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Found 21 results


    Stacey's Fan Club

    Another SUPERB picture, Stacey! reminds me a little of Mary Hopkin. (Pommies only refers to English people by the way!) I was talking to a very drunken young guy from Glasgow tonight or rather this morning - Celtic fan not Rangers though!
  2. Life doesn't get much better does it.
  3. Thought i would put a post on here to promote my house for sale, need a quick sale due to moving to Brisbane. This a lovely, large 3 bedroomed detached with huge driveway, period features like open fire and log burner, original flags and wooden beams etc. Located in small village in Overton, Nr. heysham, lancashire. PM if more details needed, thank you. :jiggy:
  4. Hi all ! We are shortly returning back to Europe with work after 4 wonderful years here in Killara, Sydney. Our 4 bedroom house + pool +backing onto a park in top school zone (Beaumont Road Public School and Killara High School) will be available shortly (1-2 weeks). Perfect for family arriving from UK. Here's the online advert that was placed by the agent just 2 days ago: http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Rent/House/NSW/Killara/?adid=5406219 http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-killara-402835857
  5. mrsindecision

    A beautiful, beautiful day

    For those thinking of coming back to the Uk just wanted to say how beautiful where I am in England is today (Berkshire) The sun is really hot (in shorts and singlet) the blossom is amazing, the birds are gently singing and people are out walking dogs, flying kites, riding horses. I am in the garden listening to the Archers and enjoying a quintessentially English day. The UK really is a beautiful place. I know we cant be guaranteed this weather every day but when it comes we know how to enjoy it. Next week I start my rowing course and look forward to a summer on the river Thames (come rain or shine).
  6. Singleton is a beautiful suburb between Rockingham and Mandurah. It has easy access to the new highway to Perth. The local primary school has an excellent reputation. This property is a short walk to the dog beach. The beach is also great for surfing. 11 Beacon Way, Singleton, WA 6175 - House for Sale #107175513 - realestate.com.au Please share this link with anyone interested in moving to this area. Thanks
  7. tonyman

    keep Australia Beautiful

    Keep Australia Beautiful - Home After a great morning cleaning our park and getting such lovely comments from people ive decided to adopt it ............i spoke to a woman this morning and she was saying her park was a mess so she drives to ours ......... so i thought a simple solution is to do it yourself ,which is what i will mention to her next time i see her ............ once the area has had a good clear out,it doesnt take much to keep it that way , why not adopt an area yourself chaps .............:yes:
  8. paulv

    Beautiful Blighty...

    Some lovely award winning snaps here
  9. First of all, I thank beforehand everyone that reads this topic with good intentions and even more those who help me in my decision! Now to my issue... For some time I've been flirting with the idea of moving to Australia - for about 1 year actually. I'm Italian-Brazilian, 23 and to this day I live in Brazil. I started to think about Australia because here there are lots of shows made there showing quite a promising country with nice weather, nice people, good organization and respect. And there is quite a bit of good sense and taste that they put in those shows, which got me even more interested. So I started doing some research about it and fell in love with it. Through the internet there are lots of people and articles saying that it's indeed an amazing place with clean and beautiful cities, nice people, safe, full of opportunities and - most importantly - serious and sensible inspite the so called "laid back" style. Some of the contact I had with the local people has been positive as well, in fact one of the Australians I got to observe in a forum that I take part in seemed very good in his character, respect and achievements. The pictures of Sidney and Melbourne and the intense European immigration got me thinking if this wasn't the best place on earth for what I look for. European-like food, people and manners (not saying no other culture is good or even better but it's my favourite so far) in somewhere with lots of space, less cold and a will to go ahead. Heck, I even started to cheer for Mark Webber in F1! Now I have finished my graduation and I'm on a kind off trip-year and got the opportunity to visit Europe and Italy for the first time. I loved it! The food is amazing and cheaper than in Brazil for the quality it has, things are way more organized and serious, the overall quality of services and products is better for cheaper prices as well and actually I coped with the cold and the weather much better than I do here. The sun in Europe doesn't burn my skin and the cold, even in sub-zero forms, is for me much more pleasant than the Brazilian cold at 12 to 14 ºC. I always wanted to move to Europe and got triggered after the trip. The thing is that I never liked Brazil since I was a kid. One can classify me as quite an "uptight" and that is not only given little value here as it is even undesirable. There are many good people here, but a huge chunk of the society like to do things the wrong way and think it is clever to fool people. They ruin it for everybody, specially since most of the other part doesn't do anything to change that because of fear or lack of will. Along with that, my preferences regarding food and lifestyle here are not attended as well. When I started making the plans to move to Europe after this visit I remembered two things: Europe does seem to be a bit on a halt in therms of economy and people in some places and my crush on Australia. Then, finally, I decided to use the rest of this year to know it before deciding where to move. With that I began to make more serious researching about the Down Under and found this forum and many others about people that actually did what I'm thinking about doing and things are getting pretty disappointing. Not only here but in other places I heard about migrants that are having loads of complaints regarding Australia. Many are having issues with overt and even violent racism, many say that only a part of the people is receptive and most is only about the laying back, the nice weather has been reported like a oven by some, the quality of the products and services is being put to question and so on. There are also those who say that the people are thick in general and the cleanness and safe is only hype. I know that inside a country there are many countries and that you can never generalize, because it's wrong and a form of prejudice, but in the end of the day when you are in a society you have to deal and live with all aspects of it and important bad points about it will be very annoying and will create trouble if there is a considerable part of it behind this bad characteristics - let alone if that is the case with the majority. So I'm really worried about going to the other side of the planet to find just the many of things I dislike about Brazil and others like thick people. I'm thinking how a country so beautiful and that is one of the few colonized ones that actually worked out can be so disappointing. I'm even reading about drug problems there, which I thought before that was a very controlled issue in Australia. Now I got this huge doubt: Do I take the risk to know the place or I'm better off using the money to move to Europe straight away? I know that there is nothing like seeing for your self - I couldn't believe how wrong people where about French people being rude to tourists for instance - but the flight alone for my family and I to Australia costs 6k US dollars here. I don't want to convince my family to burn 10k or more in a trip only to find out - like many - that the dream was a nightmare and I could have used the money to live and start my career on the lovely Spain or Austria or even in some breathtaking parts of Italy. So, fellow Europeans, can you help me with this choice? Any Australians contributing would be awesome - in fact, anyone with something concrete to say about Australia would. Thanks again for those with good will and sorry for the long text! PS - In case I didn't leave it clear enough, here are things that I value in a country or society and/or in people: seriousness, respect, politeness, gentleness, cleanness, will to move forward, separation of religion and ideology from the practical issues, passion, quest/focus for quality and discreteness. A fine living - but not run down or arrogant - lifestyle is also valued by me.
  10. Mia has now been rehomed(13/05/2010), thanks for looking. I have been fostering dogs rescued from the pounds during my time in sydney, and we rescued a cat (approx 18month old) with her 4 kittens a few months ago. The kittens haveall been rehomed but I still have the cat and I am returning to the UK in 2 months so she needs a new home asap.She is White with black patches and has a very cute face. She is already desexed and indoor vaccinated. please get in touch in you know anyone looking for a cat.
  11. So this evening im out with the dog down the woods for a wander on an unusually warm evening, sun setting red in the sky peaceful, dry, quiet i looked over to my left and the view was totally beautiful. Over to the pentland hills near edinburgh, sun going down still snow on the tops, rolling countryside honestly it was really beautiful. And for a split second i thought to myself "you know what, its really not too bad here". BUT no sooner do i have that feeling its gone again and the gut feeling for oz returns, i just cannot shake it no matter how i try. We have slim slim slim chances of ever getting to oz, so ive been trying hard to distract myself and to try and look at other alternatives, it always come to back to the burning desire of emigrating to oz! :arghh:
  12. Ok Ok.. we met in FB and after a few weeks of chatting decided to meet on Skype. After 3 or 4 months I asked her if she would be up for me meeting with her in the UK if I came to Holiday. She was happy for me to meet her. I travelled to the UK in August and sent 5 1/2 weeks travelling around. Spent just over 3 weeks travelling with her. Well, I left and we both thought that was it. But our feelings for each other have become very strong. Question is... she is under 30 and can apply for the Working Holiday Visa to Australia... we both are happy to be in a De Facto relationship but realise there is a 12 month process to follow before we can apply for that assuming everything goes as we hope. So... does anyone know if we can apply on the last day of her Working Holiday Visa? And more to the point can we actually apply for the De Facto relationship Visa with her being on the Working Holiday Visa? or I think I heard somewhere that some people go on holiday to New Zealand and go to the Australian Offices and apply for the De Facto Visa from there. (Much cheaper than the 2 of us flying back to London unless we wanted a holiday) or Could I maybe head back to London for a few weeks before she comes to OZ and live together in a Short Term apartment. That way we could apply a week before the Visa runs out and it would be over the 12 months required. I am open to any ideas on the it. So confused.. but willing to do what it takes to make it work! Cheers
  13. Hello all Don't know if I am supposed to put this in a different part of the PIO thingy - never mind. My hubby stays at home and looks after our 22 month old son but we want him to go into HOME CHILDCARE, with a few other kids just for half or 1 day a week initially - so he can mix & interact with other littlies and have some fun. Anyone know anyone who is a register childcarer? We live in Arundel. lol Lesley:biggrin:X bump
  14. We are down sizing and have a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with swimming pool for sale. It is on the riverside which has ocean access with its own private jetty and pontoon to launch your boat. Great fishing and crabbing from your very own back garden that you can later throw on the barbie as you relax by the poolside. There is a very large undercover entertaining area and deck for entertaining your family and friends. It offers complete privacy as you are not overlooked and is opposite open parkland that will never be built upon. Convenient for shops, schools, golf courses and 5 minutes drive to the beautiful beaches and surf clubs. Please email glenmcameron@hotmail.com for photos and further details. :emoticon-signxmas: to all friends on Poms in Oz and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to those already living the dream and those that are about to. Cheers Pozzy
  15. Hi there, moving to the Sunshine Coast? We are a Kiwi Family living here in Aussie now for 11 years & we love it! Especially here on the Sunshine Coast. We are about to take off for 1 year around Australia, & maybe longer if we find the right tenant. I really love this place and it has taken a long time to decide to rent it out, but I figure that there are some house proud renters out there :-) Our home is just beautiful and we have fully renovated it with much love and all top quality fittings. We are able to rent it furnished or unfurnished depending on your requirements. I can leave the house ready for you, so that all you need to bring is clothes & food. We may even consider selling the property. We have the loveliest neighborhood, with mostly retired and families in the area. Very quiet and friendly. You can kyack and fish on our local lake, and the park with BBQ is only a 2 min walk away too. Please feel free to contact me direct on (07) 5493-8636 or rebekahpeat@hotmail.com I will send you a link to see photo's of the house. The address is 54 Boolagi Drive, Wurtulla - You will be able to Google the property as see the exact location - even the house! The house has: 4 Large Bedrooms - all rooms have fans & large doors leading out 2 Bathrooms + Office - (Complete Set up , computers, fax, scanner, photocopier,etc..avail for purchase) Air Conditioning Modern & Stylish Kitchen Outside storage shed 2 Carport - + loads of undercover storage area Lounge, dining, kitchen. Very Large Outdoor entertaining area TV / Media Room Main Bed has TV wall mounted Beautiful Pool Kids Tree House in Mango Tree 2 Min walk to Currimundi Lake - We fish off the Jetty! 5 Min drive to all Beaches 5 Min drive to Schools 10 Min drive to Kawana Shopping World 5 Min drive to Currimundi Shopping Center
  16. South Fremantle High Resolution Weather Web Camera Sunset Camera, South Beach, Perth Western Australia, Perth Weather For all those that like looking at lovely Blue skies,:smilexmas: In Beautiful Perth :smilexmas:
  17. Had a lovely day out at Currimundi lakes to day with freinds , the weather was very ,very hot ,clear blue skys and the water was as clear as i have ever seen. currimundi lakes its self is a great day out for kids of all ages ,on one side of the beech you have the sea on the other side a great lake for the whole family to enjoy. We are all a little sore at the mo from the sun ,but well nice it was. In oz and loving it. eddie :jiggy:
  18. hello Me Again ,sorry To Bore You But Need Some Band Members For When We Get Oz In July. I'm Currently Looking For Members For Our Tribute Band 2 Vocalists (dave Hemingway/alison Wheeler),guitar (dave Rotheray),bass( Sean Welsh) ,drums(dave Stead),keys(damon Butcher),brass Section . Why Not Get Involved And Give A Go ,please Get In Touch You've Nothing To Lose . All The Best
  19. Guest

    The Beautiful South

    Now then just wondering what the music seen is like in queensland , we are moving early July and looking to set up a Beautiful South cover band up asap , if there are any interested musicians out there please get in touch .
  20. .. John my Oh's dad was very poorly in North Shore Hospital in Sydney for a couple of weeks, so we made the decision to go and see him! ..bought the tickets on the thursday and flew out on the saturday. It was worth the trip just to give him a hug and a kiss. he is on the mend now but it is gunna take time. Over half the staff including the doctors and consultants working in the unit were poms! We had a couple of hours one afternoon to do the touristy thing so went on the ferries in the harbour ... the weather was lovely 35 degrees actually! It was good to be reminded just how friendly everyone is out there! One question for anyone living there already ..WHAT are those trees with the lilacy blue blossom? ... there is nothing like them in England and they are GORGEOUS!!
  21. We recieved our acknowledgement email this morning. We new it was coming as the money was taken out about ten days ago, but nice to know that we're moving forward. Hopefully we'll get a CO in the next month. :yes: