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Found 17 results

  1. tonyman

    Man Bags

    what do you think of man bags? my wife bought me one here and ive only used it twice ........we do need them the amount of cr*p we carry in are pockets these days , but whats feeling about them , i would never have on in the uk but probs feel better using them here .........?:embarrassed:
  2. Sunset

    Plastic shopping bags.

    On the news earlier the WA powers are trying to ban the use of plastic carrier bags from all shops, as it is having an impact on the local coastline apparently? I am all for clean beaches and a cleaner environment, but when ever we walk the beaches here i can honestly say hand on heart we never see any litter only washed up seaweed. Now the areas around some shopping centres are sadly beginning to show the signs of litter drop, but thats allsorts of rubbish not just the grey plastic bags?
  3. Hi - just wondered, has anyone use the vaccum storage bags for shipping? I've been advised by one of the shipping companies who came out to do a quote that due to sections of travel where the temperature is too high, the heat can cause condensation, hence moisture in the bags. any experiences?
  4. 2and3

    bags ??

    Going to have to buy bags - where from?? what sort are best?? Don't want suitcase - need something thats more like - umm a bag -easy to store after etc. What size?? How do you all pack your stuff??
  5. Hi Just Wondered has Anyone Ever Shipped Chocolate ,Curry Sauce Or Tea Bags As All The Above Don't Taste Great in Oz And We Irish Love Our Tea!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  6. How do most people get to the airport with all their bags and passengers????? I am not even sure what 40kgs looks like bags wise. Will we fit it all in one car? Or are we best doing a hotel the day before?
  7. Are you still able to check baggage in 24 hr in advance? This would be with singapore airlines. I knnow years ago we could but not sure these days?
  8. Who says Australia is expensive:wink: Just poped into my local Woolies as WA has finally joined the 21st Century and now our supermarkets are open until 9pm:cool: Well to celebrate late night shopping, Woolies had a promotion on.... fill a bag of fruit and veg for $2... you could fill it with as much as the bag could hold as long as you were able to tie a knot on the bag. I filled my first bag with about 10 pears, 8 apples, a banana, a couple of oranges... it was overflowing almost. The second bag I filled with 2 lemons, more apples, 2 candy apples for my girls, red onion and a english cucumber (the english cucumber only sells for $1.75). So I am chuffed to say the least, got the lot for $4 and now we have enough fruit to last us more than a week. See Australia is not always expensive:wink: Cheers Karen
  9. We've had a few shippers in now, and Robinson's are looking the cheapest but we don't necessarily want to choose on cost alone. Has anyone used Robinson... What you're experience? Also, I've read on all the quotes we've had that these do not include any customs charges at Oz. What is this for? How much can we expect to have to pay as hidden costs on top of the shipping? Also, I've been looking at options for shipping some excess bags via air to get their quicker. (work clothes mainly). I reckon 3-4 standard tea chests. I've had prices ranges from £300-£900. Anyone got any recommendations on this front? thanks in advance. Andy
  10. My partner and I are travelling one way to Sydney in July, we are flying with BA. I have contacted them re extra baggage allowance but I haven't received any sensible reply. We are therefore left in the dark about whether we will be given extra baggage allowance. Has anyone else flown with BA and got the extra allowance and if so how did you manage it. I also wanted to ask if anyone has used vaccuum pack bags in their luggage they've brought with them and if this was a problem. Thanks Tara:unsure:
  11. Goon to be banned in Darwin under new proposal | National News | News.com.au Blimey, hope it don't spread to QLD and WA... would make PIO quite boring:biglaugh:
  12. I bet Aldo will hang arund though ! The pain in Spain proves too much as expat Britons pack their bags
  13. Guest

    Vaccum Pack Bags

    Hi folks, Im still decluttering the house.....:arghh: Need some advice on these vaccum pack bags you can get. Never used them before, so have no idea how they work, what you can fit them etc I have the following that I want to try and put in these sort of bags: 1 King Size Duvet 2 Single Duvets 4 pillows Will I get this sort of thing in these sorts of bags and if so how many bags do you think I would need and what size??? Sorry, to ask what is probably a really daft question....hoping someone can help me..... Mandisfam
  14. Guest

    best tea bags in Oz?

    I am a terrible tea addict, I've always got the kettle on. When I arrived in Perth I was really pleased to find they sell Tetley - but what a disappointment! Nothing like Tetley at home. You could leave the bag in all day and it would hardly change colour. Any suggestions? I'm going cold turkey here:arghh:
  15. Guest

    Vacum bags for packing

    Hi again, going to wear these keys out today! :biglaugh: Anyone know where I can purchase these vacum bags that you can use when packing suitcases. I have seen them in Tesco, quite expensive mind. Anyone seen them anywhere else?
  16. Guest

    Tea bags

    Does anyone know of a way to get PG Tips tea bags in Oz? I know it sounds sad but the last time I lived there the only (food) thing I missed was PG Tips. The tea bags in Oz are a lot weaker and I ended up buying the Tetley's strong mug bags to get a half decent cuppa. Even the Twinings tea bags aren't the same. I'm pretty sure that that tea bags are on the banned import list so I don't think getting a regular supply posted from the UK is feasible.
  17. Guest

    Missing Bags at Terminal 5!!

    I think I found some of the missing luggage.............. Cadbury Dairy Milk - Glass and a Half Full Productions :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: