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Found 8 results

  1. Our client is looking for the following list of occupations to fill positions in manufacturing operation in Melbourne. The below list is a broad list of the type of roles are available ... if you are interested any of these positions please feel free to send through their resumes to - info@thamesmigration.com with subject line 'JOBS IN VICTORIA' They will endeavor to assess your level of experience and qualifications and skill levels in the view to offer a subclass 457 if deemed as suitable. head chef for central kitchen for savoury items, baker pastry chef cook sales and marketing role - experience in multiple brands, graphics, creativity, advertising, social and digital media, PR, etc HR manager R&D manager food technologist / food scientist production manager manufacturing (bakery items) quality assurance manager cafe manager (cafe/restaurant as our cafes and kiosks have tables and chairs and table service) advertising specialist / marketing specialist interior designer - construction drawings (complete set of plans/drawings) and must have worked with hospitality clients before so they understand work flow and how to design kitchens etc systems analyst / developer programmer / software engineer - Suitable applicant must be well versed in the development of any apps and point of sales software, possible in the view to enhance the current point of sales software For more information please visit the Thames Migration website - www.thamesmigration.com or call 02089960120
  2. Qualified Bakers are in high demand across Australia due to increased expansion Work for one of the Largest Hospitality and Retail groups in the Country Earn a Salary of $50,000 AUD or more Depending on location and Experience Applicants must have between 3 and 5 years experience. Please send CV's to victoria@thamesmigration.com See our website at www.thamesmigration.com
  3. All round baker need for wholesale/retail bakery,good hours,salary neg.Start mid Oct. 2011.Suit permanent or working visit.Sorry only UK bakers may reply.
  4. pswebb38

    Baker skills assessment in the uk

    As per the title, does anyone know what company would do an assessment for a baker in the uk?
  5. savedbytheson

    HELP: TRA reference letter for baker

    Hi, I need help for writing a reference letter for my TRA. My occupation is baker. I am planning to apply by myself, and my employer does not know how to write one. Can anyone assist me in writing the letter? I need some tips on writing a good reference letter, Or a sample of your letter would be highly appreciated! my email is albert.octavianus@live.com Thanks!
  6. Hi Guys, its been a while since I have posted on here so I thought I would give you an update. We arrived in Perth (Warnbro) on the 1st December and what a whirl wind! when I look back I think what a lot we had to take in. Just a bit of advise when you are moving to Australia and your visa has not been stamped, you are allowed and extra 10k on your baggage allowance (check with your airline before travel). We were struggling to get the customary 20kg in our cases, we ended up going to Tesco car park and ditching some of our stuff in the clothes and shoe bins to reduce the weight. it was only after we did this I phoned my airline and said our baggage was over what will we be charged and it was then he told us we had extra if we were immigrating, OH NO! so just a tip check first. So far we are loving it here in OZ! our family has settled really well. We bought our first car and we thought we would not go over $2500 as we only sold our car in the UK for a grand. We ended up spending 5k on a Toyota starlet 2 door with air con 114K on the clock and 11 years old, you don't get much for your buck with second hand cars, but my wife Wendy loves it. Also when you buy your car and you sort out your insurance haggle over the phone for the best price, I did this and got $70 knocked off. Another thing, we bought our car off a dealer (friend of a friend) he paid the rego (car tax) everything was sorted and we drove off. a few weeks later we got a bill in the post for $130 or $150 can't remember for transferring the ownership of the car, we were shocked as we were not expecting this, I checked it out with my cousin and he said yes its the norm he hasn't stiffed you, you have to pay it, so we did. My tax file number and Australian super took some time to come through, although it was over the Christmas period (and by the way Christmas in the heat does not feel like Christmas, but we enjoyed it all the same). I have not been able to obtain credit while being here . I applied for a credit card with the bank I am with (i need this for my job, expenses) , they still declined me because I am renting, do not own my own home(not in OZ anyway) and my credit score was low, apparently if you are renting anything it reduces your credit rating. We are renting a washing machine as ours is still on a boat, I did tell them this but to no avail. Other than the small hiccups all is well, our boys have settled in their new school well and are making new friends they are 6 and 9 years, Mitchum already found himself a girlfriend after 2 weeks (she's from swindon). My wife does not work and is doing voluntary work at the local school in the uniform shop, she has made a friend there and now goes bowling every Monday. We were fishing on the beach last weekend (I've never fished before never had an interest, try it, it's good fun, the bait stinks tho) and this this couple walks by (aussies) we got chatting, they have now given us there address and asked us to drop by for a beer or a BBQ, how cool is that. Their driving leaves alot to be desired, but its their country so that's how its is, just adapt. I think that's the only advise I could give, you are not in the UK anymore (although there are shed loads of poms here) Adapt, bend with the wind take it easy and go with the flow. We move here to have a better life, an aussie way of life so be an aussie. The shopping is a little more expensive, and in the beginning you end up spending more because you have to start again with the cleaning fluids brushes bins etc. we were doing in $250 to 300 bucks a week, Wendy now go's shopping on her own and is able to keep it under 200 bucks a week. Also ladies, for the whites nappisan works wonders. anyway this is the best decision we have ever made, I have not felt home sick at all, but my wife did a little but I think that has passed, we are never going back and we love it. For all you guys trying to get here, go for it. You will regret it if you do not try it. Good luck to all. Glynn, Wendy, Mitchum and Louis.
  7. Guest

    Tra skills assessments baker

    HI everyone I've just signed up to this site as I have found it very useful in the past. I like many are just about to begin the skills assessment for a baker I do have experience and references at hand. I have a pasty cooks certificate and NVQ level 3 in bakery production so I hope that's enough, along with nearly 8 years experience no apprenticeship though. I'm looking at section 8 of the TRA form regarding ,my experience and what skills, tasks I have done duties etc..... CAN ANY ONE HELP WITH WHAT I SHOULD WRITE HERE, layout format, what to include what not to include? I do not have enough money to use an agent, as I'm trying to save for the visa if I pass the skills assessment. All comments would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, we are in the process of applying for our skilled 136 visa, we have our medicals next month and hopefully should have our decision in Oct/Nov. My husband is a Baker, does anyone know much about how much Bakers get paid etc, what hours they tend to work (UK is generally nights). We are hoping to live in suburbs of Brisbane, have not got a clue where as yet, we have 3 children under 5 and would like be close to everything (in an ideal world!) Any ideas for family friendly suburbs would be very much appreciated. We love this site, excellent info to read. Thanks xxx