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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, We have read many threads on this subject and felt it might be worth starting a new thread on exporting a car plus belongings, why... we can't seem to get to the bottom of whether we should be quoted a higher price because we are including our car or if it should be cheaper as the car takes up much of the space? Or a container is a container so they should all work out the same sort of cost? Our plan is to take the car and then fit in as much furniture as possible into a 20 foot container. The following companies have visited - Britannia Movers International Pickfords Excess International Movers Ltd Doree Bonner International PSS International Removals John Mason Crown All of them had their good points i.e polity sales people who seemed to have a good understanding of what would fit in the container and how many cubic feet would be needed. But we have found they all have very different opinions on what will fit in the container. Some say they can fit all of our furniture with the car and others are say we cannot? So to all of you out there with experience in this matter could you answer the following as it would be very helpful. 1/ 20ft Container with car and belongings, how much do you thinks a fair price is? We will be moving within 30 km of the port in Perth. 2/ Has anyone been able to get confirmation in writing that the moving company will not charge any extra if they are unable to fit everything that is list on the manifest onto the container? And they will pay the access for it to be deliver through a shared container at no extra cost to us if this is the case? 3/ What other expenses are not included in there quote that we should be aware of? i.e clearance costs in Perth, steam clean car etc? We will keep this thread up to date with our experiences, what we've learned and anything else that might help others in their move to Oz. Thanks in advance for any tips and advise you can offer., Megan:biggrin:
  2. Hi We are a couple with a toddler moving to melbourne in the next few months not sure what area yet.We are hoping to stay for 2 / 3 years then decide if its for us .We are renting out our property in Ireland and need to leave it furnished.I am hearing all stories that furniture and white goods are so expensive.What price on average would it cost to furnish a 3 bed home. Anyone with ideas ? Or would I be best to buy in Ireland and ship over ? Thanks
  3. Hi Guy's, We would appreciate a bit of clarification on the following as we're concerned and confused? My husband will hopefully get his Partner migration visa a week or so before we leave for Oz (end of Nov). Will the Australia transport and infrastructure give clearance for the car if he doesn't have the visa yet or can they issue it knowing its pending and should be with us shortly? We've sent them all the required information to get the clearance, but after contacting their head office in Canberra it seems we might not be entitled to clearance unless the visa has been granted or stamped? Does anyone have any ideas if you DO or DO NOT need the visa. Many Thanks Megan:wacko:
  4. Hey all, When I get my visa sorted Im planning on taking my car plus most of my posessions i.e. TV and clothes! (Wont be taking furniture etc). So my original plan was to take the car roll on roll off for about £800- £1000 and put the stuff in the car but apparently I cant do this. So the next plan is to get a 20ft container or half a 40ft container. Does anyone have experience of shipping a 20ft or half a 40ft and how much approximately am I looking at? Can anyone reccomend a good company? Thanks for your help :smile:
  5. Hi, We have sold our house... but plan to live with family for a few months before moving, but although we have passed our meds etc, we haven't actually got our visa yet (any day). Therefore we are packing boxes ourselves at the moment and was going to store our stuff at a friends etc. So do I get quotes now whilst my house is still in tact... or do I get quotes once its all boxed up? Also, may treat ourselves to a few new bits of furniture to take with us? can you take brand new stuff? thanks
  6. hi guys i have a dilemma, im single, a chippy and emigrating to townsville in august, but no job to got to. im staying with an aussie buddy and have got quotes from various removal companies. would it be better to send my tools and personal belongings at the same time as i emigrate, or would it be better for me to hopefully be successful in getting a job and settleing down in townsville before i send for my tools and personal belongings. cheers clark
  7. Hi Everyone, I just wondered if anyone could recommend a good shipping company that will collect your belongings from your UK door and deliver it to Australia (to that door too if such company exists!). Thank you xx
  8. Guest

    Shipping over belongings??

    Hi all just a quick question,were just trying to decide wether or not to pay for a container straight away to take our household belongings over to Oz, or to rent furnished house??.We have had afew prices and were looking at between £2-3,000 but were abit worried that after 12months,if we dont like it and want to come home that we have to pay for one again???I know it sounds stupid but thinking all sorts at the mo!!........defo want to make the move thou.:arghh:
  9. NZStidz

    Belongings gone!

    Well all our stuff was packed up on Monday and Tuesday and collected on Wednesday (40ft container!!) - the boat leaves on Sunday and arrives in Brisbane on Thursday, 10 days to clear customs and we will be reunited with all our crap once more! Progress people... it feels good!:biggrin:
  10. mporting my van with my tools and clothes etc inside? Hi there, great forum I've been reading through a few threads which have been very informative, but i have a specific question. i would like to export my 2004 Ford Transit Connect SWB ( value £3500 ) from England to Aus with my work tools and my clothes, computer, books etc inside the van. My thinking is that i can turn up in Aus with everything i need to live and start work. I know about the modifications that may be necessary to the van and the cleaning of the tools etc and i'm not bothered if it costs me as much as buying the van in Aus So my question is, am i allowed to put my belongings in the van ( in crates ) and export it? Connect's seem rare in Aus and i think it would be unique and eyecatching once sign written plus it's a diesel ( most vans are petrol in Aus ) so would be much better on fuel, also commercial vehicles only attract 5% tax or so i'm led to believe A good plan? Or not? It doesn't have aircon but my mates car doesn't either and he lives in Sydney. Thanks, Aaron.
  11. Hi Guys Just wondered if anyone who has returned to the UK has sent a container back and how much it costs?? we don't have a full container coming over from the UK and it only cost us with insurance around £2000, but we are worried if we have to return to the UK how much it is going to cost. Also if it is really expensive to ship a car back from here? We are on a 457 and with the recession starting to kick in out here you never know so financially need to think ahead. Thank you for taking the time to read my thread I totally appreciate any helpful advice you have:yes:
  12. Guest

    Shipping belongings to Tasmania

    Hello again PIO’ers, It’s bluesky (Gus) here again. I’m the one who started the thread titled ‘Sell Tassie to me’ a few weeks ago. Many of you regular Tassie PIO people kindly responded with your thoughts, and it was much appreciated. I’ve started this new thread to ask about your experiences of shipping your belongings from the UK to Tasmania. I’m especially interested to hear about the costs, the companies you used and the time frames involved. In relation to many people I think I have much less belongings. I currently live in a furnished (tiny) studio flat. As such I don’t own any large items of furniture (bed, sofa, chairs, tables, large white goods). The largest items I own are probably a couple of pushbikes, a drum kit (although I may sell this) and a small TV. Of course I’ll have more stuff than I realise, however it would definitely fit into a shared container. I had even thought of saving the shipping costs and starting out again when in Hobart. However, I do have some decent kitchen/cooking stuff and a load of books and clothes and I've heard such things can be fairly costly to replace. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks very much, Gus
  13. We are still trying to decide wether to store our goods in England or Australia, when we come to Oz on a 676 visa while we wait for our cpv 143. If we store in Oz and ship it under our childs name, how do we go about it? (Gollywobbler mentioned this is often done) has anybody done this? if so could they please tell us how they went about it, can you be up front with the removal company or doesit have to be hush hush. We have a buyer for our house, the chain is complete and we are running out of time. Heeeelp!!!!!!:confused:
  14. Guest

    Shipping Belongings

    Hello All My family and i are set to arrive in Oz on the 31st March 2010, we are hoping to ship all our furniture out with us, my questions to all out there with experience of this are- 1. is it quite expensive to ship furniture,? if so how much am i kind of looking at? 2. when it arrives will storage be an issue? as we will have to find accomodation first 3. what are peoples experience with all the electrical items, for instance T.V's Computers (Laptop and xbox) washing machines etc, do they all work? I would be eternally grateful if you would share your experiences
  15. Guest

    ship or post my belongings?

