Has anyone else booked flights before their visa has been granted and gotten away with it? Or am I completely stupid for even thinking about it? Nicola x
  17. Just trying to book flights now. (Singapore Airlines) Having a nightmare, i want our child (will be 1 month short of 2). I want her to have her own seat so how do i book it? Can i book her in as a 2-11 year old and pay the extra? Will they allow this as it's not her correct age? Also it doesnt say anything about car seats? She will be too small i presume to just sit on a seat so how do i book her car seat, or does it just go on as hand luggage? ARGHHHHH!
  18. gaz n family

    Flight booking dilemma

    Just tried to sort out some flight prices with the airline we have always used for our holidays. Over the years we have accrued many many air miles so tried to sort out the cheapest options. I can book 4 Economy for a total of £4,900 with a stop over of 3 days in Hong Kong Now, if i use my airmiles i can get 4 Upper Class seats for £6,640 BUT, if i book 2 Economy and 2 upper Class (air miles, none available in Econ) for £3,400. Just discussed this with the family, well, the kids took it like i had just asked them to swim all the way. I feel somewhat guilty and very selfish but i can see, even with 2 UC and 2 Econ it works out cheaper anyway. But i cannot get over how crap we would fell sat in luxury with the kids in cattle class (did ask, but apparently they will not be allowed to sit with us once taken off, but we could go and see them) They will be 13 and 16 so are more than capable to look after themselves, well assuming they dont kill each other or argue constantly. But i can also see the wife feeling guilty and swapping with one of them, yet due to a blood condition she has (high risk DVT) then the UC seat would be more than suitable. What would you do?
  19. gaz n family

    Booking Removal agency

    When we go about contacting removal companies (sorting it at the weekend) how helpful are they really? Their websites are full of "come and use us" adverts, but in reality how helpful are they? Do they advise you on what you can and cannot take? What needs to be spotless? Provide you with the tools to do it yourself? please, if you have any tips on how to approach this i would really appreciate them. Finally how long does it typically take for them to return their quote once they have attended for a survey?
  20. Guest

    Booking Dog on flight Thai airlines.

    Hi, just wondering if what is happening has happened to enyone else. We are using a company to book my dog's flights and finalise his paperwork etc. We have done his blood tests, they are all fine and on Friday told the company we would like Buster to fly on the 17th of this month. We spoke to the company today and they told us they have contacted Thai airlines on Friday and are waiting for a reply from them and we shouldn't call anymore, they will be in touch when Thai airlines let them know. Im worried as the 17th isnt that long away and is this right? Why the delay in the airline grtting back to us? Shouldn't they know straight away if they can fit him on that flight or not? Whats happening wih everyone else?
  21. Guest

    Booking validation trip

    Hi, we need to book a validation trip, have until November so no great hurry. Does anybody have any tips on doing it on a budget, the best time to travel for the cheapest flights etc. We are 2 adults + 2 children (one 3 years, one 6 months) Not fussed when we go. Seems no matter what time of year we look up flight tickets the price is about the same. £3000+ for the 4 of us. Cheapish Hotels over £150 per night. We were hoping to go for around 2 weeks. Looking like flights, hotel, car hire etc. will come to well over £5000 without spending money! Is there a cheaper way? there are people advertising RTW tickets for less than it seems a return to Perth is going to cost!
  22. Is booking one way flights when on provisional visa (subclass 475) okay? A visa subclass 475 has a pathway to PR but it is an inital 3 year visa with restriction to live in designated state for 2 years and work there for 1 year. I do not think it is normally acceptable to enter a country when you are only in the country on a temporary basis, but considering visas 475 is on a PR pathway, would entering Australia with only a one way airline ticket acceptable? Thanks
  23. Guest

    Booking car hire

    We are at the stage of booking car hire from Perth airport for 2 weeks while we look to buy something. We will have 4 possibly 5 suitcases with us (1 big others med). What car will take them? I am looking on netflights and they have a Ford Territory but it says it only takes 1 big 2 med (or is it 1 med 2 small???) and maybe 1 in the back seat. Surely it can take more - we have a subaru legacy estate and it takes 4 med in boot. What do you think?
  24. Guest

    booking flights 26th July

    Hi all im booking flights tomorrow, have them on hold and r confirming and paying for them tomorrow, wow cant believe it, its really happening now Its been such along time nearly 3 years since the day we decided to move to oz, Ive told the school the doctors the dentists ive booked the shippers/packers signed the contract for the rental on our house, arranged insurance on the house and all that goes with it, im arranging paper work for accounts for oh business booked 1 months holiday rental in melbourne for when we arrive peters still looking for contacts and work arranging car hire still looking at schools and areas in melbourne arranging get togethers with the people that matter, 1st one on 19th june peters had all the stamps put in the passports thinking about if car can be picked up at airport or should we arrange pickup from moving to melbourne Kate from moving to melbourne has been such a great help, thanks Kate. Got to clear the loft and the sheads and clean all that is coming with us, What else is there, have i forgot anything, :wacko: Cheers all, Such a great site for us all, and some fab people on here, after all we all on in the same boat, just different stages, Good luck to everyone Tracey Ranting i know but cant believe its actually happening Please let me know if anyone can think of anything:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  25. terry & Melanie

    Booking flights.......

    We are ready to book our flights for mid August.:jiggy: Anyone got any advise as to which airline/company to book with. We are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids, aged 7 and 11. We would prefer to flight out of Manchester or Liverpool and are heading to Brisbane, with as few a stops as possible. Also which airlines offer the extra luggage allowance for PR visa holders, and what are the up to date promotional codes for them? Any help and reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Melanie x