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Found 17 results

  1. Surfy Brit

    Surf Board Shipping

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has any experience and can offer input! Im moving to Aus in Jan on a 457 visa for the next 3 years I love to surf and bought a board back when I went 2 years ago! Want to take it back again, question is do I take it on the flight (it got damaged on the flight back last time) or do I get it put in the container? Im going to be living in townsville so surfing all the time is prob not on the cards! has anyone else put a surfboard in a container? I dont have enough to fill so will be sharing one (not sure if this makes a difference?) Thank you
  2. Just posted paperwork and cheque off for IELTS (WAHOOOOOOO) hubby only needs 7s across the board how difficult do u think this is ???? Thanks for any help xx
  3. Guest

    APHRA nurses board NIGHTMARE

    Hi everyone we are in process of getting our nurses registration for Melbourne well my partner is and yet again they have sent all the forms back saying they want more information on yet another item......We will never get out at this rate....We are aiming for next january as apparently they take at least 4 months to do it etc......Were going to be staying with my Uncle in Burwood.....which seems fab...and then we will see where we get to??/ We have 2 children age 3 and one who is 11 months.....So looking for great childcare etc schools....We are noticing house prices are dropping which is great for us..... Just wanna get out there now.....argghhhhh.... Anyone else had the same trouble with APHRA??? Nic x
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering who had the fastest 176 visa grant (SS) on the board? : ) Any tips for the rest of us? We are lodging today! Kate.
  5. Guest

    New to the Vic board - Hello!

    Hi everyone, I've been posting on PiO a while now and we have just received out visas this month. :jiggy: We're moving out to Melbourne at the beginning Sept and planning to book flights very soon. I've read so many posts about moving but I've got loads of questions, hopefully some of you can help us out along the way. First - how long is it advisable to book holiday accommodation? We want to get a rental place asap, but it's hard to know how long this could realistically take us. We would like to settle in the south-east area of Melbourne, and are looking at surburbs around Berwick but we're also wondering if we could afford to live nearer the coast too? Looking forward to getting know people on this board, :wubclub: Sam
  6. Poca&Dan

    Victoria Nurses Board

    Can anyone share with me their experience with the Victoria Nurses Board and how long they take to register you? I sent mine on 19.05.09 by recorded delivery. I know they have recieved it but have not heard anything yet! I know someone who's registration only took 4 weeks. Just wondered what length of time anyone else's took and whether I should start worrying! Just want to get registered so we can start the visa apps!!!!:arghh:
  7. The FIRB has changed the criteria from 1st March 2009 for people purchasing a property, while on a tempory Visa eg 457. If the property is to be your perm residence, then you no longer need to obtain FIRB approval as long as you live in the property within 6 months of purchase. This is to try to quicken up the house buying process.
  8. We are looking at moving back to the Uk in the next couple of months but we only had his Rabies injection done last night. So we have another 7 months to wait before he can fly. We are looking for a loving family home who will care for him while we are gone. WE will arrange all pick up and the transfers when the time is right, But you have to be prepared to give him back?? He is a heart breaker..... Also we have a house full of Furniture practically that we are looking to sell off from TV to beds to Fridge freezers to Garden furnitures etc. Please enquire?? Thanks all
  9. has anyone applied for their wester australia nursing registration and got a doctor to certify documents? im am unsure as to who i can get to certfy the documents
  10. Guest

    Water Board Jobs

    Hi All I work for water board in uk , does anyone know where i can find this kind of work in oz? Cheers Lee
  11. WA Health Board Recruitment :wideeyed: HAve any MH nurses or MH nearly nurses applied to the ad for the Western Australia Health board? It was in the nursing times about two weeks ago? I ask because I applied 10 days ago and haven't heard anything yet! I am due to qualify in March/April 09 and ad stated recruiting both graduate and experience nurses. Many, many thanks
  12. tasormelb

    registering with nursing board

    Hi, This is one for all nurses. I have had my skills assessed by anmc and lodged 175 visa app 28th May. My question is at what point should I register with the regional nursing board. We are going to Tasmania, I have looked at their website and emailed them for clarification of process but have had no reply. My agent says I could email anmc who will send all paperwork direct to Tasmanian board. Is this the best way to do things? Thanks Vanessa
  13. 10,000 MILES TO A BOARD MEETING It’s nice to be needed on the other side of the world -- particularly when you’re 75. Sir George Jefferson flies off six times a year from Perth for a few days in London, to chair meetings of Videotron, the cable company franchised to serve 1.25 million homes. He was one of the major architects of the sensational decision 14 years ago to sell off British Telecom, employing 250,000 people, to the private sector; the first attempt in the UK to privatise a major public service utility. It followed British Telecom’s separation from the Post Office, and ended its monopoly of telecommunications. ‘There were considerable reservations about whether they would be able to do it,’ Sir George says. ‘In actual fact, the share offer was four times over-subscribed and thousands of employees and members of the general public became shareholders. Five thousand shareholders attended its first Annual General Meeting.’ When he arrived at hits offices in 1980, British Telecom was stolidly old-fashioned with an out-of-date network, large parts of which had not been renewed since before the Second World War. It worked with electro-magnetic switches kept operating by technicians manually sanding down contact points. The employees, he remembers, "were mostly good, loyal, very nice people with a strong family tradition. They were highly unionised and tended towards being conservative and defensive because the monopoly was ending." Some managers though, appeared to be more influenced by the need to have files in good order for possible Parliamentary questions, "than in efficiently managing their business in an enterprising and customer-oriented manner." When the Conservatives made it known they favored selling off the revered old service it created uproar - much of it flying around the head of Sir George. ‘But the British public liked the idea of owning part of BT and the successful float made history, pioneering the privatisation of other government-owned corporations.’ After it happened, Sir George departed and became involved with a competitor company, Videotron, first established as a cable TV company and now, he says, enjoying a larger income from telephone calls than it’s revenue from Pay-TV. As chairman he helps guide its "nipping at the heels" of BT. As he packed his bag for another 20-hour flight across to the other side of the world, he said: ‘I don’t think I will be doing these trips very much longer at my age. I need to sleep on the aircraft, because I do a full day’s work after getting into Heathrow at six o’clock in the morning.’ The secret? ‘I avoid alcohol, avoid too much food. And I take a sleeping pill which gets me six to eight hours’ sound sleep.’ He has been making six visits a year for the past five years and enjoys the role of "fathering young men I wouldn’t have regarded as young at their age." With Australia debating the politically divisive Federal Government decision to sell-off a third of Australia’s communication giant, Telstra, Sir George’s opinion and memories of the BT drama are sought. However he refuses to become embroiled. Nobody from the new government has approached him for advice, he says. ‘I specifically avoid getting involved in it. We are talking about a different country and things are not the same as they were in England.’ Nor will he debate the heated argument on whether Australian Pay-TV cables ought to be allowed to be strung from poles already carrying phone wires. ‘Australia,’ he points out, ‘has traditionally run its utility services of telecommunications and power overhead, whereas the UK for many years, has done it underground. Now, for Australia to go underground, would be a great deal more expensive. Having lived most of my life with the system running under the ground it is somewhat surprising in the first few minutes you arrive in Australia, to see the power poles. But they are part of the landscape and you get used to them; you stop noticing them.’ Sir George and Lady Jefferson chose to live in Australia because their children and grandchildren lived in Perth and the weather in winter was decidedly more pleasant. Looking years younger than his age, he works hard at keeping fit. He says he was he was astonished to be told recently that he needed five heart by-passes. He had the operation and was soon back in the air. He enjoys walking - but not around a golf-course. ‘I could never get excited about hitting a little ball along the grass.’ He watches with interest the progress of Telstra’s rival, Optus Vision, which offers an alternative telephone service as well as Pay-TV. He believes Optus could snare some 30% of the Australian phone-user market over the next five to 10 years. It won’t worry Telstra, he feels, because the total market is increasing at a similar rate. ‘The same thing happened with BT. Despite the introduction of competition there has been a substantial increase in revenue.’ When he is in London, and if he gets some spare time away from board meetings, "which isn’t very often", he enjoys watching his own company’s Pay-TV. Pay-TV is not yet available to him in Perth, but when it is, he will subscribe. ‘I want to watch entertainment that is not continually interrupted by advertisements.’ It sounds almost like a Videotron commercial...
  14. I know this may seem a really negative question but does any one know how many applications get declined and why? Im going through the paronia pahse at the moment and imagining everything that can go wrong will go wrong if you know what I mean. We are going through agents and they have 100% sucess rate which is good, but I cant help worrying that I might be that little black sheep. So to all the veterans of the forums can you give me any idea of how many of the people who float through here get knocked back and for what reasons. Just to give me something else to worry about LOL :shocked:
  15. gilliantay

    Nurse Board of Victoria

    Finally received my registration from Nurses Board of Victoria today. All I need now is to be granted that elusive visa !!! Had to laugh when I opened the envelope - You are now registered in the state of Victoria BUT your registration is now due for renewal !!!!! I've only just paid it...................... Anyway, they must be full of christmas spirit down under as they have waived the fee for the time being, but they will be sending me out a reminder in due course if I want to practise in 2008 You've just got to laugh............................... Gill
  16. Thought I would let you know that the nbwa is changing it's name and from September 19th will be known as the Nurses and Midwives Board of Western Australia. From the 19th their email will be info@nmbwa.org.au and web address www.nmbwa.org.au The new nurses and midwives act 2006 and nurses and midwives regulations 2007 will be proclaimed on the 18th September The nurses and Midwives act 2006 can be found at www.slp.wa.gov.au and the regulations will shortly be available of the Western Australian Parliamentary web site www.parliament.wa.gov.au these links will shortly be displayed on the board website. Ali
  17. Guest

    Sale board just gone up

    OMG the for sale board has just gone up outside our house, now it seems things are moving, instead of all the months talking about it it is really starting to happen,:wacko: ,have mixed emotions, excited and then scared, and than are we really doing the right thing,? Its funny really, because we live straight across the road from the school and everyone has just sen the sign go up,we have alot of gossip mongers around our way,hee hee the rumours will be rife:biglaugh: . I know we are doing the right thing, we all have moments of doubt. Beckyx:jiggy: :jiggy: