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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Every one. Ive been in glorious sydney for two years and have recently moved to Bondi Junction and am looking for new friends. Im a 27 year old male living in the eastern suburbs and work out west. Message me if you fancy catching up, going for a day trip or just a drink. Hope to Hear from you soon.
  2. Adjutant

    Building a home bar

    This is those of you who have been in Perth for a while. Whilst checking out houses for sale I've notice quite a lot have (very sensible) build a bar in either a spare room or in the outside area. Does anyone know a good supplier of bars, or bar materials, or do people generally just make it themselves? Any links to local supplier appreciated, and any estimates to cost. Cheers :happy_face_mummy_go
  3. Hi guys! Really feel like a night out. Anyone like to join me? This Tapas bar is really good and a lovely place to meet new people. Let me know if this sounds good and I can book it for a Saturday night in November. My daughter, who works there has just reminded me that on a Sunday there is live music. That might be an option. :jiggy: Look forward to hearing from you all. Kitty. :wub:
  4. HI were wanting to come out and taste the Aus lifestyle visiting my Mum in Brisban We are looking for employment whilst out there on a working visa or to get sponsered My partner works for a large company mammas and pappas in there warehouse as a manager I currently work as a bar manager and have been involved in pub work for the past 5 years how ever previous to this i was a fully qualified beauty level 3 ITEC trained beauty therapist working on 5*star cruise liners and after that working for a year in a medical asthetic clinic doing all aspecs of beauty working with machines such as ipl Ideally we would love to get spondered on our roles but are also intrested in hearing from people just doing warehouse/bar work that would be willing to offer a 6month working visa placement Thanks Joy and Mike
  5. I'm not sure if I can cope with another 'night shift' after the game against the Gooners but if I don't turn up I feel like I've let the other guys down. Many of them come from all over Sydney, one from Central Coast, work the next day too. Once I'm thinking about it, even going to bed is no good because I wake up anyway. Liverpool v Man Utd at 1045pm tonight? A much more civilised time. Why don't they kick of all the EPL games at that time?
  6. This really tickled me some weeks ago.........the intro to this tune which uses a xylophone is the same tune to bar bar black sheep and this has also give me my opportunity to say that when i see the video , it always reminds me of our Tony /Leeming , he is the spitting image of the guy ...... before i heard about the bar bar black sheep thing i loved this tune but now everytime i hear it (which is every day on 96fm Perth) i have to have a little chuckle at the intro ect ........... and to bar bar black sheep via india http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBEHFFnV3RY :goofy:
  7. Sydney OzSpurs currently meet at: Triple Ace Bar 198 Elizabeth Street Corner of Elizabeth & Campbell, nr Central Stn (02) 9212 1911 For the latest details of meet-ups and live games make sure you check out the OzSpurs Forum. It's the next best thing to being at WHL! Wear a shirt if you've got one & bring your singing voice.
  8. If you are a Spurs fan that is, or even maybe an Everton fan for one night only! I expect most Spurs fans know this already, but if you don't, this is where Spurs fans go! Some to watch the game, some to drink and watch the game, some to drink, sing & watch the game. and all for a good time, even if we lose!
  9. The Pom Queen

    Worlds Largest Chocolate Bar

    12,290 pound chocolate bar they created to set a new Guinness World Record Chocoholics should book themselves tickets to Chicage pronto – because it is currently home*to the world’s biggest chocolate bar. Well, until it gets a good nibbling... The World's Finest Chocolate company has broken the Guinness World Record with a sweet treat weighing 12,000 pounds, measuring 3 feet high and 21 feet long. Sweet! It is thought that this gooey effort has broken the previous record-breaking choc bar by a ton. And the recipe certainly*contains more ingredients than can be*squeezed into the average mixing bowl too, with 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar, 2,000 pounds of milk powder, 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor all included. Despite the mammoth proportions, the vast bar was made to illustrate 'portion distortion' to school children. A spokesman for the company said: “We purposely made this bar to be an example of ‘portion distortion’. “We're committed to educating families about eating right and staying active and doing it in a fun and engaging way.” Of course. And a very worthy campaign... but... Anyone else hungry? It'd be a crime to let it go to waste...
  10. me and my boyfriend were thinking of getting bar or restaurant jobs to start off with to socialise first before going into our real jobs is it hard to get these? my mum said u have to do a test online or something?
  11. hey all ive been in melbourne for the last 8 or so weeks. im a fully qualified welder and have been welding aluminium for the last 7 1/2 years. ive been to a couple of welding jobs but so far i feel disheartened and as if ive just been used for cheap employment with a 'we'll let you know' feel about them (to which they dont reply), especially after being paid 150 dollars for 15 hours work. does anyone know of any welding jobs/agencys going as im getting seriously short of money now and i really dont want to go home. if not , does anyone know of any bar/ kitchen/ hotel/ labouring jobs going? in fact anything really!!! thanks all.
  12. Well i was 15 years old when i first went into a pub and bought my first drink, i'm a big guy and i probably looked a tad older, but i recall going into my local pub with 12 and a half pence and asked for a half pint of Falstaff bitter, which tasted horrible. The barman looked at me and said ............ are you sure your 18 and i mumbled .............. YES. I was shaking as i said it, but from that moment on i was IN and it was a fantastic new world, drinking beer and playing pool with my mates and i saved every penny up to go there every weekend. How old were you when you started drinking regular in pubs?:wub:
  13. hey I am organising a night out on sat (26th feb) for a few of us.. there are couples and singles and people that know each other and people that dont... age group currently is 20-35 (ish) we will start off in the opera bar from 7pm... and then into the city and maybe the cross... please feel free to come along, there is a really good mix of people.. pm me and I will send my mobile number to arrange... hope to see you there :jiggy::biggrin::cute:
  14. Guest

    where to buy tow bar ??

