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Found 59 results

  1. Hi, looking to move across asap from Aberdeen to Perth on 457 Visa sponsored by company looking to join. Process seems pretty lengthy, I will update progress in the correct section, but we've been appointed a visa specialist at Fragomen, and we have someone to help us at Kent relocation, and have had a wee look on Domain at places to stay. my first question, does anyone know if it's feasible to commute by bike from CBD to Canning Vale, are there cycle lanes, and is it very hilly?
  2. LouDYorkie

    Cycle helmet enforcement

    Hi We are moving to Brisbane at the beginning of November and have cycle helmets that are sold in Australia and conform to the safety standard (2063?) However, even though I have barely used my helmet in the UK, the stickers have stuck to my hair, fallen out of the inside....so my question is: will this cause a problem? I have seen stickers are meant to be present showing the helmet conforms to au standards. Or does anyone have any up to date information on what the police tend to check? Thanks! Lou
  3. Hey guys, I have been looking into shipping bikes to Oz for our impending emigration in April... I have found other feeds complaining of damaged bikes and expensive insurances. As this will be a one off journey so I'm trying to avoid buying expensive travel cases (bike box) that are available. I have therefore contacted my local bike shop and have sourced cardboard boxes and all the necessary polystyrene and other packaging used originally to ship every new bike worldwide. The bike shop say that this is common practice and the best part is it's completely free *smug-face*! Anyways, just thought I'd share in hope this could save you guys some cash... Now, who wants to clean my bike for me?
  4. Hi all, Pine Kitchen Dresser - £135 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/east-brisbane/other-furniture/pine-kitchen-dresser-must-sell-this-weekend-/1011891283 Two Matching Wardrobes - $70 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/east-brisbane/wardrobes/two-matching-wardrobes-must-sell-this-weekend-70-for-both-/1011878964 Mountain Bike, with helmet - $60 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/east-brisbane/bicycles/mountain-bike-must-sell-as-moving-out-this-weekend-/1011880854 MUST SELL AS MOVING OUT THIS WEEKEND!!!! Darren, 04 9865 6196 Buyer collect please - East Brisbane, 4169. Last day = Mon 7th Jan!!! Thanks for looking.
  5. wanted a reasonable condition mans bike in Port Douglas please. 6 ' tall so not a small frame as long as all works asap:wink:
  6. Hi Just thinking about how I'm going to get my bikes (1 road, 1 mtb) to Melbourne. They're fairly high value (c £1k each). I think there are 3 options: In container / as baggage with me on flight / as a parcel. Anyone have any experience / thoughts on which is best? I guess I'd be happy to put 1 in the container, but I couldn't be without them both for 3-4 months (certainly not when I have a new city to explore!). How are Qantas at handling bikes as baggage? I'd probably invest in a proper bike box for the flight. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Cheers John
  7. Up for sale is my 2005 Suzuki VStrom 650 cc motorcycle in great condition and a great bike for touring, couriering or to use as a daily ride. Owned by an ex-Police motorcyclist so well looked after and not hammered and owned for the last year without fault or breakdown. It's got NSW Rego to April 16th but can be re-registered at the new owners expense. The bike has 25,500 kms on the clock and has been serviced every 6 months or so and has all the receipts. I've recently renewed both front and rear tyres and serviced by a local Ducati specialist. Chain and sprockets have plenty of life left in them. The bike also comes with large top box, iPhone holder, trickle charger and other bits. Photos available at request and any further info can be requested via PM me. Priced at $5995
  8. Hi Everyone, This is my first post; My Wife Son and I are flying to Sydney on the 9th of November. We booked the flights yesterday :biggrin: I have 4 year sponsored visa. I Need advice?? Has anyone had any experience shipping off road bikes/quads to OZ? I did intend on shipping everything we have out, but as times gone on we have decided to just sell pretty much everything we have and start fresh once we are out there. The only thing I really really really do not want to leave/sell is my Suzuki Enduro Bike. The current UK RRP: is around six thousand and its a 2010 model only a few month old, has no lights etc and looks like a dirt bike, so I am hoping I wont get hit with the same various taxes and costs when shipping a road registered bike. (I also have a 2010 Yamaha YZF-R1, but after a bit of a google it seems to be none cost effective to ship, as it’s only three month old) I was considering stripping the off road bike into parts and sending it all in boxes maybe along with some house hold stuff (furniture, kids’ toys mtb's etc) Any ideas?? Thanks. BAZ.
  9. marta

    Where to get a bike helmet?

    Hi guys, and sorry for the stupid question but I just bought a bike via Gumtree which is very nice, but I now need a helmet. ARRRGH :arghh: I hate bike helmets (what about my hairstyle...??!!!). Yeah yeah I know it's compulsory so I don't have a choice. But wait - where to buy such a pretty "accessoire"? I really haven't got a clue, guys. Well, I know KMart in Melbourne has some. But is there another shop or even some online source, nothing too expensive too? Cannot be that complicated when everyone needs one in Oz? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!:wubclub:
  10. Ali&Paul

    Shipping a quad bike?

    Hiya, Does anyone know if there are any rules about shipping a kids mini quad bike and a mini scrambler? Do you need to show any paperwork or maybe have owned it for a certain amount of time? I know there are laws about shipping g cars, just wondered if it was the same for quads? Thank you!
  11. I'm just curious if it is safe to travel your quad bike into a ship. I haven't experience this yet and my friend invited me for a trail ride in their place but it needs to travel through ship. Does anyone know here had an experience on traveling your quad through ship and can anyone tell me that should I have an assurance that they will take my quad while traveling. I ask the shipping company with this issue and it seems that they are not sure with their answer. I am not contended with their answers. I would like to know your opinion regarding this issue. Thanks:smile:
  12. The Pom Queen

    Motor Bike Accident

    I saw this on the news last night, omg how lucky this man is to still be alive
  13. The Pom Queen

    Mountain Bike Riding in Australia

    [YOUTUBE]7YWIVDvAl2Y[/YOUTUBE] SUBMERGED in the Cairns rainforest, but just a few hundred metres from James Cook University, lies a playground only fit for the most courageous of adventurers. You won’t find any swing sets or slippery dips here. This playground is made of dirt and the fun can only be had on two wheels. The downhill mountain bike track is the piece de resistance of the area – starting at the top of a track only reachable by 4WD and spiralling down the hill in a controlled chaos kind-of-way. Only the most battle-hardened of riders can really attack it from start to stop. Then there is the mesmerising dirt bowl – a chiselled section of ground featuring vertical walls and intimidating sections that involve riders bridging large gaps just to earn the right to enter. Off to the side, a recently-built pump track provides some respite from the fear, but even its highly technical nature means riders must be switched on or risk being bucked like a rider on a bull as they negotiate every undulation. Cross country trails also litter the area – as they do the Far North in general – with almost 50 documented tracks open for riding. And the playground will star, along with mountain bike-friendly areas from Gordonvale to Kuranda, when Cairns’ own mountain bike festival Gravitate returns today. "We’re showing everyone that comes here that there ain’t no better place to ride," Cairns Mountain Bike Club president Frank Falappi said. "We’ll have some of our freaks come out for the dirt bowl but there are other events that normal riders can participate in as well." The freaks, including former world downhill champion Nathan Rennie, will be in action, but plenty of less-extreme events will cater for the average mountain biking enthusiast. "We’ll be having nightly street thrashes, mystery trail rides; all sorts of things to appeal to everyone," Falappi said. Rider and co-creator of the revamped facility, Reilly Hurst, sum-med it up well, before ripping down the downhill trail earlier this week. "What goes up must go down, and it’s a long way down," he said. "We have lots of tracks in the region and our tracks are notorious around Australia for being some of the steepest and toughest going around." "I’ve done this trail a lot of times, and it still scares me, every time." Action starts this afternoon with a day-night four-hour ride and a practice session under lights in the dirt bowl. Gravitate culminates in the final round of the local downhill series next Sunday.
  14. Hello, Does anyone have any experience in shipping a mountain bike to Australia? I've heard customs can be very strict with any dirt etc. on them. Paul
  15. thepallis

    Car / Bike Licence

    Not sure if this in in the correct place, but OH just asked if he needs to take a motorbike test in OZ to ride a 125cc Lambretta scooter or if he will be able to ride on car licence as here in the uk. Any answers or suggested routes to look at welcome. Thanks Sharon
  16. I was wondering if anyone knew the costs involved in shipping a brand new moto x bike from America to Australia ? We are Australian residents and i know there is a tax payable when you havent owned the bike for 12 mths or more, but im wondering if anyone knows a rough figure as it is a while since ive had any dealings with customs. For the shipping itself we have been quoted around $2000, when this is added to the price we can get the bike for it is STILL working out cheaper than buying new here. (thank you exchange rate,lol) Will there be any other costs involved? As its a moto x will the spec have to be changed or anything like a road bike would ? Thanks in advance for any help Cal x
  17. Guest

    Mountain Bike Import

    Hi Has anyone taken their mountain bikes with them and if so how clean did the tyres have to be? Our tyres are clean from dirt but show some staining where mud etc has been previously. Just wondered if this has to be removed before AQIS will allow the import. We don't really want to have to fit 4 new tyres as they are in very good condition.
  18. Anyone have any experience of this? It's a 50cc off-road quad.... ??? Shipping companies don't seem to have a clue! Thanks
  19. Heya ppl.. Hope ya'll doing just great.. wonderful day here in Mel today.. Nice and sunny.. couldnt be better. Had awesome fun with my pals,, Need a piece of advice.. I bought a Royal Enfield Bullet Classic some time back in INdia and was interested in Shipping it here in VIC. Can anyone advice on how ?? and what $$ ?? THanks.
  20. I hope someone could offer their experience/advice. We're moving to Sydney in a few weeks and we want to take our racing bikes (pedal cycles) - one having a carbon frame and the other being a recumbent bike. Doree international are doing the shipping and I've read they do the packing too - but I'm wondering if I should invest in some hard case bike boxes and pack them myself to keep them safe from damage. Has anyone shipped fragile bikes? Did the packers do a good job and did it arrive safely? Thanks for any comments!
  21. Sam Tarrant

    Bike to Aus | Visa

    Hi guys, Myself and my father will be flying out from England within 6 months to a year, we hope. He has launched his Visa from over here ( i think its the 127? Not sure ) for both of us to gain our perminant residency in Townsville. Im not sure if this is in the right section but hey. How long does a Visa from the Uk take to get us both to Aus? He is getting the ball rolling soon. My Dads agent said 6 months minimun but has anybody else had any other experiences? Another thing, i want to take my bicycle with me. What will i have to do? A friend of mine said that they're very hot on muddy tyres so im guessing ill have to wash them or get new ones. Does it cost alot of money? We'll know doubt be flying with Quantas if that helps. Any advice / help is much appreciated guys! Thanks alot, Sam. :hug:
  22. I race in the UK and although won't be keeping that going in OZ I'd still like to bring the bike to do the odd track day at Eastern Creek. However, the race bike has no V5 so is this likely to cause an issue at all? I also have a stock road bike - is it worth bringing that too or selling in the UK? It's only worth about £2K in the UK cheers
  23. Guest

    On yer bike!

    Does perth have decent cycle paths? Depending where you live is cyclying into the CBD a safe option. Cheers Baz
  24. Hiya I am trying to get a mountain bike back with me to Brisbane, I fly on monday and would be very grateful if anyone knows the cheapest way to send it! Is there a cheaper way to get it to Brisbane without paying excess baggage on it. I don't want to wait weeks to have it shipped there... running out of time!! Thanks :biggrin:
  25. Just wondering if this has created an issue ?