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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all We have been here 7 months now. We arrived on the 29th December 2010. In case you missed it here is our first arrival report: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/104518-luvpants-have-landed-our-arrival-report.html Well things are going great. I graduate in 4 weeks and have been posted to Bribie Island as my first posting. The Police academy has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done but I have feel that I have achieved something. I still get a bit jealous when I see a Fire engine but that will pass. I was talking to one of my mates the other day who was over here visiting his sister and he said the UK fire service is in big trouble financially and pension wise things are not looking good. Lisa has decided that she wants promotion and is now doing what she has to do to get on with that. She says that nursing here is different (not better but different) to the Uk and she feels that she wants to go the whole hog. She also gets paid nearly double than what she did in the uk so get in!!! We are moving to a nice house in Buderim in August as it will cut down my commute. So was the move to oz a good thing? FOR US yes. We miss our kids and friends but skype helps a great deal. We are gradually building up a friend base and things will be easier when I get out of the academy as I will be home. We have only had a couple of moments when we were home sick but not enough to make us get on a plane and come back to the Uk. Yes the exchange rate is pants, yes food here can be expensive but we did not come here for that, we came to enjoy ourselves and relax a bit. Also this is a bit of a good bye. I have been active on this board for over 4 years but there are quite a few names on here that I have not heard before and the visa rules are now totally different to what I know and therefore I cant offer any help to anyone who is stuck and needs advice. I think my time here has run its course and so although I may pop in now and again, I am cooked as far as PIO is concerned.I thank everyone on here who has helped me as TBH I could not have done it without you and you have saved me a hell of a lot of money in fees let alone heart ache (Gill in particular). Anyone who has not yet made the move, my advice to you is go for it. If it does not work out, then come back. To those coming back to the Uk, I hope you find what you are looking for. To those staying here and enjoying the life......if you come to bribie island and see a particularly good looking copper, make sure you give me a wave!:cool::policeman: Good bye and thanks. JOHN
  2. Guest

    Ben Lomond Tasmania/ Sheffield

    Ben Lomond National Park Ben Lomond National Park is a large plateau atop precipitous cliffs that dominate the plains of rural north-eastern Tasmania. The park covers an area of 16,527 hectares (40,772 acres), including the island's second-highest peak, Legges Tor, which is 1,572 metres (5,147 feet) above sea level. Just 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Launceston, Ben Lomond is Tasmania's principal downhill ski field. The hairpin bends of the road known as Jacobs Ladder, I think at this stage my palms were sweating, particularly as the youngsters stopped their cars in front of us and went body boarding down the bends.:mad: You definately need the snow chains up here. Great camping ! My Inlaws are farmers here in Sheffield which is overlooked by Mount Roland. Rolling green fields. Sheffield is a shopping centre for farmers but it is also known as The Town of Murals
  3. Cerberus1

    Ben Cousins Documentary

    Watched the first part of the Ben Cousins documentary last night. It held my interest, (probably if I was a big AFL fan then I may have called it compulsive viewing). But my initial reaction was that this isn't going to stop any young lads from taking drugs, in fact possibly the opposite. Here was this bronzed muscular guy, who's lived the dream, apparently showing it was possible to play at the top of his game for several years whilst all the time taking recreational drugs. There were stories of him doing a runner from the police and swimming half way across the Swan River, scenes of him jumping into cars with 2 blondes, stories of multiple day benders, meeting celebs etc. Entertaining yes, but it came across more as a boy's own story about a lovely rogue, rather than a 'don't do this at home kids', perhaps understandably from a tv ratings perspective. Off topic but the best anti-drug message I've ever watched was 'Requiem for a Dream'. Fantastic film which shows that drugs don't discriminate and effects young/old, black/white, male/female alike, physically, mentally and emotionally.
  4. mr luvpants

    Ben Elton moving to Oz

    After 25 years of moaning about Britain, comedian Ben Elton is off to Australia | Mail Online
  5. ENGLISHMAN Ben Southall, winner of the World's Best Job, hasn't even started "work" yet and he's already living up to the worst stereotypes of his countrymen. However, the blond-haired project manager from Petersfield, Hampshire, is already complaining his July 1 start date means he will miss out on the English summer "I'll miss the long days we have. The island may boast a tropical climate but it gets dark at 8pm," he moaned. The Brit even whinged about missing English food, saying he would pine for roast dinners. "It will be far too hot to cook anything like that," he said. Paradise isle Brit's moaning | The Sun |News I know you don't like "The Sun" Earlswood:biglaugh:
  6. Guest

    Ben 10????

    Hi, This may seem like a really silly question. My son is absolutely obsessed with Ben 10 the cartoon - Do you get it out there??? It won't be stopping us from coming but may help settle my little boy in with the thought of his hero still being around!! Thanks for your help. Clare:spinny:
  7. Young Brit is 'Best Job in the World' winner BEN Southall from the United Kingdom is the winner of Tourism Queensland's World's Best Job competition, according to its official website.Queensland Island Reef Job Official Website