    we want to buy a tow bar for our car, can anyone recommend where we can get one? we have been looking online but there are nearly too many options and all seem so expensive. Can anyone recommend a place they have used? we live in SE suburbs but dont mind if have to travel a bit to get one. any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Bendigo

    Milk bar for sale.

    Aussie mate has taken over my favourite pub here in Bendigo (fantastic cold Guinness) but he urgently needs to sell his takeaway and DVD rental business. His wife is about to give birth to their second child and so the Grandparents are running the shop! If you like hot weather and country towns (two hour drive to Melbourne) then i'll pass on the details.
  16. The Pom Queen

    Bar for sale in Melbourne - Make Offer

    Okay, you’ve got your optics and beer pumps, you’ve got your beer and you’ve got the authentic glasses you need to serve it all in. Is there anything else you could possibly add to make your home pub experience complete? Well actually, there is just one more thing – this Genuine Australian designed solid timber Pub Bar. Lovingly crafted from solid wood with a beautiful, lacquer finish, the bar will transform any room into the comfiest snug for miles. You can store drinks and glasses in it, lean on it and stand behind it whenever you want to be the bartender. Don’t forget, it’s always a pint for the gents and a glass of white wine for the ladies! This solid timber home bar comes with a foot rail, the top section of the home bar comes with lead light glass and a place to hang your glasses as well as lots of storgae space behind. The home bar has a distressed, rustic finish that avoids that ‘fresh from the workshops’ appearance that makes it look as if it has been owned for many generations. Complete with the odd scratch and chips here and there, giving it that authentic look, we will even throw in the bar stools. Cost $1990. The bar is a great addition to any room and would make a great talking point at any BBQ this summer. The measurements are 350cm (this is 200cm at the front and the side is 150cm) the height is 220cm. It dismantles in to three sections for easy transporting although it is still heavy and you would still require a van or trailer to transport it.
  17. Hiya what items do you regret leaving behind at home - is there anything you wish you had bought before you went that you kicked yourself for when you got to Oz:unsure:
  18. hi all, friday at wardys bar !!!! pacific pines anyone interested in coming to our place on fri evening your more than welcome karaoke beer wine great company plenty of geordies yeah lol x always on offer send me a pm please also ps brooksey rematch girls against boys lol lesley x
  19. WOW Les+Steve What a day, it was the BIZZ thanks so much for your hospitality once again and thanks to Lee for the taste of Scotland. It was also great to meet so many new arrivals, your house is becoming more like a Immigration Transit Camp and it's always handy to have a psychiatric nurse on hand. Good luck to you Niki hope the new job goes well. Cant Wait Paul
  20. Guest

    Job, salary

    Hi everyone, my wife is an Australian who has lived in England for the past ten years so we've decided it's time to move to Oz, we will be going at the end of this year I'm just a little concerned about my career. I have worked as a bar and nightclub manager for the past ten years and have never worked in another industry. I don't know how much of a call there is for this in Australia or how much I can expect to earn! Any help or advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Guest

    All done bar the Packing!!

    Heya. Merry Xmas to you all.:biggrinxmas: Well, we have booked the flights for our new life in Brisbane. The packers arrive on Feb 24th, we fly from Leeds Bradford to Heathrow the next day (25th) stay overnight in a hotel and fly out with Singapore Air at 10.55am on the 26th!!!! We are all ready n waiting now to go, just gotta sort out a Leaving do!, 10 weeks and we'll be on our way.:biglaugh:. Once again, have a great Xmas. Dave&Nikki
  22. TheBrammies

    Karaoke in the bar tonight

    Step up for karaoke night bring up your requests come don't be shy
  23. can any one tell me do you have the same sort of cover from a BAR member as you do with a BIFA member (british international freight association) many thanks
  24. Hi we are thinking of moving to Oz and are going through the processes at the minute to gather as m uch information as possible to see if this is viable. I would just like to know if there is a call for experienced managers for bars and warehouses in and around brisbane? I manage 40 people in a 750,000 sqft (95,000 pallet spaces plus bulk area's) warehouse for retailer mfi and my partner works as an assistant manager for a branded food led public house. we both have exstensive experience in our fields. Main questions, sorry to go on, are, is there work available and if so what would be an average wage for the roles? also must ask what is the best area for a hot and dry climate most of the year please, as brisbane is not a fixed destination, again sorry for all the questions. if anyone can help we would be most grateful Kind regards damion
  25. Hi I am moving to Sydney in December and am looking at rental in the city. In order to work out what i will sensibly be able to afford, i need to know an average hourly rate for bar work. Any ideas?