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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I am in a confused situation. I have done Masters in IT (overseas). In Australia I did graduate diploma in IT (one year 2009-2010) and applied for Skills assessment. ACS assessed my skills as suitable based on graduate diploma. But for PR I needed 2 years Australian study. So I went for Masters and have recently finished Masters in Information Systems Management (one year 2010-2011). Now I am going to apply for PR before 31st July. CAN I APPLY ON THE BASIS OF MY PREVIOUS SKILLS ASSESSMENT or I need to get new skills assessment based on my Masters? Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated as i am very close to launch my application. Regards, Mohsin
  2. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, so apologies if I have broken any forum rules here, but here goes.... Myself and my girlfriend want to migrate to Melbourne as her mother lives in Dromana. We have applied for visas under my gfs marketing masters qualification, with me as a de facto partner, which was going fine until marketing was removed from the skill shortage list in June of this year. The visa process was around 1 year through and going well, but since June we have been stopped in our tracks. Our Melbourne based solicitor now feels our only option is to apply for residency under my skills (with my gf as de facto) which is where the fun really begins. I am an SAP Basis Architect and have been in this specialist field for over 8 years (I’m 30), holding down 4 consultancy based jobs during that time. However I do not have any qualifications to my name, other than A-levels! I've never have any issues finding employment in the UK, my CV and experience speaks for itself, but I'm concerned how I'll get on when applying for our Australian visas. 2 questions I'm really asking here; 1. Does anyone have any experience or know of someone who does, in migrating to Australia with SAP skills (especially Basis)? 2. Has anyone have a similar lack of qualifications to me, but still managed to be assessed successfully by PASA? Many thanks for reading my post and I would welcome any information that you feel may be beneficial to our application. Yours in hope.... Gary
  3. hey all currently on prospective marriage visa, about to apply for spouse visa on basis of marrge got married in Decemeber, but am confused as to which bit i tick on the check list, i clicon basis of marriage or holder or prsospective marrage visa, if i click holder of pmv i suppoly evidence of the visa grant, that is insane as i am in Aus with it and already married. but i am legally still on the pmv going for the spouse visa, any ideas? : )
  4. Guest

    Flat rental on a share basis

    We need to validate my 176 visa in Jan 2010. Even though we are on WA SS, we are having alternate plan to visit melbourne for validation trip.In this regard, i'd like to know about the flats on rentals on share basis just for a week . I'd prefer staying with an Indian Family. Will anyone here in the forum help me to know, which area of Melbourne has more of Indian Community. For Example like in London " Wembley"& "Southhall". Is there any areas out in Melbourne which has more number of Indians residing.:biggrin:
  5. Good morning everyone. I am trying to gather some information regarding the number of pets that travel on a one-way basis when owners are moving to Oz. I beleive the numbers are fairly high? If anyone has any information then please reply. Regards Adam Taylor Go Walkabout
  6. Hi, Hope someone can give me some advice ? I moved to Oz in 2006 and hold permanent residency. I have an extremely close relationship with my parents who have been visiting since our arrrival using the 676 visa. Up until receiving their latest visa they have been granted a stay each time of up to 6 months but this time we were able to get them a stay of up to 12 months with mutiple entry. They have had confirmation from the immigration department that this visa allows them to stay for up to 12 months at any one time, they have also been advised that if they leave Oz and then return before the expiry of their visa in Oct they will be entitled to a further 12 month stay which is great. Problem we have is this is the only way that they are going to be able to keep visiting Oz as they will not qualify for the aged parent visa due to the balance of family test. My Dad was married previously and had 4 children who all reside in the UK. Subsequently he and my Mum married and had myself and my brother. My brother has since died but apparantly the children from my dad's marriage are taken into account. This seems such an unfair disadvantage as my dad has no contact with his previous children and their life is totally dedicated to myself and their grandchildren who are now living in Australia. I am sick with worry that they will be refused the tourist visa at some point but what other choice do they have. My Dad is 68 and my Mum is 60. They do not have the money to come in on the investor retiree visa which requires $750,000 to be put in a designated investment as well as having to show a further $750,000 plus proof of annual income of around $60k. The visas they have been granted to date have all been done by me on line and the last one took longer to process and required proof of their savings etc. Am I worrying unnecessarily as the thought of them not being able to visit me is worrying to say the least? Any advice from people in similar circumstances would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone. Me and my family have been discussing on and off over the past month or so emigrating to Oz. The more we discuss it the more it seems like we should go for it. We are lokking at attending the Oz Expo in Leeds this March, which will hopefully answser alot of our questions/concerns. Friends of ours who recently emigrated also recommended this website as a place to gather lots of information from people who have already gone through the experience. My biggest concern would be getting a job, so i just thought i'd post a new thread in here, asking if anyone has any information on the demand for SAP Basis Administrators. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Regards, Sean.
  8. Guest

    Just a basis question !

    Ok, we are about to start the complicated process of applying to Oz. Am I right in thinking the first thing to do is to complete a medical then we can apply for a visa? Is there any particular agents I should go for or avoid? Will I need a vast amount of cash/savings to complete the whole process? Will I need to show evidence of actually being offered a job before starting the visa thing? I am a single dad with a teenage son, will this be looked upon as unfavourable in our application? Sorry that these may look like silly questions but I have spent hours in researching all of the above and seem to have got myself all confused. I've more silly questions but thought these will do for now. Any help/support is much appreciated. Thank you, Mark & Adam