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Found 200 results

  1. :wubclub:I do hope people don't mind this thread but i thought it may help people who are thinking of taking their Dog to OZ, Also to see how my 12 yearold terrier prepares for his trip to OZ in March ( Eddie has been vet checked and is fine to fly( health wise , of course the blood test's nearer the time he flies will be checked ) , heart of an ox :notworthy:) His given name is Teddy edward :wubclub:But Eddie to his friends Born :March 1999 Favorite Toy : a huge Santa squeaky toy ( less the squeak lol ) Hobbies : Running , forgetting he is a small dog , and chasing rabbits 25th Oct First Rabies shot Nov 2nd Annual shots with out LEPTO Nov 8th 2nd rabies shot 22nd Nov bloods taken to check blood after rabies shots 30th Nov Eddies Blood resuls are back , he has the right level of antibodies in the blood after the rabies vaccine Eddie had his Rabies vaccine on the 25th Oct ( due to new rules for Uk dogs entering Australia ) There is a sticky on the pet section please read ! Eddie's lovely south African Vet actually gives his clients ( dogs )2 rabbies vaccines , i know some only give one . ( which isn't a problem by the way , !) Eddie was due his yearly Vaccines next April but because he will be hopefully flying in March ...we have had them repeated ( actually the 2nd of Nov 2011) Without the Lepto , very important ! He had his Second Rabies Vaccine on the 8th Nov , he will be having his blood test to check bloods on the 22nd :notworthy:Hope this may Help anyone who reads this , will Update as we go through the process Next thing on our list scanning his paperwork to the wonderful pet shippers Brides x
  2. Paul got married on the same day too didn't he and at the same registry office in London where he married Linda in 1969?
  3. yesterday I endured a birthday party of a friend of my son's from kindy. It was 2 hours of utter hell. One of these indoor play centres, staffed by 12 year old girls. Over run with screaming kids, some of whom looked older than the staff, and some of them were bigger than me. Luckily there were 2 friends there who were at another 'party' for the first hour so I had someone to talk to. After they left I tried talking to the parents of my 'party', but unfortunately being from a 'European' background, they were a family megaclique and had formed a huge impenetrable circle around the chicken nuggets and party pies, which I thought were supposed to be for the kids. No wonder most of them were morbidly obese So I snuck off with a couple of nuggets (which I had to lean over a man mountain to reach), ordered a cup of p8ss weak tea, and sat down with the 'paper'. Well, it was the Sunday Herald Sun, so in reality I sat down with 20Kg of advertising material, interspersed with stories about Aussie battlers. I got sprung after less than 5 minutes by my son who begged me to follow him round. I duly obliged but immediately regretted it, as he led me back to Little Albania again, my little oasis of calm a distant memory. After precxisely 2 hours of this, I said "right! that's it! home now!" to my son. Luckily he seemed quite keen to go, but that was only cos he knew it meant he'd be the first to score the party bag........... And to think when he starts school next year this could be a weekly fixture.........
  4. The Pom Queen

    Happy Belated Birthday Olly

    Oh hun I don't want you feeling left out. Hope you had a wonderful day:wubclub::wubclub::hug:
  5. Guest

    its me birthday 2 morrow

    happy birthday alan--from SMNW:wubclub: well at least i got 1:wideeyed:im 54 for the nosey gits:mad:and real good:jiggy:
  6. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Chris

    Happy birthday onetruechris hope you get over the man flu soon:wubclub:
  7. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Save the Lemming

    A little bird has told me it's Tony's birthday today. Happy Birthday Old Boy x Oh and some words of wisdom
  8. Pabs, im so sorry i missed your Birthday last Wednesday , i do hope you had a good one pal .......Very Best Belated Birthday Wishes my friend .......... this one fits the bill Pabs larrrrrrrrr............:wink: all the best pal ..........
  9. Guest

    Queen's Birthday Holiday

    Just to inform members that it is the Queen's Birthday this coming Monday 13th June 2011 , therefore a public holiday. This excludes WA Tasmania South Australia Victoria NSW ACT NT Queensland Australia High Commission London will also be closed on Monday 13th June 2011
  10. OK i need some ideas for my Millie who will be 12 the end of march . We won't get to Perth till the 12thMarch 2012 so i need to try and sort something from this end . She can't wait to live in oz . We want to make it very special for her . Now we have her god parents flying in from Sydney as a surprise . i'll give you an idea what my Millie likes and dislikes . Dislikes : She doesn't do processed food .... She gets narky in zoo's about the space the animals don't have . doesn't like cinemas. Doesnt like shell fish Likes : Animals /Marine life Hiking and climbing Swimming , snorkelling Lenonese food,chinese,mexcian food, italian, Greek food, Mums choc cake :laugh: Would be great if any of you could help with places for me ..... because i need to save for this lol . Anywhere in WA we are open too........ to make my growing girls day so SPECIAL! Thanks Brides x P.s i would of posted this on the pp site ( but she goes on there now lol )
  11. On your special day 25th January, have a wonderful day love Susie xx
  12. Guest

    Happy birthday ali

    Ali, I hope that you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow. Enjoy your day!!!! Loads of Love, Joanne and mark xxx:yellow_guy_smiling_
  13. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Joanne

    I would just like to say a Happy Birthday to Joanne for tomorrow, I would hate to have my birthday Christmas Day but I am sure you have double the celebrations. Have fun. Kate and Rob
  14. 17th December 2010 Happy 60th birthday Mum. Have a fantastic day. Enjoy your `get together` tomorrow night. I want to hear about the restaurant after you eat there on Saturday too. Lots of Love. Joanne and Mark x x x
  15. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me? I am here on a 457 with wife and two kids. My 457 doesn't expire until May 2013, however we are considering applying for permanent residence before that date. My son will be 18 next August and I was wondering if it would be easier to apply for permanence before he reaches 18. I have read that over 18s (even if dependent) have to apply separately. He is in full time education now but plans to take a gap year before going to Uni. Does this means he may not be considered as being in FT education if we applied during that time? Any information would be really useful. Thanks
  16. TheOptimist

    Happy Birthday Whopperdaisy!

    Happy Birthday Daisy! You are a credit to PIO, and a much respected member. Hope you and your little one have a really cool day :hug: BIG love! :wubclub:
  17. Hi, I live in Butler and my son will be 6 yrs old next month. I dont really want a party at our house so was considering BBQ in the park and looked into hiring a fire engine, face painting etc. Some companies are bit expensive though. Anyone got any good suggestions as we new to Perth so recommendations for good kids entertainment or what kids do here for parties would be great ?! Thanks Dawn :smile:
  18. Ok, so its the dreaded 3-0 coming up for me and i am hoping someone can give me some good ideas of something i can do to celebrate in style! I have 2 friends visiting from melbourne over the weekend, and my actual birthday is on a Thursday. So i have a few days to fill with things to do! Please share with me your stories of things you have done in Sydney to celebrate your birthdays, this will hopefully fill me with inspiration!
  19. BritChickx

    Happy Birthday Jo (Jo&Dave)

    A little birdy told me (Facebook :wink:) Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!!!
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :hug: :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: I hope its today haha. A little birdie told me it was:wink:
  21. Guest

    Happy Birthday Sh7tman No Way

    'alls good BC--todays been a real nice day--monday-it me birthday to day im 53 you know--god knows how i managed to reach that milestone' HAPPY BIRTHDAY :hug::hug:
  22. Guest

    happy birthday pabs

    didnt realize mate--just looking through the posts,and twiged it---happy birthday me best mate on here--ave a good un:wubclub: 30 at last how does it feel,hey that brit chicks got the hots for you,nice one mate youve still got it:notworthy::notworthy:just what can i say--what a man:wubclub:
  23. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Everyone

    We have 7 members sharing a birthday today, Squem, Princessuzy, Loo88, Michele, Iain and Rachael, Scots in Oz and RGoals. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!