    im terrified about getting my stuff to perth, i only have stuff in bedroom to bring over, so would it be excess baggage if shipping? it's books, clothes, shoes, boots, books, videos, ornaments, etc etc all very sentimental things, even if i were to ship stuff there are some things (clothes and a few books ) to send to my other half for when i get there, but am soooo terrifeied of them getting lost in the post!! im even gettin freaked as i always do that my checked in bag will go missing when i fly over haha. please any words of wisdom or advice would be great !!thankyou :chatterbox: Nadine
  16. Hi there, Does anyone know if there is a time limit as to when you can ship your goods over after arriving in Australia and avoid import duties? In the UK you have 12 months, wondering if Australia has something similar? I asked the "goverment" and the person I spoke to had no idea one way or the other :wacko: Cheers
  17. :swoon: Yep, the movers have been and gone - our house is empty and we hand over the keys to the new owner tomorrow morning. And, we booked our flights today!!! 27th October!!! 15 weeks and 4 days I think...OMG! :shocked:
  18. Folks, Have any of you suffered loss of specific items from the goods you've had transferred over here, {comapny name removed}? I am trying to establish if there is any sort of pattern in such incidents. I am not so much interested in stories of late deliveries or of boxes which must have dropped off loaders and so on (though I am very sympathetic), nor at this stage in the unexpected ramping up of costs, it is more the individual loss of a valued or cherished item from a box where everything else was left, which you might think must have needed some kind of inside knowledge. If I can get together enough tales from dates within the last 6 months I will try and put together a portfolio to submit formally to the UK police. I think the kind of information I'll need will be dates, where packed, and what items went missing. Of course any claims of loss will need to be verifiable as far as possible - items should have been listed on inventories if the claim of the loss is to be taken seriously. Also, what luck have you unfortunates had when claiming from insurers for stolen items? I think that if something gets lost or broken at sea in a storm then the 1% excess we're liable for is reasonable, but when it is petty pilfering by the representatives of a removals company, then the removals company should pay from their own insurance, otherwise it is something of a thieves charter to the effect that up to 1% value of a customers goods can be stolen (so please help yourselves but practice restraint) and neither insurer nor removal agent suffers - the customer pays for the loss. I'd be interested in your comments and stories. Please give me some feedback and if there is sufficient interest I will take this forward.
  19. Guest

    Shiiping belongings out to OZ

    Hi we're emigrating at the end of Feb and our flights will only let us take 20kg of stuff and will charge £36 per extra Kg. I would like to ship out another suitcase of packing when we get here. Does anyone know of any good and cheap companies to send stuff with. Fed ex seems very expensive! Thanks =D
  20. Guest

    Shipping belongings before move

    My partner has lived in Bunbury before and has family who can source rented accomodation for when we arrive. I would like our things to be in Oz for approx when we arrive as I think it would be nice for the kids to have familiar things around them when they arrive in a new country. Has anyone done it this way around and do containers reliably arrive on schedule. Thanks Ruth, Ben, Fin, Darcy and Marnie
  21. Guest

    shipping personal belongings

    Hello everyone. My husband and I should be moving to Melbourne in October (just waiting on visas). We wondered whether anyone could recommend shipping / removal companies? We dont have big items e.g. furniture, but we do have personal belongings such as clothing, books, kitchen utensils etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  22. We have had pickfords in for a pre-uplift survey, and they told us that all belongings that have been outside have to be cleaned and then washed down with jeyes fluid (bird flu). My questions is how clean does everything have to be, I have jet washed and scrubbed with a toothbrush 5 bikes today: all the mud is gone but cannot get all the marks off the tyres! Is this sufficient as they mentioned customs charge to destroy dirty items. They come again on the 20th to pack up ours sea freight!
  23. Hi, anoother question from me, roughly how much does it cost to ship your stuff over? Say two sofas, a bed, chest of drawers and a wardrobe and a load of personal belongings? Meg x
  24. Guest

    Shipping our belongings

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know of any good firms that can ship our goods to Australia and what the cost is? If we are not taking furniture, does anyone know how much it would be to send boxes of goods over, mainly photos and Stevens tools!! Thanks Elaine xxx