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Found 47 results

  1. Hello I am shortly going to be applying for a working holiday visa but I suffer from High Blood Pressure, will I have to declare this on the application form? I do take tablets for it Thank you
  2. Guest

    Blood Donations

    Hi Can I continue to donate blood in Australia? I have donated in the UK for many years now and would like to continue in WA. Thanks
  3. ....Twelve glorious hours of Sookie and Eric lying in bed together discussing their relationship.
  4. pongobongo

    Help dog has failed blood tests!

    Hi, following our celebrations of getting out visa and booking flights we received the results of our dogs blood tests. He has had a positive result for ehrlichia and we are devastated. We are flying out on 6th September and the thought of getting this far and having to leave him behind is awful. He is a rescue dog and when we decided to make the move we took him to the vet to make sure that he would cope with travelling and resettling and so on, just to make sure. The thought that he would not be able to come never entered our heads as he is a fit and healthy jack russell. We have been advised by Airpets to have him re-tested as sometimes the first test comes back with a wrong result. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance Kat x
  5. I have just had my cat and dog vaccinated for rabies and they have now had their blood tests. I thought I'd post the cost in case anyone else is looking into the cost of exporting their pet. The cost of the vaccination was £35 each and the blood test £75 each. The cost of some vet treatments varies with the size of pet so I was surprised that the vaccines for a 5kg cat and a 34kg dog were the same. It's possible that it may have been a bit cheaper if I had shopped around but I preferred to use my usual vet, and they are very experienced with pet exports.
  6. Guest

    Blood Donations

    Hi Can I continue to donate blood in Australia? I have donated in the UK for many years now and would like to continue in WA. Thanks
  7. ScotsQuine

    Passed blood tests first time!

    Hello... Thought I would share with you guys as when I had looked through PIO re blood tests for our dog I only found info re failing them! Our large (45kg) GSD had his annual vaccinations on the 3rd December 2010, he had also been vaccinated against Leptospirosis as we hadn't been planning a move to Oz at that point. But things changed at the beginning of this year and our visa was granted and the next hurdle was our dog. He had his blood test on the 20th July and the phone call (finally!) came from the pet movers today to say he had passed!!! I was absolutely gobsmacked as I was so sure he would have failed as it had been under 8 months since his Lepto jab? Other posters have had their dogs fail with a longer period between vaccinations and bloodtests? But, while reading through all the threads on 'Failed Blood Tests' I had found some very reassuring information from both Moving2Melbourne and BobPetairUk, so if your dog should fail for whatever reason, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - don't despair!! Good luck for anyone else in the same position! :hug:
  8. Can anyone throw some light on what level of BP is acceptable for a 64 year old, please? I have taken medication for BP since 1997 which keeps it under control. My last readings with my GP were 134/69 in Feb 2011. However, on the day of my medical it was 168/80 ... white coat syndrome? I had a letter from my doctor which stated "no significant past medical history and gave the Feb 2011 reading. Will this get me a grade A? Before and since my own readings were around 138/65, 148/78, 151/76, etc. Also, has anyone got their results directly from the visa medical before getting a Case Officer?
  9. popnjeb

    Failed first blood test

    Hi All Just got the first blood test results back for my little doggie-daughter and she failed her lepto and has to be retested next monday. I am so distraught been in tears all afternoon. :cry::cry::cry: Has anyone else out there had a fail first time around on the lepto? Do the levels normally stay the same? I am in a proper panic!!! xx
  10. Amy Rose

    BLood tests

    Yey the vet receptionist just rang to say the dogs blood tests have arrived and they are all ok phew! But she asked me if I needed a copy so I told her I didnt think so I think the vet needs to do something with them and they would have the DEFRA paper work through tomorrow. Anyone have any idea? I hope the vet knows what to do with them!
  11. Wolla Bolla Bing Bong

    Can I give blood in Australia?

    Hi all I am a regular blood donor here in the UK and will be completing my 27th donation next week. When I was completing my medicals on the 4th March I asked the doctor about giving blood in Australia since I am a regular in this country. He wasnt entirely sure about the situation but he said that someone mentioned to him that if you are from the UK, then you cannot give blood in Oz. And this is mainly due to this country having mad cow disease and they want to cut all risks of this being transferred over there!! :huh: Surely this is crazy talk as its quite clear that I am free from infections and should be healthy enough to provide blood over there. I am not bothered about receiving money for the donation as I am quite happy to donate for free. I donate to help where I can and I would be actually quite gutted that these rumours are true. :sad: Does anyone have any confirmation regarding this? Cheers
  12. I have done commercial cookery and lodged my TR in aug 2010 , few days back my sister got PR in India as her husband applied for offshore Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) subclass 176 (Skilled - Sponsored) as he is engineer , i was wondering when they come here can i apply for PR on their basis as blood relation gets points .
  13. Booking the dogs flights tomorrow. They will be flying on Weds 16th Feb and arriving Fri 18th Feb. I am arranging all the paperwork, blood tests and parasite treatments myself as a lot cheaper but am worried I might get the timing wrong! Does the wording "within X amount of days prior to export" mean that I can't do it anytime before X amount of days but I could do it anytime after? So for example: Blood tests and first round of external parasite treatments to be done within 30days prior to export. - I was planning on doing this day 27 prior to export, giving me three days to play with incase there was any delays with the flights (which is quite likely with the extreme weather we have been experiencing the last few winters!!). Final external and internal parasite treatments, and completion of Vet Cert Part A to be done within 4days prior to export. - I was planning on doing this day 2 prior to export. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi everyone, I am looking for a lab in the UK that does this test? I am currently living in Greece and they dont do it here, I called a lab in Scotland and they dont do it either. Does anyone know where I can get this done?
  15. Guest

    'Dirty' British Blood!

    I have just attempted to donate blood at the hospital and was very surprised to be spurned! It seems any one who has lived in the UK for six months or more between 1980 and 1996 are permanently excluded from donating. The nurse at the hospital had no idea why this was but after researching this on the internet it seems the Australians believe there is a risk of us all carrying Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in our blood. Does anyone know if there are other countries who see this as being a significant risk? I don't know whether to be amazed or worried! I have given blood in several countries in the last 3 years or so and didn't have any issues being a Brit.:wacko:
  16. paulswin

    Blood Pressure???

    Hi does anyone know if I have to go on blood pressure tablets will that stop me passing the medical and getting a visa????
  17. My daughter has been attacked by mossies and has bites all over her legs. Last night she was scratching one whilst sat on the settee and it later bled all over the WHITE Ikea sofas!!! (we were given them by my dad i would never buy white sofas with kids!!!) Luckily they have removable covers but i am unsure of what to use to get the blood stain out :sad: Can anyone help?
  18. Guest

    dog blood test

    hi all, we are trying to get a plan together for a time to go to oz but does anyone no how long before do dogs have to have blood test done is it something i can do a few months before or is it much longer and how long to the results last? we will need to sale house so it hard trying to get all the bit sorted at the same time. any info would be great thanks dee
  19. Guest

    High blood pressure

    I have recently found out I have high blood pressure - doc has no idea why though, which is annoying.. Its not stupidly high, but it worries me that come meds time, this might cause problems.... any experiences with things like this?
  20. I've had no luck with my enquiry to the DIAC, even they can't give me a straight answer! maybe someone on here can help me? :unsure: All being well, we will get our visa and move to Australia in late summer 2010. By then I will be fully qualified as an acupuncturist. My question to the clinic doing our meds, DIAC (just sent a PLE) and to anyone who will listen is.. do I need to have the additional blood tests that are required of people working in the medicine and healthcare. DIAC said, "The relevant authority will advise you on whether Mrs XXXX is required to undergo additional blood tests. " No mention of who the relevant authority is either. :goofy: Can anyone help? Thanks, Sam
  21. Guest

    Medicals - Blood Pressure

    Hi, We have our meds booked for September, and worried about my BP. Last month is was 156/94, and today its come down to 142/90 - which was great. Only the one reading took. Drs dont want to see me for 2 months, so will continue the good work - I reckon a second reading after a calm period, it would come down further. Thoughts? My BMI is 32, checked today, so some weight loss to do also - but only 29 and also never been on BP tablets. Weight loss etc has always brought it down Just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences? We are going to Birmingham for our meds
  22. Hi Guys, Had the medicals yesterday all went well, apart from the Doctor could not get an blood out of me! So I have to go back tomorow. Everything else was fine but he wanted to do some more blood tests, glocose and liver function. Anyone else had this? When I was 8 i had hep A but not sure why they need a liver function test as its very common and my liver is fine as I would know about it by now!. Just wondering if they are trying to scheme moneyout of me as they cost £170 more! Thanks
  23. I got my dogs blood test results yesterday, and it came up that he had leprotosis anti-bodies in his blood. My export person says that he needs to be retested in 2 weeks. He is at a level that is excecptable in the UK so he wants to send him out, but doesn't know if Sydney will except him or let him out of quarantine. I don't want to spend £3,500 to have him sent over if he only ends up being destroyed over there. Has anyone else had a similar problem and what happened? I'm gutted and don't know what to do as we are all meant to being moving out there next week. Kellyx
  24. Hi all, Does anyone know if raised blood pressure in the medical will cause a problem. I am the main 176 aplicant and I was grand but my wife's blood pressure was "raised" in the medical that we did today. Other than that she was grand. Does anyone know if this will be an issue? thanks K
  25. Guest

    how much are extra blood tests?

    hi all, if granted me prospective marriage visa, will work on a chook farm that i used to work on until i find my feet again. I have a letter also saying i will work there on a permanent basis if granted the visa.I do want to do care work, as that is my usual line of work, now i understand on medical forms if u declare it, you then have to have extra blood tests. does anyone no how many extra blood tests? what the blood tests are testing for? and how much per blood test? :spinny: