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Found 41 results

  1. Tman17

    First trip to AUS!!

    My name is Tony hart im a 19 year old from the east coast of Canada and plan to travel as much of AUS as I can starting in September. Looking to meet as many people as I can and enjoy life to the fullest. If your planning the same trip send me a message and we can all have a blast together. And for anyone who has already done the trip if you have any tips for me that would be awesome. I love to surf and I love my beer Let the fun begin! Cant wait!!
  2. Do any blokes fancy a meet up this Saturday 8th March for a few drinks. I was thinking of trying some local craft ales brewed on site and served up at The Green Beacon, Teneriffe. (26 Helen St.) Check out the website at: greenbeacon(dot)com(dot)au Not been there myself yet, but the pics on their website show a large room with plenty of brewing vessels. If anyone has been, let me know what you think. I'll be there from 2pm on Saturday if anyone wants to join? Just reply or PM me so we're not the only people at the bar studiously ignoring each other ;-) Cheers!
  3. Thatguy

    Perth October 2013 onwards

    Hi guys I'm flying into Perth on the 1st of October & basically just wanted to get one step ahead an meet some people on here who will be there the same time. Any tips on best hostels in Perth & also regional work opportunities as I am hoping to extend my whv for another 12 months. I'm an athletic guy who loves his sports especially football, always good for the laugh and getting a bit boozy with the lads & girls. Thanks guys Leigh
  4. When I finally get to Oz (and it is actually looking like it might happen now) I was thinking......who would I most like to sit down with, have a beer and chat to..... and then who would I least like to........... I would most like to have that beer with Bobj :yes:..........and least like to meet .............................................................................................. the Funnel Web Spider :shocked: What about you?
  5. For those going to Oz or any coming back to the UK for a holiday.:cute: Tesco are doing mix and match...3 cases of this lot for £20....hot deal but some supermarkets will be doing hotter the closer we get to Xmas...will post when they do :jiggy: STARTS: 21/11/2011 EXPIRES: 04/12/2011 Beck's Bier 12X275ml Bottles Stella Artois 4% 12X440ml Carling 12X440ml Lager Stella Artois Cidre 8X568ml Budweiser 5% 12X300ml Kronenbourg 12X275ml Carlsberg Export 10 X 440Ml Cans Old Speckled Hen 8X440ml Can Boddingtons Draught 12X440ml Old Speckled Hen 8X355ml Bottle Crabbies Ginger Beer 6X500ml Crabbies Ginger Beer 6X500ml Magners Irish Cider 6 X 568Ml Budweiser 10X440ml Cans Coca Cola Regular 24 X 330Ml Pack Becks Vier 12X440ml Guinness Draught 8X440ml Cans Coors Light 12X330ml Brothers Festival Pear Cider 12X440ml Strongbow Cider 12X440ml Carling Chrome 12X330ml Fosters Gold 12X300ml Magners Irish Cider 10X440ml John Smiths Extra Smooth 10X440ml Cans Tetleys Smoothflow 10X440ml Magners Pear Cider 6 X 568Ml Stella Artois 10 X 440Ml Cans Diet Coke 24 X 330Ml Pack Fosters Lager 12X440ml Tuborg 12X275ml Grolsch 12X275ml Kronenbourg 10 X 440Ml Carlsberg 12X440ml :notworthy: http://www.tesco.com/groceries/SpecialOffers/SpecialOfferDetail/Default.aspx?promoId=A293014
  6. BIAB known as Brew In a Bag, is a new method of full grain brewing without tons of equipment and just as good. It will save you loads of money and produce beers far far better than a kit homebrew. Minimal equipment is needed and it really is easy. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK. http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/index.php?autocom=recipedb
  7. BritChickx


    I've never been a fan of beer until I came to Oz, but I started having mouthfuls of Paul's beer now and then and eventually it grew on me. Now I like Cascade and James Boag's beer...MMMMM :laugh: what did you drink in the UK and what do you now drink in Aus? Or do you drink the same? In the UK I was a vodka girl!
  8. Whenever I post about something that really matters to me, which I think about and do every day, like going to the beach, going to the pub, going for a coffee, life in Surry Hills, rock music, True Blood, Tottenham Hotspur, The Archers, nobody ever answers. But talk about something completely irrelevant and pointless with no bearing on my life, like whether Australia should become a republic or - YAWN - Global Warming - and I could be on PIO 24X7! I've just come back from a very pleasant three-hour session in the pub during which I discussed favourite TV programmes in UK & OZ, rugby league, favourite and long-departed pubs - with Sandy the barmaid, Chris the landlord and Matt, one of the other locals. Life is strange I guess.
  9. He's driving from St Ives to Killara to get the train the other way. He told me his next door neighbour in St Ives found a Funnel Web Spider in the shower! And I was going to tell him I'd seen my first cockroach of the season at Redleaf. Stopped off in East Sydney on my way home from the beach and got a lucky parking space at the bottom of Riley St and William St - Riley is a cul de sac there. Really impressed by all the restaurants and bars. Some of them I knew - the longstanding Italian ones Bar Regia? Bill & Tony's. Ventured into Westfield at Bondi Jn earlier to get a present for my niece - breaking my rule never to shop on a Sat arvo. Actually it wasn't too bad although the multi-level underground parking is a pain.
  10. nik_kershaw

    Canberra Beer and Burgers meet up 31st July

    Hi everyone, I am organising a meet up at King o'Malley's in civic for a number of reasons, I need a beer, We appear not to have done one for ages There have been a few people who are new to the group so i thought i would welcome them King o'Malley's is in civic so it is central to everyone so there shouldn't be any problems plus I think they serve pints etc. I have put this in the events but has to be given the OK by a MOD 12.00 noon and it doesn't clash with a home raiders games however it should be on TV as the green machine are playing in NZ Any questions or problems then give me a shout Nik
  11. Guest

    So how much is a beer in Oz

    Morning folk's, A friend of mine who works a lot in Australia has just returned and i was chatting to him this week, he was saying thst the price of everything has really rocketed over there and was in a bar on his last day and was charged $14 for a pint :shocked:, so here is my question for those that know as i like the odd beer so it would interest me, how much is a pint where you drink in oz? :unsure:
  12. tracy123

    The best Beer in the world

    Just wondering what was the best beer you've ever tasted? Here's a top 10 from last year, have you tried any of them? . Beewyched Honey’d Ale, 5%vol, England (£1.57 per 50cl; Morrison, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose). From Wychwood brewery in Oxfordshire (pictured) – the UK’s largest brewer of organic beers – a crisp, refreshing, citrusy brew. Made with Fairtrade honey from Chile, Fairtrade sugar from Malawi and Challenger hops from England, it’s gently honeyed rather than sweet, with hugely appealing notes of dried fruit. Try it with treacle pudding. 2. Lindemans Framboise, 2.5%vol, Belgium (£1.63-£2.05 per 37.5cl; Asda, Booths, Waitrose). The classic Lambic fruit beer, spontaneously fermented then matured in oak with the addition of raspberry. Refreshingly light in alcohol, it’s clean, crisp and delicate, yet it also has a subtle richness backed by fine acidity. It cries out for an accompanying chocolate mousse or – dare I say it? – Black Forest gateau. 3. Floris Passion Fruit, 3.6%vol, Belgium (£1.65 per 33cl; Buy Beer Online at BEERmerchants.com | Belgian Beer | Real Ale 01622 710339). Not the most butch of beers and not one I’d like to be caught drinking by the chaps, but strangely tasty nonetheless. A wheat beer with added passion fruit juice, it’s reminiscent of New Zealand sauvignon blanc on nose and palate, and full of ripe tropical fruit and tangy, zesty acidity. 4. Ruddles Rhubarb Ale, 4.7%vol, England (£1.76 per 50cl; Tesco). I’m not a great fan of rhubarb but I was surprised how much I enjoyed this one time ‘Best Beer’ in the Tesco Beer Challenge. More a summer beer than a winter one, it still has the typical hoppy Ruddles character, but with a bitter-sweet twist and blast of vanilla. It’s subtle, though, rather than overpowering and it goes particularly well with mature cheddar cheese. 5. Triple Karmeliet, 8.4%vol, Belgium (£1.79 per 33cl; Waitrose). Although this is hardly what you might call a session beer, nothing about it hits you too hard, despite its high level of alcohol. A three grain beer (wheat, barley and oats) with a secondary fermentation in bottle, it was recently voted ‘Best Ale’ at the World Beer Awards. Crisp yet creamy, delicate yet full-bodied, it’s a great match for watercress soup. 6. Innis & Gunn Blonde Lightly Oaked Beer, 6%vol, Scotland, (£1.59 per 33cl; Sainsbury’s). Innis & Gunn make cracking brews and their occasional rum cask-matured beer is an all-time favourite (it should be back in Sainsbury’s for Father’s Day in June). This is delicious too: refreshing and fruity with both citrus and vanilla on the palate. Best drunk on its own as a sharpener, it also goes beautifully with moules et frites. 7. Schlenkerla Rauchbier, 5.1%vol, Germany (£2.09-£2.75 per 50cl; Beer & cider from Europe & around the world | Onlyfinebeer, Buy beer, ale and lager online at BeerHere UK delivery Only, Beers of Europe Ltd - 1700 Belgian, German, British and World Beer.). This positively reeks of smoke and is quite unlike anything I’ve had before. It’s deliciously creamy, though, with a touch of sweetness and a nice bitter finish. The other night we drank it alongside smoked trout blinis and the success of the combination stunned us all. 8. Bacchus Kriek, 5.8%vol, Belgium (£2.39 per 37.5; Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco). I had my doubts about this, causing as it did a sudden flashback of sucking Tunes and Spangles as a child (remember them?), but it slipped down remarkably easily. Fermented cherry juice is added to Belgian brown ale to give a wonderful fresh cherry aroma and flavour which gently fades to leave a full, beery finish. Try it alongside squares of dark chocolate. 9. Brew Dog Paradox Isle of Arran, 10%vol, Scotland (£3.99 per 33cl; Oddbins, Sainsbury’s) Golly, this is good! An acquired taste, maybe, but one that I acquired in seconds. An imperial stout matured in barrels from the Isle of Arran whisky distillery, it’s deep, dark black/brown, rich and full-flavoured, with coffee, chocolate, spice and treacle on the palate. We served it in brandy balloons as a digestif at the end of dinner. 10. Deus, 11.5%vol, Belgium (£12.15 per 75cl; Waitrose). This is a remarkable brew, made in Belgium but treated like champagne with champagne yeast and a secondary fermentation in bottle. It’s also presented in a champagne bottle complete with cork stopper and is sold for a champagne price. But serve it well-chilled in elegant flutes as an aperitif and it suddenly doesn’t seem so pricey, nor so alcoholic. Smooth, creamy and slightly bitter, it’s a great start to a meal.
  13. Guest

    Best Beer in the world

    Has to be Hobgoblin, just finished a bottle...pure nectar Timothy Taylor Landlord comes close though.:notworthy:.
  14. tonyman

    i hope they serve beer in hell

    im just about to watch this but have my doubts , to save me time has anyone seen it and is it worth watching .........
  15. Been a month now here in WA. Took a short term lease at Rockingham and will be moving in shortly for a longer lease at Perth. Got the medical & Tax number sorted out as well as opening a bank account. The only thing remaining now is getting my WA driving license and getting a job, the hard part, but I will come back to that. A few notes that might be of use to some: 1. Got myself a maxivan from Perth airport to Rockingham. It’s no easy task. Now, this is one good reason why it might be better to stay at perth initially then work your way out further north or south. With a lot of baggage in tow, getting from point A to B is quite a feat. (Didn’t rent a car right away as I’m used to driving in the right lane). 2. Get all your documents ready for your house hunting. It ain’t easy and references (jobs, personal refs) do come in handy. Took me a full month to get mine sorted out, lots of viewing and all. 3. TFN, Medical and Opening a bank account’s easy. You need only the passport, visa and of course the money. Commonwealth Bank worked nicely for me as they didn’t require lots of cash to open one. 4. With a valid driving license, migrants can drive around for 3 months within which you need to have your own WA license. Mine is not from an accredited country so I have to take the exams. Still, I could drive around within the time span. 5. Now, in finding a job, I’m stumped. I am certified as Building Associate but could do Civil Engineering, Quality Control and Facilities Management. But unless you’re Professor X or Einstein, it’s very difficult to find one. No matter what they tell you, websites rarely work here. Been talking to some locals and neighbors, and was told jobs work by referral. Grab a beer, call a mate and get endorsement. Which brings me to my current predicament: I’ve got the beer ready. Just PM me Mate!:biggrin:
  16. Guest

    Beer - is it all bad??

    I have a real dilemma at the moment every time i visit a bar... Which beer to buy? Being about 6 weeks in now I have sampled a few and thanks to the pub chain Pig and Whistle i have found some reasonable beers like Spitfire and Speckled Hen but the rest of the beer i find at the pump is just well.....$hite.:sad: I have tried Tootheys and Carlton Draught among others but its basically cats urine - it almost makes a pint of Carling desirable....thats how bad it is!! :shocked: Please help me understand the beer situation here in Aus...i am deeply missing real ale.
  17. Guest

    WANTED Beer Fridge Freezer

    WANTED Beer Fridge Freezer For my fella, as last one blew up! Working condition please Live in 3018 Altona let me know, need delivery to as on PT presently Thanks :biggrin:
  18. Anyone up for it? Meeting up with a few other expats so feel free to join, Will be there for about 19.00/19.30
  19. Nearly crashed my car this morning when I heard a report on my local radio station. Apparently, the Australian Government are launching a new campaign today as they are in desparate need of UK workers. Jobs in demand included Beer Tasters and Koala Catchers. Maybe its Category 1 for those occupations! Well I'm pretty skilled in the first one, so who do I call to get my visa? Michael. :wink:
  20. Erm pretty much what the title says!!!!:biggrin:
  21. Hi Everyone I'm 19 and moved to the GC (near Burleigh) a couple of weeks ago. I could really do with making some new friends who enjoy a laugh. Anyone fancy meeting up for a few beers :biggrin:
  22. YES iv'e found it:notworthy:. Problem is it's dutch. But it's only $30 a slab and it works. Only had 15 and i'm wobbling. AMSTERDAM premium lager. Small word of warning...... no twist top:mad:. DO NOT TRY TWISTING. You lose the skin on your palm.
  23. Hi I'm Garry and was wondering if there was anyone around werribee, hoopers ect fanceyed a beer. I'm think of permitting migrating and are at a bit of a loss weekends. I looking to meet people of my own age. Between 18- 30. Im 25. many thanks for reading Garry
  24. me 35 and my husband 39 but still 25 at hart .moved over to spring field lakes brisbane in january this year from leeds . . . due to work and a 20 month old little girl we are finding it hard to get out to meet other people like our selves i'm alway home still looking for work and taking care af the little one so if there is any one or two out there please get in touch