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Found 173 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am looking at the ENS requirements and this particular requirement is a bit unclear: You must also meet one of the following requirements: you must have your skills assessed as suitable for the nominated position by the relevant skills assessing authority. A list of assessing bodies can be found in the (ENSOL) you must have at least three years full-time work experience in the occupation before the visa application is lodged or have been nominated to fill a highly paid senior executive position with a salary of more than AUD250 000 per annum (excluding superannuation or allowances). Am I interpreting the above as you should have a positive skill assessment AND at least three years full-time experience? What do you think? If I am understanding it correctly, I wonder how International students will satisfy the requirement? The maximum experience one could possibly have is 1.5 years provided they got their experience while on the Temporary Graduate visa after graduating. Thanks
  2. This has got to have been the fastest (and most expensive!!) 12 months of my life...but definitely in a good way! I came out on a 457 last year to a very small West Perth based company. To give a bit of background, I'm 33, female and was on my own. It was an easy decision to make to come out but stepping on the plane was the hardest part. I can honestly say I have no regrets whatsoever. Yes, its been tough. There have been times when I've felt very isolated and even homesick - I've not lived in Scotland for nearly 10 years though so I don't know where that came from - but I've got over it and feel more at home here than I have anywhere. On the practical side, you really need to throw yourself into life here. Network as much as you can, get to know the areas and reach out - yes it involves putting yourself out there and it is scary, but it is worth it. Join networking groups (http://www.meetup.com is great) but don't rely on purely UK people for your networks. A lot of folks I've met have been transient and its tough building relationships only to see them move on. Financially, it was a shock to the system but I've adjusted now. If you want to compare, it does balance out but you can't keep converting back to pounds and euros. Bear in mind people tend to earn a lot more here but the costs of living are also higher. Get yourself an Entertainment Book and also sign up to Spreets, Scoopon etc. It saves you a fortune! Being on a 457 I thought I'd hit roadblocks when it came to renting, car finance etc but no such issues. When going for a rental, be prepared to fight for it! Sign up to the website mailing lists and call (don't email!) the real estate agent when you see something you like. Build up a little rapport and it will go a long way. If you've no Oz history, prepare a little pack with character references and some info about yourself. If possible, offer as little as $5 more per week - it will help to swing things in your favour. With car finance, dealerships are now used to temporary residents here and they do make it easy for you. Get an Australian drivers licence as soon as you can though. You won't get anywhere without one. I've now applied for PR through my company and have no plans to go anywhere soon. Don't think for a second that you can just step off the plane and have everything fall into place. It doesn't work like that! You have to work to establish yourself and make friends...but it's very much worth it! Very happy here and looking forward to the next 12 months :biggrin:
  3. Everybody seems to be in a christmassy mood but ive just not been able to this year! maybe its been the unusually mild weather and the fact that i havent been working thats put me off, i was dreading buying presents :sad: but now that im working i seem to be a lot better! some muppet at work was singing a xmas song earlier n i actually found myself humming it to myself on the way home :cute: going to get all my xmas presents in when i get paid and try to stop being such a scrooge! think it upsets my mum a little when im not that bothered cos she puts a lot of effort into it and who knows.. maybe this will be our last xmas together if i move! oh and todays weather definitely made it feel like proper winter.. rain, hail, sleety snow ( seriously!) and its freezing!! dave txt me saying it was howling with snow at his work, i thought he was winding me up untill i got out from work and it was even snowing a bit in Wishaw! everybody else in the xmasy mood? :jiggy:
  4. When we put in our visa application at the end of May we resigned ourselves to the fact that it coud take 18 months to 2 years to see any progress. So we got a bit of a scare last Tuesday when we got an e-mail asking for our medicals and police checks in the next 28 days. Lots of OMG and SH**, this is all getting a bit real and scary and a lot sooner that we had anticipated or planned for. So Police check applications have been sent off and we had our medicals last night - very impressed with the process and service at Spire Hospital in Manchester who only started doing these medicals in October. So now we are waiting again, but with the realisation that if there are no problems we could be taking a trip to Oz by the end of next year to validate our visas - so now for some frantic saving to pay for the flights and accommodation so we can at least make it feel like a holiday/chance to see places when we get there. Aileen
  5. emmaroo

    Bit risky...what should I do?

