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Found 15 results

  1. got all of these companies coming to give me a quote in the next few weeks from UK to Melbourne. Who have used and what was the service like this end (UK)
  2. Hello Folks! Down to the final two companies regarding shipping our goods to Perth. It has come down to PSS and Doree Bonner so I wanted to ask if any one has any experience of either of these companies to help me decide which one to go with. They are really like for like on cost so it is down to personal preference and recommendations. Your help is is appreciated! :cute: My other question is on Insurance and which company people used. Did you go with the one supplied by your shipping company? Did you go with an independent company like the one listed on the PIO tab? Great to get you recommendations on this too. Thanks guys! Nicky x :hug:
  3. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there can help me? My family and I have just booked our one-way tickets to Oz. I am returning and my hubby and kids are migrating. Does anyone have any feedback for me on the above removal companies - good or bad? We are struggling to make a decision as there is very little information (reviews, etc) on White and Co and seemingly biased opinions (as well as greatly varying ones) on the other 2. Any help and feedback would be much appreciated. Many thanks, AKB
  4. I know there are loads of threads about which shipping company to use but I'd welcome opinions here ... We have had 5 companies out to give quotes ... my two favourites (and the best quotes) are : John Mason and Dorree Bonner .... I leaned towards John Mason as they get such good reviews on here but the guy that came to do the quote was a bit of a "wide boy" and although I liked him I wasnt sure how well he knew his stuff/didn't real "sell" JM...!! I have heard much less about Dorree Bonner but their guy was professional, polite, knew his stuff and was not pushy ... They are pretty much the same cost .... I'm struggling to decide ... we'll be moving from the Midlands incase any one knows more about the "packing teams" in this area??? Please PM me if you dont recommend either and let me know why!! Thanks everyone
  5. hi im stuck between using crown and doree bonner for shipping of our stuff, does anyone had any advice or expirence which would be the best or worst at all ? cheers h
  6. Guest

    Pickfords vs Doree Bonner

    Hi Looking for some advise please.... We have had quotes from both Doree Bonner & Pickfords, and both are competitively quoted, but wondered if anyone had any experience of either company? We are moving from Glasgow to Brisbane in January, and although I have read the threads from the previous Pickfords vs Doree Bonner discussion, I wondered if anyone had any more current comments? Cheers!:confused:
  7. Out of 62 boxes of personal stuff only 1 thing got broken - a vase which was cracked. Our stuff left Scotland on 22 Sept, arrived in Fremantle on 20 Nov, and was delivered on 15 December. Everything was very straight forward and efficient and would highly recommend using them to anyone. Many thanks and well done.
  8. We have booked Doree Bonner to come and pack our stuff on the Thursday 10th December 2009 they have quoted us £820.00 for a 142 Cubic Feet container. But only today we have had a phone call from Pickfords Removals, who has now quoted us £750 on a 145 Cubic Feet Container. So I telephoned Doree Bonner back and they mentioned to me that Pickfords are going through insolvency and chasing debts and that they are in finiancial difficulty and we should not go through them. So I telephoned Pickfords back and mentioned this to them and the representative said there is nothing to worry about and they had some difficulties in February 2009 but everything is ok now. What I am asking, has anyone got anything to say about this and has anyone used these most recently, is it worth going with Pickfords and saving us £70.00 or staying with Doree Bonner.
  9. Hi to all, I am still in the process of getting quotes and have so far had 2 come in. We have had J. Mason and Bournes. Crown are quoting end of this week. I see some people name D. Bonner but not reading much info on them. Any comments will be very welcome. Many thanks.:cute:
  10. Guest

    doree bonner

    i would just like to give the nod to doree bonner (uk) and grace removals (townsville) we got our stuff today. all perfectly intact. not a scratch on anything. my computer even survived the journey! they weren't too expensive either. emma:jiggy:
  11. We have the above 4 shipping companies in with very similar quotes and really cannot decide which to use - any advice or recommendations would be great!!! Sorry the last one left off the title was John Masons.
  12. Guest

