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Found 26 results

  1. Guest

    Black Mirror

    Hello all, Did anyone see Black Mirror which was a new 3 part drama on Channel 4 Sunday evening? It was about the prime minister who was put in a very difficult position :shocked: when a royal princes was kidnapped and the kidnappers would only release her if the pm had sex with a pig live on tv, well needless to say he had to go through with the demand. They did not actually show the deed but it was fairly obvious what was going on and i was wondering if any of you watched it and if so what did you think? I actually thought it was dreadful and in very poor taste and am still stunned that they were allowed to show it in the first place, this for my money shows how low tv producers will go to win viewers, admitidly i watched it all :err: but i think that was because i could not quite believe what i was watching :no:
  2. so when you swimming on a patrolled beach and have the yellow and orange flags you swim between, what do the black and white flags just next to them mean?
  3. This really tickled me some weeks ago.........the intro to this tune which uses a xylophone is the same tune to bar bar black sheep and this has also give me my opportunity to say that when i see the video , it always reminds me of our Tony /Leeming , he is the spitting image of the guy ...... before i heard about the bar bar black sheep thing i loved this tune but now everytime i hear it (which is every day on 96fm Perth) i have to have a little chuckle at the intro ect ........... and to bar bar black sheep via india http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBEHFFnV3RY :goofy:
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm getting married in december and was wondering if anybody knew of or have hired black london cabs or similar pom'mobile for your wedding? I've done a quick search online and have found one company but they're charging $1,000.... Very grateful for any help! Cheer guys, been reading for a while, great site! Wilbert
  5. sunni1234

    Black Swan

    WOW just finished watching the Black Swan with Natalie Portman.......:unsure::shocked::cry::realmad::wubclub: Amazing film...............What film have you watched lately that has had that WOW factor? sunni
  6. Leaving in a few weeks, wanting to sell: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF $12000 47,500 kms, Rego to Sept. ‘11 Black 1 Owner from New 5 door 5 seat hatchback Safety Certificate Very good condition Kept in garage Engine 4 cylinder 2.0L Manual Air Con, Air bags, clean interior Full service history, last serviced January ‘11. Available to view from Tues 5 April Brisbane (Bayside) Please Dm if interested, can email pics! It will be on carsales.com.au this week. Check the price, this is a good deal, we want to sell. Prefer to have car until we leave, but flexible. Thanks for your interest!
  7. Parley

    Black Caviar

    Simply awesome !!!
  8. dodgy

    Black leather cinema suit

    http://perth.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-Sale-homeware-furniture-outdoor-living-room-Cinema-Suit-W0QQAdIdZ246719234 Black leather cinema suit little over a year old exellent condition. 4 metres long in an arch. 1 x double seat 2 x double cup holders/storage space 2 x end recliners. $ 600 located in Mindarie Beach.
  9. Guest

    Death, Black Style.

    Just been watching a programme on a community of black people in Miami. Unfortunately a death occurred within one family and as normal there were tears, sorrow, etc, BUT. When the funeral came along in their local community church the atmosphere was so different to what we do. No rights or wrongs I guess, but the black congregation did seem to 'celebrate' the life of the poor fella involved. Of course there were tears and sadness, but they were dancing, singing, all sorts of shinanaghans going on. As I said I'm not saying either is right or wrong, our way of doing things or the black community involved. Not saying they were having a good time either, but it did seem to me that the congregation had a 'better' attitude to the passing of a loved one, could be wrong though. So just why do 'we' seem to have a completely view of funerals and death. After all they were christians as well, but the actual funeral seemed to a wholly different animal to the one I have experienced. I know which funeral I would rather have been at, well, the 'feel' of it anyway. Cheers Tony.
  10. Moved over to Perth at the beginning of March and an trying to find a source for the above. Our Coles sells an Irish recipe white pudding but it's quite different to what I was hoping for. Is there a "Scottish" butcher anywhere NOR or a Sunday market where I can buy a little "slice of home"? Tattie scones would be a good find too if anyone knows of a source. Thanks.:spinny:
  11. Guest

    Black Pudding!

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place but I am in need of proper Black Pudding, I have had some since I got here but it had oat or something in it. I am in Berwick and I have heard that there is an English butchers in Dandenong called Robs the English Butchers and wondered if anyone knows if its sold there? We are having a cooked breakfast at work next week and want to pass on the greatness that is Black Pudding to my Aussie workmates! If there is anywhere nearby that anyone knows of let me know please. Terry.
  12. Hi. We have a Black Labrador that is 8 Years old and am looking at bringing him with us. As we cant have kids he is like our child. Just wondered if any of you can let me know how much you paid bringing a similar size dog. He weighs about 30kg. I would just like an idea so I dont get ripped off as I have heard the figure could be £3k. Kind regards Lee
  13. .............are just a few of the items i found in aldis in Epping plaza at the weekend.......They also had digestives normal and chocolate and sherbert fountains:jiggy: :notworthy:
  14. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne Black Saturday Bushfires

    Well most people have carried on with their lives and some may have forgot about the devastation that the fires caused in February 2009. I read today an article from a 15 year old boy of how he went back to try and save his mum and 2 brothers you can read the article here: Teenager Jonathon Inzitari tells the bushfires Royal Commission of his desperate bid to save his family from the inferno | Herald Sun It brought a tear to my eye, imagine the pain that this child and his father must still feel hearing his mother and brothers screams. Can I ask you all to spare a few seconds to remember those families, I know it isn't an anniversary of the event but that shouldn't stop us remembering the ones who suffered from this terrible tragedy and maybe donating a couple of dollars to the CFA. Supporting CFA - Country Fire Authority Kate:notworthy:
  15. Guest

    Black. !!!!

    Just when did things change so much in relation to 'colour'. I only ask as lately things seemed to have spiraled out of control completely, we are all walking on eggshells, well at least that's the way it seems to me. I only ask as being nearly 47 years old I have seen a massive leap in our interpretation of 'colour'. Two experiences jump to mind. Firstly around 25 years ago I used to work in a warehouse, we would load/unload trucks of their cargo, the bunch of fellas around me were a great bunch, always up for a laugh, but always managed to get the work done. My team was made up of four fellas, ranging in age from about 20 - 35. There happened to be a black fella there by the name of Phil. He was as black as the ace of spades, built like a brick ....house, and he worked his nuts off, as we all did. The general banter was often funny, crude, cruel, etc as it often is amongst a group of blokes, but my point is this. Phil was one of the funniest men I have ever met. We would often ask him to smile as we couldn't see him in the back of the lorry. He would call us white trash, honky, amongst many others that I would not put on an open forum. BUT at the end of the day we all got along and more often than not would pile down to the pub on a Friday night and have a great laugh. At that time there was racism about and if ANYONE picked on Phil WE would be the first to jump to his defence and tell those that wanted to start trouble 'just' because Phil was black to back off and drink elsewhere. Phil is still a pal of mine, we STILL rip into each other about each others colour, AND we laugh. BUT, the thing is this, we only do this behind closed doors because we BOTH know that the world we now inhabit has changed and to say such things in public may be misconstrued. Secondly, around 18 months ago I went for a night shift job in a very large electrical retailer. There were two applicants, myself and another fella by the name of Tony who happened to be black, same name as mine. I passed pleasantries with him for around ten minutes and he seemed a genuine enough fella who was easy to talk to. Anyway down walks the gentleman who is about to interview us. He shakes my hand as you do and asks my name, 'Tony' I say, 'Nice to meet you'. As the interviewer shakes the other Tony's hand he asks, 'And what is your name?', before my brain has engaged gear I pipe up with, 'His names Tony as well, but don't worry you won't get us mixed up'. At that moment in time I knew exactly what I said had gone down like a lead balloon, BUT only with the interviewer, Tony rolled up and nearly wet himself, so I hadn't offended him in any way. After some silence we went upstairs and sat the entrance exam, etc, had an interview and were sent on our way. As we left I asked Tony if he fancied a coffee, we went to the local creasy spoon and had a chat and a laugh. We had a crack about what I had said and thought it was very funny. Tony knew what I had said was NOT racist. I would have said the same thing if Tony was white but had a pony tail, skin head etc, it just so happened that Tony was black and that WAS the difference between us so I highlighted this particular issue. I was not racist at all, maybe foot in mouth a little but far from racist. Now fast forward three weeks. I obviously hadn't got the job as I didn't hear from them. There I am in my local town and who should I bump into, but Tony. Again we had a chat and a laugh, all well and good. It turns out that Tony got the job. However it transpired some minutes later that Tony had been asked by the interviewer if he would like to take the 'incident' further. The incident I asked Tony? He told me that when I had made the 'joke' it had gone down like lead. The supervisor seriously asked Tony that if he wanted to pursue the matter then it was his right to do so. Even more gob smacking was this. Tony told me that he had written exactly the same answers to the questions on the entrance exam and in his 'interview' he clammed up completely and said very little. So, was the fact that Tony was black instrumental in him getting the job, no idea at all, but it may have been influential. So in essence, just when did the PC brigade take over and dictate to us that an innocent joke between friends, even strangers was now racially out of order. Or, have we come to the stage in our evolution where because of the smallest of minorities and radicals on both sides of the arguments we are now ALL paying the price for some people to view any reference to colour etc, is now abhorrent and despicable. There is no way on Gods green earth that you could call me racist. Or there again, if I make a 'joke' about smiling because I can't see you in the back of the lorry I should now be hung, drawn and quartered. I KNOW there are extreme views out there, I KNOW that. But when people of different colour can no longer have a laugh and joke about the 'differences' in skin colour then we are living in a state where the lunatics have taken over the asylum. God help us all. Cheers Tony
  16. kernow43

    A tribute to Black Saturday

    A link to my son-in-laws websiet on photos he took last year after the fires. Kinglake: One Month After Black Saturday He was recently chosen from 100 artists and photographers to enter an exhibition of the bushfires. He was 1 of ten chosen to form the exhibition at the World Trade Centre. He was very pleased as out of 60 exhibits the ten of his was chosen. This is a link to info on the exhibition, also a blog of opening day. Reflection & Regeneration Show Opens
  17. A must see if you are anywhere near Canberra (Quoll?) is the Telstra Tower at Black Mountain. Formerly known as Telstra Tower, Black Mountain Tower is one of Canberra’s top attractions. The tower is located in a beautiful nature reserve and boasts 360-degree views of Canberra and the surrounding countryside. Follow one of the walking tracks on Black Mountain for picture perfect views over Canberra, and see habitats for many native plants and animals including the ringtail possum. Enjoy views from the viewing gallery or the two open viewing platforms. The tower plays a vital role in Australia's telecommunication network and visitors can enjoy the history of telecommunications in Australia through a 'hands-on' experience when exploring the "Making Connections" exhibition featured in the tower. Further Information Located within the tower is a souvenir shop, cafe and the fine dining revolving restaurant, Alto. Entry Fees There is an admission charge to tower Site Facilities Carpark , Public Toilets, Restaurant(s), Sheltered Area, Coach Parking, Shop / Kiosk Disabled Facilities Access, Dedicated Parking I have been there a couple of times and the views are pretty special.
  18. Hi, Am making the move to Melbourne (Berwick/Pakenham) in January and wanted to know how people might respond to me and if there are any Black British in Melbourne or even on this site? I am in my 30's and making this move solo...uhm lots to think about and very excited! just now thinking about the practicalities
  19. TheBrammies

    The Black eyed peas at our Surf Club

    there we were having our weekly natter at the surf club in Secret Harbour as we do every sunday morning when the Black Eyed Peas turned up for a morning coffee so even the famous love Secret Harbour. If anyone wants a chair that fergie sat on just give me a bell lmao
  20. PommyPaul

    Black snakes in the garden

    so i moved into a new house a few weeks ago and its well and truely in the jungle. Last night i was waxing the car at about 8pm and heard a russle just behind me, spun round to see about half a meter of black scaley tail slither off into the bush..... hmmmmm ...and also i saw a massive 1 meter plus black snake at the top of my driveway earlier in the day. So i've blatantly got aload of snakes hanging around locally, whats the go with these babies, would i make it a 10k drive to the hospital if i got bite by one or is there some kind of anti-serum type stuff i should keep in the house?
  21. Hi guys, we are doing it again very soon. After our success on Wednesday night but some people not being able to make it a couple of us thought we would meet again on Friday. So if you fancy a nice drink after work we will be there from 5:30 onwards and look forward to seeing you all. Single or not! It's West Perth - New Black Tom’s Bar, West Perth Catch you all later, Cara
  22. Lanky Lad

    Samsung Black Glass TV Stand

    Samsung 3 tier Black Glass, silver pillars LVD TV Stand. Un Marked as new. Located The Central Coast ( ne The Entrance ) off the Sydney to Newcastle freeway. Costs about $550 + here - open to offers. Large selection of mutli plug adaptors and extentions - UK fittings!!!!!! PM or email for more details
  23. Guest

    Black British in Australia

    Hi, I am looking to move with my family to Australia and was wondering what they are like with black british. I am black and my partner is white, we have 3 children all under 4 and would like to give them a better life than I think they could have in London. I have heard that Melbourne is quite multi cultural and this seems to be the place my partner would most like to go. Researching as much as possible before we make a proper decision so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Guest

    Little black things

    Anyone being troubled by Ants. My Mrs is driving me mad She's paranoid about the blighters and got sprays and stuff outside our front, back, side you name it. these Ants seem to be everywhere what's the best thing to do to get rid of them ??? They and her are driving me mad :arghh: REDDERS
  25. Guest

    Red Bellied Black Snake

    just got the neighborhood news letter and apparently we have one of these lovely things slithering around our gardens note that it has NO legs yet it can move around, surly it is spawned from the devil himself