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Found 4 results

  1. It sickens me to read this link that was sent to me by a friend earlier. What is the UK Government thinking, or are they just following the US blindly. The contemplation of using such munitions is immoral, what is next land mines and chemical warfare? Here is a Youtube Video produced in 2008 explaining the Treaty and Cluster Bombs [YOUTUBE]qGwMYEDDRTc[/YOUTUBE] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_bomb
  2. Hello all, Not Pom here, actually from the USA, but this seems to be the absolute most knowledgeable place about moving to Oz! So I thought I would post our dilemma to you. Please help us out here! I was recently offered a position in Sydney. The offer is a match plus a moderate bump from my current pay coming to a total of $115,000 AUD (I am currently at $110,000 USD). The job is my dream job and so my wife and I are motivated to make this work. But we agreed when I started looking that we would not do anything that would take us backwards in our standard of living. The problem is the difference in the cost of living, and particularly in housing. Right now we live in the mid west USA. We have a very nice 4 bedroom, 4 bath house with a 2 car garage on about 1/8th of an acre of land that is nicely fenced in with a woodland view. (We bought the home with the extra rooms because we intend to start a family and I have a teen aged daughter from a previous marriage.) We have one nice car and one not so nice car. We are able to eat out 3-4 nights a week and take ballroom dance lessons. We are able to afford a full cable TV and high speed internet package. Our groceries typically come to about $400 a month. I have a long commute (59km each way) so gas is serious expense. So it breaks down like this: House Mortgage: $1,300 month Retirement Savings: $1,000 month Car Payment: $425 month Car and Life Insurance: $300 month Health Insurance: $350 month Cable TV/Internet: $100 month Gas: $250 month Groceries: $400 month Medical Debt Payments: $200 month ------------------------------------------- $4,325 month Other factors: My daughter will not be coming with us, but may visit during the summers. So we only need 3 bedrooms. We intend to rent rather than buy. We will probably only need one car if I can use the train system to commute, and it can be mid-range. I am OK with a commute of up to 45 minutes each way. We need to know if we will be able to work out our budget to give us a lifestyle like we have now. But we can't seem to find a good site to give us real world expenditures in Sydney so that we can make the calculations. So we need the numbers for: 3 Bedroom Apartment Rent (in a good part of town) Mid Range Car Payment Car and Life Insurance Health Insurance Cable TV/Internet Gas Groceries Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  3. Guest

    Going backwards at school

    Hi all, The biggest problem we had when we arrived was that our daughters birthday is in July..Here in WA (don't know about elsewhere) it meant that although she was due to start Primary 1 in UK when we enrolled her in school here they said she had to go into Kindy. We opposed this as she had already done Kindy, Pre-Primary and was ready to start P1. Luckily, to a degree, one of the schools (Beachlands in Geraldton) was happy to have a discussion about it, the others wouldn't, and when we produced the school report from UK the head of the school agreed that Kindy would be counter productive and said the best they could do was to put her into Pre-Primary for the last term of the academic year. We were pleased and enrolled her there even though it was a bit of a trek to get there (wife doesn't drive). But, the catch was that at the start of the next year she had to remain in Pre-Primary for another year. Therefore we ended up moving her to a school 800m from our house. This school came with high recommendations, a Catholic school, and I had to have an interview (1 hour) with the Principal as I am not Catholic. This needs to be paid, not too much A$958 pa. The problems we are having are that, like others, there is a 2 year age gap in the class which is having a negative effect. The regression she is suffering is manifesting as aggression...her reading is almost non-existant now, reading on a slippery slope and even her diction is going towards baby-talk. We have tried to keep things going at home, but seem to be losing!! This boredom is getting her into trouble (never happened in UK) and her teacher is unwilling to change, other than give her a 'behaviour diary'. When we tried to discuss our concerns all we got was..quote: 'When we tested her at the start of year she was just average'. Trying to explain that we don't think she gifted or special, but only that she had progressed a little more than she was now at fell on deaf ears!! Anyone else out there going through similar? Any teacher-types out there with any advice? Cheers, Mac
  4. Guest

    How come Backwards?

    Am I the only one that noticed in the official Immigration papers on other threads on this site the majority of go to Sydney and then Melbourne > Yet this site is mainly Perth - based Queensland - Based A sprinkle of Adelaide Based then a few odd ones from Melbourne / Sydney /ACT Why? NB not counting UK based members, however if you add in where they want to go its the same as the list above