    I have just seen a fab job advertised in edinburgh and would love to apply for it but if I was to apply and be successful and it was to start with in the next coupleof months I would have next to no money to go back with! My heart is telling me to go for it but my head is saying don't be silly! What should I do??? :arghh::arghh:
  6. We have everything in order....visa active, bank account, letter showing employment in Oz and salary, letters of reference from our previous bank in the US, etc. Basically everything we've been asked. Still no luck securing financing for a vehicle. It's getting a tad frustrating. It looks like we may have to get an unsecured loan for a ridiculous interest rate to get a vehicle. That is not acceptable. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better way to go about this process here?
  7. Guest

    Newbie needing a bit of help

    Hi all im new to this site i want to come over to australia in january next year im not sure which part of the country would be best to go and what type of visa i would need.Was thinking WHV to start then go for sponsorship I currently have my own locksmith business and would like to come over and get a job as a locksmith but not sure how much it pays and if i could get a job as in england there is no formal qualification i have been doing locksmithing for two and a half years now. I also have an NVQ in plant operative (digger driver) 3 years + experience and have been looking at work for that it seems to pay more and looks easier to get into. 1.what type of visa do i need 2.which part of the country would be best 3.what is the possibility of actually getting work Any help would be great thanks :biggrin::biggrin:
  8. O yes. :yes::yes::yes: :swoon::swoon: Yeah, its Tuesday and I am still liking this. This followed hot on the heels of last years ad, linked below I've been buying the merch for years so this is purely eye candy for me :cute: :swoon::swoon::swoon: And here goes the BBC breaking it all down and explaining how it worked http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15240688 Genius marketing :yes:
  9. bensdad

    This is happening a bit quick!

    We have just managed to secure a rental for December in Rockingham and are now booking flights etc, it is starting to sink in now that we are on our way, sh7t talk about my bum doing th 5p 50p dance apprehensive, excited dunno how i feel but we are going to do it anyhow, wish us luck!!! :eek:
  10. Hi guys, This whole visa process is stressful,so this is a funny utube clip to lighten the process. Made me laugh, as my hubby after doing the IELTS!!! kind regards cazmayo
  11. In short, I have my final consultation regarding a small operation I need on the 6th October. It is highly unlikely the NHS will organise this operation within 1 week of that consultation, which leaves me in a difficult position, as my flight to Australia is booked for the 16th October. I cannot fly any later as the visa (WHV) runs out on the 21st October, I will be 32 on the 22nd! Does anyone know, if there's any sort of possibility of me getting this operation in Australia, via the NHS? I can divulge details of the operation, if it matters.
  12. bunbury61

    one bit of good news ....

    Jaguar / Land Rover announce new £335 million engine plant in Staffordshire ........750 new jobs minimum
  13. smokyflipps74

    A bit of a pickle.....

    Hello all, This is my first post but I have been a lurker on here for a while. There is just so much great/useful info. Thanks. Our situation is probably similar to a lot of other previous posters but here goes. Neither of us have been to Australia before, but after a period of unemployment for myself in the UK (and still looking) we decided to enquire about the 'big move'. After approaching several companies and having interviews I may be in a position to have offers on the table. The decision is two-fold: 1. Stay here and take any job for now and hope things pick up (ahem) or move for a new opportunity to Australia (untested) 2. Assuming move to Australia, Brisbane or Perth? As others before have probably gone through the whole range of emotions, doubts, elation, ups and downs, just after some advice on what to do next. Help.....:arghh:
  14. Guest

    a little bit of the UK

    .................FOUND THIS INTERESTING............... the UK promotional tourist campaign..............a great idea imo................wish I was in sydney to see it !...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Sydneysiders were able to get a taste of the Royal wedding, Wimbledon and London's iconic red postboxes yesterday when an eye-catching 3D art installation was brought to Circular Quay. The pavement masterpieces were created by renowned streets artists Joe Hill and Max Lowry on behalf of the UK Tourism agency's "You're Invited" promotional campaign. The artworks are part of a series of nine that have been touring the world. Passers-by have been encouraged to have their photos taken with the attention-grabbing optical illusions, which promoters say urge travellers to "see Britain in a whole new dimension".
  15. Hi PIO, thought I would post an update since spending our first week in Sydney. After travelling what felt like forever (in reality it was only 22 hours including a quick turnaround in Bangkok) we landed at 8 am in Sydney and got through both immi and customs without a second glance. The customs lady did ask us if we had any sausages (???) but we were let through once she was satisfied nothing was hiding in our pockets... my husband has been laughing about this since, of all the things we could have been carrying they were concerned about a few bangers! Unfortunately our hotel wouldn't let us check in until the afternoon so we decided to drive into Sydney centre to have a look around. Seeing the city, opera house etc was quite surreal at that time of the morning and with all that jet lag! Took advantage of being in town to collect our bank cards from NAB having already opened the account online and just wandered round in awe. After spending a lot of dollars on parking we vowed solemnly to always take the train from here on... Husband popped into work to say hello and they have been very good and let him off all afternoons so we can find a house. This has been an interesting experience. All I can say is that if you want somewhere half decent it is going to be expensive. My husband is based in Yagoona but we didn't want to live here and have looked at the Hills area finally settling on Winston Hills. Most places we saw at the $500 mark I wouldn't have let a dog sleep there, and in England I believe squatters may even have turned their noses up. I am not kidding when I say this. We saw cupboards hanging off hinges, peeling wood, manky carpets and bathrooms from museum era, the lot. Luckily finally found a house yesterday that is clean and has modern kitchen and bathroom and since none of the other viewers seemed interested we placed the application there and then and got a call 10 minutes later to say we had been approved. Although it is not the house of our dreams, it will be a decent stopping point until we have got our bearings and understood exactly where we would like to live. Yesterday we drove out to Coogee to see the beach and signed up with the local diving club, we are both experienced divers and this is one of our main priorities! Tony who met us was so friendly and we have already been invited to a club BBQ on the 14th Sept which will be good to make some friends. Coogee and Bondi are really pretty and it seemed like a good place to escape too to get out of town. Also drove out to Eastern Creek to see the 3 fat cats. One recognised us as we were walking down the path and meowed his little head off! the other two played hard to get and basically let us know they were not amused, but they are all well and we will look forward to collecting them on 9th Sept. The attendants at quarantine are fantastic, so patient, and this really does make a difference. So far it all still seems quite surreal, we have had a fairly balanced week with ups and downs, a few stressy moments but all in all we are coping well. It will be good to move into the house and start to establish a routine again and of course get the cats home. This weekend we are shopping for a sofa bed (thank goodness for Ikea) and some other bits and pieces, then having dinner in Sydney with husband's boss and Sunday we hope to book a whale watching trip from the harbour. Sorry it is a bit long but after all the support I have received on here I wanted to give something back! Will update more as the adventure continues. xxx
  16. Guest

    little bit scared

    Hi i am new to poms in oz and think need some reassurance as it such abig move. we packing up as soon as visa and registration with aphra arrive( we are both nurses myself RMN). As we are moving with 3 kids just hope we are doing the right thing. Am dual citizenship australian and british so we are applying for defacto visa been together 10 years. Does everbody feel like this when they have made the decision.
  17. Guest

    toolbox bit dirty

    I am a engineer and I have a toolbox with all my equipment in that I am taking with me, I have used it in factories for over 20 years. I have cleaned it but its still a bit dirty, will it be allowed when I get there ??
  18. Guest

    1 year and a bit update

    Hi All, Well I was quite a regular here over a year ago, I still come back every now and again and see what is going on but sorry rarely post!! We moved back to the UK last June and I must say it is the best thing we ever did...hardest decision to move back much harder than the one to move to Oz but it was the best decision we ever made. We live in the North West you know the one part of England that is dying!! Ha but not for us it has been fantastic. We never moved back to our home town an hour away but still great. I have 2 boys 4 and 2 just to be within in an hour of family is fantastic. We bought a gorgeous 4 bed house ok without the swimming pool but still fab!! I have lived in our new house 10 months and settled better in those months than I did 5 years in Oz. 5 weeks ago we had a 11 night holiday in Majorca and next week we go to France for 11 days. My husband is busy enjoying himself on a 4 day music festival with his Uni friends....I am at home just finished my evening job whilst my brother babysits. All these things were not possible in Oz. I look back on my time in Oz with lots of happy memories but I know here is the place for me and my family. I look at England with a whole new eyes and I tell you through my eyes it is fantastic and it is the best thing we ever did move back. One story I must tell you is my 4 year old was the most shyest kid you could ever meet but he has now grown into the most confident and I do believe it is all down to meeting a massive amount of new people...nanna, grandad, aunts, uncles, cousins. He had a limited number of family actually he had no family and so just all he knew were the friends from kindy who were just that friends now he has a whole heap of family that it is just weird that he recognises as his family and not some friend who he goes to school with...but he still has new friends too but loads of family close by!! To anyone moving out to Oz I always say go...better to regret what you have done to what you havent...I worried **** loads about chavs, kids hanging around the streets and what my boys will grow up with but to be honest its out there but it is avoidable...If you can get citizenship and then you will be right but its not the Country that brings your kids up its you..so I would like to think our boys will grow up absolutely fine...I know lots of kids that have turned out fantastic...who knows what will happen in the next 20 years no point wondering now live for the moment!! x Life is to short to be worrying about which way to go....so if your gut instinct says go to Oz..go...Englands not going anywhere but if you want to return go for that I am a true believer in gut instinct and it worked for me...good luck guys x
  19. Hubby is growing a beard to shape into a goatee :eek: he does look a bit like Brad Pitt to be honest who has got one, I am not sure as I have never really liked beards on a man. Do you like goatees? or do you think they look carp.
  20. dinkydoo

    help, a bit of advice needed,

    My husband has lodged 175 visa and has been looking at jobs in his field in Australia, my question is if he was approached by a company that would sponsor him and he would get the 457 visa, what would happen to our 175? could we just carry it on and transfer to it from the 457 or would it be void and we would have to start all over again in Oz.
  21. I put up a thread earlier about the most absurd thing you have ever seen in Australia, it was hopefully a light hearted one, and thanks for the replies, but in order for balance to be maintained, 'What Is The Most Remarkable Thing You Have Ever Seen? My list could go on for pages but if I HAD to pick a couple it would be The Outback,:notworthy: and my first Tiger Shark. Always fascinated by nature, and the outback to me sums up the 'real' Australia, and what can I say about the Tiger Shark, yep, Great Whites are spectacular, but to me the Tiger epitomizes everything about these wonderful creatures, awesome is all,:notworthy:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Rubbidydub

    A little bit about ourselves.

    Hi Im Marcus and married to Laura and have 2 daughters aged 9 and 4. we have had our 175's granted for 2 years now and are trying to sell our pub and restaurant in the lake district. If it hasnt sold by this summer then we shall lease it out and then hoped to be moved out to the Sunny Coast by Sept 12 (1 year before the visa expires!) So if any of you know anyone who wants a lovely village pub and likes rain give us a shout!
  23. PommyPaul

    Bit of Tractor action from wa

    Not been able to get online much recently as i've been working 14 hour shifts driving this bad boy still can't believe i get paid for playing with this stuff haha :jiggy: xXSa-XBxesU
  24. Guest

    getting a bit confused!

    Hi, If you go for a 176 visa, do you have to pay for your children's education or is this just for the temp working visa? Nic
  25. Hi there all, well does the stress ever end? When we started this process in January, we had to lodge our main application to DIAC by end June, so time and stress was always an issue, but we got our TRA done (took forever but got there!!) then applied to SA for sponsorship, got that and ticked another box, we then lodged to DIAC with our complete application on 18th May, so we thought....ah...sit back and relax now as we have lodged in time so we can chill abit...but now the Medicals have overtook our lives and we stressing more than ever....there are 8 of us, my, O/H and the 6 children and we all obviously have to pass to get the Visa Grant....so now we sit here every night thinking "what if something wrong with one of us??" I have a hole in my heart, have since birth (its called a VSD) I have no probs with it (Have given birth to 7 children so my heart is as good as anyone's!!) I have been to hosp in the last month to get all tests done so that I can take the reports to the medical, have had ECG and echocardigram and they all ok, so I am not concerned about that bit as I know it not an issue, however, me and O/H do smoke, we have cut down loads though, we were 20 a day, now only 5 a day and we only smoke those cos of the stress of the whole Visa journey! I know I have scarring on my lungs from previous chest x rays, but we are both fit and healthy, we run every day 5 or 6 miles, we bike also 5 to 6 miles every other day and O/H has stopped all alcohol, we eat healthy and have an active lifestyle.....but I still STRESS and WORRY about these bloody medicals!!!! I am sure I am not alone in this, many of you have been there and done it.... so I am just ranting and worrying today...PIO is great for getting things off your chest!!!!! Cheers all for listening!! :arghh: