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Found 23 results

  1. Guest

    Count down begins

    Hey all, Just wondering anyone heading out to darwin 28th november 2011, I am all booked and just gotta do the packing, Have my visa got, insurance, bank account, flights sorted just wondering if theres any tips for the flight im flying with qantas, stopping at singapore. if any one can share there expereinces and give me any points. cheers :biggrin:
  2. Guest

    House sold now fun begins

    Hi everyone, Have not lived in UK since 1985 (I think Wham was still #1 in the charts) Have lived in Los angeles 13 years, Adelaide 7 years and Brisbane 5 years. Now decided it's time to go home. We have just sold house in Brisbane after three months.:biggrin: fingers crossed it all goes through. Plan to be back in blighty May 2012 Lot of suggestions on 20 ft containers. Any suggestions on who to use? It seems a lot more expensive to go from Oz to UK than the other way around for some reason. Anyway lots of things to take care of. Have got some great info from this site. Thank you.

    Shippers gone now the fun begins!!

    And breath.......!!! Well, shippers packed in torrential rain yesterday & dodged the worst of it, high dramas all round. Lads packing put the fear of god in us with warnings of things getting wet, mildew will set in, they didnt want to pack in that weather etc etc etc. Couldnt go in loft as it wasnt boarded out. We are at least 150 cubic foot of stuff coming later on, on a shared container (approx another £1000!!!) Plus the whole process took longer than expected so arraived with family at 12 last night with 2 children, all tired & car laden with suitcases etc. And here we are, the stress emotionally & phisically had been lifted, SO many tears, so unexpected amazing cards & gifts & so much love. Have a week with family now so expect it to be more of the same-but if its any consolation our gut feeling has never faltered - we are doing the right thing. As one person said to us, you will have no problem cos you are such happy positive people (ahhh) Next Sat 27th we fly to Kuala Lumpa then onto Melbourne, hubby starts job on 5th Sep, so adventures will start & will keep you all posted. Any questions, just ask xx
  4. thanks to all the help we had off here, we were able to complete our defacto visa and lodge it ourselves without the help of an expensive migrant agent! I feel the pressure lifting slowly off the shoulders now that its all paid for and out of our hands... We front loaded the lot, police checks, medical and form 80 and lodged it this morning!, so hopefully we should get the visa approved by the 27th Oct if the DIAC do their job and get it done within the 5 months! Wish us luck and we will let know our progress! :jiggy:
  5. Guest

    The Oz adventure begins...

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and thought I would intoduce myself briefly to old and new members of the site. Its actually the first time I have been able to have a good look on the site and read some of "threads" as they are called. Anyway, me, my wife and our 8 month old baby girl have made the decision to make the big move AGAIN, only this time to sunny Australia! We have previously emigrated to Canada, Toronto for a couple of years, which was a ride, but cold to say the least. Now we are looking to relax and bring up our little one in the warmth and hopefully play happy families... We have planned our first trip next month and want to be settled somewhere before September. We have many friends in the big cities and are looking at Perth for the time being. So I was just wondering where everyone is heading and why really? Cheers, Bob.
  6. Gethsemene

    And so it begins.....

    My firm (big multinational franchise) approached me with an option to move to Australia to open and run a franchise for them. Now I have never been to Oz, but love my rugby, love my cricket and really love my beer so thought as there is little chance of a UK franchise would look into it. Google brought me here and hopefully here will bring me closer to there . Will get sent a list of 100 odd location possibilities soon and they are going to start looking into visas. First (of I am sure many) questions is if they are sorting visa and employment what is he first thing I should do?? Many thanks Ben
  7. Lucysdream

    Our Journey Begins............

    Hello Poms in oz!! :jiggy: My partner and I have done it at last!! Today we sent the forms to our agent Go Matilda for skills assessment stage 1. I'm very excited/nervous about this very likely long rollcoaster ride. We hope one day we can live our dream of a life in oz.....!! Don't know what current timelines are but I'm guessing 2 to 3 years. Lucky we are young enough to be able to do a working holiday visa in the next couple of years so can spend a year travelling and working before we get(hopefully) PR visa. I would like to thank anyone who helped us over the pass few months with questions (especially you Kevin JC) :hug: and anyone who will help us in the future!! Good luck to us all!! :wubclub: Lucy (& Daniel but I'm the pominoz wizz kid:rolleyes:)

    The process begins!!!

    I've just returned from sunny OZ having spent loads of time sorting out Stat decs for my partner and I and finding evidence for our application etc (Prospective marriage Visa). All her forms are now complete, I just need to get the medical done and then complete my statement, find a few other bits and thats us. Questions: 1) I don't want to go too far in the partner statement, but how much show one write??? 2) In relation to evidence, again how much is enough, I have cards, all my previous flight details, boarding cards, 19 months of phone bills, photo's etc, should I just put everything in and let them use what they want? 3) In relation to my medical, I'll getting mine done in Manchester but doe's anyone know the going rate at the moment, I've been told between £220 and £300 with xrays. 4) My Visa application was going to be done last year but circumstances changed that. I still have my Police history certificate but dated July 2009. Will this still do or should I apply for a new one? Thanks for your help in advance and I'll keep you updated...:jiggy:
  9. Well we have just two more sleeps till we are on the 2nd chapter of our journey to Australia. Our car will be collecting us at 11.30am on tuesday to take us to the airport, Our flight leaves at 18.30 on its way to hong kong, 5 hour stop over then its the last leg which lands on Australian soil Thursday at 6.10am, I won't say its been easy to get this far but easier than some of my dear friends on pio have experienced so far, To them im wishing you all the very best that those visa grants come through fery soon for you! :hug: A huge thanks to all on pio that have helped us through the whole visa application, you know who you are!!!!!! Will post as soon as we are settled,(or even from hong kong airport) And no we won't be a stranger to pio, i only hope we can help new members as much as you guys have helped us, so its just TTFN and speak to you real soon. love and hugs Dawn and the Gang xxxx
  10. Guest

    475 - The wait begins!

    Hello. Myself and my partner applied for our 475 visa in March and are now patiently waiting the 3 years they have advised it will take! We hope to join my sister and her Australian husband who live just outside Brisbane, plus they have just had a baby so I wish to be a good uncle! The visa isn't ideal but it was the only option we had due to not having a degree in my profession (despite the 10 year experience in graphic design) So here's to the next few years of waiting and chatting to all you lovely people. Mike
  11. Good Morning/Evening Everyone, I'll try and make it short and sweet as not to bore all of you, but like everyone else posting on here, I have my very own unique situation that I would love some advice on if at all possible. Any options or ideas would be very much appreciated so don't hesitate to post away! I'm currently working full-time in Brisbane on a 457 Visa as a Programs Coordinator at a Tennis Centre. My 457 Visa was granted in April '09 after working for my current company casually from July '08. I have a Sports Science degree from the Uk and am looking to get some kind of permanent residency so I am not 'bound' to my job and am able to come back to Australia if I do decide to leave. I have done plenty of preliminary reasearch and am starting to understand my options a little more. I was wondering if you kind, kind people can help me on my journey of getting this 'elusive' visa and generally point my in the right'ish' direction. As most of you would have found out by now, staying in this country seems to be one of the more difficult things you will go through in your life and their webiste is as confusing as calculus... My understanding of my options are below, I do have a few questions with these options so please feel free to help when you can! Thanks everyone! Option 1: 175 sub class Visa - A visa that can be applied for when in the country but you must be outside if and when it is granted. Must have 120 points - which I do think I have. However - I was hoping my job would be under 'sports administrator' however after contacting VETASSESS recently they have informed me that I have to have an Australian Higher degree. Does it have to be Australian? Could it be alright with my Degree from the Uk? After looking more and more at this visa it seems more difficult to obtain. Does anyone also know what changes they are making mid year? Will they make the SOL list shorter or longer? Option 2: Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856) - A visa I have just been looking at this morning in more detail. I never really considered it as an option as I thought you had to work for your employer for a further 3 years. After reading one of the threads on this website this morning apparently it is only the 'intention' to work for three more years and immigration won't really care either way. Is this a good visa to get then? Can the company pay more of the fee to put it through? Any rough timelines or regulations on this visa? Option 3: De-facto visa - Another option that has just come up recently. My girlfriend and I have been going out for about a year now and are very close and practically live with each other. Does the de-facto visa mean you have to live with each other for 12 months or proove you have been together for 12 months. And once again, what are timelines on getting this visa? Or any other general points to note? To those of you who are still reading this, thank you! Any help is much appreciated and I will be keeping everyone up to date on this blog and looking forward to it! Not looking forward to the visa process though :unsure: Any other options, ideas or opinions please let me know! Thanks so much. Speak to you all soon! Alex
  12. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone! No doubt im going to be spending a lot of time on here over the next few months or maybe even years :unsure: Me and my the other half have finally this week decided to do something about what we have talked about for a while - get ourselves over to Oz to try make a better life for ourselves! We have 2 girls aged 12 and 10 and a little monster of 15 months. Ive spent best part of the past few days trawling internet trying to get as much info as possible to the extent im sure my eyes are rolling with "Overload Alert - This Human is Malfunctioning" :biggrin: We are off for a day out to the Down Under Live expo in London on Sat to see if it can help much. As it stands we need to probably start of with having my other halfs skills assessed as we are unsure if he falls into any of the SOL. He has a BA in Computer Animation and has worked for a major post-production company in London for 5 years as a Visual Effects Artist. I am looking to recommence my Nurse training - preferably when we get to Oz but if its a complete no goer I can do it here and put off move for another few years :sad: An additional branch on the tree is that I have recently (4 years ago) found my biological father who is now an Aussie Citizen and has lived in Taz for 30 years but from what I gather he will be no use on the points system as im over 25 (too long ago to remember) and I have other living relatives outwith Oz. Look forward to spending a what is likely to be long but hopefully rewarding journey with you all xxx ps - sorry i need to learn to ramble on a bit less!
  13. touch107fm

    The hunt begins

    Hi all from cold London. I just got off the phone from my girlfriend who was in tears because she cant understand everything about the her visa sponsorship as a nurse. First off ''hello'' to all. I posted a brief message a few weeks ago looking for some information about myself and girlfriend getting a visa to come and live in Sydney. I just being reading a interesting post from a guy who hates Australia : http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/brits-oz/71963-i-loathe-australia.html Its made me laugh I loved the post about the fish on that guys shoulder. I have lived in Australia before on a holiday visa and loved every minute of it. I went travelling for two and a half years and stayed in Oz for 1 year I always said if giving the chance I would love to give living there a go. Well as i posted before I was told a few of us would be out of a job in march so my girlfriend and I decided that it was the break or opportunity that we needed to give living and working in Australia. My girlfriend is already living in Sydney she was originally going to stay there for 6 months she if she liked it then we where going to asses and see if we had a future in Australia. She is a nurse and I work in TV/radio she has already spoken to work in Sydney and they offered her a full time job and sponsorship so all good there. The plan was for me to get a spouse visa on the back of hers. She is going for 457 visa. Now the questions A question for other nurses who applied for sponsorship through a hospital out in Australia, how long did it take you to get your visa through. My girlfriend is currently in Sydney on a 6 month working holiday visa and now she is applying for sponsorship. I know there is 3 stages on the visa application of a 457 and I think she has done the first one. I know I have to get a medical and police check. Does any know any places in London which are approved for the visa proses. Also where do I get my police check. Does it make a difference that I am here in the UK and she is now living in Australia. My girlfriend is stressing big time and as I said she was in tears over the phone because she got a load of paperwork from the visa people and she is very confused by it all. Question for a fellow nurse who was successful in getting a 475 in Australia, Did you get any help from your hospital. Would you guys recommend using the services of a migration specialist. I don't mind spending some cash in getting help if it would help or speed up the process. What advise would you give to me and my girlfriend in applying for our visas, check lists etc Any help would be greatly appreciated I realise that the same questions are being asked on this site and I am sure people get annoyed at answering the same questions over and over and over I will carry on searching this forum for more information that could aid us. I would love to talk to someone who was in the same boat and myself and my girlfriend so if there is any one out there who has been in the same situation please message me. Thanks D
  14. Guest

    The Journey Begins.

    Just wanted to let everyone know OUR storey (comments always welcome) I (Jason) have been looking at a move to Oz for about 6 years (we have a daughter who was 10 at the time) then my son was born (Jan 2004) my wife (Julia) didnt want to discuss it due to just having our son - 1.5 years later and lots of internet browsing Julia says "ok.. I am ready to talk about moving to Oz" .. then we feel for our little girl.... Urrgg. Faye was born (Dec 2006) and the next few months where all about the future, Julia was happy to look into the move and we started to build up speed with our migration plans... Due to bad career choice's over the years I just couldnt russel up enough points to be accepted on a skills visa so we decided our only route was the student route - excellent, we had equity to pay for the two years study and support ourselves.. it was all looking good, I was going to do a carpentry course!!.... we attended an expo in London to confirm our research.. we where on track.. Oz here we come! 3 days later (April 11th 2007) whilst at work I suffered an accident which apputated the tips of two of my fingers on my right hand.. nothing major just about 6mm but it put me out of work for 8 months.. we accumilated debt as the government paid a family of 5 £4.83 a week to live on!!!! we eventually bite the bullet an sold our house before losing it - paid all the debt we had accumilated and moved to the english countryside, just keeping enough back to put a deposit on a new house... Dreams of Oz still intact we spent from Oct 07 till now formulating our plans - no money left to go on a student visa and time running out due to our age we now have a 4 year plan in place.. Sorry for the storey but it was need to get to this point.. Next week my wonderful wife is starting her 4 year studying, 1 year access to nursing then (all going well) a 3 year degree course to become a Midwife...she will be 45 when she compelets the course, however everything I have read leads us to believe we will still be able to migrate - as we have heard of 57 years old midwifes being accepted. We both KNOW that we HAVE to get to Oz and will do everything we can to make it happen.... We wont be happy with ourselves with a "what if" in our old age.. by time we get there (and we will) our kids will be (20), (10) & (8) ... "The Journey Begins"...
  15. Hi Everyone We have been back just over a month from our reccie/validating trip in Melbourne. The flight was great we flew with Emirates and the in seat entertainment was great for the children ( 6yr and 3yr) although watching Bolt nine times was a bit hard The kids didn't sleep at all on the flight out there so we felt like death by the time we reached Melbourne. We booked a hotel in the city centre and collapsed on the beds as soon as we got there. The first few days we did the tourist bits Melourne zoo (fab) Melbourne museum (great when raining) the aquarium and the Botanical gardens. The children loved the trams and even got to sit in the front of one to ring the bell which they are still raving about. We then went out looking at areas, we had already decided which areas to look at after research in the Uk. So we looked at Frankston, Point cook and highton (Geelong). All the areas were nice and we would have been happy to live in all three but we loved Highton and it offered us everything we were looking for and the people were so helpful and welcoming. We booked in to visit a couple of schools in Highton and they were both great schools and it made my little boy very excited. One thing I didn't expect was that the teachers mentioned that it is harder to get a kindergarden place than a school place!! We looked at the show homes and land packages out there which were an eye opener they are so big that I would worry that I'd never see my children..... actually that sounds great! We found Melbourne as a city was a very lively young place to be it suited us as a family down to the ground and I'm sure we would have many years of fun there. The flight back was hell we had two stopovers which was not mentioned on the ticket and my little boy got plane sick ( i always wondered who used those sick bags!):confused: No sleep again!!!! But on arrival to London everyone wanted to go back. So the stress began..................My mum was devasted that we liked it and were going! The house went on the market and we had so many people viewing in the first few weeks that I almost became like a robot...kitchen.....bathroom and so on. After three weeks it was under offer which we were amazed about we were expecting months. So now I've given in my notice at work and busy sorting out the house. Today it's my little boys leaving party at school which makes me feel awful as the children are so upset he's going!! Where as my little girl keeps telling her friends they can come to tea at her new house in Austraila:wideeyed: So fingers crossed the sale of the house goes ok, surveys done and no issues so hopefully exchange in three weeks. Sorry so long, good luck to everyone else and maybe see you in Oz!! Jackie xxxx
  16. Guest

    And so the wait begins......

    Our police checks came back yesterday with "No Trace" so that was good news. I was very impressed that it only took about 3 weeks from sending to receiving back!! So now the waiting game begins. From my timeline below you can see we submitted online in Sept 08, our agent advised 6 - 10 months for a 176 family sponsored visa. But reading all I have just recently Im not so sure!! The only concern is, our meds run out Oct 08....what happens then???? Oh well, lets just sit back and wait, Patience is a virtue.....so they say!!:skeptical:
  17. Guest

    Journey begins

    Well we have finally bit the bullet and starting our visa process. We are both 29, with a 4month old daughter and I work in IT as a Systems Engineer. Peter at PTLabs has reviewed the CV, and thinks a positive skills assessment can be gained, so going under general skilled migrant visa, as we are in no big hurry to move tomorrow with daughter being so young. Police records are clear, need to lose a few pounds for the medical - but no health concerns. So, long process ahead, but sure it will be worth it in the end Karl
  18. Guest

    Australian Adventure Begins!

    Hello :spinny: The Big Adventure Begins for Us! We've just decided it time to make the move to Oz! We've decided on Queensland, as I've been out there before and loved it! We've only just started getting info this week about visa applications and agents etc. Any advice would becomed :v_SPIN:. Agent or DIY? Which agents? Where are the good seminars? Is there anything we need to be doing now that we might not thought of? My partner works in computer support (10yrs) and has a HND in computer studies, does anyone know which type of visa would be best? Best of luck to everyone starting their visa journeys Loopz
  19. sadsmile23

    Our journey begins!

    hi everyone, After months of dreaming, weeks of researching and hours of receiving knock-backs, we have finaly embarked on our quest to emigrate. We have taken the plunge and appointed an agent who has had experience with other clients in our situation - they have guided us every step of the way with our references, stat dec etc and after hitting so many brick walls, we finally feel we have found someone who has the confidence and experience to get us through the TRA assessment. Our application went off last Thurs, so hoping to hear something in next 4 weeks. I know nothing is definite until the fat(visa!)lady sings, but this is the most confident I have felt for a long time that our dreams may finally come to something! :yes: Just wanted to say to anybody that is losing faith - speak to as many agents as possible until you may find one that can offer you hope! I rang at least 7 and it was simply good luck that I came across this one that had experience of a similar case and was able to offer us hope. They also offer a money-back guarantee if we didn't pass TRA, so seemed that we had nothing to lose by going for it! Anyway, will keep you informed as to the TRA decision - believe me, you will hear me squeal with delight if its approved!! Watch this space!
  20. Guest

    the dream begins....

    Hi folks Logged on yesterday morning to receive the fabulous news that we've been granted our permanent visa!!:yes: Can't believe it's happened at last - best christmas pressie EVER. I'm over the moon & the kids are acting like 5 year olds even though they are teenagers & keep asking when can we go. Even my mum bless her(she's 85) is pleased as punch although she did tell me she's dreading us going (feeling's mutual). Had to keep reading the email over & over again to make sure it was real - even printed it off to make sure it didn't disappear from the screen. Lots of emotions ranging from shock to relief. Now the hard work begins & I don't know what to do first - apart from getting absolutely p*ssed, even though I don't drink much! I have lists coming out of my ears but I really don't care now. I keep catching myself grinning like an idiot for no apparent reason. You other ladies will understand what I mean if you've had kids - it's like that special-secret feeling when you first find out you're pregnant. OH is walking around like a loony & also grinning like a cheshire cat even though he's got loads of jobs to finish so we can get the house on the market (not looking forward to that). But I'm not going to let it spoil the moment. I know it sounds daft, but this morning I feel a bit deflated, probably an anti-climax after all the stress of waiting and the relief of finally reaching our goal. I'm sorry if this sounds a bit negative - I'm not really. Has anyone else felt like this?? I like to thank everyone on this site for all your help, invaluable information and support when I needed it - you're the best. I'll probably be back soon with lots of questions for chapter 2 of our adventures. Hopefully everyone will be getting their goods news soon, whatever you're waiting for. Bev xx timeline in brief: Job interview 31 January 2007 Job offer & sponsorship accepted mid march 2007 tra sent 25 May tra passed 23 June 2007 police checks passed 23 June 2007 & front-loaded with visa application visa lodged 10 July 2007 case officer 13 august 2007 medicals requested 12 September & done 18 september medicals received at Sydney 11 October 2007 Visa granted 23 November 2007:jiggy:
  21. Well after much form filling (and re printing), verification document searching and copying and certifying..... We have finally submitted Russ's Interdependency visa.... Sent it off Special Delivery on Weds. Got an email yesterday telling us... sorry but we don't accept Amex.. can we provide an alternate method of payment... Couldn't believe they were so quick to get to that... Obviously we sent the details back immediately... Very exciting tho... As we have front loaded the police check and medicals, all we have to do now is wait...... Very exciting indeed.... Anyone got any news about how long spouse/interdependency visas are taking at the moment?? Fingers Crossed.. Cam and Russ
  22. Guest

    And so it begins!!!

    We are hoping that everyone out there will be able to give advice and guidence as we begin our bid to escape to OZ. My hubby is applying for a transfer to the aussie navy, he is at the stage of filling in the application, we have had great help from nev_n_angie who are off to canberra in a few weeks :arghh: (as you can imagine we're not at all jealous!!), what we would like now is to hear from anyone else who has been through this, or is still going through it to get in touch and help us out :wub: any advice will be greatfully accepted:wubclub: Hopefully waiting Steve and Nic
  23. Guest

    Timeline begins............

    Hi everyone Fantastic news and a long time coming but oH TRA has gone off today I cant tell you the sense of relief I feel. Just hope we get positive result on a 136 modl visa {mechanical services and air conditioning} Next week will see us starting the next stage. Anyone still about to start the skills assessment stage good luck and best wishes just bite the bullet and stop saying you will do it tomorrow....Yes you know who you are...well it was us anyway. Best wishes heres to the next bit Kaye