    Doree Bonner

    Hello All I know how agonising it is, trying to choose a removals firm. So I thought I'd share my experience of Doree Bonner. We sent our items as groupage. We agreed that DB would come to pack and remove our goods on the Thursday before we completed on the sale of our house. As it happened, the packers called on the Wednesday afternoon to ask if they could come round later to make an early start. We decided that the sooner they started the sooner we'd be out of there, so why not? When the guys arrived, they got straight into it, packing everything in sight! Luckily we'd already put most of our stuff on one side so they were able to just get on with it. By the Thursday lunchtime our boxes were loaded onto the truck to go back to their warehouse at Dartford. We were both worried that our only 2 treasured possessions (a rare campervan lamp & a painting) wouldn't arrive safely, as everything was packed up so quickly! But we couldn't fault the guys' manners and pleasant demeanour. At this point I should probably mention our concern after reading a few posts on sites like this one, but I don't think they could have had time to separate items of value from the worthless stuff, it was all packed in the blink of an eye! And off it went to await shipping... We tracked our container, and it arrived on the evening of the ETA date (according to the website I used). Less than 2 weeks later, I received a phone call to arrange delivery. Rather than send the goods to the local depot for them to be repacked and delivered, Grace arranged for them to be delivered straight off the container as it made its way to another job. the boys arrived on time, and got straight into unloading our gear. We checked our goods, and found only one damaged item - a mirror in which the glass was smashed. But our 2 treasured items arrived in perfect condition. In fact, they'd packed our lamp inside a plastic box, wrapped in lots of paper - genius! So, the result is that we're very pleased with the service we received, and would use DB &/or Grace again, if ever the need arose. I know that there are people who may have had a different experience, but I feel that it's important to highlight good service, as well as the less so. Good luck to all of you in the throes of getting stuff here. Sarah x
  13. Guest

    Doree Bonner or PSS?

    We have received quotes from both Doree Bonner and PSS, both are fairly similar but does anyone have any experience good or bad with these companies? we are off the Perth. Thanks Sue
  14. Hi Guys Well back on the internet now (dial up at moment) thought I would start posting on here bit by bit our adventure so far Now where to start??? Thought the shippers would be a good place! Doree Bonner come highly recommended by us, we had quotes from various places and theirs came out at a good price for a 20ft container. The guys turned up early and were a cheerful bunch of lads, took time to go around the house and see what our needs were with the packing, they were with us for 2 days packing up our worldly possessions. Very friendly and helpful. You are given a date that your container will arrive in Australia and then it is expected that you will have your container delivered in approx 15 days after it has docked. True to their word we did receive our container and infact it was a few days early arriving at our Sunshine Coast home - great stuff!! Now dont forget when getting in your quotes make sure that you allow for your container to be priced to be delivered to a certain radius outside of brisbane as you do not want any added costs once you arrive here, we also included them helping us unpack our boxes too. Now this end Doree Bonner use Grace for delivery and I have to say that once again what top service!! Friendly guys that when we said 'thanks guys you can go now', were still more than happy to stay and help put computer tables together etc... they also offered to come back and collect any boxes, wrapping etc.. that we didnt want. After all that unpacking we only had one wine glass that was broken, not bad!! All in all we felt lucky to have used Doree Bonner great customer services in the Uk and then great customer services from Grace here in Australia, never did you telephone and they didnt know who you were! Thank you Doree Bonner and Grace Removals you made our move here to Australia stress free :yes: Kim & Daren Southminster, Essex to Sunshine Coast
  15. Guest

    bonner shipping

    hi all i have had bonner shipping come round and i really like them so it's between them and john mason could i ask you kind people who have used these to give your opinion good or bad as just waiting for there quotes crown have sent a quote for £4000 for a sole 20ft refer container which i thought was way to much plus did not like the chap. hope you can help as dont know who to pick with my stuff :arghh: thanks julie :wubclub: