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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, we are moving to Sydney and plan to rent somewhere small, what other charges are there besides rent?...will I pay council tax or equivalent like I do here in uk?..and will I pay water rates or not? As even scotland and England have differences there. Just want to know how much we really need to budget for in terms of paying for rented accommodation. Real estate websites don't mention extra rates.....any info would be appreciated...thanks xx
  2. aduffield76

    Everyday expenses question

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me, on average, how much a month you pay for the following: 1. Life Insurance (2 adults, 2 children) 2. House/contents insurance 3. Gas/Elec 4. Council Tax Equivalent? 5. Water Do you get any (standard) child benefits (for people who ARE working!) Do you have to pay for medical healthcare like our NHS? Is it called Medicare? Questions, questions.... Thanks in advance guys
  3. I have posted several times two households bills, mine from the uk and someone on PIO who lives in Brisbane and i have always said that everyones bills will be different and i said that based on these figures, this persons utility bills were almost half the cost of mine here in the uk, based on wages, not the exchange rate. If anyone disagrees with these figures, or if they just want to help they could post their own figures to compare the only figures i have, apart from one other person, who lives in Brisbane, who has similar figures to my quoted ones. So please feel free to post your bills, preferably from different States. Please note - the equation i am using is based on the average pay from wages in Australia, not the current exchange rate, you will be earning dollars and spending dollars. Based on the commonly accepted PIO rate $2.2 to £1, below are my monthly outgoings in the uk and someone living in a bigger house in Australia, in red. Rates/ £1450 per year/ $3200 is it the same?...... approx $1600 in Brisbane Gas/electric/ £1600 per year/ $3500 - how much do you pay?...........approx $1900 Petrol/ £1.35/ $2.90 how much? .................diesel - $1.20 car insurance/ £500/ $1100 ? ................incl Rego & fully comp approx $1300 yearly water rates/ £400/ $850 ?................ $416
  4. We’re serious about emigrating to OZ and so I guess it’s sensible to ask the following of anyone who has had experience of recently moving over Financially speaking, are you better off, worse off or about the same. (If either of the first two can you estimate to what degree) I hasten to add that we’re not motivated by having extra bundles in the pocket but we do need to get an idea of the financial consequences. Are there any bills/taxes/etc that we should be warned about?
  5. I'm back online again hoping to pick your brains again lol i've got a job in oz thru a recruitment agency and will hopefully be heading of to the beautiful land that is australia. I'm just checking out different bits and bobs probably the usual humdrum things, i'm finding out about bank accounts and tv suppliers lol but just wanting to know what weekly and monthly bills are the norm and what about things like car tax and insurance and usual household bills. I know these may sound like stupid questions but i'm trying to get as prepared as possible i've got the details for setting up bank accounts before I leave the UK. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I'm a 22 year old midwife and myself and a colleague are hoping to move to surfers paradise/southport to work later this year. We are hoping to rent a 2 bedroom apartment but are struggling to find information about the cost of utility bills so cannot work out what we can afford. Does anyone have any information on average utility bill costs. Also does Australia have anything additional to that which we pay in the UK. Thank you in advance for any information. Kerrie


    Hey guys, my partner and i will be moving to brisbane in feb 2012. We are in our 20's and we'll have an income of 90k-100k year after tax will that be enough for us to have a confortable lifestyle?
  8. Hi All, Myself & hubby are considering moving to Brisbane and renting our house at home and would be looking to rent a 4 bed in outer suburbs (eg Bracken Ridge) or a 3 bed inner suburbs (eg Ascot or Carina) and I would like to know what are the average bills that we would face?? We will prob only have 1 car and hubby will commute to work via train or bus. Potential job at Eagle Farm so he needs to commute there. At the moment we have thought of the following below but do not know how much they will be, so could you give us an average if possible. We have 2 kids,5 and 3 so when I start working I will need appropriate day care for them. Rent on hse in Brisbane (appx) $ 2,000 Mortgage from hse at home $ 850 Creche Fees $ 2,000 Train/Commute Charges/Petrol ??? Utility Bills for rented house: ??? Electricity Phone TV/Cable Refuse Chgs Any other things we need to think off, or even any one off bills that we will have eg Car Insurance $??, any local council charges etc Really need to see if we will be better off financially or would it just be a better way of life with the same financial drains that we have here at the mo!:mad: Ta for your help, Thanks AM
  9. Guest

    Household Bills

    Hi All sorry if this is a repeat! I am trying to figure out approx cost of monthly bills in and around Perth. We need to pick 3 areas that we can prove we have researched for the WA SS application. Have managed to get an idea on rental but I am struggling to get straight answers on bills. I used Woolworths and Coles online to put our usual weekly shop in and compared the prices that way. We currently pay the following (approx on food and fuel they go up and down depending on prices) Water - £30.96 Gas - £41.52 Electric - £31.11 Council Tax - £110 Rent - £400 Sky TV, Broadband and Phone - £64 Car Insurance - £86 Fuel - £160 Food - £200 I have found accommadation 3 bed house approx $330-400 a week, similar in Perth but for an apartment, Mandurah for a house and Warnbro. Food at Coles or Woolworths (will probably use markets for fruit and veg as I do here) approx $400-750 a month. Could do with a little help on utilities. I know air con is something most rentals seem to have so is that a seprate bill or is it run on electricity bill? I read a few posts but feel really confused as some say we pay the council tax others say its landlords. Just would like a worse case scenario for bills and then if its less, bonus. Many Thanks in advance :smile:
  10. Glad if these posts are helping a few planning on returning to the UK.:-) When we returned 18 months ago and got set up with gas, electric and telephone, I couldn't understand why we were being bombarded with telephone calls asking us to switch providers. Hadn't realised these services had been privatised. Anyway, this was a good thing because it's spawned a lot more healthy competition between providers resulting in a better deal for the consumer. My husband is an electrician so he knows the usage of anything with a heating element. He listened to all the companies offering deals then negotiated a really good deal with British Gas for our electricity. Both day and night rate were offered on a set price per unit and beat all the other companies. When the contract expired after 12 months, they gave us 100.00 to stay with them at the same rate. The telesales people are annoying but you can barter to get the best rates on all your utility providers. It's all about your bottom line so currently in the UK, we've found that if you shop around, especially for the half price night rate on electricity, you can keep your bills quite low.
  11. Guest


    Hi all, I have been offered and accepted a job in Melbourne (just awaiting the dreaded decision on the 457 visa!) I am looking for some advice. I have been offered a salary of $85k, plus LAFHA of $15k for the first two years. I am on my own, no partner no kids and I would like to rent a flat in Melbournes SouthBank/Docklands area for about $1700 - which, from my research, is do-able. However, i would like to know if anyone can give me a rough idea what my other bills may amount to? I'm thinking like rates, water, electricity, gas, car insurance etc... I know everyone's different but all the prices I've found so far on PIO seem to be for houses with hordes of kids! Reall grateful for any assistance x
  12. We're just trying to get a grip of the household costs in Perth. Finding the weekly cost of property rental is the easy part, but can you fill me in on the following, based on local knowledge? Council Tax Water Landline Broadband Gas Electricity House insurance Thanks
  13. Renting Sydney- any "admin" fees, whats included and what bills do we pay? Hi, I have found a couple of useful posts regarding the areas I am asking about but all appear to be a few years old so wondered if someone could give me an update? Rental Costs We are planning to live in the Northern Beaches area, Sydney. There is only two of us but we need a garden (for the dogs!) and as Australia doesn't do small houses we know we'll prob end up with a 2-3 bed house which we know will cost anywhere between $500-$700pw (ideally the lower figure!!!). We plan to have saved enough to pay 1mths bond and 1mths rent upfront but is there any "admin" costs that letting agents charge on top of this upfront that we need to factor in? Furniture Included Also are any "white goods" supplied as standard in rental properties (e.g cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines?) Bills Looking at a couple price for these areas. We have health insurance sorted and I understand you don't pay council tax if renting (does this inc Water??). Is there any "admin" fees that we need to factor in and do we have to pay any bills upfront or are they a month in arrears? Contents Insurance (i presume buildings insurance is paid for by landlord?) Electricity Gas Water Car Insurance and Rego (small car) Food (2x people...although I think we may be eating beans on toast for a while!) Broadband (dont want a landline, just internet) Mobile TV Any help and up to date figures would be much appreciated. Will be there in 2.5months if the visa goes through ok!! Danielle x
  14. hi all anyone have any suggestions for the best way (i.e. best exchange rate and lowest fees) for transferring some of my salary in oz back to my bank account in UK in order to cover some of my UK outgoings? Thanks :0)
  15. Hiya Is it correct that the rent you pay includes all utility bills like gas, elec - what bills do you have to pay if renting? obviously internet & phone - is there council tax like in the UK or TV licence? I look forward to responce! Thanks :mad:
  16. Hi, We are moving out Feb time next year and are looking for a 2bed house in Northern Beaches area of Sydney. I have an idea on rental costs but wondered how much we would need to pay upfront? Is it still one months rent and one months bond / deposit in advance? Also what monthly bills do I need to factor in? I lived there about 5yrs ago but I can't remember what we had (I was a young backpacker and mostly drunk...I think someone else paid them!!)!! Just trying to think what we pay in UK Council Tax Water Gas Elec TV Licence Internet Insurances Are bills in the UK are very cheap (apart from flippin extortionate council tax) as there are only two of us. Any idea of costs? Is there anything we need to pay upfront?
  17. Guest


    Not sure if this is the right section but we will be heading back to the UK (probably) in around August. When we arrived all we could get were 2 year contracts on foxtel and internet. We will be leaving 11 months early. What do you do? Will they let us off and release us from the contract - anyone with any experience?
  18. Guest

    Electricity Bills !!

    Got my electric bill in and couldn believe it when it was $770 dollars for a quarter!!! I got the climate smart people out last year as i was concerned with the cost of electric as my bill for the same period last year was $556. I have been so careful turning everything off at night, not leaving anything on standby, hardley using the air con, not using lights when room not in use etc etc. I have racked my brains as to anything else i am using thats different and the only thing i can think of is my son has got a Playstation 3 in the last 3 months, but surely this is not going to up my bill by over $200 a quarter.....or is it?? Not a happy bunny, everything just seems to be getting more expensive all the time here!! Its getting to the stage where there is more going out than coming in!!!:confused:
  19. Guest

    Canberra bills

    Hi all we are currently researching our commitment statement for Canberra and would like to know how much we can expect to pay for bills based on just the 2 of us on a 2 bedroom house or flat. What can I exect to pay for gas apparantly rhis is cheaper than elec. How much is counci tax? Internet? What is your usual food bill a week? Do you have contents or life insurance? Thanks guys! All advice gratefully received!
  20. bazz


    Hi i am moving to queensland in october, just wondering if someone could give me an idea on bills? electricity, gas, council tax etc. just need to know the cost of living thank you for your help :confused:

    Australia vs uk on general bills?

    Hi, I was wondering about the comparison? just on general bills such as electricity, insurances, gas, tv, water, phone etc not including luxuries or mortgages stictly just bills. Sorry if anyone finds this a rude question I just need to know if we can afford to live in OZ before submitting an emigration request. Cheers
  22. How much do you pay? We're moving to Sydney in Feb 2010 and I want to know how much of our salaries we'll have left roughly at the end of each month. Water, gas, electric, TV, council tax, phone, mobile, internet? (I know there's a sticky on Cost of Living, but it looks like that's a couple of years old...) We're savers, so I'm keen to get an idea of whether we'll be able to save when in Oz. I expect our joint gross income will be $150k. Thanks!:hug:
  23. gota rude awakening this morning when i opened my foxtell bill. this is the first bill weve had so its a combined package of tv ,internet and home fone. $883.15 i though WTFIGO.. foned them up and they double check it. "oh youve been charged for your modem for the internet that shouldve been free. also we requested an international calls package $10 dollars extra for cheap calls back home. that hadnt been done .instead of the phone bill coming to $18.38 it was $342. bit of a difference and then we got charged to have the foxtel installed $199 . when its free. . :arghh: after explaining all this and doing some digging im now being sent a new bill for around $240 which is very resonable .. saving myself $600 . :jiggy: if your on a direct debit with these then be carefull as you could be getting screwed over . heed my warning !!
  24. Metoo

    Joint bills for Defacto

    hi everyone, please can you folks give me some advice regarding evidence for defacto visa. Although my Australian boyfriend and I have lived together for the past four years in UK, we actually have very little evidence financially to support this. The main reason being that we are in the fortunate position of both owning a house each in the uk. Although we live in my house during the week as it is close to school, work etc, we live in my boyfriends house at weekends as his house is bigger than mine and in a better area. Hence we have two lots of bills, ie phone, TV, utilities etc. My Boyfriend pays the bills on his house and I pay the bills on mine as neither one of us can afford to pay on both, we share the cost of food, holidays, socialising etc. Apart from the above, we do have joint car insurance, joint medical insurance, evidence of family holidays for the past 3 yrs, and a joint savings account. We also have a hospital letter naming my boyfriend as my daughters guardian. We are currently trying to sell one of our houses but until it is sold we will continue to have two council tax bills etc. The second house needs some work doing on it before it will be ready for selling, but it will be sold eventually. (hopefully) Is it strictly necessary to provide the joint bills evidence or can we rely on the rest, ie, insurances etc? Any advice would be very welcome, Thanks Elizabeth x
  25. Exciting!!After making our decision about looking into moving to Oz we recieved all our documents yesterday with a very interesting DvD in the pack all about moving called livingdownunder anyone seen it? It gave us lots of helpful info and tips, but we looking for a site to compare the living costs in Oz possibly gold coast compared to the leeds area england if anyone can give us some info plssssssssssssssssssssss thanks bee :cool::cool: