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Found 55 results

  1. Hi, please can anyone advise on this who perhaps has similar experience... I am British my decent, (born in Zimbabwe) so the only way I can pass British citizenship onto a new born child is if he/she's born in the UK. We have been living in the UK for 3 years and plan to move to Aus on a 457 visa. Our intention is to try for a baby while living in Aus. Do you know whether the baby would be able to get British Citizenship if born in Aus? I know that the baby would be added to our 457 visa if born there, but was wondering whether I could get him/her a Brit passport. It would have been more straight forward if I was born in the UK, as I know then the baby would definitely be eligible....however that's not the case Many thanks
  2. I will be having my 4th child in Australia & it will be born via a csection Would love to hear from anyone thats experienced this in Australia... Im curious how long do they keep you in, what are the wards like etc ...:wideeyed: Many thanks :wink:
  3. Guest

    Cost of giving birth in Oz?!

    Hi, I'm new here! My husband and I were/are due to go to Australia in January for him to start work on a 457 visa. We have an 18 month old already and I will be 6 months pregnant when due to fly. The company has said the health insurance they provide for the first 3 months will not cover us for pregnancy and from what we understand about Medicare, that won't either? We are having huge trouble finding real info about the cost, it's very contradictory so far from being , to 5-10K (I've even seen 20k!) in public hospitals alone! I will also be likely to have a c-section following one last time which will probably cost more too! Has anybody been through this and can really advise/point us in the right direction so we can make the right decision about whether we can even afford to go now?! Many many thanks!
  4. Bexy71

    Scanning birth certificate

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice. Our CO has asked for further docs and i need to upload hubbies birth certificate. I forgot to do this with the others as it isn't the same size. The others are all A4 but this is wider so doesn't fit on my scanner! I didn't have much luck getting it copied and resized to A4 but then it wouldn't be an original anyway. Can documents be posted to DIAC for an online lodged application? It might be easier to just get another copy and send them an original. Thanks for any help! Becky
  5. Hi, I've got a question regarding supplying a copy of your birth certificate as one of the required documents for the PR visa. The thing is I don't have one. And, as an alternative mentioned on the DIAC website, I do not come from a country that doesn't issue birth certificates. They do, I just lost mine, moving countries years ago and my parents moved twice since then so it got misplaced. So my question is: is it absolutely mandatory to provide a birth certificate as a proof of age? What other document can be used instead? For example, can my old passport issued in the country of birth be used for this purpose? This has really stumped me...This is the only document outstanding in application!
  6. Hi I am applying to emigrate to Oz with my 15 year old daughter. I see from the forms that I should have permission from her father to leave the Uk. However her biological father has had no contact(I left him during my pregnancy) and he lives on another continent( not Oz) There is a blank on her birth certificate under father's name. I am assuming therefore that there will be no issues moving with her...but I though I would check?
  7. Can I submit my Birth Certificate after applying for 485 within the 28 day period? Also, I will not have the document on me, only its certified copies and it is in a foreign language so I have to translate it before submission. Uploading online, I just submit scans of the certified copy of the Birth Certificate and its accredited translation?
  8. Guest

    full birth certificate

    Hi Guys I got a email from case officer this morning requesting full birth certificate from my uncle who is sponsoring us. My uncles birth certificate was stolen when his house got burgled when he was living in Zimbabwe. He was born in India in 1950. When he rang India to re issue new birth certificate was advised they do not have records back dated to 1950, they advised him to ring school he attended they would issue a certificate which they did with his details name, date of birth but no details of parents on the certificate. Isent that one to co but he says he needs full one. My uncle's parents are now deceased but he does have both their passports can he go to justice of peace or lawyers with passports to swear a oath and also on his mothers passport does have him and siblings on there including my mothers name sponsors sister. Please help what can we do will co accept a oath document. This is the only thing left everything else is met on check list. Thank you
  9. Are there any acceptable alternatives to a birth certificate for "proof of age" to upload on the visa application. Typically can't find the wifes' one now we need it. Just seeing if there is an easier way other than paying £9 and waiting another week when we only have 2 weeks left to ensure everything is uploaded. :confused:
  10. Hi all, my partner and I are just getting our stuff together to lodge 176 visa. Our agent has asked for full birth certificates with parents names. My partner's birth certificate does not have his father's name on it, does this matter? My partner is going to ring his dad about getting his name added, but I am just thinking timewise does it matter or not? I am not sure how quick this can be done. Thanks for any help in advanced. Lucy.
  11. Guest

    Lost birth certificate!!

    I'm applying for a partner visa and my parents have been frantically looking for the original copy of my birth certificate. They managed to find a photocopy, but I doubt that would be accepted! It will take ages to re-order it because it's Pakistani, plus I'd have to get a translation done My parents live in the UK otherwise it may not have been such a big problem Really upset about this as the form asks for passport copy as well as birth certificate, but it says you can provide a statutory declaration stating both your parents names. Does anyone know if that declaration can be written by me? Or does it have to be signed by my parents?? Any help would be appreciated. Really panicking now as I wanted to get this application in second week of June, and especially before the visa charge goes up!!
  12. Sorry to ask another question tonight but we're waiting for my husbands copy birth certificate as he didn't have the full version. GRO have said it'll be sent next week and as we have almost everything else scanned and ready for lodging our 176 app online I wondered whether we can do ahead without the birth cert and upload it next week? I read on one of the other threads that you have 28 days to upload documents. Can anyone advise if this is the case and we'd be OK to proceed without it?
  13. Guest

    birth certificates

    hi all need i bit of advie please.:no:looking to immigrate to perth m43/f37/kids 14/16 im the main applicant .timed served painter decorator on a ss176 visa im not registered on my kids birth certificates. would this cause a problem? can i get my name put on the certificates now.:no:also would it be better if me and my partner got married now before we start the process.and what would the time scale be roughly to get the visas . thanks mark:wink:
  14. shirleyt

    Full birth certificate??

    I have just applied on line for 176 visa and in preparation ,sent off for mine and OH full birth certificates, as we only had short versions(no parents mentioned). I now have 28 days to scan documents and have just realised I only have full birth certificates for 2 middle children and can only find short version for youngest and eldest children. Do childrens have to be full? If I was to send off for full, what happens if you go over the 28 days? Has anyone else used short version for their kids?
  15. Dear All PIOs, PIO has been a great source of info though I have been but a fly in the wall, just lurking about. I've got a question regarding the meds and I'm hoping to find the answer here (please, anyone!). Hubby is ACT sponsored and we had the medical submitted a month back which was sent to MOC. Far as we're concerned we got everything cleared from the panel doctor so I don't know why it's referred. Only reason I could think of is that I gave birth under ceasarian operation once. Is this a cause of alarm? I need PIOs guiding light, help anyone please! Nikki
  16. Hi! My British born hubby is due to fly back to the UK next week as we're heading back after a few years here in Oz. We agreed that he should go on ahead find a place etc while I try and sort out my UK Spouse Visa application, also our rental property lease runs out end March. My dilemma is that I have to apply for a UK Spouse Visa but given the shortness of time and the horror stories in this forum that I've read so far, about people waiting up to 12 weeks for their UK Spouse Visa is worrying. I contacted the UK Embassy in Canberra (costly call!) but advised that yes, it does take that amount of time - even we've been married 7 years! And, that I was better off going for the UK Ancestry Visa since my grandmother was born in Scotland. And, that it takes much less time to process and much cheaper visa cost. The problem is I've made a quick switch to now focussing chasing up my grandmother's birth certificate with the scant information I already have from family and relatives. She was born in India in 1898 to Scottish parents who immigrated to India. Baptised in India but neither her baptism cert nor birth cert can be traced. I believe that whilst her birth cert might state born in India it might also state - to British parents. A slim chance but I've got to keep forging ahead with this angle. Can anyone suggest what other avenues I might try to obtain my grandmother's birth certificate FROM INDIA? Or know of a way that would produce results in obtaining her b/cert? I'm getting close to my wits end as I've now got to decide to go for the UK Spouse Visa and cross my fingers that it could only take a few weeks like some other lucky people or pursue the line of tracing my grandmother's b/cert. Incidentally, when I had my passport renewed with my married name, I was advised that it would take 10 working days plus postal service time - it took 3 working days to get it! So perhaps it's a possibility that 'up to 12 weeks to process' could also be less! Meanwhile, I'd be most appreciate if anyone can steer me in the right direction about tracing my grandmother's birth cert. Sorry about the epistle! Thanks for reading this. Jeddah1
  17. Zoot

    Lost Birth Certificate

    Soon I will be able to apply for my 887 visa after finishing my 495 sentence BUT I am not sure where I have put my birth certificate with all the moving around and I see it is required for the 887 visa despite it having been provided for the 495. So my big question is how does one go about getting a replacement - my sister got one some time ago but cant remember who she approached or what she did so that doesnt help. Does anyone know how much it costs and how long it takes?
  18. Guest

    No Birth Cert

    I am uploading my docs for the evisa, and I dont have my Birth cert due to the processing time is 7 days. Can I upload this at later date?
  19. Guest

    birth certificate

    hi CB um, im trying to get my citizenship so i can get a loan for uni, but to do that i need my birth certificate. the problem is, i dont have it |: Does anyone know how i can get my UK birth certificate even though im over here in adelaide?
  20. Guest

    Full Birth Certificate

    Hi, Can someone please send me a link for me to obtain an Unabridged (full) Birth Certificate? I have been on the net and there seems to be many places offering this service, which seems a bit dodgey to me, and the official Births and Deaths office in the UK only seems to offer simple ones for £9.95. Many thanks Di X
  21. Guest

    Australian Citizen by birth

    HI, I have a question for the PR's here. If I am permanent resident and have a baby in Australia, by son will be citizen by birth, would I able to request my own citizenship before the 4 years residence due so ? (I am a father of a australian citizen)
  22. Hi all, Just a quick query. We're leaving for Oz tomorrow but only plan on staying for 12 months, would it be wise to take all our birth certs, marriage certs etc or leave them behind & take photocopies??? Not sure whether we would need them or if passports, drivers licence would suffice. Just worried about losing certificates especially if its not necessary to take them. Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks Ellie xxx
  23. Hi all Can anyone help? We applied for our 175 back in November and got allocated a CO at the end of Jan. To our delight, we found out I was pregnant just after we applied so this was factored into the medicals which were finalised in mid Feb. Hoping our PR visa would be issued in shortly, we left the UK for Perth on working holiday visas (417) as our baby is due in June so I needed to fly and we wanted to get settled asap. We rang immigration 3 weeks ago requesting the status on our application and they said, our CO had been changed so to call back in 3 weeks if we hadn't heard anything. We called back today to be told that because of the stage of pregnancy I am in and me not being able to now fly, they can't issue the PR visa until after the baby is born and we have a passport for it. To be honest I was livid thinking this isn't an issue of me flying because they have had the past 2 months to issue the visa, plus I still have about 5 or 6 weeks left of flying. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant. My first question is, has anyone come across this before? And my second question is surrounding registering the babys birth. I have been researching it and it looks like I go to the British Consulate to register it. Firstly, do I need to register the birth locally - not as an Aussie Citizen because I obviously can't do that but for the sake of process and then go to the consulate or do I go directly to the Brit consulate? And can I go to the Consulate in Perth or do we have to go to Canberra? And lastly, can I do all of this on a 417 visa? Any help/advice would be appreciated. thanks
  24. hi all, think title says it all but I heard that police officers are not able to do this anymore? (also some people havent bothered to get their copies signed by someone is this acceptable?) thanks in advance Sophie
  25. I need some advice regarding my british birth certificate. It states in the document checklist on form 47sp that I am t supply evidence of my identity in the form af a birth certificate showing both parents names. I have the birth certificate but it doesn't show their names!! I have spoken to my parents and the hospital where I was born had an on-site registrar who registered the births and this is the only certificate they were given, my sister has the same. What can I do, will my passport be enough? I already have a certified copy of my birth certificate I'm going to put in anyway. Any advice much appreciated.