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Found 16 results

  1. Guest

    My Blog

    Thought i would start a blog forum :biggrin:, I have just been reading poms in oz and my bloody soup has got cold so i am gonna stick it in the microwave. :mad: Then i am going to go and watch my lad play rugby for his school and then come home and have my tea. I will update on my evening movements later. Please feel free to enter your own movements for the next few hours.
  2. Hi guys, firstly I'm not sure if this is the right section to be posting this but I'm sure Kate or a mod will reassign if necessary. To be honest I'm not much of a writer--especially of the fiction variety. I blog. I started blogging after numerous attempts at trying to start a book and ending up with the first page or two. This time I hope its going to be different. I've been blogging about our migrant journey for several months. I'm enjoying writing and different aspects and dimensions of the whole migration process is rearing its head begging to be written. Its not going to be entirely about migrating to OZ, but much much more. I hope to be able to give a voice to the trials and tribulations migrants face--unique challenges that only we know about. Here I would like your help. I have prepared a questionnaire kind of thing --mainly to do with one aspect the book plans to address. If you would like to tell me your story, or if you would like to check out the questionnaire and fill it in for me I would be very grateful. I don't intend to spam anyone with the questionnaire (its kind of very short so don't get put off with the term questionnaire ) so please indicate on here if you would like to contribute. Any other suggestions and ideas are also welcome. I take confidentiality very seriously and will only publish any personal details with express permission
  3. Plan 104

    Perth blog

    Hi all, I have been writing a blog for a few months now, not updating it as much as I should but trying to capture our journey since deciding to move and actually getting here. Thought it might be useful for people who are doing the same thing. www.plan104.blogspot.com
  4. Guest

    Sydney Food Blog

    Hi all, My mate lives in Sydney, he's a bit of a foody, loves eating out etc. He's set up this blog, it's only at the early stages, but might be worth a look for any newbies to the area. http://thesydneyfoodblog.com/
  5. sossijchops

    Daily Telegraph (UK) Blog - moving home

    Just wanted to let fellow pomsinozzers know that you can follow my 'moving back to blighty' diary here: Robert Pickles - Telegraph I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to post replies.
  6. Hi everyone DIAC launched its new skilled migration blog today: http://skilledmigration.govspace.gov.au/ , which is posted under the name of Peter Speldewinde, the Assistant Secretary of DIAC's Labour Market Branch. The first of its weekly posts is about Enterprise Migration Agreements, which are targeted at business rather than individual skilled migration applicants, but Peter intends to update it weekly, so it's probably worth keeping an eye on. Cheers Susan
  7. Hi all DIAC's new skilled migration blog was launched today: http://skilledmigration.govspace.gov.au/ First post: EMAs Might be worth keeping an eye on - maybe not - time will tell. It's meant to be updated weekly. Cheers S
  8. Tina G

    Blogging our way across

    Hi Everybody, I just wanted to thank everybody who contributes and runs this site it is quite simply an amazing source of information. It has helped me and my fiancé immensely and as such we wanted to give a little something back. We have decided to set up a little blog of our move across the pond to Melbourne later this year. We are going to cover everything that we encounter during this move and hopefully it will help some people thinking or even making the move to Australia. We will also cover our life after moving and if indeed this is right move after all. Our blog can be found at http://somethingbeautifulthiswaycomes.blogspot.com/ We will be cross referencing a lot of stuff back to here as well to make it a little easier to find those hard to answer questions. By the way my fiance is an aussie and grew up in Melbourne for 20 odd years. So if you want have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers Tina
  9. ck10_9

    Australia Photo Blog

    Hi Everyone I have decided that Australia is such a beautiful and unknown place that I am going to post a different photo every day from around the country into my new blog "Australia Daily Photo". For those of you looking to move here.... it may well get your juices flowing For those already here... it might give you some ideas for where to go and see some great places. Hope you enjoy - Feel free to "follow" the blog over on blogspot Australia Daily Photo
  10. Hi all, I originally posted this yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. My wife (Emma) and I (Chris) are moving to Perth at the end of July and I'm logging the whole experience in a blog, from how we started the process off, through the transition and then how we get on establishing ourselves when we land. A social experiment of two very late twentysomethings starting from scratch on the other side of the world, if you like! I'm also going to keep updates on PIO but if anyone's also interested following things direct, here's a link to the first page. 195 Blogger - Emigration Diary Hopefully this will be useful for others doing/having done the same thing, there's also an RSS feed if anyone wants to subscribe! Chris
  11. gaz n family

    State Sponsored Visa App Blog

    Sorry to ask, i have searched but am struggling to locate one. Do you know if one exsists, if so can you point me in the right direction. What i am after is someones personnel experience from the time they decided to go for it to them landing in the sunshine down under. Ideally someone who has experience in the 176 Stste Sponsor route with the Western Australia Gov, and would ideally include their timeline of their experience. Hopefull one day i can do the same with a positive outcome and we will be keeping a diary of events of our experience in the hope it will help someone else out in the future.
  12. Guest

    Recce Blog

    I Have started a Blog about the 5 weeks I was down under, in N.S.W. Victoria and S.A. The blog can be found on the site here Now it's a blog, so it's going to take me some time to complete it but it is up and running with the first two entries. For those that are looking to decide where to go for their recce, well I hope that it might be of a little assistance to you.
  13. Guest

    Interesting Blog

    Hi all, I have started a blog, containing news, success stories and migration advice. Please stop by and take a look. I hope you find it interesting! I'm hoping with time that it will grow to be a valuable resource for anyone wanting to migrate, live or study in Oz. Bridge Blog If there are any topics you'd like to see covered, please drop me an email, and I'll see what I can do. I welcome any questions, comments or even criticisms :spinny: (should you have any, but hopefully not!) Feel free to link to my site, or add my feed to your RSS feeder to get updates and news as they are published. I wish you all a very Happy New year, and good luck with starting your new life down Under.
  14. Hi all, Would you read a migration blog? And if so, what would you like to read about? I was just wondering what issues and concerns you would most like answered, in terms of migrating to Australia. My husband and I have just started a migration company (I won't put the name here as I'm not here to spam you), and I am creating a blog where we can, hopefully, post up some advice, tips, case studies, success stories and the like - that would be of interest to others who are also wanting to migrate, study or live in Oz. Writing about immigration isn't the most 'dynamic' of subjects... So, if you have any ideas about what you would find interesting or relevant in a blog, I'd love to know. Happy New Year :hug:
  15. Guest

    Newbie in Sydney

    Hi all, I moved from Sydney to Europe a few months ago and I like it very much:v_SPIN: It is the first time I see this forum, but it looks very good! Hope I can find some useful info, or maybe help other people as well. cheers, Attila
  16. Guest

    PiO Blog Thingy

    Hi All, I have been toying with the idea of adding a blog to this community for everyone to track their journeys and their experiences with moving to and living in Australia. This would add another dimension to this increasingly busy community. We already have the Forum, Photo Gallery, Arcade, Chat and the Useful Links sections. Phew! The question is would you use it? Honest opinions please! Tim