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Found 32 results

  1. Guest

    Bloody cockroaches

    Well, I'm loving living in Brisbane but although I'm only here 4 weeks, I'm already getting frustrated over the big bloody roaches scaring the bejesus out of the wife and daughter (and me TBH at the right moment of weakness). I bought an outdoor / indoor spray deterrent but im still getting roaches in full health playing chicken across the floors that are probably residents of the houses walls etc. A few dying individuals have been introduced to the crapper but how do I get rid of new comers???? I've just dusted the entire houses skirting boards with Borax from coles as I heard it does a good job, but is this different from Boric Acid or less effective? I've caulked the skirting by the tiled floor but cant do much about the skirting at the carpeted floors (dont think landlord would appreciate me ripping up the carpets). On that note, should this be the responsibility of the letting agent / landlord considering we're only just moved in??? Still loving Australia, the palm lined roads, the random bearded dragons, the big roads, bbq's at every opportune park space and the positive people around me... but please help me rid my self and others in the same boat with any tips or guidance. :arghh: Jamie and Viv
  2. Well after all the tears and worries from the OH, she finally said lets go for it !!!!! We fly on the 8th Jan 2012 with singapore airlines, spend a few days there, then fly on to Perth on the 12th Jan 2012.................Hello Western Australia !!!!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: p.s sssssshhhhhh, dont tell anyone because we've still not broke it to the in-laws !!!!!!!
  3. tracy123

    Bloody whingers!

    Is it just me or is PIO full of whingers at the minute? Whinge, whinge, whinge, bitch, bitch, bitch...... Why do people spend all that money + time to get to Australia only to whinge about it when they get here? If England was so great why on earth did they leave? Honestly I scratch my head and wonder at some posts..... I think some must think Australia is the same as the UK only hotter! Although some whinge about the heat, what on earth is that all about. Guess what? It does things differently, things taste different, building as designed differently! etc etc etc Here is a great tip, Australia is not the UK, if you want the UK only hotter try the south of England! I here it’s so much warmer with loads of jobs, cheap housing, cheap fresh food, great pubs, friendly people and most of all as much culture as you can handle!
  4. kernow43

    Bloody India Calling

    I have had 3 calls this week from India saying my computer is slowing down and they have been instructed by Microsoft to fix it. Beware it is a scam. Once they have access to your computer your bank account will soon be empty. I think I have had at least 10 calls this year, if someone heard my reply to them I would be charged by the race relations people. It really makes my blood boil to know they are hurting innocent folk.:arghh::arghh: A good article is here from The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/18/phone-scam-india-call-centres
  5. Guest

    Finding bloody work!!

    Hey everyone, i've just recently arrived in Brisbane on a working holiday visa and i'm struggling to find decent work. I'm an air con engineer from liverpool and i'm looking to stay in brisane for a good few months in order to save a bit of money, the plan was to travel around after that and see as much of oz as possible. Unfortunately i'm having trouble finding any kind of work in the air con game. Anyway the main point of this thread is to appeal to forum members and ask if anyone knows of any brits actually working in brisbane for a local A/C firm, or even a lucky brit who may have his own firm out here. I'm not having a go at brisbanites here, its just that I get the feeling that maybe they won't look at "backpackers" quite as seriously. I hope its not true but so far I haven't seen or heard anything that offers me any hope. So if there are any british people working or running their own firm in brisbane then i'd really appreciate it if I could have a little chat at least. Thanks , I have faith in the good people of pomsinoz to deliver a little bit of hope!! ( I really don't want to go home after 1 month due to a lack of funds). Jamesb,
  6. anyone read this story i mean what does this say about the british justice system or how britain wants to be seen by australia? Father-to-be who attacked two men in a drunken brawl spared jail so he can emigrate to Australia | Mail Online
  7. Guest

    tfn and abn

    hi can anyone tell me realistically it takes for the t.f.n to come through they say up to 28 days but places like this always say up to i need it so i can get my a.b.n because i cant start my work as a brickie without it. iv got a start but cant until i get this t.f.n and a.b.n its a nightmare just sitting waiting and do you get the a.b.n straight away oh my head is bursting lol:wacko:
  8. Guest

    Bloody AHPRA

    Hi Well I finally arrived in Oz 5 weeks ago and what a roller coaster ride it's been, I'm tempted to write a book which I'm sure would be a best seller lol. Anyway, has anyone had problems registering with AHPRA (overseas nurses), it has been an absolute nightmare. Although I've been up the office informing them I have a job, they still will not process my application any quicker. They have taken payment but still no joy grrrr. They will NOT put themselves out for you. I've even told the I'm running out of money but they still won't do anything. Oh and don't bother emailing them as they suggest when you ring cos the NEVER reply!!!!:arghh: They told me they have only just started on the overseas criteria, maybe to get me off their backs lol. Sorry to moan but I feel I'm hitting my head against the wall with these guys. Oh for reference they received my paperwork August 9. Dianne.
  9. JayBone

    Bloody hell!

    Van gets transported to Southampton docks on Friday! Doggie flies in 5 weeks! We fly in 8 weeks! It really has flown by... Gulp! I see the weather is hotting up nicely See some of you soon :jiggy:
  10. Guest

    Bloody Currency!

    Okay my visas in, the flights are booked, accommodation and hire car sorted the other end. Hell I've even got a job to go to! Problem is when to change the currency? My Moneycorp account has been set up a while now, waiting for a never coming rise in sterling. I'm going to be watching tomorrow unfold with some Interest as i suspect the currency will be all over the place. Clear winner and we might see a rise, hung parliament and it might even go down further! It will probably swing from one to the other throughout the day as the exit polls are read out. What is everyone else up to? waiting?, buying now?, even delaying your move? Andy
  11. Can someone please advise- I have a job with a company desperate to keep me in Perth, as an office manager. It hasn't made the SOL, does that mean i'm pretty much screwed for the 457 ? I havent made the application yet as i am doing a Diploma at night to get my Vetassess assessment approved, has it all been a waste? I was planning to make application at end of August. On 2nd WHV at the moment. Please help!
  12. Guest

    Bloody Banks!!

    Paid for our flights to come back for Christmas with our Aus credit card on Monday evening. Then sorted out to transfer some money through HiFX which was great as money in Oz bank on Friday!! Went online straight away and paid credit card off and was dead pleased as all sorted and paid for :biggrin: Well just been on online banking a minute ago only to see that i have been charged $80 purchase interest charges :mad:. I am really annoyed as they took the money from my bank balance straight away and it came up on my credit card available balance that it was paid so how can they charge me this amount!! It wasnt even as if my payment was due either. In UK if i paid my credit card off before due date i never got charged any interest. Does anyone know if this is the case here??? The Banks here are run so much differently here than the uk. I dont know about anyone else but we always had an overdraft facility in UK but they are almost unheard of here. I think u can get an O/D but only if u got a really good reason. Any advise would be appreciated before i go down the bank on Tues morning! Nic :arghh:
  13. Guest

    bloody visas!

    hi, i just read a post on here and now my head is spinning! we started our application over a year ago and after passing the vetassess trade test and appliying for state sponsorship nearly 5 months ago thought that bar the medicals and police checks we were on the home straight, but some one mentioned end of 2012!!!!!!! i was not even thinking of that sort of time scale in my worst nightmare, so can anyone shed some light, many thanks. Will:eek:
  14. blondie

    Bloody centrelink

    I am absolutely spitting nails here :mad: My daughter is studying at Uni in Brisbane and is finally eligible to apply for Youth Allowance. She qualifies because she is in full time education and has earned the amount required in the previous 18 months. However, she received a call from Centrelink today to ask why she didn't live at home and had she ever been a victim of domestic abuse ... WHAT THE ?? She explained that the course she wanted to study was not offered in Sydney but she still has to go back in and fill out another form to state we did not beat her, they also asked if there was an independant person to verify she was not the victim of domestic abuse and was it ok if a Social Worker called on us at home. After checking their website this evening it's my understanding that there are numerous criteria to determine independant living of which you only need to 'tick the box' for one of those criteria. She gave over her passport for ID to be told it wasn't enough, she offered her driving licence, again told it was not enough for 100 points needed. They ended up taking her passport, driving licence, medicare card, student ID card, bank card. No wonder this bloody country has to recruit educated people from overseas, it seems the process of encouraging further education is to be stamped on from a great height. It's just yet another example of the anal beauracracy this country strangles itself with. Does anyone know if this is an over zealous employee of Centrelink please ? Blondie
  15. Oh guys, this is an absolute night mare... my hubby is due to start working for a company in Sydney on the 2 Nov.. he was told by the company to arrive afew days beofre to get over the jet lag and settle into his temp home. The decision was made for him to fly on the 28 Oct(wednesday). On Wednesday of this week( 22 Oct) he was notifed by immi that his visa had been accepted on his companies side, but we are STILL waiting for his side of the visa to go through, police checks, passports, you name it, we have sent it... but still waiting.. Hubby is going out of his mind with worry, as although the company have sadi that they will wait, we dont really want to lose his flight money... and our other dilema is, if his visa is rejected he then has to fly to oz to remove our $10k from the bank!!! Im pulling my hair out, because i dont knkow whats going on... HELP!!!!!!!:arghh:
  16. tracy123

    Where the Bloody hell are YOU!

    Come on people like KP NUTS, KDAL, KEILY, STOCKIES, and the rest of you that have made the move and hardly come on anymore it’s about time you put on a post and let us all know what your up too warts an ALL
  17. Ratchet

    bloody halifax online

    I explained to our bank in the UK - Halifax - before we came out that i will be transfering monies into a oz account. They suggested online banking and so far it has worked well to pay bills etc in Aus prior to coming out. We also have had all our cards registered as being used in Oz so they dont suspend usage........ Yesterday i opened up an Oz account for hubby and me and also one for our son. Sat here trying to transfer monies so we have something to live on and halifax online wont let me 'for security reasons' and have suspended my account!!!:eek: Bloody charming. Think i may have to transfer all the monies out of halifax and tell em to stick their banking, see how they like them apples......
  18. Guest

    We are so bloody lucky!

    Just looking at some members pics and after reading Neilo, Dawny and KP Nuts posts...we are so lucky to have this opportunity and we should thank our lucky stars it's possible! Forget moaning and whinging..what about those poor souls who try and fail to get here or those without a cat in hells chance of even applying! At least we have the choice, the opportunity and the guts to try it out! Viva Australia! It's all good! :laugh:
  19. The Flinns

    Arrgh Bloody Medicals

    Went for our meds last Monday in Huddersfield. Will not name the surgery or the hospital that we attended, but they are next door to each other.:huh: The appointment at the surgery was for 3pm and we arrived 10 mins early as one should. Anyway after spending an hour stuck in a stuffy crowded waiting room, my youngest son was summoned in for his medical. Two doctors split the medicals and for our family of four it took us about another hour and a half before the medicals were finished. Two and a half hours in total. Question. Why set an appointment time when it is clearly not feasible?? After the meds, we were sent down stairs to pay (not cheap) and instructed to ring the surgery a week and a day later to check that everything had been sent off ok. Well I duly rang the surgery yesterday, expecting the meds to be well on their way to Oz, and was asked 'where I had had my xrays done?' I explained that they had been done at the hospital next door (we even brought the xray films to the doctors surgey with us) and was flabbergasted to be told that the radiologist had been on holiday for a week and that was probably why they hadn't received the radiologists report yet. Only one radiologist in the whole hospital! I don't believe it! I then asked her if she would be kind enough to chase them up and she told me that she would probably do it later, 'as another family was also waiting.' STONE THE CROWS! As if the stress and expence of the whole migration process isn't enough, do we really need this incompetence on top? I had the mother of all headaches yesterday and it's a good job that I wasn't taking my medical yesterday as my blood pressure would have been through the roof. Sorry for the rant, I'm usually a very placid person, but.....arrgh!!:arghh: Howard
  20. Today has been a great day. Got to work and handed in my notice. I've been working for a local guy for the past 6 weeks but the problem is the business has been handed down to this guy from his father. His father is now 74 and still comes to work on building sites with us. Now, without sounding mean, this guy really should not be working at his age. Don't get me wrong i bet in his day he would have given any tradesman a run for his money. But i've had six full weeks of putting up with his arogant old sod whose eyes and hearing aren't what they used to be. I know when i'm 74 i would hate to have this said about me but by God am i happy that i only have to put up with it for 2 more days. Celebrating with a beer. eddie:elvis::cool:
  21. Well this is the final straw, we had the "manager" from the agents that we are with round on thursday to in his words " put his balls on the table" and give it to us straight that if we didnt dropped our price to beat the market we would not be going to AUSTRALIA:arghh: well those balls on my table nearly got flipping chopped off and this was in the first 10 mins of him being here.......cheeky little sod ! well actually he wasnt little at all, way over 6ft and an ego to match, anyway we sat there for what seemed like hours listening to his guff on the housing market hello we are the ones who have dropped our price by 30k since Feb I think we know what the ruddy market is doing, it just makes me so mad that these people come into your home and shave thousands of the value just like it was nothing, this is our new life we are talking about and we have now gone from taking in excess of 50k with us to possibly less than 20k, i know we are not the only ones in this situation but i really dont think i'm very good with all this stress, SORRY guys just needed to rant :realmad:for a few mins.....i'm fine now and thanks for reading.
  22. Guest

    Bloody Banks here in Oz !

    Hiya, Just thiught I would share this with you all.......................................................... We have a bank account with The Commonwealth Bank here in Perth. This was our original bank that we used prior to getting to Oz and we transferred all our money to this account. ( May I say now, up until this week I have never had a problem with this bank since I have been here, albeit 15 months !!! ) Got a phone call from this bank on Fri morning ( my oh has a credit card with them ) enquiring if we had booked flights with Emrites for A$4000 ????????????????????????????? Of course we hadnt so someone has got access to our account or card details and booked this on our card, thamk god the bang rang to enquire about it as I had only just got my statement so would have taken another good couple of weeks to get the next one for it to show ! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// How can this happen ??? We havent had our cards lost or stolen, its had to go to a bank enquiry now and could take up to 42 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sian xxx :arghh:
  23. Guest

    What a Bloody Mess !!!

    :cry:I now feel completely taken for a mug! Despite warnings from superstars on this site, we pursued the idea of my completing a Childcare Course, in Oz, for 12 months, to get us in. At the end of the 12 months, there was a sponsored job on offer. The Course cost was £12,000.... plus rent for a year, bills, schooling, flights, cars, etc., etc. I had a call today, from an Agent we were using, who was (at that time) unable to help us. He asked where we were at, re: going to Oz. We filled him in... only to find out that these Courses are apparently being offered to Poms to get their money, give them nothing much, and then they get sent back to the UK... Oz having gained their approx. £50,000! He says there is a slim chance of us being allowed to stay... but do we take the chance??? Hubby has no points of his own, but would be looking for a job out there. If , within the year, he found a sponsored job starting at the point the Course ends... would that help us?? We have been through soooooooooooo much to get to this point.... and now we are back to the thought of a life in the UK again. That's just to much to bear! :cry: Any words of comfort, advice... anything!?!?!?! Was up for such a great weekend too...... Andrea x :arghh::arghh:
  24. :swoon: At long last my blocks have arrived on-site along with a team of blocklayers.............. and they have started to lay them already. Very impressed thus far with the builder.............. they won't even stop for a cuppa?
  25. Guest

    So Bloody Negative !