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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Rental Bond refunds

    Hi everyone, We moved out of our rental property on 15th October and handed in the keys along with bond refund form on the same day. Our letting agents have proven themselves to be as useful as a chocolate teapot in the past but i was wondering if anyone knows if they are obliged to process the bond within a set time? We have left message after message and emails for them to update us on progress and are getting nothing in return. The property is still in tip top condition so there should be no need for an remedial works before release (and you would think they would need to contact you in order to do that!). Anyone had any experience of this or know of timelines etc imposed by the bond authority, cant see anything on the web site. (We are in Victoria if it makes a difference). Thanks!
  2. Hi all, We have moved out of our rental in Melbourne - and we continue to have a issues with the estate agent that is managing the property. Basically, we moved out over 2 weeks ago now. The house has been inspected by the agent and owner, and both are in agreement that everything is tickety boo and we are due our money back. So 2 weeks ago the estate agent said she would email us the forms for the bond recovery. Still nothing. Have phoned and left messages, and have emailed asking for the forms - she is "never in the office" when we phone, and is not returning our calls. And naturally, no one else in the office can help us, not even to send the forms through. So my question is - what now? There is no question that they could change their mind about refunding us the bond with any ease, as we photographed EVERYTHING and submitted a very detailed condition report - and did the same when we moved out. I want my money back, I want the courtesy of having my calls returned - but then I feel that I cannot run them up the wrong way as I need them as part of my rental history when I am applying for properties here? HELP PLEASE!!!!! Thanks Jules:wubclub:
  3. I've heard a few carpenters who are from Ireland and the UK mention that they can't get their hands on any mitre bond in Australia. Well I just found this site http://mitrebond.com.au/
  4. Hi All, I got back to sunny England in October (it is actually sunny today - surprisingly) and have yet to sort a few things out. So would appreciate any help from you guys. First of all, I was renting in Oz and since leaving Oz with all the bills sorted have returned to have a few emails exchanged between myself and the estate agent claiming that I haven't sorted some doctors bills out? In which she asked if I wanted her to help me pay for them from my bond in which I responded no. She also said that she was waiting for an electricity bill from Origin as well. However, a week before I left I spoke to Origin and everything was fine from their side and no bill was due. I then responded, "okay, I wasn't expecting a bill but if I get one I am more then happy to pay for it if its for my usage". Since then, I have not heard from this arrogant aussie (the only one I seemed to come across) and it has now been 2 months. Anyone know what I can do about this? As I see no benefit in it for her for witholding the bond from me and I am 100% sure I did not treat her disrespectfully at all during my stay at the property. Other then that, does anyone know the link that I have to go to to claim my super back? Thanks in advance for the help!:biggrin:
  5. Guest

    return of rental bond

    Hi all. Just thought I'd let you know that after renting a 4 bed home in WA for 18 months we have just recieved the full rental bond back from the agent. I know that when people are renting its a worry about the bond cause you hear stories of agents nit-picking over small marks etc..and deducting costs from the bond. However we spent 2 days cleaning the place from top to bottom (did have to go back to remove some 'dust' from behind a toilet pedestal!!) but the bond money was returned in full into our account within 5 days. Anyway hope this reassures renters who may be thinking of vacating in the near future Mandy x
  6. We are wondering wether to just not pay the last 4 weeks rent before we leave the country and let them use the bond money to pay for it? We have not damaged the house and so the bond would have to be returned but i JUST DONT trust them to send us the cheque! They never even teturn my phone calls. I know its not legal but can anyone else tell me if they have received the bond back even if they have left the country without a problem or should i do this and tell them i am not paying it and to use my bond money or should i just keep putting off paying without telling them why and just leave anyway? What is anyones thoughts on this?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm soon to be returning to the UK, having entered Australia on a parental visa twelve months ago , but I am now getting conflicting answers from Centrelink and Imigration regarding claiming back my AOS bond. Has anyone done this, and can offer any advise. Cheers John Victoria Point Qld
  8. Guest

    Rental Home Bond

    Hi there I wondered if any one could help me. We are returning to the UK in October after spending a year here and finding that Australia isn't for us. We have rented a house during this time and wondered if anyone knew about the bond return process as we should be getting $1300 back. How long it takes, who it goes to (i.e. straight to us or to the Real Estate Agent). The problem that we have got is that we will be handing the keys back to the Estate Agent and jumping straight on to the plane home we won't be staying around to get it sorted. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them. Thanks in advance Ruth
  9. Guest


    Hiya, We have been renting a property in Patterson Lakes the last year, we are a famliy of 5 with a dog. The property we rented had wooden floors in the living areas. When we first moved into the property the owners requested we looked after the floor as it was new, when we moved in we were surprised to see dents and scratches on the wooden floor so we took pictures of all the marks on the wooden floor. Anyway, the landlords are a young couple first time renting out their property, they came out couple days before Christmas to do a inspection of the house and were happy. Now however, we have moved out couple of weeks now and they are arguing with us about scratches to the wooden floor and are requesting to hold money from our bond. When we said there were already scratches to the floor when we moved in they said there weren't (good job we took pictures). Admittedly there are more scratches to the wooden floor than when we moved in but if a couple (landlords) can mark the floor surely they would have to expect a famlily of 5 would also. Can anyone help, has anyone been in this situation? I'm really getting quite upset with it all as I feel we took good care of their home and we need our bond money. I feel as if they're trying to egt more money from us as they still havn't released the house. Any advise would be great. Thanks Suey
  10. Guest

    Investment Bond

    Hi Does anyone know about South Australia re-introducing the $100K investment bond as a way of entry into Australia, what it is, how it works etc Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to search about visa 176 coz my sister is asking for sponsorship, she asked from one agency about the requirements and she was told that there is no longer a requirement to post a bond for 10,000 effective Sept.2007,is this true? I have checked the required form for me to fill up but they are silent about the bond, they are just requiring me to fill up an undertaking.
  12. Guest

    Family sponsorship bond

    We are going out on a skilled sponsored (australian) 138 visa - does anybody know if or when the $5000 bond is requested or has to be lodged? Just want to know so that we can budget. Kag and Co
  13. Hi everyone , can anyone tell me how long it took from the Bond being placed to being asked for 2nd instalment. Our Daughter placed the Bond beginning of June and we were told we should get word within 2wks as to wether they would accept our Meds as they expired end of May so far we have heard nothing, Also do you hear by letter e-mail or phone that you have got your Visa. Don't get a lot of joy from our agent as she didn't even let us know we had a case worker and we still don't know the name of the person. Would appreciate hearing how it worked for anyone else Thanks Evelyn:arghh:
  14. Hello I am a new member on this forum, I applied for 136 visa (Skilled Independent Class) last July. The Capital Investment Bond was annulled because of the system was abused by some Indian nationals. I am not on MODL, and I have no avenue to get the additional 5 points to get the pass 120 for the pass mark. The the Capital Investment Bond is my only solution. Are there any member on this forum who are in the same position as me? if yes, did you get Case Officer assigned or have you heard some news from DIAC? Thanks for your replies.
  15. hello I am new to this site but a friend recomended it so was hoping to hear of others in the same boat. We (husband and I and 2 children) have applied for an Australian sponsored Visa to obtain residency. 5 of our points were going to be obtained by investing 100Aus $ in a goverment bond for a year. We sent off all our medicals and police checks in October and have been waiting to hear but apparently the DIAC have scrapped this investment and so we are now just waiting to hear what they will come up with as an alternative. Apparently we were meant ot hear end of April but still nothing. Is anyone else in the same position? our agents advised that we could reapply but would have to pay all costs again which understandably we are reluctant to do. I just wondered what anyone else is doing are you sitting and waiting or reapplying? the most frustrating thing is that we were originally going to go for designated area sponsorship but as our sponsor lives in Byron Bay and we want to be in Melbourne we decided to gain the 5 points through the goverment bond instead. its so frustrating!! looking forward to hearing from anyone Jules :cute:
  16. Guest

    Capital Investement Bond

    I'm new to this forum, greetings all, and I was hoping to find some kindred who may be affected by the removal of the Capital Bond Investment in Nov of last year. There is a petition that has been set up and needs loads of signatures. Direct contact with DIAC and Snt. Evans office has provided very little, and attempts to contact the press are being ignored. Please add your name to this. At least 4000 of us are in limbo with no sight of our visas being granted. Petition is at: Permanent Resident Visa- Investment Bond withdrawn. Innocents left in Limbo! - Online Petition Thanks, and could you spread the word to all you know about this
  17. buzzersdownunder

    5 points for Investment Bond withdrawal

    Guys, this is for all of you who have been affected by the withdrawal of the Investment Bond in Dec 07. It relates to those people who have applied for their visa pre Sep1 2007 and needed the 5 points for their application. Please visit http://britishexpats.com/forum/ and choose Australia / Immigration / 5 points for Investement Bond withdrawn Sept 07?? Go to the end of the thread and see whats happening!!
  18. Hi we just sent meds & police checks off last week, so that is everything in now, like everyone else this is normally the last thing that needs to be done. Then you just wait & wait until you hear the news you all want to hear 'You have been Granted your Visa's. Unfortunately for us we were 5 points short on the scoring to start our emigration progress, but if you invest $100,000 (£42,000) it will give you an extra 5 points we needed. (You get the money back in 12 months once it has been wired with 5% interest) Has anyone else gone through this process & if so how long after you done meds did they request the money. Also how long after you sent money until Visa's were granted. Would love to hear from anyone Thanks Mandy
  19. Guest

    Cont Parent Vusa - Tax on Bond?

    Hi All I have been asked a question the answer to which I don't know. We didn't bother to enquire closely when finalising my mother's CP 143 vsa last year. The query is this: The CP 143 applicant couple intend that a friend of theirs will provide the AOS because their only child, albeit the Sponsor and an Australian Citizen by birth, is an impecunious student. The plan is that the Parents will send the $14,000 for the Bond to the friend. The friend wants to know whether the $14,000 will attract either Austrslian CGT or Income Tax in his hands? I am clueless about Tax (Alan Collett is very forgiving of my abject ignorance of this subject! ) When I vaguely tried to investigate this question last year on my sister's behalf, since Mum was sending her the money for the Bond, I vaguely think that I found a provision on the ATO website that seemed to be relevant. It seemed to me to say that if Bloggs sends money to Smith in Australia, and Smith then uses the whole of that money to benefit Bloggs, it is a totally tax-neutral event. I think I almost certainly found this somewhere in the stuff about Australian CGT, since it seemed to me (not that I have a reliable cliue) that a bung of $10K or $14K is more likely to be a potentially chargeable capital gain than a receipt in the general nature of "income." But that notion iis itself really no more than a wild guess on my part....! I've no idea what the concepts of Tax are - all I know is that they fleece me the whole time. Also, the ATO provision was not sufficiently idiot-proof for me. To be so, it needed to say, "Bloggs offshore can bung the money to Smith in Australia to cover the AoS Bond without Smith incurring any sort of tax-liability for the receipt of the dosh." It was not that specific. And I could well be dreaming... There is no meeting of minds between the Taxman & I. I don't understand a word of what he says. Does anybody happen to know the answer to this, please? Many thanks Gill:confused: :jimlad: