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Found 5 results

  1. Well folks, I have been doing avoidance behaviour today I have to admit. We all do it to an extent I am sure, but I have been doing it more than usual today. I have a task I have to get done, my final one for a qualification I have been doing, but can't get the last thing done. No matter how much I talk to myself about it, I am not listening:laugh:oh, I just realised I am on PIO and not doing my task...again, whoops. Be kind to me...............please:biggrin:Any advice? (I've already been for a walk in the sunshine today:yes:)
  2. Hi all. I'm in the middle of getting my police certificates sorted. Having been a bit if a Gypsy over the years and I lived in Holland for a while. I've been on the Dutch Ministry of Justice website and even read the english translation of how to go about getting a Certificate of Good Behaviour but i'm struggling to find where to down load it and still further how to go about getting it legalised any one had to do it ??? Any advice appreciated :-)
  3. Hi guys, just thought I’d share this with you and see what you thoughts and opinions are: I am a secondary school teacher and hope to be heading to South Australia when our visa gets granted. My current school in the UK is... shall we say ‘challenging’ and as a teacher I have to deal with a daily torrent of verbal abuse from hormonal teenagers with appalling attitudes. Sometimes things get a little hairy but I have never ‘touch wood’ been attacked or felt threatened by students... just frustrated. (Although I have witnessed other teachers having things thrown at them, this is a very rare occurrence.) At work today we had an Australian girl in on supply. She had just moved over from Perth a month ago, so naturally I took the opportunity to find out about teaching over there..... But now I wished I never asked. She went on to say how classes wouldn’t stay on task for more than 30 seconds, she would regularly have things thrown at her, how she wouldn’t dare challenge a child over behaviour as she would be threatened or even hit... when she spoke to parents they would just support the child in their actions and say it’s just because my child doesn’t like you!!! She described the children as ‘Feral’ on several occasions. She also said that just in day-to-day public you couldn’t look young people in the eye because they would get in your face and challenge you for looking at them! So just in case I wasn’t worried enough, one of my colleagues (who knows my Aussie plans) then piped up saying ‘see what you have to look forward to’ so I said well I’m not planning on moving to Perth I’m going to Adelaide..... and I wish I could have photographed the look of horror on her face as she said ‘OMG it’s even worse there!’ – Now to me she seemed a very pleasant girl, you can usually spot the teacher that kids would want to run-riot with but she didn’t seem like one of them. She also didn’t have an anti-Australia agenda as she kept saying she loved Australia and loved Perth but decided to move here as she fancied a change. So now I am worried. Should I be planning a career change on arrival? I would be very interested to hear opinions on this from other teachers, or parents who may know of there children’s experiences in schools and maybe even just member of the public who can either confirm or deny these claims. Don’t worry I’m under no illusions - Kids are kids at the end of the day and their hormones will always be raging and they are going to push boundaries from time to time, however I didn’t things could get much worse than the school I am at..... but apparently they do Down Under!?
  4. Guest

    Human behaviour after moving back

    Hi All In my professional life I study human behavior, attitudes, beliefs etc and it fascinates me so please take this next question in the spirit it is intended, one of interest and learning, as I am not making any judgment, just want to hear your thoughts on the following... if you have lived in Oz and then returned to the UK and do not intend to live in Oz again...why do you continue to be a part of PIO? It is a serious question as "social media" also called web 2.0 using forums, blogs, facebook, twitter etc is something that is relatively new and that academics, government and businesses are still trying to understand and what it is about humans that want/need that social connection. My interest is why you stay connected and what you hope to get from/give to PIO. Cheers Julia
  5. Hi All After getting over the shock of hubbys occ ( Systems Architect / IT manger ) dropping off the MODL list and us losing 20 points, we have regrouped and decided to take the ELTS test which will bring us back up to 115 points. We have looked at State sponsorship but only Victoria has him on their priority list. We will go down that roue if we need to but if I can get the 5 spouse points it will give us the 120 and open more options to us. The problem is I changed jobs a couple of years ago. After 18 years in the Civil Service I started working at a high school supporting teenagers with Educational / Emotional and Social Problems. I have a diploma in Child Psychology. Could anyone please advise how or if I can apply for the extra 5 points as I am not sure where my job is on the list / if I need a full skills assestment and if so who does it? Many, Many thanks for any help. Jen