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Found 26 results

  1. Victoriadownunder

    Where to begin!

    Hi, New to here and would just like to share our story with you as everyone seems to be in a better position to (or at least it feels like they are). My husband (Mechanical Engineer) and I (Marketing Manager) are pending our visa to be approved for our planned move to Melbourne. We're confused about house prices, where to move to in the Melbourne area, work etc out there. We have been to Oz numerous times and we know for certain we're doing the right thing. The problem is that we bought a house in the UK 4 weeks before the housing market crashed in 2007 so we have this bind still back in the UK. We do have money for a small deposit on a house and only a set amount of money to get us started out in Oz as I took redundancy from me job recently whilst I am on maternity leave. We are bringing our 9 month old daughter and 2 cats with us along with a crate being shipped. The trouble is I need to work full time and therefore will need to be on a commuter line into the city and we just dont seem to be able to find an area that we can afford to buy or rent in although it's hard to know what we can afford as we don't know what our salaries will be, something which I know many users will be familiar with. It just seems that the odds are stacked against us. We want to move to an area where we can settle as we need to get our daughter into day care aswell as living near good primary schools. We love the SE suburbs of Melbourne but I research everyday and it just seems that want we want is impossible. Is it? Or are there people out there that are in a similar position. Staying in the UK is not an option, we hate the place! Any friendly words of wisdom or advice would be gratefully received!!!
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Marie i'm a midwife in the UK. I just made my first active step towards the big move. After months of collecting documents, chasing schools and university to prove I am english speaking, breaking the news to my bosses to get a statement of service etc etc etc I just got back from the post office. Application form and certified documents x100 (yes i'm exaggerating) sent. Signed, sealed and well I have a tracking number so hopefully some time soon it will be delivered. From all I have read I believe the hard bit starts now................ read so many horror stories. Spent the entire morning going over and over all my documents convinced I have forgotten something, no doubt I have. Is there a way to check the status of your application? Wondered what everyone's varying time scales have been? I read somewhere last week to expect it to take 60 -90 days. Wish me luck?! Sounds like i'll need it! Marie :smile:
  3. Hello all, my first post on here, and I was hoping someone could provide a bit of kind advice in regards to migrating to Oz. I am writing on behalf of my Mum and Step-Dad, and we are looking to get the ball rolling fairly soon on the whole process. Now for a bit of back story; My Step-Dad (36) is an Architect and he has a fair amount of qualifications, including a Master's Degree, along with about 6 years of post grad experience. In light of his experience and qualifications, it seems like it would be best to try and find a sponsor in Australia and myself and my Mum come on that, which would be a 457 Visa I believe, this might not be right, as I can't really decipher what is best to go with in this mine field that is migration :biggrin:. My Mum (45) is a registered nurse, with 5 years experience after official graduation, but has worked closely in the Health industry for most of her life. She and I have lived in Australia before, around 10 years ago, we lived there for a year, and didn't get citizenship, so we are hoping to return. We have our hearts set on Brisbane, ideally the Gold Coast. Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some advice, cheers.. Jake
  4. Hi, I'm 38 with 10 years IT experience (mostly 2nd line / some 3rd line Support) although no recent IT qualifications (never been a requirement thus far), apart from HND from 12 years ago! Although getting an MCSE etc would be fine. I've seen a number of IT jobs on Seek that I could fill, but going through the visa wizard it's probably unlikely I would get a visa despite easily being able to fulfil a role out there? My wife is 40 and has relatives in Brisbane. Should I stop before I even begin to look into this further??
  5. Victoriadownunder

    Where to begin!

    Hi, My husband and I are currently in the process of applying to Australia and we're hoping that we are moving to Melbourne area. As a young couple, we don't have the luxury of a massive wedge of cash behind us and are looking at places to live when we move over. We keep looking at the South East suberbs, having been there before, we want to be close to the beach (by close we're prepared to travel 20 mins by car to get to it), I need to be able to commute to the city as I work in marketing. We will also have a 9 month old baby with us when we move, meaning we need a safe friendly area with nurseries etc nearby. It sometimes seems impossible us moving out to Oz with a new baby and not really knowing anyone, but we're determind to do it! If anyone has any areas to suggest that we can look into that we can rent and whether we're best to rent before we move out (as mentioned we will have a baby and also 2 cats will be joining us meaning we need a home) then it would be much appreciated!
  6. Hi everyone. At last the we all have a plan and a date to arrive later this year. November. I have permanent residency based on my nursing, which I am grateful for. Should I apply for my nursing registration for WA now or later in the year. Should I wait til I have a position to go to. How long does the whole process take. I have downloaded a huge amount of paperwork which I cant bear to look at yet.:goofy: Can anyone give me advice. Hospital of choice is Joondalup if anyone works there. Thanks, Lisa
  7. Cables

    Where do i begin!?

    Hi All! OK, so have been reading up on oz for some time now, and think I got all the info I need but still confused on a few things. Firstly, been told my husband will need to do AQF here in the UK to qualify for his Tiling, but also found out that AQF won't mean anything after July1st... so if he does it now, will it still be ok if we apply for Visa before juLY? Or if Visa incomplete by july (which it will be I guess), does it stop and you have to re-apply under the new legislation. Im hoping that if you submit prior to the changes, it will go through based on the system when the application went in. Secondly, if he does get the qualification, does he still need to be TRA approved, and what does this mean? training here or in oz? also, is an english test compulsory now, or again, is that after July 1st?? Grrrr, so many questions!!! Thanks x x :confused:
  8. Guest

    Just About To Begin

    Well we (Me, the wife adn our 5 year old son) fly to Brisbane now in just under 10 hours - just finishing the last little bits whilst in the heathrow hotel before trying to get some sleep. Not sure if I will manage that as now quite excited as the starin from all the goodbyes and the stress of packing the house up has disappeared. We are flying with Singapore Airlines and have a rental for the first few weeks organised with my work. Well, I will update once we are on the other side and hope to see some of you at the Brisbane gettogether in mid september. Cheers
  9. Guest

    Our journey is about to begin

    I am so happy. Just got confirmation from Canberre Uni that i have got a place to study a Masters in Accounting. Planning to study then apply for residency, but i am soooo stoked. Big step for us, we have to sell up and to go but hey ho life is too short to hang around :yes:
  10. Can any body help with my query? Does the 12 months to validate begin from the day that the medical is taken or from the date that the CO accepts the results? Just thinking ahead as we may well have some to-ing & fro-ing from the point of taking it til the CO signs it off, due to OH arthiritis Many thanks, Lynda
  11. Guest

    Over 45 where to begin

    This is my 4th visit to Perth in as many years, and each time I come here I feel that I would love to give living here a go. In fact there's more keeping me in Oz than in the UK now, my brother, sister-in-law and three nephews (1, 4 & 6 and gorgeous) live here and are australian citizens and my daughter has recently come out here on a working holiday visa - and hoping to get a second one with a view to study and stay on. Also my best friend and her family moved here 3 years ago - she lives 5 mins from my brother and family and they've become very good friends. I feel so comfortable and at home here, and although I realise the grass isn't always greener - I would like to at least investigate my options. So the main problem is that I am 45 and know I cannot get in on a skilled workers visa - I'm so annoyed I didn't start this process last year, but was coming out of a relationship and wasn't sure that I was committed to the move. That's all in the past now and as I said I feel excited about possibly embarking on a new adventure. I'm Head of Marketing for one of the most prestigious university presses in the UK, I've worked for them for 15 years and have been managing staff for all that time and in senior management for 6+ years. All my working experience is in publishing but I'm sure my skills are transferrable. When I did the points test last year I easily qualified. I would really appreciate if anyone could spare the time to give any advice of where to begin. My limited understanding would be that I would need to get employee sponsorship, or to study?? If the former, are there agencies who specialise in finding jobs for people wanting to emigrate, can anyone recommend them. I guess things like LinkedIn might also help. Thank you for your time. Lottie
  12. :confused:My Husband 2 children and I have our 457 Visa approved. Really excited!! Kev has a job in Melbourne city centre. We'll have a service apartment to go to for the first month. But now its like, what do i do now?? We've got a few quotes for shipping 20ft container. We're in the process of finding an Agent to rent out our house. Now what?? I just need some guidence please as to the things to remember to do?? And what to do next?? What do you do with your bank accounts ? All your direct debits? Utilities? Is that it? what have i forgotton???? Ahhhhhh!! I'm sure it will all fall into place, but if anyone can help, or perhaps there is a site with all this moving information. Everyone who's emigrated has gone through this, so i'm sure i'm not alone. Will appreciate any advice thank you x
  13. Hello, I am considering teacher training and would like to know if I'm better off beginning my training in the UK i.e. my PGCE and then experience in schools before emigrating, or should I just start from scratch in Oz? The skills in demand list wants 3 years teaching experience which means that I'm at least 4 years away from being able to apply - which does seem very far away. However, if it's worth getting at least my PGCE over here then I could be working on it now (hoping I get a place through clearing starting September 2009 or get on a course through the OU). If I emigrated with only my PGCE, what (honestly) would my career prospects be? thanks Lorraine
  14. Guest

    Where to begin?!

    Hi, I have been looking at the forum and have just been getting lost with all the abreviations and numbers flying aorund! Could anyone give me a Beginners guide to emergrating to australia? I will be going to Oz in October with my girlfriend on a years working holiday visa. We hope to extend this to two years by doing fruit picking. we know our travelling experience won't be anything like living in one place but we thought we would test the water before we make the big jump to move their permenantly (if possible). I am 24 and have a degree in civil engineering. i have 2 years experience with a geotechnical engineering firm. i have lived with my girlfriend for two years. She has a degree in sculpture. i expect once we are done travelling we will have no savings and don't have any assets. can i have advice about which visa will be most sutable to obtain? Can my partner get in on 'my' visa ?As i haven't been yet i do not know which state is for me. given we are travelling time is not of the essence but reading other threds it seams to be a good idea to get an application in sooner rather then later. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  15. Hi all we are new to PIO and enjoying reading everyones advice. We have decided we are going to take the plunge and want to move to Goldcoast as I have some family there.My other half is an industrial electrician and to be honest we are confused and just dont know where to start with the whole process so if anyone could advise we would be very grateful. Thanks :confused:
  16. Guest

    Where to begin?

    Hi everyone I'm very new to the site and have been engrossed reading everyones advice regarding moving to Oz. My boyfriend and I are planning to move over in the next two years. We are interested in living in Melbourne and don't know where to begin, after reading so much advice I'm all confused as to what visa would be best and how to go about things. I am an intensive care nurse and my boyfriend is a painter and decorator. Do we have to get our skills assessed first, or visa first or find a job first before applying for visa ??????? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks :cute:
  17. Guest

    Where do I begin?

    Hi everyone! My family (me, husband and 2 kids) would like to spend a year in Australia in the near future. My husband who is a teacher would still need to work whilst over there. Does anyone know what kind of visa we would need or where to begin with the whole process? I keep looking but i am getting a bit confused!!! Any help appreciated. Catherine.
  18. Hi everyone, Me and my hubby have talked about emigrating to Oz for at least 2 years now, and we are now ready to get the wheels in motion so to speak. The only thing is, we have had several free assessments done online with various Migration companies and all have asked for about £100 to £300 to proceed onto the next stage. I just want to know of a reputable company that has actually helped people move successfully at a reasonable rate. I would be very grateful if you could let me know which UK company you went with and why you would/would not recommend. Also, we have been asked what region of Oz we want to apply for.. well, as we've never even been to Oz we really don't know where to go. We have the basic points to get in and should easily get into Victoria.. and South Wales (Adelaide) but I personally fancy the Gold Coast/Brisbane but have to remain realistic.. so any advice as to where we should apply to live would also be a big help. My hubby will be looking for work in civil engineering either private or local authority.. I intend to be a housewife but I do work as a finance clerk here for our local authority and I'm also a fully qualified Holistic Therapist, but as my hubby is the main bread winner obviously we'll go where he will be able to get work. Many many thanks in advance for any help/advice you can throw our way!! :0) Lainey. xx
  19. Hi all, Just a quick note....... Visas logged begin of Dec, booked medicals for end of Feb 09. Wanted to lose some weight first.... But should we be doing them sooner? I am a nurse, skills assessment passed, using a agent... Crinimals checks sent. Want to get there ASAP..... As does everyone, I know. What do you think?
  20. Hi, I applied for my visa 27/08/08 and I'm hoping to be in Sydney in late Feb-09. Is that unrealistic? I've sent in all the required documents, I am from a low risk country (Sweden, but now living in UK), got 8.5 on the IELTS test and I'm on the MODL-list. My application is pretty straight forward and there should be no question marks. It's only gone a week and I'm stressed about it already! :chatterbox: Elli x ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IELTS 14/06/08, PASA Assessment 14/08/08, Applied for 175 Skilled 27/08/08 (MODL) Online application, Health requirements finalised and medical results received 04/09/08, Police clearances from UK, OZ and Sweden sent in 05/09/08
  21. Guest

    well where do i begin?

    I got to appoligise that every thread i start comes under Dilemma. I read some threads and the complexity and every changing directions of peoples fortunes is amazing all because of this emmigrating thing. 13 Months ago when we got our visa we had 2 parents and 3 children happy and 21 year old (James) that did'nt want to go but was glad to see his name on the visa. 4 Months ago we had 2 children going. 18 year old girl (Emily) got her near future sorted very steady headed, probably join us in few years. Happy for her, worried like any parent but very sensible and close to us. Eldest son got great job with good prospects after experience good chance of coming over. Again happy for him. 2nd son (oliver) always on board. 1 Week ago our 16 year old youngest (Poppy) after refusing to come in after being asked 3 times in 45 minutes then refused to come and would'nt any reason why. After a door step row which her 16 year old boyfriend deciced to butt in. very annoying! She the went back to her boyfriends and first we see of her was today. We've had to change the locks on the front door because of the reputation of the family she is now with has. Not unfounded as our daughter plus boyfriend did try to get in while we out. Well big meet tonight (last night) and she basically walked away from us, all her family and move in with them. Yeh there was tears especially as her sisters and brothers asked what they had done wrong. But, although it broke my she show little emotion. I love her and i fear for her, but so hurt, angry...I don't what to feel. In one week she has turn everything upside in a week. We're still going to Oz. It's OUR dream, but why is that this seems to make such an exiting time lined with sadness and worry. Oh yeh i got laid on friday aswell, that now feels like i lost 10p right now. It's sound selfish but can't wait to get on that bloody plane now. :arghh:
  22. Guest

    Where do i begin???

    Hi all, I've recently joined PIO and am looking for some advice. Tbh i don't know where to being- literally!! How do i go about researching what visa to apply under/how to get into Oz? I'm currently a sahm, i have a degree in Religious Studies and Scottish History. Jay, my husband, doesn't have a degree but works in the car business- he sources hi-performance cars from Japan and also parts for Japanese cars for his employer in the UK. Once the cars arrive here they either sell it whole or break it for parts. Not sure if his job has an actual title. Oh, he can also translate Japanese to English. Plus he has also worked as a chef. I'm thinking of either going back to do a PGCE in primary teaching, or a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA course. Just wanted to ask a few questions: - If i did a PGCE here, would i have to re-train over in Oz? - Which of the 3 English language courses would they looked at more favourably? - What are our chances of getting in if we don't have enough points, but have enough money? And how much money would we need to have? - Or, can we just save up loads and loads of money and then emigrate? If so, how much money would we need? Sorry for all the questions, hoping someone out there can help me. TIA Pauline
  23. danny1978spark

    Where to begin?

    Hi there, i'm looking for advice on who to use as a migration agent at the minute.I m a 29 year old electrician and did the online assessment with a company called 1st contact in London. I have a friend who has just moved to Perth last november with his wife and he had used them .As a Plasterer he got a skilled visa.When i spoke to the agent he told me that the fees would be 2 thousand pounds to the company then 2600 dollars to the aussie government for there assessment plus medical and police report making it nearly 4.5 thousand pounds all in.I would also have to go to main land england, i m from n. ireland , to take a 2 day skills assessment thing. What was the point of getting qualifications for the job your doing, then pay these guys loads for the privilege of doing some mickey mouse course??? Any help would be appreciated.I had hoped to get the visa through in 8 months but that seems like its out the window now.Another point i had was how detailed does the work history go ? I m self employed and my work history is somewhat erratic
  24. Can anyone tell us when to start police checks and medicals? I know we are supposed to wait until our emmigration company tells us to but ive heard rumours that it is better to start before. The company we use tell us we should have our visas between 4-6 months?? Help?????:wacko:
  25. Guest

    Thought I'd Begin By ...

    Hi Everyone! Thought i'd begin by saying 'hi' to everyone and introducing myself. I was originally born in Australia, but moved to England a few years ago with my parents and brother. We are heading back soon (mid - 2008) to the Brisbane / Sunshine Coast area. Anyway, Hi!