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Found 12 results

  1. They were reminding people what to do in case of snake bite on TV today, after that poor woman in Qld was killed this week. I was out walking in the bush today and spoke to my daughter who was with me about it, and it turns out she knew how to do the first aid (given that you know about it that is). Without panicking, it's worth knowing about I think.
  2. Hi Guys, in 2002 my girlfriend and i backpacked around australia, somehere up the coast i got a speeding ticket and didnt pay it. fast forward to 2011, my now wife and i with kids are in the process of a sponsorship application, surely this speeding ticket wouldnt show up or cause us problems? Im pretty sure all the cop got was my uk driving licence, and i now have a nz one. Surley???:SLEEP:
  3. tonyman

    Dog Bite ...!

    Some bad news for me today , my Pepper bit the groomer who has tried to take her on as she is a snapper with groomers,vets and kennel owners ,basically she is suffering from anxiety when not with me or my wife ect ..... the groomer is in hospital getting treatment stitches ect to two fingers , the nurses at the doctors surgery would not attempt to stitch them so ive been told .........ive picked Pepper up and i will phone the groomer tomorrow ect .......does anyone have any sensible ideas about where i stand , what i should do with Pepper .....can dog like this be treated .........ive seen her in action when she lunged at the kennel owner ,she didnt know i was their watching ....as she is just like a soft toy with me and the children........:frown:
  4. newjez

    Snake Bite in the UK

    For all those worried about the creapy crawlies in Oz, watch your feet http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20110423/tuk-nine-year-old-in-hospital-after-snak-45dbed5.html
  5. ozzbound

    Possible spider/bug bite?

    My husband has been working outside digging etc and tonight he was violently sick. I went out walking the dog and when I returned we noticed a lot of blood on his arm in one area which he wiped away to reveal 2 fang like bites. We are not sure if something bit him whilst he was sat watching tv (would you feel it??) or when working today. He will be alright won't he?:wideeyed:
  6. Hi all, Need your advice please. We have just applied to SA for SS, if successful we hope to have application in for visa by Feb time. As we still dont know the exact timings of cat 5 since the recent famous 5 visa we are still unsure how long it will take. Now for those of you who know us, you will know that Jamie has a positive skills assessment for youth worker, he has contacted several potential employers all have said we would love to take you on but we dont sponsor from overseas. We reckon he would stand a good chance of getting work if we were actually in the country and possibly sponsorship? We have our house to sell car to sell and things to tidy up as everyone does but what are your thoughts on us heading out on the student route as a fall back and once there jamie gets work and hopefully his employer will agree to eventual sponsorship? the student route is more of a fall back if he doesnt get sponsorship? I know this is the expensive route but we would have to take a loan out to go to oz for a month to try and secure work which may not work but atleast the student route would provide us with a fall back? Or do we wait and wait and wait with no guarantee the visa app in cat 5 will even be looked at before 2013?? Help please we are very confused at the mo? Thanks in advance K&J:hug:
  7. I live in sydeny: Has anyone ever had a bite with a red ring around it? I woke up this morning and have it on my arm, some of the skin is comming of and is fluid like...its numb and raised, not to painful or itchy..... Anyone know what this might be??.....
  8. I am very allergic to all insect bites and smother myself in repellant everytime I go out in the evening. Has anyone tried vitamin B1 patches? Do they work? I would be very interested to hear from any users. Thanks Susan
  9. Spider bite puts woman in hospital - Yahoo! News UK thought I should warn those heading to the UK!!!!!!!!!
  10. blondie

    Things that bite !!

    Hi Everybody When we were in the process of making the move out here I looked pretty much everywhere for a book about all the nasty deadly things that lurk in dark corners or under rocks, (please feel free to insert any jokes/funnies here ... I can't think of any) Anyways I came across this book in a local camping store: Venemous Creatures Of Australia Oxford publication ISBN: 019555330-6 Very good book, lots of info and pictures Blondie
  11. Guest

    Things that bite?

    Can anyone tell me if they got any bites when they first moved to australia, its strange because I usually get bitten quite easily but other times when I have been abroad havent suffered from the mosi bites (must be all the garlic i ate)! So im wondering for myself as well as family if anyone will suffer at all - as they tend to favour some more than others. Ellie :wubclub:
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew someone thats suffered from a poisonous bite? If so what was the creature in question and the outcome. I know the probability of this happening is low but I am interested here any experiences with the really wild wild life, this does not involve those that have 2 legs and say ''whey I man' or 'g'day'.