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Found 35 results

  1. Danno

    Cost of bills in brisbane

    Hi all, we are hoping to move from UK to Brisbane in 2019, and are trying to put a rough budget together for cost of utilities, council tax, home insurance etc. We are looking at a 3 bedroom house with 2 toddlers. Any help would be great thanks
  2. Hi all I just moved into a furnished apartment in North Sydney, and the real estate agent said I should change the electricity bill to my name. The electricity was turned on when I moved in, and I was a bit worried about getting caught for the bill of the previous tenant. The real estate agent said I didn't need to worry about that, as my rental contract showed the date I was moving in. I had 101 other things to handle so I didn't consider it further. The agent has not been helpful for my questions, saying they don't deal with such things. Anyway I've had a few days to sort other things out, and now I'm trying to figure out which electricity company I should contact, and if I'm supposed to get the meter read or if the tenant who moved out should have done that. I've just spent a few hours on the internet trying to find out the correct process. If anyone can offer advice I'd appreciate it.
  3. He's driving from St Ives to Killara to get the train the other way. He told me his next door neighbour in St Ives found a Funnel Web Spider in the shower! And I was going to tell him I'd seen my first cockroach of the season at Redleaf. Stopped off in East Sydney on my way home from the beach and got a lucky parking space at the bottom of Riley St and William St - Riley is a cul de sac there. Really impressed by all the restaurants and bars. Some of them I knew - the longstanding Italian ones Bar Regia? Bill & Tony's. Ventured into Westfield at Bondi Jn earlier to get a present for my niece - breaking my rule never to shop on a Sat arvo. Actually it wasn't too bad although the multi-level underground parking is a pain.
  4. Hi can anyone help me. I have a family of 5 and we are moving into a 3 bed unit on the goldcoast. We have only been here 2 weeks so any advice would be great. What will approximate water rates be quarterly? Thanks ginger:goofy:
  5. Whether you are in the UK or Australia you can take part in this. The reason I ask is that ours keeps coming in at over $1000 per quarter and I don't know if this is normal or not, yes we have a pool and all the low energy light bulbs etc, but even so........:cry:
  6. What's the progress on the cap and cease bill? Just curious. Any chance that the bill will be passed any time soon?
  7. whichway

    electricity bill

    OK. I was wondering if anyone has any advice. We just got a whopper of an electricity bill. We live in QLD in a 4 bedroom house, there are only two of us and a baby. We have a small 3 person spa, air conditioning and gas hot water. We have to keep the spa running to kill bacteria but we rarely use the jets etc cos lately we never have any time to be in the thing. The air con, yes, I know this is expensive but the last three months it has been on way less than normal and the bill is the same. I've compared to other bills so have accounted for the price rise, so we used 34.1kwh last quarter which was $895. Would anyone like to compare? What is average for a family like this? I know other people with spas and air con and their bill is nothing like mine. If anyone has any ideas or advice or anything I'd be really really grateful. I'd also like to point out that i do try to be wise, turn things off when not in use, turn off lights etc.
  8. My OH has 2 non migrating children, we have had to get a solicitor to first write to his ex wife explaining the visa application requires medicals for the 2 children and for ex wife to then write to the solicitor explaining why she is objecting, then for the solicitor to do a stat dec to say she has written to said ex wife and ex wife has come back with said rejection letter. Thanks very much here is my bill £570, DICK TURPIN WORE A MASK! :mask: licence to print money.......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. k1rsty

    Ambulance Bill $$$

    Has anyone had a ambulance bill over here?? Did you pay it?? I've got one but im not sure what to do... i didnt call for it nor was i in any fit state to refuse it!! What to do?? :arghh:
  10. Debbie Emblem

    Vets Bill - Expensive?

    Our family including our Collie X, Sasha will be moving to Melbourne at the end of the year. Does anyone have any experience of attending the vets? Just wondered in terms of fees how they compare to the UK? I intend taking our insurance for her when we arrive. Are there any companies to recommend?
  11. Hi All It is possible (likely?) that Minister Bowen will re-introduce the concepts stated in the Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010. I don't know whether he would have to produce a clone of the old Bill or whether he could just re-introduce the existing Bill. Even if he has to do the former, it would only take a couple of minutes to draft it. http://www.aph.gov.au/library/pubs/bd/2010-11/11bd003.pdf For those who are interested, please read the Digest in the link above. My question is, "Will the predictions in the Digest be altered as a result of the new arrangements in the Aussie Parliament?" Many thanks Gill
  12. Hi all Just got off the phone from my uncle In WA who is a Hairdresser. My OH is WA SS for this trade and we are effected by the new processing order. This Bill if passed will make current rules that Hairdressers In Wa need to be registered obsolete. One Interesting exert is listed below. I have highlighted a strange point. !! Why deregulate the hairdressing industry? Since the Hairdressers Registration Act 1946 was introduced, a range of consumer protection, education and training and occupational health and safety laws have been put in place that provide a sufficient regulatory framework for the hairdressing industry. The current regime in Western Australia is inequitable because it does not apply to all areas of the State. Western Australia is the only State or Territory that has a registration scheme for hairdressers and a statutory board to administer that scheme. The proposal would reduce red tape by removing barriers to entering the hairdressing industry, reduce costs to small business and assist in addressing skills shortages. So a Bill might be introduced to help with Skills Shortages in WA . Surely dealing with experienced applicants in the pipeline is a quicker way to address this skill shortage. This is telling DIAC what everybody knows and that is that WA need hairdressers. My uncle feels that this Bill would make skilled workers leave the Industry as wages would be driven down as a result of people with little knowledge getting a job in a salon. Maybe this is positive and proves the shortage in WA and therefore allowing the Trade on the SMP or is it a negative as Evasn will be thinking anyone can be a Hairdressers. Any advice from ALan Gill George et al would be welcome. This is the link www.parliament.wa.gov.au/web/newwebparl.nsf/iframewebpages/Bills+-+All You have to type in the above Named Bill. Fingers crossed Shane
  13. Guest

    Electric Bill.

    A lot seems to said about the rising cost of electric Australia. It seems to be a regular story in the papers and on the tv. So I thought I would say how I find it. We are near Wollongong in NSW. I know it can get very cold in some parts of Australia, we only have to go to Robertson or Bowral, not far from here to feel a big difference. But I think it is mild where we are. Our last two bills have been- Quarter up to April-$155 for 575kw Quarter up to July-$225 for885 kw. We are all electric so no other fuel bill. We do not have air-con. Thought we would melt in the summer but apart from a few days here and there found it to be very liveable. Got a few stand up fans and used them as required. I can't say it's been cold here, it has been chilly on some days and some nights. We aquired a couple of fan heaters but haven't even thought of using them yet. Had the water bottles out on 4 or 5 nights but that's it. Got some warm bed sheets, good jumpers and we have been fine. And of course it helps that on some days it's very nice and sunny so you feel warm in the day. I think we have used more juice due to using more hot water and the tumble dryer. Where we have to hang the washing is not in the sun and has little breeze so have been using the tumble dryer to finish them off. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, live in a 3 bed flat and have a normal life, tvs,playstation,appliances,cooking etc etc. I don't think we use anything to the extreme. My brother in law lives in Castle Hill Sydney and his bill for the summer quarter was nearly $1000!!!! He does have the air-con on a lot. When we visited I had to step outside to warm up a bit! Each to their own I guess. I realize that it's different elsewhere but I must say I was surprised how 'low' the bills have been for us. I can't quite remember what our gas and electric bills used to be in the uk but it would have been loads more. Of course we would have used more gas due to central heating. Figures of around 150 pounds for electric and 300 pounds for gas during the winter period in the uk ring a bell. It would be interesting to find out costs of living elsewhere in Australia with air-con,heating,wood burning etc if anyone would like to comment. I'm off to a comparison site to see if I'm paying too much. Bet there's a better deal out there. Hope this may be of assistance to some and I do realise that this is what we have found and may not be the case for everyone. Stay warm,
  14. Australian Government LURED us here by making us think that we would get permanent residency if we studied in Australia for 2 years and lodged our applications when the profession we studied for was still on demand, and now that they have taken our money (and I don't only mean the application fees, I mean rent, colleges, phone bills, transports, etc. - let's not forget that education is the 2nd largest export industry of Australia) and years of life, they wanna KILL our applications. If the Cap & Cease Bill is passed, it will be safe to say that International Students are COCKROACHES to Australia.
  15. To sign go to Migration changes and visa capping Preamble- Migration changes and visa capping Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 Visa capping retrospectively a crime against humanity View where signers are geographically clustered via Google Maps Note: This legislation is about to be approved. Please sign and forward this to your friends all over the world. (You will have no repercussions by signing this even if you are temporary residents) If the minister were to cap and terminate the applications then applicants may only have 28 days to wind up their affairs and leave. Some of these applicants would have been in Australia for years and waiting for a decision after lodging valid applications for PR. They may have found good jobs and well settled in Australia. Some may have married and have children, purchased property etc; Visa capping retrospectively a crime against humanity (Visa capping retrospectively a crime against humanity - DLegal - Australian Solicitors and Migration Lawyers)
  16. Hiya I recently went to a doctor in the CBD and was a bit shocked to find I had to pay the difference between the bill and what Medicare give you back. Having read up on it I realise this doctor was not one that bulk bills and that you can only get free treatment from those that do. My colleague at work said quality of doctors that bulk bill isnt very good but thats just his opinion so am wondering if there are any doctors in Brisbane, preferably in CBD or Fortitude Valley / New Farm area that sdo bulk bill that someone can recommend thanks! Lela
  17. Hi, I've been a London copper for almost 8 years and am desperately seeking a permanent move to Australia with my wife to be, who is a scientist... Are there any police officers out there with experience of a direct transfer from a British force to an Australain Force? Is this even possible? I'd ideally be looking for either NSW or Queensland but any advice would be greatly received! Ta
  18. Guest

    News about the new SOL

    This just in: Hairdressers out as migrant skills list gets a trim | The Australian
  19. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/nationalinterest/stories/2010/2918752.htm
  20. Farrukh Zeeshan

    Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010

    Just published on DIAC website. Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 They introduced the bill in parliament on 26th of May and published the news about the proposed bill today the 4th of June, so date people don't get to know about it and can't submit their submissions to Senate Inquiry. It's just so unfair and I consider it another way to cheat the applicants.:arghh:
  21. Guest

    Visa Cap & Cease 2010 bill

    Hi Pomz people, I have made my submittion to the senate regarding the above it is showing 54 submittions on there web site, if this effects anyone you should send a submittion as you only have until the 4th june to send it in. COME ON EVERYONE WHO THIS EFFECTS..... LETS TRY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE if we dont try we cannot change anything !!!! this is the link to make a submittion https://senate.aph.gov.au/submissions/pages/index.aspx
  22. I have just been sent the following link: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/search/display/display.w3p;adv=;db=;group=;holdingType=;id=;orderBy=;page=;query=BillId_Phrase%3Ar4364%20Title%3A%22second%20reading%22%20Content%3A%22I%20move%22%7C%22and%20move%22%20Content%3A%22be%20now%20read%20a%20second%20time%22%20%28Dataset%3Ahansardr%20%7C%20Dataset%3Ahansards%29;querytype=;rec=0;resCount= which has sent me in to panic + sick mode. I completed my 2 year Commercial Cookery Course in Nov 09 + lodged for an 886 PR application on 7 Feb 10 with all requirements met. I am now fully expecting for this bill to pass in July 10 at which time we have no other options. We have not used a migration agent, therefore am going on emails from friends + looking on DIAc's website. Any advice, suggestions... they have specified there will be a decision made for applications based on certain criteria - does anyone know what the criteria is? We are a young family, I am British, my fiancee is German + our baby girl was born here in Australia in Aug 09. I am desperate as we have spent so much time, effort + emotional toil in order to get to where we are - we love Australia + have been here in total for about 5 years + it makes me sick to think we may shortly have no choices at all but to leave. Many thanks Gemma
  23. Guest

    Excess water bill

    Hi All This is a quiery.... weve just had an excess water bill for $170.00 for the term sept 09 to march 10 for a family of 4 no pool and retic on bore..... NOW is this a normal amount?? As I thought excess was nowhere near this figure!!!!:err: AND the rental agents (the ****holes that they are) only sent bill thursday pm at 6 and we recieved friday am at 11... they want bill paying in full by this wednesday!!!!!:realmad: Even tho when I rang water corp they said ALL bills are sent out 1 month prior to payment :arghh: We are doing a water check overnight to see if we have a leek.. if that not the case me thinks its 2 minute showers hahahhahahah I just need advice on what others pay... cheers in advance xxxxxxxxxxx
  24. ...at the exclusive C Restaurant in the sky. We went there just recently and it has the most amazing 360 degree views of Perth, the food's not bad either. Actually the food is pretty awesome (it's not sea food) and watching the sun set while we enjoyed a bottle of wine with dinner was such a great experience from up there. Gutted we didn't find out about the offer before now but we'll certainly be taking advantage of it next time.... Cant wait! If anyone would like more information then feel free to get in touch.... Andy & Rach xx
  25. hi all, just printing and photocopying all my mobile phone records from the internet. However as there is sooooo much i am leaving out a few pages, say like i have 3 pages of texts sent to 0/h on the same day i am leabing one page out. just to help c/o when hand in my application as i have mountains of paper work just from the phone call records alone!!! urm also the case officer will be able to notice pages missing as have been printing them off say in batchs of 100, and as you click on each page that number e.g 74 becomes highlighted, so i may skip a page and then photocopy page 76. do you think this will be a problem, just trying to save paperwork and also c/o hahaha. as it is i have plenty of sms and phone calls per day to be able to lose a page here and there i hope any ideas :unsure: