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Found 103 results

  1. Hi forum mates, I am in the position of booking my health exam. I am in Singapore. The panel doctor said I need HAP IDs for every visa applicant. I learned from DIAC website that HAP IDs are 6 digit numbers and are on a Health Examinations List. I've been chasing my CO about the HAP IDs for a week but what I got is Health Request ID. Looks like my CO doesn't have any idea what HAP IDs are. If you've booked/done your health exam, I'd like to know, do you need HAP IDs to book your health exam.
  2. Hi! I´m going to travel by domestic flights in January/February next year. (Brisbane-Townsville, and from Rockhampton to Brisbane.) Do I have to book in advance already now in order to get the prices shown and to get a seat? Grateful for a little answer .
  3. Hi all I have been looking into travelling back to the U.K for my first return visit since we got here on 2009. There seems to be a massive difference in prices if you were to book the equivalent trip from the U.K. A price difference that goes beyond the exchange rate calculation. So my question is..... Could my parents in the U.K go into a U.K travel agent and book us a return trip flying Perth - U.K - Perth? We will have both U.K and Australian passports. Has anyone done this or have an answer to this? T.I.A :wub:
  4. Hi guys, firstly I'm not sure if this is the right section to be posting this but I'm sure Kate or a mod will reassign if necessary. To be honest I'm not much of a writer--especially of the fiction variety. I blog. I started blogging after numerous attempts at trying to start a book and ending up with the first page or two. This time I hope its going to be different. I've been blogging about our migrant journey for several months. I'm enjoying writing and different aspects and dimensions of the whole migration process is rearing its head begging to be written. Its not going to be entirely about migrating to OZ, but much much more. I hope to be able to give a voice to the trials and tribulations migrants face--unique challenges that only we know about. Here I would like your help. I have prepared a questionnaire kind of thing --mainly to do with one aspect the book plans to address. If you would like to tell me your story, or if you would like to check out the questionnaire and fill it in for me I would be very grateful. I don't intend to spam anyone with the questionnaire (its kind of very short so don't get put off with the term questionnaire ) so please indicate on here if you would like to contribute. Any other suggestions and ideas are also welcome. I take confidentiality very seriously and will only publish any personal details with express permission
  5. Guest

    Taking dog - book flight only?

    Hi, We are taking our dog to Australia when we emigrate and I am looking at the cost to arrange this myself. Does anyone know where I can obtain the cost for just the flight for my dog at all? Thanks for any help!
  6. I've recently come across a book written by a British nurse who emigrated to Australia. It explains the differences in nursing between Australia and the UK and there is a free introductory download. I think that is a long overdue publication which is written from an independent perspective. It looks like it will answer lots of questions people have about nursing in Australia and according to the website it will be due out in May.
  7. Hi everyone, I have just read Angel Cake, and Ali(moderator) has just also made a new thread about this book I suggested to her. Any of you who are interested the author is above with the book title. Cathy Cassidy also has a website, so if you are also interested in her other books which include some moving, just visit her website. And if you want to read the book and finish, just give me feedback and tell me how the book was. I am sure you will love it. From Princessoftheworld20 :biggrin::wink:
  8. paulswin

    Snakes/Spiders book??

    Can anyone recommend a good snakes and spiders book. Want to know which ones to walk away from and which ones to run away quickly from!!!! Looked on amazon but can find any recent books!
  9. Hello to all readers! I live in Ormiston, Bayside, Queensland and I wondered if anyone would fancy joining me to start up a book club in Cleveland? There is a coffee club (coffee shop) that opens reasonable late so maybe once every month we could meet up, have a coffee and cake and share our thoughts about a book that we all read. Maybe we could all take it in turn to decide on the book for the coming month? In the Bayside Bulletin there is also an offer of buy a coffee and get a coffee free most weeks so we could have a couple of coffee's over a couple of hours and only pay for one! I appreciate many Mum's or full time workers may find it tricky to commit to a couple of hours so I am happy to be flexible on the day and time of the club to suit others....morning, afternoon, night or weekend? I am a Private Tutor and work from home so I am free during the day until 3.30pm and after 7pm. I am also free weekends. For this reason, I am fairly flexible so I hope to include all those who simply fancy a couple of hours out once a month for a light chat! If anyone likes to read, eat cake, drink coffee, have a natter with other readers and fancy a couple of hours a month light chat - let me know. I will collect numbers and Private Message all those interested and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you soon! Kip :arghh:
  10. The Pom Queen

    Book Lists

    Well I am now $300 lighter but at least my book lists are organised for next year, thank goodness they didn't need the calculators at $250 otherwise I would have been looking at a bill of over $1000 gulp. Just need to start buying Christmas presents now, pay the school fees and buy new uniform:confused:
  11. We are emigrating to Queensland via Singapore for 3 days in Feb......last time i went to Singapore i went to a hotel information desk inside the airport and just found a hotel through them and they were very helpful.....does anyone know if that desk is still there ? dont really want to just turn up after a long flight and not have anywhere to stay......:err::wub:
  12. Mr Fabricator

    Free ielts 8 Book , from york

    Hi All , Got a Ielts 8 book ( Cambridge) going to anyone who wants it covers achedemic and general with answers etc Happy to hand over any other info , samples and related stuff for the whole visa process that i have accumulated free to collector or can post if you pay . let me know , im in Pocklington near York , YO412 2DQ PM for phone number . Lee
  13. Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare than with a brand new copy of Delia Smith's Happy Christmas Book!This book is the Christmas Bible every home should have!"The years hottest cookbook... the most brilliant Christmas book ever" - The Mail on Sunday, UKA perfect gift for Mum, Grandma, Sisters, Aunties or Friends. You cant go wrong with this book, filled to the brim with delicious tasty Christmas recipes the whole family will love!This is a large hardback book.
  14. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—in addition to interviews with more than one hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues—Isaacson was given "exclusive and unprecedented" access to Jobs's life. This would make an Ideal Christmas present for anyone! I have a few available so get in quick! Brand New, unread, Hardback book.
  15. CockneyRebel

    Text book list for all expats

    I have to ask this question.... A friend of mine recently visited the UK. Before he said anything i thought whats he gonna tell me? Let me guess.... Weather terrible Crime out of control No one has a job Everyone is miserable Country is backward Too many ethnics Country on the verge of collapsing Worst place in Europe to live. No prospects for anyone. My question is this. If the Uk is so dire. Why arent they asking for a bail out like Italy,Greece,Portugal and possibly Spain??
  16. Hi Has anyone used IOM (International Organisation for Migration) to book a one way fare to Oz? According to the 176 Visa Paperwork I got, I believe they can get you reduced fares and extra baggage allowance, however, I have had no joy contacting them - no reply to several emails or messages left on voicemails (which is pretty bad for an international organisation that is supposed to help people!!). I guess my question is; - is it worth pursuing them - am I going to save any money really? - is there any other way to get a reduced/subsidised fare with extra baggage allowance? - what extra baggage allowance does each of the airlines offer? Thanks
  17. Goochie

    For Sale: Official IELTS Book

    I have an official IELTS 7 book for sale which I bought on ebay a few months ago. It came without the CD but is ideal for practising reading and writing tasks and most importantly, learning how the test is structured. Just looked on ebay and there is a similar item with a few minutes to go at £4.98 + £3 postage. Mine is £5 including delivery to any UK mainland address. Please drop me a private message if you're interested. Payment by PayPal or cheque please.
  18. I wondered if anyone would be interested in starting a book club. Nothing major was thinking we could plan to meet up either monthly or every other month and chat about a book. I used to do it in London with friends and we'd take a turn to recommend a book and also the person who had chosen the book would find a new bar for us to try. I thought it'd be fun way to meet people so thought I'd see if anyone else fancied it! Fiona
  19. Jackboots

    book club?

    :GEEK:so what about a pio, book club, well sort of. i love reading and im sure a lot of the other site members do , do you have any favourite , types , authors, good summer read?? bring them on and lets see if we can gain a few interesting reads from this! my personal favs are fiction ; fantasy , and thrillers, with a good old romance thrown in. I have just read a trio by david gibbins.. atlantis , crusaders gold and the last gospell, great if you like a bit of myth with thrillers thrown in , a cross between indianna jones and dan brown! just starting a sloppy by james patterson, called sunday at tiffany's...any good ones reccomended?:smile:
  20. Hi there, Yep I'm hungry, and as a result food is the only think I'm thinking about. I just wondered what people's favourite recipe book is (ok you can have a couple)? And (if it's different) what recipe book is your most used (i.e. which one has the most food stains on it!) My favourite books are Heston Blumenthal - The Fat Duck cookbook (but I'd never cook anything from it) and Stephanie Alexander's - The Cook's companion (aka The bible) Stephanie's is also by far the most used and stained book
  21. Guest

    To book or not to book?

    Ok, this is the state of play: Written job offer :-) Passed IELTS :-) Awaiting registration.....5 weeks now Made enquiry re medical....... New employer sponsoring me on a 457 visa....do i need to do anything for this was otld they do it on line???? So, my question is do i book my flight now or wait a wee while longer? HELP !!!
  22. tonyman

    note book,net book and lap top

    can any one tell me what the main difference is between these names , what does one do that the other cant..........and is it worth getting a 1gb ram these days
  23. fossda

    IELTS book

    Hi all I have an IELTS Practice Materials book (Oct 2009) version to give away. I will pop in the post to the first person that sends me a PM. I am probably going away for a couple of days so it will be a couple of days til I post it. Thanks Rachel x
  24. Just sticking this one really as a thread recently got me thinking. The lady concerned is a Goth, I'm sure she won't mind me saying that, but it was very interesting in reading what made her tick and the 'image' that she portrays to the outside world. I never knew a Goths principles, ideas, expectations and the like, and I would like to thank her for 'showing' us a little of what makes her tick. I also saw from a previous thread about Mod, Rockers, Punks that many of us when younger had a 'persona' or certain individualism that we portrayed, but as with most things in life as we get older we tend to become a bit 'samey' if you know what I mean, suits, jeans, shirts, the 'dress code' if you will of growing up, but this is a question for those of you who still to a degree like to state your individualism, maybe in an obvious way, or very subtly. Some may big flowery dresses, hats, hair styles, different shoes, maybe tiny things that whilst may not be glaringly obvious to the outside world still in our own minds portray a little of what lies beneath the 'respectable' persona. Myself, I will fess up. Though not a revolutionary in the extreme I still like to portray a little of me to the outside world so they know what I amy be about. At times I will wear T-Shirts that have logos on, normally political that get a few looks down the street, I used to have my hair long, and am now growing it again, if only to try and look a little like 'Che' :notworthy:. I have certain tattoos that make a few look, though unrecognisable to most because they are written in different languages they can be a great source of conversation when someone asks what they mean. A little unshaven most of the time, (again a little like Che), but all in all I guess I am fairly individual, but not to much so. So, do you still dress in a way that may allow us to gauge what sort of person you may be, 'flower power', 'revolutionary', 'extrovert', 'introvert' 'garish' all sorts really, just interested is all. Cheers Tony.
  25. Wellers and Whitehead

    Fab book on Perth

    i saw on here few days ago, a fab book title for people wanting to find out about suburbs in Perth etc. It came higly recommended but cant find which thread it was on. Can you help? Going shopping soon and wanted to order it. Thanks Aymie