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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I arrived from overseas yesterday to find the locks changed and a liquidating company in the office. The company went into liquidation 2 days ago. My partner and I have a 457 with 1 year left and understand i have 90 days to try and get another company to continue this sponsorship. However, we are in the middle of PR sponsorship through the 186 stream. The company nomination was approved and we've completed medicals and submitted my application last March. The company has paid for it all. Is there anything that can be done to still alllow this PR Visa be processed? Would a migration Lawyer help? Has anyone been in this situation? What was your experience? Did you manage to get it resolved? Obviously i'm panicking a bit ATM and any urgent help would be greatly appreciated. Anthony
  2. Hello everyone, I got my visa 857 granted july 2011, my 2 years contract would finish in 8 months time, however my employer has been under a lot of pressure and well, making story short most likely going bankrupt. I been in the country over 4 years in different visas, I called DIAC and they advised that i could apply for citizenship, so i did. I applied about 2 months ago still waiting to get an appointment to do the test (I recently called they said they had big loads of applications so would take some time, not sure how many months) I been reading the forums and I believe DIAC wont remove my PR if my employer goes bankrupt, due that I been working over a year with them and I been proving genuine effort is this correct? What would happen if in the next months I can not get another full-time job in regional Australia, financial situation is not at its best, do I have a time frame to get a job? Money is not an issue as me and my wife (which got spouse visa status) got a few savings, only concern is, what if i remain unemployed until i get citizenship. Other question I got is, as my wife is going to start a small business (not related to my skills) could I work with her there?. I'm worried in breaching my current visa conditions. Stressed about this situation, I thank your help in this matter. :arghh:
  3. Guest

    Going Bankrupt?????

    Hi all, check this site out loads, but this is my first post. My husband and I received our skilled independant visa 175 in May this year after nearly a 4 year wait. We had alot of ups and downs over this time, all the changes and recession etc, which I am sure alot of other people did, but we battled through and where over the moon when we got our visa grant. Our problem - over this time our houses has gone into negative equity and is struggling to sell, we have reduced the price but still no takers apart from one really low offer. We have a couple of credit cards between us ( Nothing much- around ten grand ) which we hoped we could pay of with the sale of the house but as mentioned over the years in is now in negative equity. My husband also lost is job because his boss wasn't happy he was emigrating so we now have little money coming in. Can he go bankrupt and still move to Oz we have flights booked for Febuary and accomadation sorted, (all booked when he was working as our origanal plan was to sell house and set up repayments for what we from Oz) Bankrupty seems a good idea to clear our debts and start a fresh, can anyone advise if this is a good idea, after 4 years of hard work to get the visa we do not want a failing economy in Britain to spoil our new life with the kids. Will going bankrupt here affect us in oz Thank you
  4. Guest


    friend of mine who has had a visa for 3 month now and been out of work and no equity in house was thinking of going bankrupt ,i dont no the answer, would this effect them in oz.
  5. sadly i need to go bankrupt in aus. I have dual citizenship brit and aus - and was wondering after going bankrupt can i go straight home as a brit citizen?
  6. Guest

    friend bankrupt question

    was talking to a friend at work telling him about how we are going to oz and he asked me could you still go if his wife was declared bankrupt last yr (hairdresser salon went bust) thay would be going out on her trade. thanks alan
  7. Guest

    RSMS 119 - bankrupt

    Good news and bad news. I have successfully gained my RSMS Subclass 119 (offshore) visa and have been living and working in regional oz for about 2 months now. Bad news; the company (a small business) has taken quite a hit recently and isn't doing very well. My concern is it won't be long before they become insolvent, make me redundant and close. Where does that leave me? I would love to stay in regional Australia. I'm sure I can find other work. 1) Would I be able to stay in regional Oz and find a new employer? 2) Or would I be able to work as a self-employed contractor? From what I understand I am now a perm resident. Is that correct? Do I have the same rights as any other perm resident?
  8. hypothetical question, if I decide to return to Oz and have debts that prevent me being able to afford to go.....what would happen if I just went bankrupt and just left?
  9. Hi.......... Does anyone know how i would go about getting a bank account in oz if i am a discharged bankrupt? I have heard alot about people setting up accounts whilst still in the uk, i don`t think i would be able to do this as surely they would check my credit history. Would i have to wait until i am over there, what oz banks are not associated with uk banks or would this not be a problem....... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please advise!!!!:goofy: