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Found 12 results

  1. I remember reading a post on here a few months ago regarding shipping some boxes over to Oz from UK, and I cant find the post! I have a few things left that I want shipped over but not sure of the best company to call. Also, would they box up the bits when they came to collect, or would it need to be done prior. If the latter is the case do they send the packing boxes to you? Thanks for reading this and hopefully someone can help as this needs to be done fairly urgently.....:wink: Nikki x
  2. Guest

    bits and bobs for the house

    Hi,wondered if anyone knows of any good sites to check out prices on various household items.We were planing on starting afresh and buying all new when we get to Oz.This was due to most of our stuff being old,second hand or on its last legs.(new life and fresh start and all that).It seems most people wish they had taken more over with them.I definately dont want to buy furniture over here but am thinking maybe fresh towels,bedding,kitchware etc.If i buy stuff here i have to add the shipping costs so im not sure which will work out the best option.Thanks Ebstar
  3. Hiya, I know some of this has been covered in another thread but I specifically wanted to know if anybody has tried to import a motorcycle in bits. I have an old 1978 Z650 that was my wifes pride and joy until it started to fall apart. To cut a long story short it is stripped to it's component parts but we would like to take it with us so it can be rebuilt in the sunshine:biggrin: We have all the docs and many boxes of bits. Cleaning it will not be a problem but I'm struggling to find a section with the information about importing it as a box of parts. Any help much appreciated. Kev
  4. Hi I fly to perth on the 13th March and on top of my 20kg baggage allowance I only have a bout 3 or maybe 4 other suitcases to fly over. Can anyone recomend a good company? There will be things like books, dvd's etc in the suitcases and I'm happy for them to be shipped rather than flown (cheapest way poss basically) Can anyone recomend a good company? Thank you xx
  5. Ratchet

    TV licence and other bits

    Some things still confusing me, if anyone can help. TV licences - Do they have them here? do i need to get one when my stuff turns up?:eek: What with the car rego's - i was told they include third party insurance cover - how does that work then? Last one - Ive got insurance on the car and when i phoned up to make sure that they had added my hubby on the insurance they said he was now as an additional driver but he was ok to drive it anyway??? Huh??:err: So who gets insured the car or the driver?
  6. hi all just thought it would be good amongst all the doom and gloom to start a thread with all of our favorite or best bits of oz, whether its adelaide,perth or wherever it will be good for all of the new arrivels to know where they can go for a good day out as it will help us settle in especially if you have kids. im heading to adelaide in april and would love to know some great places to visit to get to know our new home. many thanks dobba:hug:
  7. Firstly Hello all, I am a new member and would like your take on a question I have re the cheap bits of Geelong. I have come into a wee inheritance and am in a position to either buy a wee weatherboard house outright or make some serious inroads on a brick house somewhere in Geelong. Basically I have no where near enough money to buy in Melbourne and would rather be in a nice wee city like Geelong than out in the the woop woop suburbs of Melbourne. People seem to have a very dim view of Corio and Norlane and these sort of cheap areas but I want to know ....are they really that bad? To give you an idea of where I stand on this sort of thing. I am from Maryhill in Glasgow, have lived very happily in Hackey east london, Byker in Newcastle, Toxteth, Sandilands in Aberdeen and Saint Kilda Melbourne. The last one being Vale Street Saint Kilda, or hip deep in junkies and hookers. NOw I never considered any of these places particularly rough, in fact the only place I have ever been burgaled was Saint Kilda and that was in no way rough in my book. So, are Corio and Norlane and the like really rough areas or are the people who pour scorn on them big jessies? I'm a single bloke no kids so maybe that colours my view of the matter? I look forward to your input, so thanks in advance
  8. Guest

    useful bits n pieces...

    Heya Daylight Savings: ACT NSW VIC SA TASSIE Clocks forward by 1 hour on 5 October 08 to 5 April 09 WA Clocks forward by 1 hour on 26 October 08 to 29 March 09 QLD NT No Day Light savings All States work on EST (Eastern Standard Time) all TV stations broadcast under these times and states have delayed broadcasts as not to put out peoples timings i.e. watching TV at ridiculous times Fireworks - you probably dont even want to know this lol...but fireworks are not on sale in Australia anywhere so if your here by bonfire night im afraid its just a case of baked potatoes and the pool by moonlight lol Xmas 2008 - check with your agents or with whomever you are dealing with as the High Commission in London USED (dont know if it does anymore) to shut at same times schools do here about 15 Dec and do not re open until around 15 Jan 26 JANUARY 2009 - AUSTRALIA DAY anyone arriving in time will be invited to the biggest party ever..the whole and I mean whole of australia parties on this day with sausage sizzle breakies at 6am to all day free pools with all the kids fun you could imagine..beach parties..and then MASSIVE MASSIVE fireworks all night in every state! So have a fantastic day! x
  9. Guest

    The best bits

    Hi guys If I give you a list of places Iv been looking at to rent, would you good people out there please give your opinions. We are a family of six, 2 teenagers, an 8 year old and a 2 year old. We would ideally like to be near secondary and primary schools, shops and supermarkets of course and any area you think kids would like......I know werribee has a zoo and I think its Berwick which is leafy etc..:wubclub: Please bear in mind Iv only been using the internet to research these areas, so if they are rubbish, or unsafe, please let me know, as the negatives are just as welcome as the positives..... Thanks in advance xxx 1.POINT COOK 2.SANCTUARY LAKES 3.WERRIBEE. 4.HOPPERS CROSSING 5.MELTON 6.DAYLESFORD 7.BERWICK 8.ALTONA 9.VERMONT 10.PAKENHAM
  10. Guest

    OMG my head is in bits

    My oh has secured job on 457 we have had meds just waiting for visa and we maybe have a buyer for our house. Sounds great but I have two children (13 &11) 13 yr old doesn't want to go and leave her friends etc but we have told her she is going no matter what we will try for a year and if she really hates it will come back. The 11 yr old has allways wanted to go but has now startted to change his mind as he is due to start high school in September and is really looking forward to it. If we didn't have any kids I would go tommorow. This has now seriously started me thinking are we doing the right thing, What am I doing to them etc. My o/h has allways wanted to live in Australia and its a great business opportunity for him too. He says they will be fine and I know deep down they will adapt its just so hard to see them being upset. If only I had a crystall ball. Anybody else felt like or feeling like this. Mel
  11. I found a Great story on this Interweb thing today, what do you all think? Can us Brits compare with this? We beat them at the Rugby, but can we crush a can with our thrupenny bits??? What you reckon Boy's can us Brit girls compare or not? Barmaid who crushes cans with breasts speaks out A BARMAID who crushed beer cans with her breasts has described a police fine as a "farce", while her manager says she has now been forced to "go underground". Luana De Faveri, 31, was fined $1000 after entering a guilty plea without appearing in court to breaches of licence conditions under the Liquor Control Act. She was fined for attempting to hang spoons off her nipples and for while performing in a pub in rural Western Australia. Barmaid who crushes cans with breasts speaks out | The Courier-Mail Well I'm on the case, Can't say my little one's stand much chance, but where there's a will there's a way! :twitcy: Anyone know any similar stories to this? How are you Girls out there who have made the move holding out with such competition around ? All I can say is thank God it wasn't on the medical forms, because I think my Aussie dream would have gone up in smoke. I'm off down the gym now to do a bit of Chest expansion just in case I'm asked to try this test on arrival in Brissy. Maybe I should start carrying the cement or the bricks for Tony as well. God it's all a worry, so much stress. EMMY :notworthy:
  12. Guest

    Two bits of news from Oz

    Heard on the news last night that the upcoming summer is basically going to be the hottest and driest for a long long time. Something to do with winds from Sth America. Now personally I find it hard to believe that any summer could be hotter than last year's in Sydney, but if the report is true, that means temps of over 120F :shock: The other bit of news is the Gov is intending to raise the citizenship waiting period from 3 to 4yrs. Apparently this cunning plan will be the answer to stopping home grown terrorism :?: :?