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Found 14 results

  1. ScouseChef

    187 visa Tasmania

    Hi all, First time posting, I have lived in Australia for 6 years now and I have PR but always found this page very helpful, when I was going through all the visa stages. What I need help with is..... My younger brother is here on a working holiday visa. He works as a barber (fully trained, certificates, 10+yrs experience). He wishes to apply for the 187 regional sponsorship visa in Tasmania. The processes have changed somewhat since my 457 visa days in Melbourne, where I still live, so I’m not much help! Can he apply for this visa by himself by taking a skills assessment or does he need to have a valid employer who sponsors him? He currently still lives in Victoria, so can he apply for himself before moving to Tasmania? Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can give.
  2. 24 yr old male hairdresser/barber looking to move to Victoria. Worked and lived in Victoria for 1 year on working holiday visa, seeking emigrating. Have reference from employer in Victoria!
  3. Does anyone know where I can learn to cut hair!! I dont want to do female hair, I just want to be a barber, I am a mum to 3 boys so always a haircut needed, I havent found a good barber yet for them and frustrated at the cost of a bad haircut!! Would be great if I could learn part time or evenings!! I live south of perth. Thanks Gail
  4. My OH is a barber and we have some friends that live in Perth, and when we move to oz the OH wants to open his own Barber Shop after about 12-18 months of working for somebody else. Now our friends think that a british barber shop would go down well in Perth cos of the amount of brits that move there and the amount of fellas that complain that they can't can't get a decent hair cut, so I'm interested in what you guys think? Would you go to a certain barber's cos he was british knowing you might get better haircut?? Just to add there might already be some I have no idea!
  5. Hi there My OH is a barber with 20 years experience and we have just moved to berwick in melbourne. We are only a few days into the move but he is eager to start work asap. Does anyone know of postions going around the south east area? I hear the leader newspaper is the best one to try for adverts is this true? appreciate your help
  6. Guest

    Barber required for temp work!

    Hi all, I've been here in Aus for just on two years, moving across to join my husband but it is time for a visit home. I own a busy barber shop on the Mornington Peninsula and am looking for a fully qualified barber to fill in while Im away in August. You would need to be a quick cutter and comfortable with the latest gents and boys styles and good with the craic! Its in a great location with a great bunch of lads coming through...so a lot of fun. If you would like to discuss...drop me a PM.
  7. miguelrg

    Barber - HELP!

    Hey there guys, i posted several weeks ago as i was coming here to be with my girlfriend who upon a week into me being here decided she didn't want to be with me and didn't want the de facto visa. So now im in the dilemma that i don't want to go home, i've read about barbers migrating here but everytime i ask people i hit a brick wall as its not on the SOL list and isn't same as hairdresser which is ridiculous? is like the only trade not on there. So now i'm thinking about seeking sponsorship but not sure if that nominated position also has to be on the SOL list? or it just have to be any position an employer wants and i am qualified for? i'v been a barber for 5 years, qualified on paper for 3. i'm really stressing, i don't want to give up on my happiness because of a girl. Thanks
  8. Guest

    Barber needs info

    Hi all, does anyone know of any company's who can do an AQFIII work place assessment in the uk? or has anyone done this before? i am a barber with 23 years experience but no recognized apprenticeship (was trained in salon by my farther) i went back collage and got a NVQ LEVEL 2 last year. But have now been told that i need 4 years post qualification?????? Many thanks Adrian.
  9. miguelrg

    Barber jobs

    is there anyone in sydney with a shop willing to sponsor a young, talented ambitious barber with 5 years experience? Cheers
  10. flying out on 16th of sept 2008 , does anyone no of any vacancies in mens barbers ??? any info would be great . paul .
  11. well, we've got the visa and we're going for six months next year. In UK I'm a nurse, 20+ years in the NHS. I've also been at college for 3 years and am now a qualified hairdresser/barber. Anybody know what a barber can earn, on the Gold Coast.? I will look at working part-time as a nurse as well, as I can't imagine barbering pays as much as nursing. Anybody out there with any thoughts on this?:GEEK:
  12. Hi there, my OH is a barber and runs his own business in the UK, we are looking to go to melbourne - not the city! as he is a hairdresser he is on the skills wanted list but we are going on my visa as a nurse as he has lost most of his certificates through various house moves. just wondered what the best way to go is on trying to get him a job and if there are any possible employers out there wanting a barber with 20 years experience!!!!! can any other barbers enlighten us on their path of employment in melbourne?
  13. Hi. We are looking at moving to oz and wonder if anyone knows of barbers who are looking for staff, to just help us settle in. would like to open my own shop like i have here. would anyone know if it would change my visa application if i found a job before we left the uk. Thanks Lee
  14. Guest

    barber shops

    me and my family are moving to melbourne as soon as house sells .i want to open a barber shop ,could any one tell me what areas have a shortage of proper barber shops ??? we are heading to friends in point cook to start ,any info would be good .hope to hear soon .paul ...